Around The Island Race Route Map & Entrants

August 10, 2018

The Around the Island Power Boat Race is scheduled to take place this coming Sunday [Aug 12] with boats taking to the Ferry Reach start line in the afternoon.

A spokesperson said, “BPBA have secured Rubis as our official Round the Island sponsor. Early indications are that the weather is going to create the opportunity to have some great, fast racing. We are aware that all the teams entering are doing so to attempt to break records.

“We invite the public not viewing the racing from the water to come on down to Ferry Reach to see this spectacular event. We will have several vendors on hand providing refreshments and food.”

RTI Route Map Bermuda August 2018

The entrants so far:

A – Class

  • Ryan Davidge & Richard Davidge – A16
  • Mathew Smith & David Selley – A29
  • Shaki Easton & Shane Medeiros – A26
  • Jody Carreiro & Tony Carreiro – A77

B – Class

  • Sadune Raynor & Rickai Raynor – B4
  • Jordan Fletcher & Mark Selley – B8
  • Cleveland Maybury & Joshua Usher – B9
  • Rodrae Wilson & Sanjay Ramatar – B100
  • Quincy Dowling & Tai Bean – B441
  • Craig Nesbitt Sr. & Craig Nesbitt Jr. – B177
  • Esperanza Sobroda & Shae Johnson – B113
  • Darius Zuill & Taariq Butterfield – B37
  • John Cook & Sanchez Grant – B135

D – Class

  • Shawn Butterfield & Alex Gibbs – D69
  • Geoffrey Willoughby & Makinday Johansen – D505

S – Class

  • Keith Bridges & Aaron Sims – S20
  • Andrew Cottingham & Henry Talbot – S22

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  1. Lofl says:

    No black wolf powerboats again? He just chats!!! Guy been talking for two years n still nothing…Trash

  2. Pure Madness!!!!!! says:

    Aahhhhh, can someone explain to me how you can have some people racing in more than 1 class.(Thinking….. Not possible)

  3. Dread says:

    Blackwolf pack it in!!!!!!!