American Couple Revisits For 50th Anniversary

September 19, 2018

For their golden anniversary, Peter and Mary Boggia were looking forward to revisiting Bermuda, where they celebrated their honeymoon five decades prior, but the track of Hurricane Florence initially had other plans for them.

Because of the storm, Mr. and Mrs. Boggia’s cruise from New York was rerouted to the Bahamas, much to their dismay. But when the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] found out about their situation, they partnered with Rosewood Bermuda and Fairmount Southampton to make sure the couple would have an anniversary to remember on the island.

The couple was able to cancel their cruise and flew to Bermuda instead. Upon arrival, Paul Telford, managing director of Rosewoood Bermuda, showered them with a variety of Bermudian gifts, including perfume and rum swizzle.

The Fairmont Southampton hosted them for a special anniversary dinner at the Waterlot Inn.

Peter and Mary Boggia Bermuda September 18 2018 (1)

Married September 21, 1968, the couple honeymooned that year in Bermuda and planned to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a return to the place of their honeymoon, arriving on the Norwegian Escape.

Other family members were flying in to meet them, but the cruise was diverted to the Bahamas because of Hurricane Florence. The BTA, Rosewood, and Fairmont Southampton worked together to fly the couple here instead.

Peter and Mary Boggia Bermuda September 18 2018 (2)

They celebrated their anniversary in Bermuda as originally intended, thanks to everyone’s efforts.

The couple, along with their daughter and son-in-law, arrived on September 12, with the anniversary couple staying at Rosewood and the rest of the family at Fairmont Southampton. A special dinner was held at the Waterlot on September 13.

This couple, from Maywood, New Jersey, has been to Bermuda 12 other times over the years.

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