Age Concern: 84% Not In Favor Of Rental Tax

February 8, 2019

Age Concern Bermuda thanked the “over 500 persons” who responded to their request for input over the idea of a rental tax, saying that “84% of respondents were not in favor of a rental tax and of those, 94% expressed that seniors should be exempted from a rental tax, should it be imposed.”

The Government is considering taxing rents, with their Pre-Budget report saying that “in order to broaden the tax base,” they are “considering taxing commercial and residual rents in line with the recommendation of the TRC report. The tax will be charged on persons who rent out commercial and residential properties for rental income.”

The Tax Reform Committee report had suggested introducing a tax on rental income, recommending a flat tax of 5% be levied on all commercial rental units and on individual rental units with an ARV over $22,000.

Whether the Government will implement a rental tax, and if so at what rate, remains to be seen, with Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson set to deliver the 2019/20 Budget in the House of Assembly on February 22nd.

An Age Concern spokesperson said, “The Board of Directors of Age Concern Bermuda would like to thank the over 500 persons who responded to the organization’s request for input over the idea of a rental tax on Bermudian residents, specifically as it relates to senior citizens.

“84% of respondents were not in favor of a rental tax and of those, 94% expressed that seniors should be exempted from a rental tax, should it be imposed.”

“Age Concern’s Chairperson, Mrs. Linda Smith; Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Charles Jeffers and, Executive Director, Dr. Claudette Fleming met with the Finance Minister the Hon. Curtis Dickinson, the Junior Finance Minister, The Hon. Wayne Furbert, in addition to senior technical officers of the Ministry of Finance to discuss new tax proposals.”

According to Chairperson, Mrs. Linda Smith, “Our presentation was based on documented concerns received by a recent survey; feedback from our members and; dialogue with local businesses that support our members and our organization.”

Mr. Charles Jeffers concluded, “Minister Dickinson and his team listened earnestly and we believe that our input was well received.”

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  1. Um Um Like says:

    Maybe it’s time for a march


  2. sandgrownan says:

    LOL. Tough.

    People who voted for the Face Eating Leopards Party are upset when the Leopards eat their faces.

    You voted for this.

  3. 2 Bermudas says:

    So tell granny and grandpa to march!! They were out marching against Pathways to Status and the Airport but why not now?!?!?! Ha ha ha!!

  4. andre says:

    Everyone services and no one wants taxes!

    • truthertz says:

      The thing is the Government wants more taxes for less services.

  5. Mb says:

    Yes because they all own homes…many other Bermudians do not and may never. We all have to pay our fair share. But to their point I do think the tax should be only on rents over 3000 pm

  6. question says:

    They voted for these people. They should be thrilled to participate fully in what they voted for. No exceptions.
    Why the complaints? It’s what you wanted isn’t it? Higher taxes, a higher cost of living.

  7. question says:

    Seniors should not be exempted. They voted for this government, so they should participate fully in all of the consequences.

  8. Charles says:

    The free lunch is over and everyone has to pay their fair share. Bermuda voted for taxation either directly or as an unexpected consequence. All people should be expected to contribute. We cannot continue to borrow so that some can enjoy exemptions.

    For the One Bermuda out of the Two Bermudas concept to work, everyone must contribute, even politicians. Once again…free lunchtime is over!!!

    • Double S says:

      Pretty sure no one voted for this as one of the PLP’s main campaign promises was to reduce the cost of living. Please explain how instituting a raft of new taxes is going to achieve this promise. Just the increase of the FCPT alone will increase the cost of living dramatically.

      Also, I recall the PLP denying the claim that they would tax residential rents during their campaign. I guess we just have to suck it up and categorize as just another ‘we had to deceive you ‘ moment huh?

      Do you really believe living in an already expensive island is somehow having a ‘free lunch?’ You must be already rich I guess.

      Also, please define what a ‘fair share’ is.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        “Fair” share is when people who voted for this mess watch others who didn’t get stung for more.

  9. Yes and while your at it please exempt for 50% public transportation ( due to buses not running) ,and the same for ministry of pi king up trash ,same, 50% exemption due to 50% reduction of pick up.
    Why should we pay 100% for 50% of the work?
    It is unreasonable to think we should have to…why pay a person money does what they want to?

  10. Joe Bloggs says:

    “they are “considering taxing commercial and residual rents in line with the recommendation of the TRC report.”

    May I please see the TRC report so I can double check that?

  11. 84% of everybody…not just age concern….we’re all concerned!
    Stop it!
    If you look at trash pick up…and public transportation…you not only want money for less…you want money for 50%.
    The other 50% is basically nothing…nada…
    I don’t see value.

  12. ella says:


  13. Bermuda has no future says:

    Suck it up buttercup…..this is who you voted for. The party used you as pawns to win their election and now they’re showing you their gratitude. And this is only the beginning. Too bad you totally ignored the PLP dismal track record the last time they were in Government.

  14. Adrienne says:

    Yes people SENIORS that VOTED FOR THE PLP lets see you ALL come out to March against RENTAL TAXES and your PARTY YOU VOTED IN for Bermudians my *** bet we DONT SEE ANY OF YOU MARCHING AGAINST this.

  15. watching says:

    While in general I am opposed to the tax, it is difficult to take a poll on something without the specifics being known. I wonder if the results would be the same if the parameters of the potential tax were included in the survey. If it only affects those with rental units ARV of 40K then that likely wouldn’t impact most seniors (or even most people). So I would expect the results to be different.
    Polls can say whatever you want them to say depending on what info you provide to the person taking the poll.

  16. Southampton says:

    Is this government gone crazy. We seniors can hardly afford to live now.
    This government is full of crap. Get rid of them.
    Also, people who are forced to retire at age 65 is out of the question.
    It is far too young to retire. We can not live on the little pension we get from government.


  17. gustav says:


  18. dawn DeRerd says:

    So will all the elderly people who were willing participants of the marches on parliament now march in protest over this? Thought not.

  19. LaVerne Furbert says:

    So irresponsible of Age Concern. The rental tax was always just a suggestion of the Budget Reform Commission, yet they have raised the alarm as if it is/was a done deal. Anyway the Minister just announced that it has been taken of the table altogether.

    • Question says:

      He ditched it because 84% of people were against him. His policies are the most unpopular ever proposed.

  20. No no no says:

    In a fairer Bda everyone must pay the tax man…stand strong you lot.

  21. Anna says:

    I’m genuinely shocked that a survey found that people don’t want to pay more tax. They should have taken such a poll before introducing any kind of tax really, come to think of it. Maybe we should just ask, “do you want to pay no tax?” and see what people vote for? Easier than having to debate over and over again in parliament.

    Incidentally, these people are presumably the same people who want to deny people status and such, despite them contributing on exactly the same basis to Bermuda’s coffers, whilst being denied the right to remain on the island once retired/circumstances change? Shame on you, you selfish people. Looks like you’re (hopefully) about to get what you deserve.

  22. mixitup says:

    Thank you to a Gov’t that LISTEN to the people… Couldn’t say the same for that Gov’t that wanted to shove whatever down the populace throat, then pepper spray them for opposing… Thank God PLP were voted in!!

    • question says:

      I can think of several things that the OBA discussed but didn’t pursue. But you lot luuurve rewriting history.

    • Come Correct says:

      OBA ministers pepper sprayed people? Show me where. Liar.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Too funny , innit ? But that’s what the green koolaide does to the brain.

  23. Double S says:

    You mean a Government that stated during the election that they weren’t going to introduce a residential rental tax and then put it up again in their 2022 proposal.

    Wait till they increase the FCPT and make this island even more expensive and thus reneging on their promise to lower the cost of living. Let me guess you and your crew will blame everyone else when prices go up whilst stating “Thank God PLP were voted in!!” Sheep.

    Yawwwnnnn t your boring pepper spray comment as you know full well the Government has no say in the deployment of police officers or tactics they use. But I do note that you and your crew conveniently gloss over the fact that the ‘protesters’ were willingly breaking the law and then attack the police when told to stop breaking the law. Typical.

    • Ringmaster says:

      When will the PLP release the results of their investigation trying to blame the OBA for the pepper spraying? It’s been how long now? Facts are inconvenient to the PLP which is why they haven’t said anything.

  24. PBanks says:

    What’s up with the 16% who are in support of the proposal? Who wants more taxes?