BTA Offering ‘VIP Bermuda Day Experience’

May 15, 2019

In partnership with the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs, the BTA has “created a new visitor experience” that will allow Bermuda Day “parade goers to not only watch the parade in style, but also to become a part of the procession.”

The BTA said, “For Bermuda Day next week, thousands of revellers will fill the streets of Hamilton to honour Bermudian heritage with food, music, dancing and a traditional parade. And this year, for the first time, visitors can fully immerse themselves in this welcoming cultural event.

“The annual Bermuda Day weekend, starting May 24, 2019, aligns perfectly with the start of Memorial Day weekend in the United States and is the proper way for island visitors to kick off summer.

“In partnership with the Government of Bermuda’s Department of Community & Cultural Affairs, the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] has created a new visitor experience that will allow parade goers to not only watch the parade in style, but also to become a part of the procession.”

Bermuda Day Experience May 2019

“Bermuda Day is one of our island’s most popular cultural events, bringing every facet of island life to the streets of Hamilton in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour and music and Bermudian heritages,” said BTA Chief Experience Development Officer Glenn Jones.

“Our new Bermuda Day Experience gives guests to the island two totally immersive options: either watching from atop our new Official Visitor Services Centre on Front Street or experiencing the day from beyond the front row by riding on a parade float.”

“Bermuda Day Experience options:

  • Beyond the Front Row Bermuda Day Access: Get a behind the scenes tour of Bermuda Day floats, where you’ll meet the creative Bermudians behind the floats and hear about their inspirations. Ride in the Bermuda Day Parade procession, waving to the crowd, and then enjoy the remainder of the parade in a reserved viewing area. Lunch and complimentary drinks provided.
  • Bermuda Day Reserved Viewing: Watch the parade in special reserved viewing area, enjoy lunch and complimentary drinks and mingle with local parade entrants.

“The Bermuda Day Experience is similar to the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Peppercorn Ceremony visitor experience launched in 2018—taking a free-to-the-public cultural event and enhancing it with immersive, only-in-Bermuda attributes that meet the desires of experiential travellers and increases visitor spending.

“In the case of the sold-out Peppercorn Ceremony last month, a ticket included reserved seating, a garden party and a guide to explain the cultural relevance of the day. Simultaneously, the event remained free to watch for any spectator in the general viewing area.

“This month’s Bermuda Day Experience similarly provides a special viewing vantage point and the chance to join the parade procession; general spectating is free to all.”

To book the new Bermuda Day experiences, visit, tickets are listed for $50 and $75.

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  1. Mark says:

    Hey OJ. Got your tape and spray paint all over the road yet??

  2. Old Towne Layabout says:

    In the case of the sold-out Peppercorn Ceremony last month,

    LIES! it was NOT Sold Out.
    anyone that was present could see this was not sold out.

    • Kevin Dallas says:

      Just for clarity around the Peppercorn Ceremony…

      - The full allocation of tickets made available for sale was sold (in fact, it was oversubscribed).
      - Any empty seats at the event itself were reserved for invited guests who didn’t show up.
      - Hopefully next year that means more can be sold!

      • Disaster says:

        After spending a million dollars on the container building we are using it as a glorified viewing tower? Unreal! Better hope it’s stable!

      • sage says:

        Can’t wait to pay to watch a secret society of elitists get a building rent-free for the 200th or so time.

        • lav says:

          25-11….you own this. Tell your government to stop giving property away to foreigners.

        • question says:

          Like White’s Island?

  3. cpm says:

    Tourists involved in our Bermudian Day-heaven forbid
    Once the plp have grabbed Hamilton they will be allocating spots at a price friends and family exempted

  4. Eve says:

    Why does BTA maintain 2 Facebook pages; Bermuda Tourism Authority & Bermuda Tourism?? BTA put ads like this one on the BTA FB page with a limited number of followers, most are BTA family & friends. BTA never uses the BT FB page with thousands of followers for announcements, ads, etc. that are seen by Individuals who have the potential to make first visit or a return visit to Bermuda. BTA needs a wake up call!

    • BTA For the Record says:

      Happy to answer that.
      Marketing is about audience.
      One Facebook page is set up to talk to consumers about why they should consider Bermuda as a travel destination.
      The other one is to communicate with Bermuda tourism industry stakeholders like hospitality workers, business managers, tourism entrepreneurs, etc. Anybody who cares about the success of tourism in Bermuda would be the audience for this one.
      Once audience is sorted, communicating and marketing is far easier, and hopefully, more effective.

      • Eve says:

        Happy to tell you that it would be thousands of times more effective communication to put subject on both BTA Facebook pages and wouldn’t cost anymore either. Reminder: Success of tourism is the number who come to Bermuda not just those who care!!!!!

        • Mark says:

          Let me guess Eve – you thought America’s Cup was a failure? Take a happy pill and go be a tourist somewhere.

          • Eve says:

            Obviously you post blindly following lock step with BTA and not looking at the topic of discussion. BTA and tourism in Bermuda need all the help it can get and missing out on reaching a much much larger audience at no extra cost is foolish. BTA and those in BTA social circle really have a hard time with constructive criticism, too bad!

        • Question says:

          You asked, they gave you a good answer. Now you’re just whining.

        • lav says:

          Summers eve….you’re name is perfect, it exemplifies your thoughts.

  5. Moses says:

    who the hell would want to come here to take part in that nonsense, let alone see it? a whole pile of publicly intoxicated, overly-hormonal people indecently dressed and flashing hideous parts of their bodies, often illegally flashing with or without intent, with music so loud it shakes your internal organs and hurts your head, trash everywhere, people peeing and pooping in bushes and in parking lots. i seen it all. this aint part of our culture, never was, so get that heathen pagan nonsense outta here! This is my christian island, not what you freaks turned it into.

  6. LaV says:

    “publicly intoxicated, overly-hormonal people indecently dressed and flashing hideous parts of their bodies”

    But, when straight people do it, it’s called ‘culture’…LOL

    ” This is my christian island, not what you freaks turned it into.”

    LOL, you’re no better then those you rail against.