“Brief Interruption” In Bus Service On June 5

June 4, 2019

There will be a “brief interruption” in bus service from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm on Wednesday [June 5]  due to a meeting to “update on matters of concern to the employees.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Public Transportation [DPT] is advising of a brief interruption in bus service on Wednesday, 5 June [tomorrow] from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.

“A meeting will be held to update on matters of concern to the employees in an effort to resolve the ongoing Work to Rule with the Bus Operators and Allied Workers Division of the BIU.

“The DPT look forward to resuming full bus services and apologise for the inconvenience to the travelling public.”

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  1. campervan says:

    A “brief interruption” is when you interject into someones conversation for thirty seconds. Its not a two hour cancellation of the service Island wide. Pure spin. Not good enough.

    • Wicket Keeper says:

      If the meeting does not go their way and they don’t get everything that they want, we will have more interruptions.

    • Red rose says:

      Totally agree. They really think we are stupid

  2. Trudi Pugh says:

    “On the Road Again …” song is now changed to “Off the Road Again…”

  3. Fooled me twice says:

    So what has the interruption been all this time, oh never mind.
    Where’s the marchers, oh nevermind they’ll be at the meeting. We are doomed. OBA was bad but dang they looking good now.

  4. Ringmaster says:

    The 2 Bermudas. Those with their own transportation, and all other, including school children, seniors, tourists, private sector workers, tax payers,
    and ordinary people (unlike the PLP elite with their GP cars and consulting fees).

  5. Question says:

    It’s no problem. We won’t notice any difference.

  6. Wicket Keeper says:

    If the meeting does not go their way and they don’t get everything that they want, we will have more interruptions.

  7. Paul says:

    This is absolutely absurd…how much longer do we have to endure this crap ? the public have had enough… I hope Zane has the balls to stand up to the union… he did say he was going to fix the problem….time will tell.

    • Mark says:

      If you think that would ever happen I have a swing bridge is St. George’s to sell you.

  8. comfortably numb says:

    What is scary is that we have become accustomed to this kind of behavior: complete abandonment of the public that these drivers are supposed to serve. Where is the outrage, the People’s Campaign, Reverend Genevieve, protesting the treatment of the most vulnerable amongst us?

  9. Dready says:

    25-11 , working for the people!

  10. Dready says:

    Zane will have a press meeting with Chris and assure us everything is okay. I might try to hitch a ride with a minister in a nice GP car. Won’t have to pay for gas!

  11. Red rose says:

    How is two hours brief?

    • trump supporter says:

      Its brief to them because they dont catch the bus.

  12. Toadinthehole says:

    How many bus cancellations in the last two days – almost 100

    • wahoo says:

      Maybe need another meeting to talk about that also.

  13. Mark says:

    Pee El Pee – sticking it to the sheeple once again.

  14. mumbojumbo says:

    Brief as compared to what eternity?

  15. Joe Bloggs says:

    I repeat, put the bus service out for tender and privatise it.

    Government can either sell the buses to the new operator or lease them (of course there is the possibility that the new operator won’t want them and we will be stuck with them). That way the BIU can put in a tender and show how a business should be run.

  16. Angry says:

    Many thanks to the waste-of space bus drivers who decided to strike during the torrential rain on Sunday, leaving queues of tourists and locals stranded at bus stops at Dockyard, including my wife, myself and our two toddlers.

    I didn’t enjoy explaining to the tourists that our bus drivers were constantly striking, that’s just the way it is in Bermuda. A few commented that they’d wished they’d known about the travel issues before they’d booked their trip.

    I’m sure it was worth it.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Bus drivers striking at the drop of a hat is not new. 3 or more decades ago comments such as yours could be seen in the Letters to the Editor section

    • Berlinda says:

      “I’m sure it was worth it.”

      They loved it…where else in the world do you get to pay twice the price for half the service?

  17. Gustav says:

    I think the Bus driver are Not the Problem.
    I think it is the BIU, who spoiles the entire Island,just for their Benefit