Bespoke Analytics Partners With TimeXtender

July 20, 2019

TimeXtender has announced a new partnership with Bespoke Analytics due to the “growing number of companies needing to build out their data estate on the Microsoft platform to get to data insights faster.”

A spokesperson said, “With an ever-growing number of companies around the world needing to build out their data estate on the Microsoft platform to get to data insights faster, TimeXtender has announced a new partnership with Bespoke Analytics, a full data services and business intelligence solutions firm that builds data strategies and solutions that help clients leverage their data for faster, smarter decision making.

“This agreement with TimeXtender, a recognized global software company enabling instant access to any type of data in the organization to support advanced analytics and artificial intelligence [AI], allows Bespoke Analytics to offer its existing and future customers across Bermuda Discovery Hub® by TimeXtender.

“Discovery Hub® is a high-performance data management platform, anchored on automation, that accelerates time to data insights by up to 10 times. It allows an organization to connect to various data sources, and catalogue, model, move and report on the full lifecycle of data – in a single, integrated application that supports core analytics, the modern data warehouse, IoT, AI and more.”

Paul McLeod, President of Bespoke Analytics, said, “Discovery Hub from TimeXtender addresses a major need so often brought up to us by customers: instant access to data. Discovery Hub seamlessly connects to any data source and enables business users to rapidly access and interpret trustworthy and governed data from any location at any time.

“We’re excited to offer this capability to our customers as it will substantially improve their data estate across the enterprise.”

“TimeXtender Discovery Hub is Microsoft Azure certified and designed to give users instant access to their data in the cloud. Developed with a cloud-first mindset, Discovery Hub® provides a cohesive data fabric across Microsoft on-premise technology and Azure Data Services, creating a future-proof, modern data ecosystem that evolves with technology advancements.

“Users can visualize their data in the front-end tools of their choice such as Power BI, DundasBI, Tableau or Qlik.

“Through this new agreement, Bespoke Analytics can now help their customers implement Discovery Hub, resulting in a modern data estate that provides instant access to data for anyone, from any location,” said Heine Krog Iversen, CEO of TimeXtender.

“With Discovery Hub, Bespoke Analytics can help customers achieve immediate access to their trustworthy, governed data. This is vital to any organization because time is one of our most crucial assets in business, and Discovery Hub® accelerates time to insights by up to 10 times. We look forward to working with Bespoke Analytics.”

“For sales or partnership information regarding this announcement, contact Paul McLeod, Bespoke Analytics President, at, or Ali Wheat, TimeXtender partnership manager, at”

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