Dunkley: $2.5M Spent, ‘Glaring Lack Of Progress’

July 15, 2019

From April 2018 to June 2019 “over $2.5 million has been spent by the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission” and it “seems that there is a glaring lack of progress,” MP Michael Dunkley said.

This follows after Mr Dunkley asked Parliamentary Questions in the House, with the former Premier asking Finance Minister Curtis Dickinson for an update on the progress of hiring an Executive Director for the Commission and the costs to run the Commission from April 1st, 2018 through to June 30th, 2019.

Audio excerpt of the discussion on the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission in the House:

Mr. Dunkley said, “From April 1st 2018- June 30th 2019 over $2.5 million has been spent by the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission. I questioned the Minister in Parliament on the spending and results over this period of time.

“It seems that there is a glaring lack of progress as no Executive Director has yet been hired, there has been no progress on regulations as they have not been laid and we still do not have any progress on correspondent banking in spite of tens of thousands of dollars having been spent on a consultant to work on this matter!

“The PLP Government need to do better than this as gaming, at this time, appears dead in the water. We owe it to the people of Bermuda; investors who have shown confidence in Bermuda and potential investors, to make progress.

“I thank the staff of the BCGC for their hard work and request that the Government provide them with some direction and an Executive Director with experience to bring gaming in Bermuda closer to reality.”

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  1. watching says:

    But he doesn’t mind the $5M that has been spent on a endless witchhunt?

    • Truth says:


      Dunk is a class clown he doesn’t realize nothing that’s why he lost 25 -11 and got booted out as Premier by the voters.

      His UBP days are done……now go retire. No go & perform a case study on why all the black Bermudians voters left the UBP.

    • Good Job says:

      We will never know. Because the facts were hidden from most.

      • What says:

        Just ask JetGate Cannoniier and Dunks – they know what happened and where the money went! Their chairman resigned over it!

        • Marching Band says:

          At least he had the decency to do so. And how is it you conveniently forgot to bring up Dr. Brown and his own ride on the Globalhue jet (as reported by US media)before awarding Globalhue the tourism contract.

          Don’t worry we all know about it and thanks to google you too can look it up.

  2. Dunn juice says:

    Don’t you get it, the OBA have to start the process, then the PLP take credit for using your ideas.
    I.E Boat registration

  3. Onion Juice says:

    And you spent $5 Million on Dr. Brown.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Actually OJ, it has not been $5 million, it is about $4.76 million (see http://bernews.com/2019/07/almost-5m-spent-on-investigation-into-dr-brown/) and the investigation is on-going. That means that some of that money was, by your logic, spent by the PLP Government investigating Dr. Brown.

      • trump supporter says:

        They’ll figure it out, oh never mind.

    • Truthhertz says:

      The investigation began in 2011 when a certain individual made a certain allegation while on trial and under oath.

      So try again liar.

    • toadinthehole says:

      actually that cost is the cost to date …. under the PLP as well

    • Peso Pete says:

      oj open your ears open your eyes and open your cranium but don’t try to think you might short circuit

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    “The PLP Government need to do better than this as gaming, at this time, appears dead in the water.”

    Of course it appears to be dead in the water. It is supposed to be dead in the water. The same core group that objects to equal rights for the LBGTQ+ community also objects to organised gambling. The PLP Government is listening to its supporters and is refusing to facilitate organised gambling in Bermuda. What is so difficult to understand about that?

    • Good Job says:

      They do not object to organized gambling. Many churches and community clubs have Bingo each week.

      Do as we say ….not as we do.

  5. Milk Drinker says:

    Dunkley, this is why you lost the election you know. You keep trying to poolthe wool over our eyes. Get a grip man. Most Governments ‘roud de worl’ ar working together. Stop with all this division. Tell Pamplin too man

    • Anbu says:

      LMFAO. U are a perfect definition of irony. Plp talking bout oba being devisive. Hahaha where u been for the last 20 years? Oh man. Cannot make this stuff up. Only in bermuda are the electorate stupid enough to oust an administration that was in all reality (no matter how u “feel” about them) turning us around for the better, just because a bunch of under educated, non business savy people told them to. Lmao. U win the internet today. Phew

    • Truthhertz says:

      Are you kidding me? You and your crew orchestrated the shit down of our parliament twice!! I really can’t stand your hypocrites.

      Ps: your party is failing miserably…again.

    • Good Job says:

      True Trump is working closely with Jim Kong.

    • Joe Bloggs says:


  6. wahoo says:

    This government in a nut shell represents money being spent and a glaring lack of progress.

      • Good Job says:

        Yup 25-11 So far 2 years of a lot of 0 progress, declining retail sales, increase in cost of living, increase in health cost , less in everyone’s pocket. 0 construction projects after hotels and airport projects announced in OBA years. 0 significant sports events announced in 2 years. Oh wait. There is the FedEx cup. What did upgrades to Port Royal cost us last time? What was our return on investment. $20 million gone.

      • Kevin says:

        25- 11
        Onion the tears will flow one day , but you may never realize what really ever happened too caught up in the green machine hype …one day you and the rest of the circus fans will come to understand the ramifications of 25-11 and you too will feel the pain.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Ya, ya, ya.
          We had that boogieman propaganda in 1998.

          • Come Correct says:

            Right before the island went into a debt it will never get out of? The boogeyman is for children.

      • Peso Pete says:

        25 consisting of what. I can only think of 2 or 3 that even speak or think intelligently, rest are a bunch of lost lemmings

    • TO WAHOO:
      You are of old thoughts.
      Become more current and get a better grip on current, twenty-first century politics.

      • Jt says:

        I guess 21st century politics means spending money and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

      • wahoo says:

        Perhaps you need to “become more current” but if you are happy with being played good luck. I will continue with my old school ideas of wanting to have value for money especially from my government when it comes to my (and your) tax dollars.

  7. Good Job says:

    Yup 25-11 So far 2 years of a lot of 0 progress, declining retail sales, increase in cost of living, increase in health cost , less in everyone’s pocket. 0 construction projects after hotels and airport projects announced in OBA years. 0 significant sports events announced in 2 years. Oh wait. There is the FedEx cup. What did the last upgrades to Port Royal cost us last when we had a PGA event?

  8. becareful of the truth says:

    Thought you got out Politics as haven’t heard from you in a long minute
    Wish you would comment on the mess your Party left us in with Caroline Bay
    It seems you pick your battles

    • Marching Band says:

      Hmmm, how soon you forget. Driven past Grand Atlantic lately? Or Sandys 360?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Check your facts. The Caroline Bay (Morgan’s Point) deal goes back to 2011.

      • Come Correct says:

        Ouch, facts. They just so happened to “run out of funding” when? When the plp took power.

  9. Paul says:

    When will this gutter politics stop ? people we need to pay off our debt,and stop the back and forth crap, we are sick of it..

  10. Run it says:

    Michael Dunkley keep at it! You’re the ONLY opposition member doing any work. Actually you’re doing all the work. Respect. Keep hammering.

    • What says:

      Dunks is the running joke at all the PLP gatherings! Man just won’t admit a landslide defeat and go quietly into the abyss. He is never going to be premier again or anything worthy politically.

      • Truthhertz says:

        The plp are a running joke (but actually not funny at all) at all other gatherings.

        Did you know that gas prices go up over 10% today due to your beloved plp?

      • Anbu says:

        Funny hes worth more than every single politician on the pee el pee side lmao. Plp just hate the tough questions that require answers. I can see all their heads imploding sitting in their special room where all the lies are concocted. “Hhhhhmmmmm, how can we trick the dummies today?!” Lmao. I hate both parties. But on the other hand, oba actually moved us forward an inch. Plp have only been shoving us backwards for the last 20 years. Or do u live under a rock? And PS. Of course he’s the running joke. All plp has is jokes. God knows thats all they r good at. That and spending money with absolute zero return. But carry on. 25-11 yada yada.

    • Peso Pete says:

      you are absolutely right. my voted for MP seems to have laryngitis. out of only 11 we have 1.5 mind you its a do as i say house anyway with no thoughts of their own