2.5 Hour Video: ‘Independence For Bermuda’

August 23, 2019 | 32 Comments

A forum titled “Independence For Bermuda: Now, Or Never?” was held last night [Aug 22] at the Dr. E Gordon Hall at the BIU Headquarters with the featured panelists including Lloyd Williams, Ryan Robinson Perinchief, former Premier Alex Scott, Phil Perinchief, and Cordell Riley.

The 2.5 hour replay is below:

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  1. aceboy says:

    As expected this so called “discussion” was simply an Independence rally. Are people really this gullible? Do they really think it is a good idea to go independent especially now with the current government already trying to shut down the PATI legislation that THEY passed but never enacted? You think the smashing of the purse is bad now…just wait.

    • James says:

      In reality the PEOPLE will do anything as long as they don’t have to resume being surrogates under the oba = UBP. We need a third party where black Bermudians can decide the votes. The people will never vote UBP again. That is the reality of the truth and the only way forward.

      • James says:

        If the UBP thinks they will win again in the next 30 years just shows us that they don’t understand why black Bermudians stop voting for them resulting in a 25 vs 11 victory for the PLP.

        • PBanks says:

          The NLP is done. RestoreBermuda was a flop. There’s no appetite from interested persons or any interest from the general public in a real and true ‘third party’, much less any potential Independents.

        • aceboy says:

          James. Bermudiana come in all colors and sizes.

    • Barson says:

      At BIU HQ… yes, very unbiased.

      How about a forum on legalisation of marijuana at the yacht club?

      Joke approach.

    • Hmmmm says:

      I’m not voting for a obaUBP party and I’m not voting for PLP independence.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Not surprisingly a very one sided presentation. Same old people. Can’t they fine independent people to present both sides of the case? Clearly all this is will do is promote racial divide as usual. Independence is unlikely to happen anytime soon anyway as all the PRC and long term residents will take the matter through the judicial system to get the vote. That will block any move for many years.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Another major issue relates to Bermuda’s credit rating. If his falls below the current rating, then IB have no alternative but to leave. They cannot be domiciled in a location with a lesser rating than their own. This will result in a large exodus and reduce Bermuda’s rating further and a death spiral forms very quickly. Massive debt, no income, no jobs ………

  3. Hey Look Over Here says:

    Nice one PLP–but we have your number!

    The economy is failing, Bermuda’s infrastructure is creaking, taxes are rising and ALL of Bermuda is angry about it, little snippets of untoward activity are starting to come to light and this administration has NO answers–SO WHAT DOES ONE DO in such a predicament….

    Fire up the base with an emotive cause!!!

    Thus look over here while over there everything falls apart or you don’t notice things we don’t want you to see!!

    Sad thing is even if we all wanted independence (which we don’t) the country is not ready for it. We are fiscally and strategically broke.

    Let’s fix Bermuda before doing it further harm please….

  4. I spent many years listening to talk show’s, going to public meetings and forums, and I remember many informative advice given, one of the most outspoken on Independence was that of Mr. Larry Burchall,God bless his soul.

    I will say that I have listen to this via live streaming, but there is a lot of points well thought out, but the bottom line is Bermuda is not ready for Independence, I like most Bermudians know that we will have to go Independent one day, and if not willingly, it will be by force and the worst part of this whole picture, is that no Government or the majority of our population, has not prepared for Independence.

    We have a small minority that is willing to go this route of independence, but the majority is still against it, when that margin changes, we stand a better chance, if we can’t take care of the majority of economic sufferage in our Country now, what hope do we have going Independent now or in the near future.

    Bermuda is no where close to being ready to go Independent and that is reality, so take color out, as this will effect us all.

  5. Jus' Askin' says:


  6. Alyssia says:

    This is great, it sounds just like the communist meetings held in the West before people realized just how awful life as the other side of the curtain. Go for it Bermuda!

    • Cubana says:

      they want us to be like cuba and cubans, but the idiots can’t see that when the tax well runs dry its to late until they start taxing the taxes to spend on crap. It was not a discussion cause that’s impossible any anti independent would only get shouted down as has happened in the recent past. Not one has shown any BENEFIT to it other than it stops colonialism so they think, but instead of one so called mother land we will then have to answer to he WORLD. Get your visas ready from where i don’t know. Now we enjoy the best of both worlds are basically independent now in many respects.Hate to say it but its a black and white issue that harkens back to the times neither of us can change.

  7. Bermudian says:

    Don’t think so! How do people in their right minds think that going independent now is a smart move? The PEOPLE are not happy with the cost of living! It is HARD living in Bermuda!! Stop with the senseless talk and start finding solutions to fix our economy. And NO going independent is not it!

  8. Whatamiwatching says:

    LOL I am one of the most pro black ppl out there trust me but is any1 listening to this crap? Its basically church or something. Pure lies!!! Bahamians dont own any of those hotels!!! especially on paradise island. OMG I really hope ppl use they heads. If we go independent I dont want no Commonwealth BS either. We need another discussion.

  9. Eve says:

    Maybe this group could get Trump to make an offer to buy the Island that would make as much sense as Independence! How Independence would work sounds good but it is just another Bermuda dream that would take huge investment by many other countries and other entities to have any chance of survival. Bermuda has no natural resources or manufacturing to support Independence. WWII turned a paradise located 650 miles off U.S. coastline into a strategic location that had millions of dollars poured into the Bermuda economy that is responsible for Bermuda’s world position. International Business/Insurance came to Bermuda thanks to the security provided by Britain and the U.S., they could just as easily leave without that security. Many of those sitting at that table are successful thanks to Bermuda being part of the British Empire, will they personally finance Independence? Not likely!

    • Pangaea says:


      Mr. Trump could have Bermuda for breakfast with out paying a dime we would then become a second Porto Rico.
      We have had independence since 1609. 600 miles of it.
      How can they have what we have not to give.
      the airport runway is theirs any way since 1944
      Speed limit would go to 70 mph.
      People would have to work for change
      Thousand would emigrate through Texas.
      Were would we put the Mexican community
      Stars and stripe in Hamilton.
      you will all get new neighbors “T” shirts for every one.
      Canadian investment would end.
      Greasy food burgers for all.
      Why would he ? he has got Florida!
      We are in the hurricane belt
      We would have state police on Harley Davidsons.
      They may even ship some of their Harden criminals here.

      West gate would become a museum in house prisoners would go to a pen for processing.
      Bermuda would be come a pawn
      Will You get what you pray for

  10. Dready says:

    Imagine what would happen to taxpayers’ monies if we went Independent.
    Imagine having to get visas to travel to any country.
    Imagine the state of our infracstruture
    Imagine what the criminals would get away with.
    Imagine the crooked court system
    Imagine International Business leaving to go to Cayman
    Imagine our currency becoming toilet paper
    Imagine our school system
    Imagine the worthless real estate nobody wants to buy
    Imagine if you are not connected politically

  11. Cow Polly says:

    No substance just the same old rhetoric.

    May I suggest that this group comes up with a preparedness plan in case the UK turns around and tells us to go independent? Perhaps this focale point might help in doing the necessary research to address the many areas of concern that Bermudians have.

    I have a feeling though that if this was to happen, this group would be holding the same meetings complaining that we are being stripped of our rights and blaming the UK for our dire economy.

  12. me says:

    they just wanna distract us from our out of control tax on everything life because they blew it all on their last term we need independence from stupidity

  13. Theresa Brentano says:

    The advantages availed to Bermudians in UK citizenship are exceedingly valued by many for sound, purposeful and valid reasons. It would be unwise to forfeit these benefits in exchange for mere hope of the ‘emotional salvation’ that could initially be gain in national pride. Being the sole motivator in promotion of Independence this potential ‘emotional’ gain, against the current backdrop that includes a high likelihood of further economic decline, would predictably be short-lived following Independence.

    Surely the benefits of Independence must be evidenced, in terms of immediate tangible gain, before deserving serious consideration by most Bermudians. A solid and detailed plan for Bermuda’s essential economic preservation and growth, at least, must be forthcoming first. Independence at some point in the future should be sought, but since we’ve waited this long… why the rush? Not now, not never, but ideally something in between once the economy has been sufficiently revived. With premier public education, there won’t be a need for families to seek it overseas in the motherland.

    In the meantime, with or without Brexit, the UK will remain an option for all Bermudians…and hopefully UK citizenship will continue to be extended to future generations of Bermudians who will also appreciate the full advantages of all that comes with it.

    • Peter Brentano says:

      Hi Theresa

      Your comments are extremely thoughtful, meaning ful and certainly important. Perhaps you should should stand for parliament . In just one response yuh made more sense than hours wasted by our government. All the best as our new premier Theresa Brentano

  14. Navin Johnson says:

    Thing to see here..move along

  15. HereWeGoAgain says:

    This is pure Trump-inspired political theatre. The PLP are spending so much money that the consequences look like they will start to become painfully obvious before the next election.
    Their answer is to dredge up this emotive, divisive issue add a sauce of racism with a garnish of accusations of colonialism and serve it up as a two year distraction.
    All the while they will be spending money borrowed in the names of not just our current generation of young people but our grandchildren as well. We already owe $60,000 per man, woman and child – isnt that enough?
    Shame on them.

    The one thing every supporter does is talk a lot about how they wont feel any pride in being Bermudian until we are independent; how we wont be able to achieve anything meaningful till we “leave the nest”; how we have been so oppressed for so long and it has been so expensive. Rot. These arguments fall deep on the left side of emotional. If a person has to blame the fact that we are not politically independent for any of this, then the blame really lies with them. They should step up and deal with their own issues before they start getting into everyone else’s.

    The last thing on my list is that it was striking how much of the talk sounded like Sunday sermons. Not in the sense that they were trying to translate biblical thought into life-lessons but in the sense that the foundation of the message is not fact, but faith. To these people the need for immediate independence is literally an article of faith. They dont see this as a matter for rational discussion, they are simply searching for ways to justify a tenet of political dogma.

    Sad for us all in so many ways.

  16. Adrian Hartnett-Beasley says:


  17. Question says:

    Presumably Ryan Robinson Perinchief has no qualms about lumbering future students with UK university tuition fees which more than double if he gets his way, He is benefitting greatly by being able to attend university at domestic UK fees, but he wants to change all that for everyone else.

    This would take away valuable opportunities for low-cost education and career experience for future Bermudians.

  18. Simon says:

    Bermudians aren’t stupid, the PLP can lie and distract all they want, but the majority know that Bermuda, if independent, would become a banana republic under their corrupt governance.

    • Sarah says:

      After the UBP lied and distracted Bermudians by changing and hiding under a fake name like oba, you fool’s made it quite clear we can’t be that stupid again under either government.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Here we go with the ‘Bermudians aren’t stupid’ thing again.
      If they weren’t stupid how was it that they voted out a government that didn’t promote racial division and who were getting us back on track again and re-building international investor confidence ?
      There’s only one answer for that and is isn’t because they’re loving , intelligent people .

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