Ministry: Recycling Bins Available For Purchase

November 8, 2019 | 5 Comments

The Waste Management Section has recycling bins available for sale as part of a pilot programme involving the sale of household garbage and recycling bins.

A government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works is advising that the Waste Management Section, as part of the pilot programme involving the sale of household garbage and recycling bins, has recycling bins available for sale as of November 12.

“Please note that due to the overwhelming public response to this initiative, the garbage bins have all been sold.

“The wheeled plastic recycling bins with lids have a capacity of 140 litres [37 gallons] and are available at a price of $40.00 each.

“As a reminder, quantities for purchase are limited to two per household.

“The bins can be purchased from the Ministry of Public Works’ Head Office, 3rd floor Government Post Office, Church Street, Hamilton and must be collected from the Waste Education and Enforcement Office, located at the Tynes Bay Waste Treatment Facility.

“For more information or to arrange collection call 278-0563 or 501-3108.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Take that Masters and Gorham’s!

  2. #CLUELESS says:

    Wonder if anyone from the ministry sees all these videos going around of the rats… That They think aren’t there.

  3. Onion_peels says:

    This is why government should not be involved in business.

    I have to go to the GPO to pay for the bin and THEN go to a totally different location, miles away to pick it up. And government sees nothing wrong with this.

    Can you imagine them running a grocery store coop like this?

  4. Me says:

    Have one of these and the rats eat a hole through it the aluminum ones are better

  5. La Verdad says:

    Pay for it online and go pick it up, dumb,dumb. Want government to do everything for you? Lazy bugger.

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