Photos, Video & Results: Fat Tire Massive Race 4

January 27, 2020

[Updated with photos] Over 90 mountain bike enthusiasts took part in the Fat Tire Massive Race 4 at Southlands, with Alexander Miller claiming first place in the Open 60 class.

Rounding out the top five was visiting Canadian Jeff Currie, who took second place, Alan Potts in third, Cameron Morris in fourth, and Moses Johnson in fifth.

A spokesperson said, “In the open 60 class, the traditional lead out of teenagers closely shadowed by Dennis Fagundo headed the field. Visiting Canadian Jeff Currie got caught in a huge bottleneck and took several laps to grind his way back to a decent spot.

“Mike Belvedere kept Sherman Darrell honest for a few laps at least. When the mud stopped flying, Alexander Miller dominated from beginning to end. Jeff took second and Alan Potts placed third.”


The full Fat Tire Massive Fourth Race Southlands results follow below [PDF here]:

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