Will Kempe

Will Kempe is a Bermudian television actor who has appeared in various television shows including “Law and Order”, “Charmed”, “All My Children” and “Baywatch Nights”.

Photo credit: imdb.com

Photo credit: imdb.com

He is best known for his recurring role as ‘Ian Armitage’ on the soap opera “One Life to Life” in the late 1990’s and his role in the 1990 Oscar-nominated Movie ‘Metropolitan’.

A scene from ‘Metropolitan’ featuring Will is shown below. He plays “Rick Von Sloneker” [tip: he is wearing the red tie/has a ponytail]

Born December 19, 1963 in Bermuda, he is the son of the late lawyer, William Kempe, a founding partner of one of Bermuda’s leading legal firms; Appleby, Spurling & Kempe .

He was raised on the island until leaving for Britain to attend school. He now resides in New York with his wife Julia and their children, and commutes to Bermuda to spend time with his family.

The 6ft 4” actor earned a business degree from the University of Western Ontario, and also delved behind the cameras in 1995, directing a short film “All You Are” which was featured in over 20 film festivals worldwide.

Will’s movie and television appearances include:

1. “Canterbury’s Law” [2008]
2. “All My Children” [10 episodes as Dr. Donovan Hillard in 2007]
3. “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” [1 episode as Dr. Adlai Copeland in 2006]
4. “Charmed” [1 episode as Demetrius in 2003]
5. “Special Unit 2″ [1 episode as Doctor Handal in 2001]
6. “The Geena Davis Show” [1 episode as Eddie G in 2001]
7. “Angel”[1 episode as Seth Anderson in 2000]
8. “L.A. Doctors” [6 episodes as Steven Church in 1998]
10. “One Life to Live” [Numerous episodes as Ian Armitage 1997-1998]
11. “Baywatch Nights” [1 episode as… Burdette (1 episode, 1996)
12. “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” [1 episode as Archeus in 1996]
13. “Fresh Kill” [1 episode as Stuart Sterling in 1994]
14. “Down Under” [1 episode as Eddie Pulano in 1994]
15. “Mad Dog Coll” [1 episode as Legs Diamond in 1992]
16. “Hit the Dutchman” [1 episode as Legs Diamond in 1992]
17. “Pledge Night” [1 episode as Acid Sid in 1990]
18. “Metropolitan” [Rick Von Sloneker in 1990]

Photo credit: imdb.com

Photo credit: imdb.com

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