48 Hours Until Bike Restrictions for 16-18 Yr Olds

March 30, 2010

As of this coming Thursday April 1st, 2010, the Bermuda Youth Licence [BYL] will come into effect for persons aged 16 and 17, which effectively restricts them from ‘towing’ a passenger, as well as riding at late night.

The BYL has two restrictions:

  • No one is permitted to ride an auxiliary cycle with a passenger.
  • No one is permitted to ride on the roads between the hours of 1am – 5am

The penalties for disobeying the restrictions are:

  • A $300 fine, 5 to 7 demerit points, and a possible 6 month ban from riding on the roads.

To obtain a BYL, one must successfully complete Project Ride and apply at TCD with a completed medical form and the necessary funds.

Below is the television ad which explains it clearly:

For further information see the FAQ on Bermudaroadsafety.com. or contact the Road Safety Officer via email – dsminors@gov.bm

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