Dark and Stormy Cocktail Inspires a Novel

April 17, 2010

Published in February 2010, “Dark ‘n Stormy: A Cloudy Tale From Paradise” is novel which is said to be inspired by the Bermudian cocktail of the same name.

Well known by almost all locals, Dark ‘n’ Stormy is actually a registered trademark of Gosling’s Brothers Limited, and is made with 2oz of Gosling’s Black Seal rum mixed with ginger beer. Known along with the Rum Swizzle as “Bermuda’s National Drink”,  the Dark and Stormy is also served outside Bermuda’s shores, growing in popularity in places including the US and Australia.

The book’s author, Timothy Page is a Massachusetts native, and Dark ‘n Stormy is his first book. The novel tells the tale of two best friend’s trip to Bermuda.

Book Cover

Book Cover

The official book description:

Dark ‘n Stormy is the truthful account of two best friends engulfed in a life of debauchery who spend a week on the Island of Bermuda coming to grips with their place in the world.

By leaving their day-to-day struggle to subdue the horrors of the world that plague their physical and mental stability, they find on their trip the inspiration to accept their place in life and realize the power of the bond of friendship when nothing else makes sense.

Set during the moment of life when the future is uncertain, Dark ‘n Stormy shows that when life seems empty in purpose, there is always a ray of sunshine behind the darkness of the unknown.

Click here to read a four page excerpt of the book [profanity warning]

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