Parliamentarians To Debate Gambling This Friday

May 4, 2010

The House of Assembly will debate the Green Paper on Gaming this coming Friday [May 7]. The very controversial subject has been a hot topic amongst locals lately, with hoteliers, the Premier and others strongly in support of the concept, and the religious community strongly against.

According to a study by the New Orlean’s based Innovation Group,¬†gambling would add nearly 3,000 jobs and up to $146 million a year to Bermuda’s economy. You can read the full 79 page study here.

The public had been previously asked to provide input on the paper, and in total there were 43 submissions.

In reference to the submissions, Premier Dr Ewart Brown said:

Forty-three submissions have been received in response to the public solicitation made through the Green Paper On Gaming For Bermuda.

I wish to thank those organisations and members of the public who have taken the time to commit their views to writing. Full account will be taken of the views expressed.

The House of Assembly will take up the Green Paper on Friday, 7th May. The public are reminded that a “green paper” is a tentative government report and is the first step in a process that may see legislative change. While there will be no vote, members of the public are encouraged to tune in to Friday’s debate.

Below is a chart extra showing, according to the study, the employment benefits:

bermud gambling stat chart 3

The religious community have come out in strong objection to gaming, expressing concerns about social aspects, including increased crime levels, family breakdowns, and addiction issues. They have organised in a group, and are providing a petition for the general public to sign.

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