Airport Debuts Baggage Tracking Kiosk

July 22, 2010

Management of the LF Wade International Airport announced today [July 22] the arrival of self-service kiosks uniquely designed to assist passengers who experience baggage delays. These new WorldTracer Kiosks are linked into the global tracing system for mishandled baggage and their deployment is part of a multi-million dollar overhaul of the airport’s range of passenger self-service technology by SITA, the leading IT specialist for airports.

Missing luggage Kiosk

LF Wade International is the first airport in the world to introduce the SITA WorldTracer Kiosk which allows passengers to scan their baggage claim tags and enter their contact details so they can remain fully informed until their bag is returned to them. Passengers rank check-in baggage arriving promptly and safely as one of the most important criteria associated with a pleasant journey after: no delays, friendly ground staff and short queues. Last year over 25 million bags were mishandled worldwide.

Aaron Adderley, General Manager, LF Wade International Airport, said, “The WorldTracer Kiosk is an innovative element in this major technology upgrade. SITA is also introducing more common-use self-service kiosks for passenger check-in, and upgrading our flight information displays and airport operational database. This project will completely overhaul the passenger-facing technology for the entire airport and will also incorporate on-site maintenance and support by local company, BAS-Serco, supporting employment in Bermuda.”

With the smallest physical footprint in the industry, the slim WorldTracer Kiosk is offered with a fully-managed service package. It includes a bar code reader for baggage tag entry, and the option for wireless connectivity, giving the airport an opportunity to move the kiosk as needed.

Sandra Girona, SITA Regional Vice President, North America, said, “SITA is very pleased to announce LF Wade International Airport as a new customer. The airport will be transformed into a showcase for how the industry can reap major benefits from the innovative use of IT for passenger self-service in a way that is attractive to both airlines and passengers. The timing is also very good as Bermuda will host the Airports Council International World Conference in November this year.”

SITA operates WorldTracer, the industry-standard, fully-automated system for tracing lost and mishandled passenger baggage used by more than 450 airlines and ground-handling companies worldwide.

LF Wade International Airport will deploy SITA’s new AirportConnect S3 Kiosk for the first time, subject to regulatory issues and airline compliance related to the self-tagging application. This full-function check-in kiosk, which has the smallest carbon footprint in the industry, is another industry-leading, environmentally-friendly self-service solution from SITA. It is highly energy-efficient and only needs half the floor space of a conventional model. The S3 kiosk also incorporates a printer that can issue up to 5,300 boarding passes from a single roll and is fitted with passport and document scanners.

Self-service check-in is increasingly popular among passengers in North America and Europe, and worldwide 25% of passengers currently use kiosks to check in.

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  1. terry says:

    This is great news for travellers…..

    How does this affect Government Heads.

    Does the Premier have access to this new technoligy. He should right?

    On another note….Will customs be responsible if your shipment of Coke and Kannabeese is missing when you finally get your missing/late/overdoooo luggage.

    I want to know. This could affect my bottom line……………….oh thats right…were already there……………………