Photos/Video: Airport Emergency Exercise

December 4, 2012

The Department of Airport Operations conducted an emergency exercise on Thursday [Nov 29] at the LF Wade International Airport which involved emergency services conducting operations in and around the airport.

The scenario involved a plane which had an emergency landing after losing power in both its engines and overshot the end of the runway and crashed. A busload of passengers represented the damaged plane and emergency services responded to the scene as if it were authentic.

The Department of Airport Operations were joined by the Bermuda Fire Service, Police Service, Hospital Services and Maritime Srvices including a police boat and pilot boat. On arrival, fire department personnel extinguished any visible signs of fire and proceeded to remove the passengers from the plane wreckage. Meanwhile, police units “secured” the area by blocking traffic flow into the area and marine units scoured the waters near the incident.

Able bodied passengers were led to a staging area away from the plane crash while injured persons were either assisted or carried from the scene. An ambulance and the hospital’s Mass Casualty Unit attended the airport with the ambulance seen making mock runs to the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in St. David’s. The exercise started shortly after 4.00pm and continued into the night hours sparking much curiosity from passing motorists.

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