Two Men Charged With Shane Minors Murder

July 19, 2010

shane minors bermudaUnder a visible Police presence, 22 year old Ronniko Burchall of Pembroke and 20 year old Leroy Symons of Warwick appeared in Magistrates’ Court this morning charged with murder in the shooting death of Shane Minors [pictured]. Mr. Burchall was also charged with a firearm offence. Since the charges are indictable, neither men [who are half-brothers] were required to offer a plea.

Mr Minors was found dead in the entrance of his home in South Terrace, Friswell’s Hill, Pembroke on December 17, 2009. The Police say they received a report around 6:15am of an unresponsive male at the residence, and that it appeared that Mr. Minors received the fatal gunshot wounds sometime around 1am.

Mr Minors murder came only weeks after his brother Shaki Minors was non-fatally shot outside Southside Cinema along with his girlfriend Renee Kuchler, and also came during a wave of gun violence that saw three people murdered in only 12 days.

This is the second person brought before the courts in recent weeks in relation to a 2009 murder, following the May 31st appearance of Antonio Myers who was charged with the 2009 murder of Kumi Harford.

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  1. terry says:

    Give them buys a raise.

    Great to see hard work presented before the courts.

    May the system and level headiness work.

    Up to the people now.

  2. terry says:

    Ps. Was that a cell phone that he seems to be handing to someone?

  3. terry says:

    Oh…an ah buy “Piggy” has it right. Damn ‘Cups’ gatt blaimed four arryting…

    Hee esacpaed frum dee ‘Living on the Lambe’ society………………….

  4. nae says:

    wow….these young man are wasting their lives I am so shocked because I know 1 of them and he seemed 2 be on the right track

  5. terry says:

    “right track”……

    Many are oblivious to which side of the track. The trains will get there eventually. It’s crossing the “track” that is the real danger.

    Some just don’t hear the whistle or think that if they do, they can beat it.

  6. mming says:

    these black young men need a purpose in life they should not being doing this but it seems its a part of every day life now

  7. Why says:

    I have lost so much family in this gun play violence it makes me sick to my stomach. I miss you Shane.