Brothers Stand Trial: Shane Minors Murder

June 17, 2011

leroy symons bermuda The murder trial of Ronniko Burchall, 22, and his half brother Leroy Nathaniel Symons, 20, began yesterday [June 16] in Supreme Court.

Both men are accused of being involved in the murder of Shane Minors in 2009. Mr Minors was found dead in the entrance of his home in South Terrace, Friswell’s Hill, Pembroke on December 17, 2009.

Mr Burchall is accused of being the actual shooter, while Mr Symons is alleged to have provided assistance. They are both charged with murder, and Mr Burchall was charged separately with using a firearm to commit that offence.

Yesterday the Prosecutor said that Mr Minors was not part of a gang, however his brother Shaki Minors was affiliated with 42nd, and it is believed that is why he was targeted. The defendants are said to be affiliated with Parkside, and the Court heard that the murder was part of the on going rivalry between Parkside and 42nd.

It is alleged that the shooting of Mr Minors was in retaliation for the murder of 22-year-old Gary ‘Fingas’ Cann, which occurred only two days prior. Mr Cann and the brothers were known to each other, and said to be good friends.

The Prosecutor said that during a Police interview Mr Symons admitted showing his brother how to use the gun, and told him how to access the back area of the Minor’s home.

Both men deny the murder, and the case continues…

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  1. True Bermudian says:

    Here we have a so called man on trial for murder and what does he do? She smiles for the camera.

    What a wankster tool.

    Let’s hope the judge and jury wipe that murdering smirk off his ugly face.

    • tradition says:

      This man has not been convicted; furthermore, He is not ugly.

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      Your comment doesn’t make anyone feel any better about the entire situation, nor help solve any of the murders and settle subsequent trials that have occurred over the past few years. You’re not helping solve anything by commenting on the look on his face. If you must speak, comment about something more important than his facial expression. And, if at all possible, make it a positive and/or constructive comment. Those seem hard to come by these days.

      Also, don’t shame the rest of us Bermudians by complaining about/bashing our children and calling yourself a “True Bermudian.” If you were, you would help make sure none of the boys/young men you know are ever at risk of being in a situation like this. That’s a true Bermudian.

  2. Bernewsfan says:

    Ya Serious?!?!?! Is he really smiling??????

  3. cheeks says:

    aint sh** funny!

  4. hollaaaaaa says:

    I dont agree at all with what this lil loser has done but… sometimes they may not be smiling at the camera, he may have seen a friend or family memeber and could be smiling at them, and of couse thats the picture they’re going to put in the front page of the news paper, bernews etc.!!!! so dont judge by what you see people!!!!!

    • Away says:

      Yup, cause when I am going to court for murder, shackled and escorted by the police, and upset cause I “didn’t do it”, I make sure to look straight at the camera and smile at my friends and family…

      • Mother of Two Small Children says:

        Exactly! Guilty or innocent he should show some respect! It is a murder trial. You can acknowledge your friends and family without a grin!

      • WHATEVER says:

        THANK YOU! His face should have been BLANK!

  5. Taurus says:

    Obviously it’s not a serious matter to him with the big grin on his face !!

  6. joonya says:

    ya boys prolly juss nervous..


    Regardless of how ulgy, wanksterish or pathetic people may think he is with cheesey toothy smile. Let us not forget that he is innocent until proven guilty.

  8. Can you handle this says:

    Why do people always ASSUME that the individual is “smiling” for the camera? Everytime a picture such as this appears we get the same comments..I agree with “hollaaaaaa” … he may have been speaking/smiling at a family member who happened to be standing near the photographer…I’m sure he wasn’t saying ..hey look at I am!!!! This just happens to be the moment (mili-second) that was captured!!!!!!! we don’t know the details..give me a break……

    • Yup…..thinking the same thing! I am sure he knows his future is hanging in a balance….He may or may not be a criminal, but I am sure he is not stupid!

    • Ro says:

      You are correct in stating that people should not assume. It really looks to me like he is looking at the camera. My opinion is that sometimes the appearance of evil is as bad as evil. Therefore, under the circumstances, he should not have a big grin on his face. His lawyer should do a better job coaching his/her client.

      • It is what it is says:

        Yes it APPEARS that way! “APPEARS” being the operative word. As I stated the person he may have been looking at might have been standing right next to the camera man thus giving off the “illusion” that he is “Cheesing” for the camera…I wasn’t there so I am going to do the right thing and not “jump to conclusions”

        • Ro says:

          Unfortunately, assumptions are part of life. It is for that reason that he is wearing a shirt and tie, and not ripped jeans with sandals. We live in a world where appearance matters, right or wrong. There are basic guidelines or protocols that society accepts. An example is: How do juries or judges convict supposed criminals without actually witnessing the crimes? They use a level of assumption.

  9. Blekket says:

    Lease he ain’t givin us dafinga like dat udder gangstah.

  10. The Messenger says:

    Whenever a story like this is put online and available for comment, you can be sure that the family and friends will be watching the postings to respond to whatever anyone has to say. Sure, these boys are ‘PRESUMED’ innocent until proven guilty but remember, they have done something to get themselves chosen to go on trial.

    Lets just read/watch the trial before we make our assumptions for the sake of the blind family and friends who believe their boys never do any wrong.

    • WTH???? says:

      Couldnt have sais this better my self. I so agree with you ( The Messenger)

    • Observer says:

      AGREED!! Could not have said it better myself!

  11. Notorious says:

    He looks….off.

  12. US Observer says:

    Whether you are innocent or not, being “accused” and going to trial for murder should not be a funny or smiling situation for anyone, period.

  13. The Messenger says:

    He is smiling cause he is thinking….”Look, don’t I look sharp in my shirt and tie!”

  14. Chocolate Shadow says:

    He is smiling to hide the shame, people. That’s what these little boys do. They smile and pretend that what is really going on is not really bothering them. It’s all a facade. And while I believe that you are innocent until proven guilty, I do agree with ‘The Messenger’ – being charged with anything, there has to be some association. If that were not the case, you and I will be charged next.

    Think about it!

    • Brown Girl says:

      I agree with Chocolate Shadow “they smile and pretend that what is really going on is not really bothering them” it is a facade.

      I was telling someone about my father having a heart attack and the person said and “your smiling”; I didn’t realize I was even smiling until the person bought it to my attention so it could be the same for this young man.