Artists Offer “Art with a Message” for Holidays

November 29, 2010

A new roadIMG_8012 copyLocal artists Sharon Wilson and Monica Jones celebrate the joy of the season by bringing 2 weeks of socially relevant art to Bermudians.

The pair have announced the opening of temporary art boutiques to be operating at different locations throughout Bermuda in the weeks leading up to the holidays. The artists, who have teamed up due in-part to the interconnecting social messages of their work, are excited to be presenting their works as a celebration of both the holidays and of the journeys which have brought them to this point in their lives.

Sharon Wilson and Monica Jones’ works will be on display and available for purchase opposite the new Beluga Bar, on the Ground Floor in Washington Mall Phase 3 from 27th November until 4th December from 11:30am to 9:00pm. They will be at the Bermuda National Trust Walkabout in St. Georges on Friday night, December 3rd , from 5.30 – the old Burrows Lightbourn space on Water Street , and they will be at the Home Grown Alternatives at St. Paul’s Christian Education centre on Saturday, 4th December from 10am to 4pm.

For those wishing to have a glimpse of the artist’s works in advance of the boutiques openings, Sharon Wilson’s work can be seen on her website, and Monica Jones work can be viewed on her website.

The artists hope that the art sales will help some consumers to re-think fleeting popular gifts and give the gift of art and culture this holiday season. As Ms. Wilson explains, “Most gifts do not adequately convey the depth of our feelings to our loved ones. There will always be a newer model, a newer fad. Art however, is something that connects yesterday, today and tomorrow. Art evokes memories and is one of the few things which you can own, enjoy and pass on whose value is not diminished with time.”

Ms. Wilson, whose work is synonymous with warmth and humanity, creates art with social relevance, but which also evokes memories of simpler times, about walking home from school; about neighborhoods and favorite fishing places. As Ms. Wilson puts it, “Retold family stories anchor us and offer optimism for tomorrow. We need constant reminders of what is important to us, when we are sitting in our offices getting irritated by the boss’ orders, or when we are at home and are tired and frustrated. Art will not only enhance your wall, but will also inspire and uplift through happy and frustrating times.”

Ms. Jones, who ardently believes in art’s power to transform lives, explains this celebration of the journey, “I paint about the journey, as a reminder firstly to myself, that life is a journey and not a destination. In my past, I used to engage in driven competition as I trudged forward on my journey, valiantly seeking recognition and financial rewards, with the goal to prove to myself, and others, that my life and my efforts had value and worth.” She continues, “I drove myself until my body halted the madness, and I went into a period of gestation, waiting to heal and for some passion to emerge. As I moved towards discovering my core, I started thinking a lot about what was left for me to do and to discover on my life’s journey. To make these discoveries, I had to slow down, and start allowing time for my true passion to emerge. I had to learn to feed myself first. This collection is in essence, a celebration of our unique journeys.”

Both artists believe these two weeks to be a chance to make their socially relevant art accessible for people from all walks of life, and to give them the chance to give a gift that will bring hope for the future.

The artists expressed their gratitude to Washington Properties Limited and the Hon. Gladwin (Doc) & Mrs. Hall for their generous support in allowing them the temporary use of premises.

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