Pew Charitable Trusts Meet with Minister

November 17, 2010

Last week representatives from The Global Ocean Legacy initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts met with Minister for the Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Walter Roban to discuss ways in which the organization can assist Bermuda and international partners in an historic effort to enhance the protection of the Sargasso Sea.

This was an information gathering exercise for the Pew team, who came with the objective of learning more about Bermuda and the Sargasso Sea.

Pictured below are Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Dr. Derrick Binns; Director of Global Ocean Legacy, Pew Environment Group Jay Nelson; Director of Environmental Protection Dr. Fred Ming; Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Walter Roban; Alistair Gammell of the Pew Environment Group; Manager of Global Ocean Legacy Andi Pearl; Custodian of Wrecks at Conservation Services Dr. Philippe Rouja; Senior Marine Resources Officer Dr. Tammy Trott:

PEW Foundation

Minister Roban said: “The fact that a prestigious entity like the Pew Charitable Trusts has expressed an interest in partnering with the Bermuda Government on the Sargasso Sea Initiative bodes very well for Bermuda’s future.

“This visit by Pew aims to further demonstrate the commitment of the Bermuda Government to this ambitious project which would literally create one of the largest protected areas of ocean on the planet. And it is my greatest desire to do whatever is asked of me as Minister to turn this vision into reality.”

Earlier this year, Bermuda hosted Bryan Walsh, a reporter from TIME Magazine, came to swim in the Sargasso Sea, meet the people behind this initiative and tell the world about what Bermuda and partners hope to achieve.

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