59 Yr Old Woman Attacked by Dog

February 17, 2011

A 59 year old woman was attacked by a dog earlier this week while walking in Admiralty.House Park.

A Police spokesman said: “At 11am on Tuesday, February 15th 2011 Police received a report of a dog attack. It appears that sometime between 10am and 10:30am that day the victim, a 59 year old Pembroke woman, was walking in Admiralty.House Park near the beach when she noticed a man and a dog in the area.

“As she walked by the dog, which apparently at that time was not on a leash, it attacked her. The unknown man eventually pulled the dog off the victim and left the scene.

“The Pembroke woman sustained injuries to her arm and was subsequently taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment by a member of the public who was driving along Spanish Point Road. The suspect is described as a tall black man believed to be in his 30s with a big black dog which may have been a pit-bull.

“Inquiries into this incident are ongoing and the Government Dog Wardens are also aware. Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit on 295-0011.”

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  1. Downderoad says:

    How the F you walk a pitbull without a leash, this Is why aggressive dogs get a bad rap. From dumb a$$ people!!!! Put the owner down not the dog!!!!

    • Are you serious? says:

      or leash the owner!!! sigh – so glad this wasn’t a child, the result would have been much worse. Speedy recovery to the victim. It’s a crying shame that you can’t even take a walk in a public park without being attacked by either a human being or a dog….

  2. D. Everett says:

    what’s even worst is he left the poor woman , disgusting human being, it’s not the dogs fault it’s the idiot who owns the dog

  3. Terry says:

    And my comments are being moderated?

  4. ESA says:

    Just another one of these idiots who have a pitbull because they think its makes them look tought, while in reality they are scared sh%$less of the dog themselves.

  5. Astounded says:

    Any dog that ‘unprovoked’ attacks someone has either done it before or will do it again.
    Having watched enough US court television shows involving the exact same circumstances the plaintiff always wins and the judge deems that the dog should be put down.

    It’s almost beyond belief that the guy left the scene without even offering assistance or contact numbers..
    Any bets the dog was illegally bred AND unlicensed ?

  6. D says:

    Wow that is so sad he left the woman

  7. :) says:

    That is crazy

  8. Did I miss something says:

    Why are you all quick to blame a pit bull??? The story said it MAY have been a pit bull. Anytime there is a dog attack by a “big dog” everyone is so quick to blame a pit bull. They are not the only big dogs on the Island. I do agree that the owners should be punished and not the dogs – as most times it is how the dogs are being raised and treated at home. For one I own a pit bull and he is the most loving dog you could imagine – that’s because he has been raised with love and not violence!! So please stop attacking the pit bull until it is proven that it was in fact a pit bull. Thank you.

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Unless I’m the one who’s missing something, there’s nothing judgmental about the dog being identified as possibly a pit-bull. There wasn’t anything in the article denouncing the breed, it was just an identifier. I’m not sure we would have seen such indignation if the dog in question was thought to be a poodle or a labrador. And, from the comments above, it should be noted that the general consensus was that the owner was far more at fault than the dog. I’m horrified that this poor woman was attacked- aren’t you? Or is the reputation of your loving and much-maligned pit bull more important than a fellow human being’s welfare? To be fair, I am sure you are concerned, but temper your sensitivity about the kind of dog you own with the actual event. Do you really think a well-behaved and well brought up dog of any breed would have attacked someone, unprovoked?

      I’m disappointed, as a dog lover myself, that more societal effort isn’t put into working and campaigning as hard for the kind, dignified, considerate and moral treatment of our fellow human as we do for that of our dogs!!! Then, truly, I think we will have taken our society to a humane and less cruel level. Don’t get me wrong- the SPCA is a wonderful and necessary institution- but we also have a dire need to focus on the other members of society who are the victims of abuse, cruetly, and violence, who also don’t have voices or defenses. Our abused spouses, our children, our elderly, people out for walks in the fresh air…you get the point.

      It’s less about the breed of dog- or indeed, not really even about the dog. It’s about the unkind, unthinking, amoral, anti-social and inconsiderate treatment of our fellow person in this instance. The lack of consideration started when the moron let the dog off the leash in the first place, as if it’s okay to trespass on the rights of others to walk freely and safely in public. The rest of that applied to this idiot’s actions after that. So- if I see a thirty-something tall black man with a big black dog- who might in fact be a pit bull- while I’m out, I’ll take a photo with my camera phone, and send it to the Police. I hope they catch this miscreant and never again let him have a dog.

      • Fed Up Bermudian says:

        And by ‘abused spouses’ what I mean are husbands or wives who are physically or emotionally abused, before anyone gets all smart mouthed about that. Expressed it poorly perhaps.

  9. Choir Boy says:

    So sad that the “tall black man believed to be in his 30s with a big black dog which may have been a pit-bull” didn’t stop to see that she was OK.