Police Name Murder Victim: Colford Ferguson

February 5, 2011

The Bermuda Police have officially named yesterday’s murder victim as Colford Ferguson.

Mr Ferguson leaves behind many friends and family to mourn him, including a four year old daughter.

Around 2pm yesterday [Feb 4], Police responded to a confirmed firearm incident in the area of Somerset Road and East Shore Road in Sandys parish. Mr Ferguson, 29, subsequently died on scene as a result of his injuries.

The official Police statement said: “The Bermuda Police Service can now confirm the death of 29 year old Mr. Colford Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson was a single man who lived in Warwick Parish, and leaves behind a four year old daughter to grieve his passing. The Bermuda Police Service is closely assisting Mr. Ferguson’s family to get through this difficult time. Our thoughts are with Mr. Ferguson’s family and friends.”

“An investigative team headed by Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro continues to work to progress evidence in the case, interview witnesses, and canvass the Somerset area. Officers are visiting local businesses, residences, and social spots to identify and glean information from witnesses.”

“Increased resources will be deployed to the Somerset area, providing both an investigative and visible uniform presence.”

“The Bermuda Police Service is utilizing all available resources to gather the evidence with which to catch the killer of Mr. Ferguson.”

“Anyone with information regarding the murder of Mr. Ferguson is urged to make contact with the investigating team at the Serious Crime Unit where their information will be treated in absolute confidence. Alternatively, persons with information can call Crime Stoppers Bermuda at 800-TIPS (8477).”

A full press conference on Monday 7th February 2011 will be convened to give a comprehensive update on the progress in this case.

Premier Paula Cox, Acting Minister of National Security Michael Weeks and Attorney-General and Minister of Justice Michael Scott all issued statements condemning the shooting, extending their condolences to the victim’s family and urging people to assist the Police.

Police released a poster appealing for witnesses, please feel free to download it and pass it on:


It is also available here in PDF form.

Bernews extends our sincere sympathies to Mr Ferguson’s friends, family, and to his young daughter.

Update Feb 7: Police provided an update on their investigation.

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  1. BermyLove says:

    I hope that people start talking and say what they know! That way the police can “do their job” and catch the murderer!!

  2. Terry says:

    Better save comments. The family has enough to deal with.

  3. Pitbull says:

    To The Family & Friends of Colford Furguson:
    May you find comfort in the many Cherished memories of Colford.
    May he R.i.P. May God Bless you as you Grieve for your loved one.

  4. White Jesus says:

    I can’t imagine what he could have done to deserve this. As far as i know Colford was a good guy. They say you judge people by their enemies. I am willing to bet that this young man’s killer is an evil b&T%ard and needs he needs to be caught.

  5. missing u says:

    RIP Colford…I will foreva hve u in my h e a r t.
    Please if u know anything speak up, this cnt keep happening.

  6. Upset says:

    Colford was such a nice guy. He openly spoke about the love he had for his daughter and life in general. He, let alone anyone deserves to be taken down so cold a callusly. RIP Colford! I will miss you!

  7. Nishclishbang says:

    Any death is sad, particularly when a young daughter is involved. Its interesting to see the comments portraying him as a very nice guy, google him

    • islander says:

      Um I did google and all I saw was about his murder so what exactly are you trying to say u A$$. I didn’t know him but hes gone, a daughter is without a father now, so if people that knew him say he was a nice guy then leave it at that. people always trying to start sh*t…..SMDH !

    • mixitup says:

      Who is this Moron??^^^How about you explain to us all the wrong you’ve done in your life that you just haven’t been caught doing as yet! How dare you attempt to air someones laundry, we all have faults. Get a grip!

  8. mixitup says:

    Yes I agree, Colford was a nice guy and I aint one to give favor where its not due, but I can’t see him deserving this. I pray that he made peace with his maker. But to the goon who took his life you have committed the ultimate sin, I hope you are ready to explain this to the almighty! Speak up people, get this thing off the streets!

  9. RIP Colford, You will never be forgotten,its really ashame that some dirty wicked beast took your life in such a F…Up way.I hope they find this nasty cold blooded animal and hang his ass. I’m really vex at all you dumb black idiots that are bloodthirsty and enjoys taking others lives.(Stop the crap)To all you murders out there thats going around killing so cowardly,why dont you do us all a favor and pull the trigger on yourselves.

    • common sense says:

      Seems as if you saw the culprit, did you tell the police about the DUMB BLACK IDIOT you saw. SMH, Guess black people only commit crimes, I HATE BEING YOUNG and BLACK, Everybody stereotypes me, whether they are white or black, dont matter, all young black men are evil, None of us have goals and aspirations in your eyes, and then 9 young black men get expelled from Saltus, while the white one who video taped it and was there, nothing happens to him, HE aint a DUMB BLACK IDIOT I guess, cause he rIGHT. KEEP THROWING STONES, at black men, cause we are DUMB BLACK IDIOTS with no hope, destined to fail, and have nothing to live for. WE ARE WORTHLESS PIECES OF S%#T, at least that what BERMUDA thinks of all young black men SMH. ARE WE ALL DUMB BLACK IDIOTS?

      • White Jesus says:

        I’m black and i readily support the label ‘dumb black idiot’ for all the DUMB BLACK IDIOTS committing these crimes. When you throw a stone, only the dog hit will yelp. So don’t over-identify with these dumb black idiots if the shoe doesn’t fit. I certainly do do not classify myself alongside them or any dumb white idiots who may be into the same thing. I am vexed at all the DUMB black IDIOTS too. Not black people.

  10. itwasn'tme says:


  11. stern says:

    My prayers go out to his entire family. “Stay strong through this trying time”.

  12. No problem says:

    Nishclishbang… Shut UP…. 1st of all the bullet wasn’t for him he just happened to be on the same job site as another young man that the gun man was after so to say google him is irrelevant to this case.. He was in no way involved in any of this gang banging garbage that is going on. And no one deserves this. Yes he was a very nice and kind person. I’m trying to stay calm at this moment if I knew who u were I would rip u apart…

    • Nishclishbang says:

      Ok, well if that’s the case, I stand corrected and I apologize. Its hard not to jump to conclusions, at times like dis though. You see kids with issues in da past – and I saw plenty of stuff on the man when I googled him….if I’m wrong though, then I’m with you and I’m sorry. Peace.

  13. No problem says:

    Nishclishbang u dnt have a clue about COLFORD upbringing n lively hood before u get in to deep step way back… Please…. Yah pissed me way off.. Even more so to know that the shooter was after someone else….

  14. It Is What It Is? says:

    @ nishclishbang wny don’t you google your own name..WTF! why are you worrying about his past? he has grown up!! his life was his duaghter..he was not caught up in the gang banging..he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…typical Bermudian..the minute you hear a name you want to run and google it..looking for dirt to dish out…google stalker..go google your own family members and see how many skeletons are in your closet…you might want to follow “no problem’s” advice and step way back..and lay down….

    PS. I don’t know ‘Coufi” personally but I know of him (former neighbour)..I also know from the person with whom he was employed at the time that he was a very hard worker..No one else has had any negative about him..you started off okay than you had to give it a negative twist….SMGDH!

    To the family prayers and condolences!! Please stay strong and uphold each other during this trying time!!…….Peace and Love…

  15. White Jesus says:

    I hate gang-bangers. Even the ones in my own family, I’d love nothing more than to see them taken out. I absolutely will NOT defend or stick my neck out for someone living a loser life. And I am here to tell you all that I believe this man was a good man. No, not ‘good’ in the way that these loser’s families and friends give shout outs when they are arrested or killed. Not the kind of ‘good’ that only significant others know and enemies do not. But the kind of good that reaches the society at large. good people are being killed now. It’s war now bermuda. All good citizens MUST wage holy war on these gang-bangin cockroaches before its too late!

    • White Jesus says:

      @ Bernews. My F%$&s and S#!%s are an important part of my comments. I don’t appreciate you editing them out.

    • well.... says:

      If you have gang-bangers in your family and you don’t report them….you ARE THE PROBLEM. Congratulations on that, truly. When your gang-banger family member shoots someone or is shot, I hope you feel remorse.
      Talking about a holy war while doing nothing when you clearly could.

      • White Jesus says:

        WTF??? How could you take my comment to mean that? Where the hell did I say that I would not report them? And where the hell did I even say that they were even in Bermuda or that I even knew of any specific incidences to report? Are you senile? Why do you hypocrites always attack people who are speaking out for what’s right?
        I’m sorry but you are either a) just stupid as hell or b) hella stupid. English obviously isn’t your first language.

      • White Jesus says:

        You dyslexic buffoon! You have to have an actual crime to report. And when I do I report them. I swear you must have a personal vendetta with me. otherwise one couldn’t be so myopically thick-headed.
        Congratulations on picking a fight with someone who actually will report a gangbanging family member.
        I’ll bet you don’t even have the courage to admit that you have relatives involved in gang-bangin. What are YOU doing besides picking fights with people who actually ARE doing something?
        NOTHING! Shut tha hell up!

  16. Terry says:

    Lord. Jesus, thats not like you. We have been waiting so long for you to return but I guess your mad at us. I can understand and like you said 2000 years ago that you would show us “sings of the times”.

    We must be getting near becuase your voice is prolific and I hear you.

    I have heard and read many things but this ( your comments) gives a new meaning to “holy war”.

    Bless me; for I have sinned.



  17. well.... says:

    I didn’t know Colford, but it sounds as though his friends and family loved him dearly, so my heart goes out to them at this trying time. My thoughts especially with his young daughter.
    Peace to all…

  18. Please says:

    People please… I knew Colford well – he may have made some poor choices younger in life BUT he was a good person with a huge heart. I am distressed to see his like taken and wasted by someone who does not value life itself. I do not think Coldord would want a racial war played out over his life – he was not like that.
    Love to the family “death brings a heart ache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal”.

    • Nishclishbang says:

      Great post. What I was trying to say, but didn’t do so well…..

  19. Nishclishbang says:

    ….And thanks Bernews for editing my first post so badly that it made me come across as a callous, heartless fool. I don’t mind people having a go when I’ve actually said things, but when I haven’t, I’ve got issue.

    • bernews says:

      Thanks for your posts, we truly appreciate every comment but to clarify in case you have forgotten the orginal post, we didn’t add anything.

      We never add words, only remove when needed due to legalities, constant complaints etc.

      The system shows the original post, which we can provide if you email us [don't want to post it publically, shows email and IP etc].

      We removed one sentence of your original post referencing past acts, but tried to leave the gist in – which is not quite the same no, however nothing was added. Never is to any comments.

      To be clear to anyone else reading, nothing really rude was said by this poster, just we are very cautious with posts where people have passed away. We generally let many things fly comment wise, and get alot of flack for it too, but on posts where someone has passed away, we prefer to err on the side of safety with moderation out of respect for the family, as this rock is so small family members and close friends are bound to read the post..

      Sorry, hope that makes sense. Feel free to email me if needed…


      • White Jesus says:

        No Pat it doesn’t make sense because I think that what people are thinking shouldn’t be censored. But alas this obviously isn’t the place for the free flow of thought. So, I guess I understand that you have to protect the reputation of the site and integrity. Don’t agree though

        • bernews says:

          If we allowed this to be uncensored, we would be in court in a flash for defamation/libel [we are responsible for all posts], or much worse. Been threatened with lawsuits already over comments we allowed. We get a constant stream of complaints over the comments….been hammered publically on it, both print and radio. Then, we get hammered for censoring. Either way we get many complaints, and we just try and find a middle ground. Obviously, we don’t do a perfect job, but we just do the best we can.

          • White Jesus says:

            B B B Bu bu but………you censored us!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

            • Away says:

              White Jesus,

              Every reputable news feed around the world moderates postings on their page. Though they allow people to post their views, they must still do what is in the best interest of victims and their selves. You must remember that freedom of speech doesn’t always mean you can say what you want. Also you need to put yourself in other peoples shoes and think about what people say and how it can affect you in sensitive situations.

    • White Jesus says:

      Bernews is losing my interest now. They have done the same thing to me on numerous occasions. Editing my comments. Im starting to see bernews as just one personality/person who let’s their own opinion determine what someones post SHOULD look like. It is no longer a place to voice our concerns or opinions without being censored as bermudians. time for a new site. Goodbye bernews!

      • bernews says:

        No problem, thanks for reading and commenting all this time….much appreciated.

        • White Jesus says:

          That’s called passive aggression and i aint goin nowhere. I’m just mad

  20. Mother of child and special friend says:

    The untimely passing of my daughters father has left a hole in our lives and each day that passes is a struggle, not just for us but for his whole entire family and close friends. To come on here and make comments about his past is very harsh as an innocent man has lost his life and we have not come to terms as yet that he is really gone. My daughter will grow up without a father and that is a very hard thing to think about. So before you come on here and make comments THINK before you say things like that. Colford WAS a VERY loving man and had a lot of love for both his daughter and I. Regardless of what you have heard or read he was a good person and had a big heart. We will always love him and will forever keep his memory alive.

    • bernews says:

      Thanks for your post, and we speak for practically all of Bermuda when we extend our sympathies to you, and especially to your little daughter….

    • B Outerbridge says:

      God Bless you and your little one.

    • BermyLove says:

      Keep your head up and be strong sista. My condolences to you and the rest of the family and friends.