100 Women Honoured For Contributions

March 8, 2011

[Updated] Today [Mar 8] serves to celebrate International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. International Women’s Day honours the work of the Suffragettes, celebrates women’s success, and reminds us of inequities still to be redressed.

This year is the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day and the Ministry of Youth, Families, Sports and Community Development and The Department of Human Affairs is taking the lead along with The Centre Against Abuse, The Women’s Resource Centre and the newly formed Bermuda Women’s Council in organizing events for the month of March.

The ’100 Women 100 Vision’ project saw 100 Bermudian women nominated for their vauluable contributions to the advancement of women in Bermuda. The list includes notables such as trade union pioneer Dr Barbara Ball, entertainer Heather Nova, social activist Dr Eva Hodgson and many more women who have far ranging and wide accomplishments. The list is also notable for those it does not include, such as trailblazer Dame Lois Browne-Evans, and the first female Premier of Bermuda Dame Pamela Gordon.

The 100 nominees follow below:

  1. Adams-Raynor, Lucetta Jane- deceased
  2. Attride-Stirling, Dr. Jennifer
  3. Attride-Stirling, Lucy
  4. Autor, Lorelie
  5. Bailey, JP, Leleath
  6. Ball, OBE, Dr. Barbara
  7. Barton, Simone
  8. Basden, Jacquelyn
  9. Bean, DBE, Dame Marjorie- deceased
  10. Benn, Mariah- deceased
  11. Bermuda Professional Women’s Association
  12. Bermuda Women’s Suffrage Society-deceased
  13. Big Blue Machine
  14. Blakeney-Saltus, Gita
  15. Boden, Liz
  16. Brock ,Arlene
  17. Brock Williams, MBE, Merle
  18. Burgess, Helena “Molly”
  19. Butterfield, MBE, JP, MP, Hon. D.I.Neletha
  20. Caines, Shurnette
  21. Cann (Smith), Dorothy L.
  22. Cannonier, OBE, JP, Jeanette
  23. Carter, Renee Marie
  24. Christopher, Hazel
  25. Christopher, Betty
  26. Daniels,Verbena- deceased
  27. Davis, MBE, Iris
  28. Dill,Valerie
  29. Douglas, Rose
  30. Evans, Dorothy E- deceased
  31. Faulkenberry, Rebecca
  32. Feldman, Nicola
  33. Fleming, Claudette
  34. Foulger, Caroline
  35. Furbert, Gilda Mae
  36. Furbert-Woolridge, Rev. Betty Lorraine
  37. Godwin, Margaret- deceased
  38. Gordon, Diane
  39. Harvey, Suzette
  40. Hayward, Rev. Dr. Joyce
  41. Hayward-Harris, Sylvia
  42. Hill, MBE, Carol
  43. Hill, MBE, Georgine
  44. Hodgson, Dr. Eva
  45. Horton-Symonds, Barbara
  46. Howie, Lisa Annemarie
  47. Jackson, Juliette
  48. Jackson, MBE, JP, MP, Louise
  49. Jacobs-Matthews, Heather
  50. Joell,Wanda Mariea
  51. Jones, Louise
  52. Jones, Marion
  53. Jones, Edna Mae
  54. Mallory, JP, Oda
  55. Matthews-Paynter, Dr. Dorothy
  56. Maxwell, MBE, Florence
  57. Morrell, Gladys Carolyn- deceased
  58. Morrissey, Dorothy
  59. Mosley, Evelou
  60. Notter, Sheena
  61. Nova, Heather
  62. O’Kelly-Lynch, Ruth
  63. Outerbridge, Marva
  64. Outerbridge, Sherrie
  65. Philip, Ismay Louise- deceased
  66. Pimental, Joy C
  67. Ray ,Tami Nakisha
  68. Robinson, JP, Gryneth
  69. Robinson,Wenona G.- deceased
  70. Robinson,Toni Marie
  71. Scott,Alice- deceased
  72. Scott, MBE, Edna Mae – deceased
  73. Shiell, Laurie
  74. Simmons, Evangelist Joan
  75. Simons, Rochelle
  76. Simons Ratteray Burch, MBE, Frances- deceased
  77. Smatt-Adkins, Jennifer
  78. Smith,Ann
  79. Smith,DBE,JP,DHumL,MP,Hon.Dame Jennifer M.
  80. Smith, Lorna Joann
  81. Smith-Gordon, MBE,Ann
  82. Snelling, Juliana
  83. Soares, MBE, Hilary
  84. Spence, Gina V.
  85. Spencer-Arscott,Ann
  86. Swainson, Gina
  87. Swan, Dr.Yvette
  88. Thomas, MBE, JP, Ruth
  89. Thompson, PhD, Dorothy- deceased
  90. Trott, Olive- deceased
  91. Trott, Dorothy
  92. Trott Butterfield, Dorothy – deceased
  93. Tucker, Dr. Olivia- deceased
  94. Wade, Fern
  95. Wade-Miller, JP, Justice Norma
  96. Williams, Chief Inspector Na-imah
  97. Wilson,Andrea
  98. Wilson-Tucker, Joy
  99. Young, Carolyn
  100. Young, Kim

Update: Congratulations from Kim.Swan, Leader of the Opposition below:

Today is the day that commemorates the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.

It is also another fine day that the Lord has made and I am exceedingly glad to be able to acknowledge that as we take time to recognise the contribution of 100 outstanding Women of Vision in Bermuda.

On behalf of my wife Cindy and my United Bermuda Party colleagues, it is an honour for me to pay homage to the worthy women nominated by the public and announced today in recognition of 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Personally, I am appreciative because of the toils of my mother and other significant women who have had a positive influence on my life.

Let us remember and celebrate the spirit of caring, compassion and spirit of love that are important characteristics which often symbolise women.

Today, we congratulate the 100 Women of Vision, for their contributions which have enriched the lives of others and added value for the betterment of our society.

Let their example which has been a light that burns brightly in our midst, continue to be a beacon amidst the fog of uncertainty and challenges that we face.

Let the good values that they have applied continue to be infectious to their family, friends and by extension our country.

Congratulations to each recipient on being named amongst the 100 Women of Vision in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Update #2: Minister of Youth, Families, Sports and Community Glenn Blakeney’s full remarks follow:

PROTOCOL HAVING BEEN ESTABLISHED Let me start by thanking everyone in attendance this afternoon for joining us in the Bermuda Government’s celebration and Proclamation of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day. In particular I would like to commend the staff of the Department of Human Affairs and members of the Women’s Council for organizing this event. I also want to congratulate our honourees and extend a Bermuda welcome to our distinguished international speaker whom you shall hear from shortly.

The Bermuda Government’s theme for this special 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day and for 2011 is “Strong Women Create Strong Communities”.

So what are we celebrating today?

First, we are certainly celebrating the 100 Women who had 100 Visions! These women, who have been nominated by the general public and selected by the Bermuda Women’s Council, span a century of contribution, charitable works and progress for a better life.

Some are no longer with us and we also recognize their achievements.

I would like to acknowledge and applaud the women who ARE present here today for their outstanding achievements and contribution to Bermuda. These ladies are identifiable by the purple ribbon which they are wearing and we applaud you.

What else are we celebrating today?

Certainly the progress that Bermuda has made towards equality between men and women. We are celebrating our solidarity with other women from around the world and as we do, we must particularly remember those living in conflict and in poverty, and whose rights are violated daily.

As we celebrate, we should also reflect on where we stand in Bermuda, how far we have progressed and what still needs to be achieved to ensure equality and those rights and opportunities that are integral parts of womens rights as citizens.

Bermuda is an island of some 65,000 people, and according to the last census 52% are female and 48% are male. Yet we still cannot say that women in general enjoy the same status as men in our society nor can we say that they are properly represented at the national decision-making level. Although great achievements have been made and our esteemed Hounorable Premier Cox is Bermuda’s 3rd female Premier and our Senate is predominantly female, only 19% of the Members of Parliament are female.

Women are increasingly better-educated with more and more girls out-performing boys in primary and secondary school. Yet these achievements are not similarly reflected upon maturity in their adult professional life. The glass ceiling – and the sticky floor – continue to be realities for women.

Equally noteworthy is a tendency of many from the younger generation who feel that all the battles have been won for women. With more women in the boardroom, greater equality in legislative rights and more and more women being role models in all facets of life, one could think that women have gained true equality. The unfortunate fact is that women are still not paid equal to that of their male counterparts and women are still not present in equal numbers in the business world and in politics.

Women continue to shoulder the bulk of the responsibility for caring for children and elderly relatives. The reconciliation of work and family life, which we talk about so much, is still mainly regarded as a woman’s role.

The Government in the last 12 months has put a renewed focus on gender affairs and in particular women and women’s issues. The recently formed Bermuda Women’s Council, chaired by Ms. Laurie Shiell, has a number of tasks that are currently being addressed, including the development of workplace sexual harassment policies, research and recommendations on family leave policies and identifying any social, educational, economic and legislative policies and barriers that prevent the full participation in any aspect of Bermuda life. The Department of Human Affairs, which has as part of its remit the mandate for gender affairs, provides both financial and technical support to the Council.

And finally, as announced today by Premier Cox, Bermuda’s ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (also known by the acronym CEDAW) is indeed imminent. The extension of this Convention to Bermuda will go a long way to showing the world that this Government is committed to guaranteeing that our Women are afforded international protections.

My Ministry is responsible for ensuring that those matters or areas identified as requiring further attention will be addressed and that the spirit and intent of CEDAW is accomplished.

Please enjoy the rest of the celebrations planned for the month of March and a Calendar of Events is available for collection here today. Once again, congratulations to the 100-women that we honour here today for their invaluable contributions respectively, which is a true testamennt that “Strong Women Create Strong Communities”. THANK YOU …….

Click to enlarge poster:

Int Womens Day Full pg RG

[Editors note: We apologise for our tardiness in covering this very important news. However, Bernews was excluded from the initial release of information which Government opted to publicise in the form of a paid advertisement.

Bernews had planned to provide full coverage and comprehensive information about the Bermuda nominees, free of charge, to mark International Women’s Day. After contacting the relevant officials, we were finally provided with a copy of the advertisement and names, as seen above, at approximately 9:45am this morning.]

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  1. Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

    Congradulations!! Would have been nice to see what all their accomplishments were and are. I know, a bit much to ask. Its just that so many of our children and adults are uneducated towards the accomplishments that Bermudian women and men have acheived. Like Dr. Olivia Tucker (who is named above), she was the first black woman pharmacist in both Bermuda and all of America. Maybe next time.

  2. Onionseed says:

    No disrespect intended to any of the women who were nominatedbut this list contains some truly embarassing omissions. Where is Dame Lois? Bermuda’s first female lawyer, first black female MP, first female Opposition Leader and first female Attorney General? How can this list be taken seriously without including her? There are good reasons why she was selected as Bermuda’s first National Hero. And Pam Gordon Bermuda’s first female Premier, didn’t make the cut, either? What were the nominating committee smoking? Sufragette Gladys Morrell is included but Edna Watson, one of Bermuda’s first two female MPs and the heroine of a major aircraft disaster isn’t? Ann Cartwright DeCouto should be in there if only for her firm stand on the fishpot ban, controversial decision, yes but one which allowed our fish stocks to replenish and one which may just have saved our precious coral reefs. And don’t get me started on the absense of historical figures. Where is Mary Prince! And Sally Bassett deserves a statue in front of the Cabinet building but is not worthy of inclusion here? What were these people thinking???

  3. Some People says:

    “Onionseed” If you read the article is states the women were voted by the general public. Therefore one can only assume that the reason why some of the women you have named are not on the list, is simply that they did not receive enough votes. Just accept the article for what it is, recognizing woemn in Bermuda, who for the most part we don’t normally hear about. We know about Sally Bassett, we know about Damne Lois Brown Evans, what’s wrong with giving recognition to people we don’t know about. It’s not an article on the “most influential women in Bermuda”

  4. Terry says:

    Thanks for the coverage Bernews. But I am pissed that I did not see my Mothers name there.

    No need …she was the greatest along with so many thousands that have graced our lovely island.

    As for other comments about The Dame Brown, well we have buildings, holidays et al and Sally has her own Statue if you care to walk/drive by, anytime.

    Some people just bitch and moan about everything, worse than me.

    Can’r wait until we have the “100 International Mens Day”.

    Damn….Westgate will be overflowing with reporters and news media…..

    Thanks Pat for doing what others don’t yet have to nit-pick everything. Bitchers and moaners no matter what you print or take time to gather for information.

  5. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    A very incomplete list of Sexism^^

  6. dh#1 says:

    I am so very proud to have in my blood, the DNA of my great, great Aunt Dr. Olivia Tucker, the pioneering pharmacist denised the opportunity to work in her homeland – Bermuda. I congratulate her for all her achievements,and I am so proud to be able to say that she was born into a family of black achievers, including my great, great grandfather, Dr. Hilgrove Tucker, Master Pilot. I also congratulate every other recipient being named amongst the 100 Women of Vision in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day. Well done to the organizers for the selection of the 2013 nominees.