Murder Trial: Antonio Myers Found Guilty

March 28, 2011

Antonio Myers was found guilty in Supreme Court today [Mar.28].

The Jury returned at 4:15pm to ask two questions. One – What if the defendant handled the gun before the killing? What if he handled the gun after the killing not knowing that it had been used in the killing?

Justice Greaves re-directed the Jury tell them that they were not to speculate but must confine themselves to examining the evidence that had been placed before them. “You must rule only on the evidence” he said.

antonio myers

He reminded the eight woman four man Jury that they are entitled to draw inferences, but may only do so based on the evidence placed before them. “You may draw commonsense conclusions based on the material before. You must not speculate or be drawn into speculation” he said.

Justice Greaves said that he ‘did not understand’ how the two questions had arisen as he saw them resulting from not closely following the directions that he had given them about speculation. He said that inferences may be drawn from the facts presented, but that the inferences must be logical.

He reminded the Jury that this case hinged on the circumstantial evidence that had been presented by the Crown. He further reminded them that it was rare for a Jury to be in possession of all the facts in any case, and that because of this, the drawing of inferences was important, but must be done based on the evidence available.

Justice Greaves gave direction on Criminal Responsibility, saying that a person could be guilty of a crime, for instance murder, if he was the person who actually committed the crime, or who aided in the crime.

30-year-old Kumi Harford was killed at around 5am on St. Monica’s Road on December 5th, 2009, when a hail of bullets struck his car as he was driving home.

Dr Cumberland, the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, said Mr Harford suffered several gunshot wounds but that his death was caused, principally, by four particular gun shot wounds.

Antonio Myers, 25, was arrested in 2010 in connection with the murder.

During the trial, a Police officer identified Mr Harford as a high ranking member of the 42nd gang, and Antonio Myers as a high-ranking member of the Middletown gang.

An expert testified that evidence determined that two shooters were involved and that two guns were involved; one a 9mm pistol and the other was a 40 calibre weapon.

Experts said the two guns used to kill Kumi Harford were “Parkside weapons,” and were used in a number of shootings including the murders of Perry Puckerin, Shane Minors, Kenwandee “Wheels” Robinson, and Freddy Maybury.

In addition, experts said the guns were used in other shootings including the attempted murder of people including Michael Adams, Daniel Cox, and Jakai Harford – Kumi Harford’s brother.

My Myers was remanded in custody, and will be sentenced at a later date.

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  1. The mon says:

    Some body help me I might be a little slow I keep reading but it sound like they don’t have a gun for this guy which is bugging cause I want his butt locked up and the rest of his crew, but maaaaan no gun to much of that going on catching guys and no gun. Lie to them something tell them your going in witness protection lol while putting their butts in Jail over seas lol we Need the guns of the street more then we need them off the streets. Before the gun regular people where not afraid to stand their ground now new ball game. Look at the case where the guy got 25years the guy he tried to kill said openly in court that he usually carried a gun on him but he didn’t have it the night he got shot (HELLLLLLLLO) can we have that gun please he already let the cat out the bag his but should be in jail to if he don’t come fort with a gun dam it let stop playing games with these punks.

    • Just Yell says:

      I wonder why someone would burn his clothing right after the shooting… To bad that his 2 girlfriends nor his mom could verify his whereabouts at 5 in the morning… just saying!

  2. W.T.F.??? says:

    Life plus 99 years would be my recommendation!

    • Jason says:

      Because Life plus 99 years is a legitimate sentence according to the justice system right…. Rhetorical question.

  3. Can you handle this says:

    @ The Mon..that’s exactly what I was thinking..yes we can celebrate because he has been convicted and the Police can say the verdict shows how serious they are about taking perps off the street..but where are the “shared guns” that they spoke of during this case?? being oiled and cleaned for the next time? oh wait we already had a “next time” with the three gun incidents this past weekend…as for the case where the 25 year sentence was metted out..that in itself was a joke with the victim saying he had a gun but not on him that night..where’s his gun? His reward for giving the perp (who by the way was considered “the bigger fish” to fry, according to news articles) was to be placed as stated during the trial in the witness protection progroamme..WOW things that make you say hmmmmmmm… and again while I say we can celebrate I am just not ready to pop the cork on the champagne just yet…….

    • The mon says:

      Me and you both I thought it was just me who know how many bodies on that gun so now we as tax payers take care of him now that is crazy. SHOW US THE GUNS that what we want to see break these fool down the white guy that got caught up somerset or South Hampton got luck wooooow if he got caught now boyyyy two guns and drugs mmm he could hang it up I need to find that case to see how much time he got.

      • Lissa says:

        tax payers take care of him because tax payers do not want him to walk among us and want to know where he is at all times. Thats how it works.

        • Tax Payer says:

          This Tax Payer doesn’t want him walking amongst us OR being fed and clothed with my money! Simple solution: use my tax money to invest in an electric chair. No chance of him getting out and becoming a repeat offender.

  4. Lorin Johnson says:

    Dammm CEDARBRIDGE STAY LOSING!!! another one bites the dust….

    • Cba says:

      @Lorin Johnson… Wa u mean by CBA stay losin. I hope ya not implyin wat I think u are. I’m a CBA graduate myself, was involved in gangs too. I got a family now andd a good job dat would pay for u n ya momma. So please word things differently next time. Have a Blessed week all. CBA!!!!!

  5. mary says:

    Why these guys that kill on this island don’t get more time. 25 years is not enough to be locked up for murder of a person is not enough they need life like 100 years.

  6. Thinker says:

    Yes we would all like to find all the guns!!

    Personally I think there are 2 important points to come from tis conviction.
    1. The court system works ( it may not be perfect but what is?)
    2. People will see what 2 brave men can do by placing their lives on the line to help the community

    Hopefully more people will come forward, people know where those guns are hidden! All it takes is a phone call.

  7. Jim Garlic says:

    His Momma was ballin her poor eyes out .These young man need to appreciate the
    damage they are truly inflicting on society as a whole…I believe that most of these young man are being used by a very Evil person/persons who really doesn’t give a Damn about them or their tired Mommas..When they realize that the had been suckered it’s usually way to late…So Mommas left with a broken heart,convinced that their sweet little boy is innocent..

    • Grizz says:

      Kumi’s mama was bawling too! Um just saying, not trying to pick on you, just making a point.

    • Seriously? says:

      C’mon now – do you really think the momma’s don’t know what their sons are up to? Do you really think they have no idea their sons are in gangs? They know their sons don’t have jobs yet they come home with flat screen TVs, pay momma’s bills… Do these momma’s think they have a money tree growing in the back yard? No, they don’t. They know the truth. And yes, they will be “ballin their poor eyes out” because of the guilt they will carry with them for the rest of their lives – the guilt of knowing what was going on and not doing anything about it. We all love our children and think they are angels. We also know that sometimes they do wrong. Unfortunately, some of us are learning too late that we should have stood up and done something to save their lives. And sadly, this is no where near over. So sad.

  8. Dan Marino says:

    lock this guy up

  9. GPS says:







  10. Spikes says:

    Another one bites the dust.


    It’s time to take the gloves off with the criminals, they threaten our way of life, we cannot accept that because much of the world is violent that the current deterioration in public safety is acceptable. If we wanted this we would go live in UK, US, or other Caribbean Islands that have fallen to gun culture. why doesn’t our Minister of National Security speak as passionately about his crime plan, as he does with his recent “No Sah, no changes to land licensing or term limits”, it’s hurtful to see what even the diehard PLP supporters have now come to accept from “our” leadership. Come on PLP, get a plan implemented now in the crime issue And stop hiding behind this “policing is the remit of Government House” argument. Go and get the guns please! And give yourself a raise to even $300,000 per year the public will support higher salaries if we feel safe again.

  12. True Dat says:

    GOOD!!!!!!!! Lock Him Up and Throw away the Key!!!!!

  13. RiP KUmi says:

    F him and his whole crew people all need to go somewhere away from Bermuda so what if his mama was crying my family had to deal with a murder she was see her son we will never see Kumi again I have been waiting a whole year for this guy to go jail soooo see you later and get ready to be somebody girl

  14. "wha ya dumb" says:

    @ GPS it’s “SATAN” lol and @ Lorin they don’t count if they didn’t graduate

    • GPS says:

      @wha ya dumb….Thanks for the spell check, it was late at night…I hope you understood the moral though

  15. SOMERSET OG says:

    His crew will forget about him soon enough! Loser! Now he has to get used to seeing nothing but footballs for a long time!

    • GPS says:

      and cricket balls, baseballs, softballs……at least he can decide if he’ll be the defender, striker, midfielder…pitcher or catcher….bowler, bat’s man or wicket keeper…..ooggghh Gangster life who wants that!!…lmfao!!!

      • LOL !!! says:

        LOFL !!!! All tytoes of balls.. LOL !!! Do guys think about what their not able to get nor do while locked up.. I guess not cause ya so called boyz will be running up in ya GIRL !!!!! LOLOL !!! Wht girl will be waiting for a dude that is doing LIFE !!! If so she is just as STUPID !!!! Damn, talk about being some1′s BABY !!! lOLOL !!!! Now im thinking if lifers are takin or giving .. Who will be ur BIG DADDY !!! Damn I crack myself up i do !!!

  16. F 4 Few says:

    @GPS No time to cry come on nah go sit on all dem graves n cry your eyes out.

  17. F 4 Few says:

    how much guys lef 4 or 2 LMFAWO. why u call police 4 dey cant stop d crime. [edited]

    • GPS says:

      @F 4 Few……you really need Jesus….stop bleaching like di Gazza Dons….

      Come on nah, you think the rope has no end….yew muss remembah dat one wurd mi yute “KARMA”….Don’t bring Drama to ya momma….

      Now back to some Troy Anthony – Black On Black, Too much Of Dat!!

  18. joe says:

    Anybody need a nice suit? Don’t look like he’s gonna be needing that one for a while.

  19. itwasn'tme says:

    I gotta admit…I didn’t think the jury were gonna convict on circumstance evidence. But yur boi didn’t take the stand….instant guilty verdict. I really would like 2 c my $168K have anti gang legislation drafted so the police can stop and search on sight anytime, anywhere. They know who the criminals are.

    • LOL (original) says:

      You really ready to throw your rights away like that? Remeber racial profiling that was so prevelent back in the day and some would say still happening today. Please it would’nt last long before it gets abused. Being able to search your house without a warrent is not that cool already. Its your word against the police and if he/she don’t like you from jump you could be hasseled and nothing you can do about it.


      • Just Yell says:

        @ LOL (original) I’m feeling you on that. These cops maybe doing a good job at the moment but at times when they have the wind up their azz’z they could be pretty mean and don’t give a shyt about anybody…

    • onion says:

      As great of an idea as that sounds in your head, it’s not cool at all. It will be abused and who wants to live somewhere where you can be stopped and searched because the police feel like it or you look a certain way. As it is the cops stop people now (traffic) so they can run your license to see if you have anything outstanding. That is BS!!! We going to stop you not because you’ve done anything wrong but because we can and after we stop you we might find something. One of my boys got searched yesterday in his yard walking to his car. How is it you can be detained and searched on YOUR property without probable cause…. and you want to give the police more authority over our freedoms. I think not!!

      • itwasn'tme says:

        okay maybe its not the best idea but hey, desperate times deserve action….I’m hoping our politicians can do more that wring their hands. Every single right thinking bermudian is up in arms over this mess. Randy Horton earned his $168K by presiding over the hearings. I hope the information shared is being discussed in cabinet amonst the other 168K-ers….yes its their problem to fix, thats what they get paid for, so c’mon Burch, leave the expats alone for now and fix the home grown Shyte

    • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:

      so what is stopping them? cause that would b nice

  20. CyberCop says:

    Momma crying her eyes out? What a shame, the guy never had a job, sleeping all over the place: Normal people would never allow any of that. Lets face it we live in a different world from yesteryear: Parents partying and doing drugs with children: its a mess. A yes prison is no joke, when those doors start slamming behind you for 23hrs a day, they have plenty of time to think if it was worth it all. Trust me, their tune changes after a while. Solutions ? I think the church needs to do more.
    Just saying……..

    • joe says:

      What’s the church going to do? First you gotta get the person to the church. If he was part of the church body maybe he might not be in this predicament. Mom and dad can only do so much. When a person reaches a certain age; if mom and dad did their job this person already knows right from wrong. Whom he associates himself with after that may be different than what was taught. I pray for every parent that goes through life working their asses off for a better tomorrow for their children and then they get hit with this tremendous blow. May God have mercy on these thugs and maybe some of them may turn their lives around.

  21. karma says:

    why send these a$$es to jail? we have to pay for them while they live up there eating better then us. they need to have the dealth penalty here and kill all these fools that think nothing of another life. either that or they need to open back up case mates and let these guys rot in there with little to eat and nothing but nasty ass coveralls,and 6 guys to a room. @ RIP Kumi i am with you, his momma and friends was in court to save his ass but yet was she as a mother feeling for kumis mother, wife, and son when he was killed??? NO!!!! May this guy get whats coming to him cause believe me when i say KARMA is a B@tch. and the lord never sleeps he sees all.

  22. lifeblood says:

    Funny how weapons are supposedly being smuggled into Bermuda yet one or two weapons are being passed around to commit several murders…interesting.

    • The mon says:

      Very good point make you wonder is it so or just lazy police work I don’t want to believe it the last one

      • lifeblood says:

        I have my suspicions…just waiting for another shoe to drop…

    • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:

      funny how u can smuggle in weapons easier than you can smuggle in drugs. what is going on with that?

  23. joe says:

    The police cannot be everywhere. Here in the states the saying goes ” when seconds count, the police are minutes away.” It is not their fault. Most times when the police is called the crime has already happened. That is why I am glad that we can carry concealed weapons in my state MA. Probably NEVER EVER need it for protection but it’s nice to know it’s available if need be.

    • SMDH!!! says:

      That’s what I say, the police’s job is to respond after the crime is done. I want conceal and carry in Bermuda, you would be surprised at how many crimes that would prevent!! Someone would think twice about mugging a lady if they knew she was strapped!!! I’m just saying… It is our God given right to be able to defend ourselves!!!

  24. safer says:


    • Grizz says:

      @safer you call them ILLETERATE A%$ES but actually it’s ILLITERATE BOO…..sorry

  25. Confused says:

    I am confused. The police openly admit they know who these guys are and where they live. So why are they not kicking down doors and executing search warrents. If someone was to call the police and say I was smoking a spliff in my house, they would be there rapidly in force and kicking the door down!! Now, I know some are going to say “well somebody has to tell the police first”, but they have already admitted they know who these guys are??? Whats the real story?

    • Ash says:

      They need solid evidence! Just because they know where they live doesn’t give them probable cause to arrest and convit. They need some hard evidence linking them to a situation, then a search warrant, then they can lay down the charges!

      ..& if it was that easy to call the police on them and get them arrested people would do it! They have to be endangering themselves or others for the police to act! & from what i see smoking a “smoking a spliff” or having some grams of it on you only gets you a fine!

      & there’s always more then one side to a story!

      • Confused says:


        • Ash says:

          That something different. They have the right to do stop and search! But they do not have the right to just go and lock someone up, just because the neighbor says it wrong. they need proof!

          • Confused says:

            But the only way they are going to find proof is by going into these dens. If I get pulled over, searched and they find nothing I don’t get locked up, if they do find something illecit, I do. Why can that not apply to these situations. I understand evidence is needed, but its clear it does’nt fall into ones lap. You have to go “searching” for it.

    • Nicole says:

      Exactly confused! This has been boggling my mind for some time! Why do they not do search warrants in Bermuda? Start using it! They claim they know who are in gangs and who are the high ranking members, well kick in their doors at 3am and make them uncomfortable. Search their mothers house too(if they aren’t living with her), search the girlfriends houses. Get it together BPS!

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      and when they do start harassing these guys in these neighborhoods there will be cries of how it is straight up racist and why ain’t they doing that type of stuff up tucker’s town, fairylands, blah blah blah…

      damned if you do and damned if yuo don’t…

      • SOMERSET OG says:

        Well it seems like only blacks are shooting blacks in Bermuda. We are the main group of criminals in the news! It should bother you if you’re not doing anything wrong. Something has to change! What’s the right answer? Fairyland posse didn’t start killing people yet!

    • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:


  26. RiP KUmi says:

    These parkside boys are just gonna make little old Bermuda go down the hill its gonna end up going to a 3rd world island nobody is gonna wanna come here because its not the same so us as people that are happy to say we are from Bermuda need to make this stop be4 it goes to far I have lose so many people within about 3 yeàrs from this war 42nd is not a gang we are a family we take care of one and other not come around and plan a shooting

    • Bermudian says:

      so its normal for families to rob houses/people and sell drugs?

    • RiP KUmi says:

      @Baffled well if what was going on in Bermuda 42nd boys would be able to go out and get jobs and no do what they do at time if they would not have to worry about if they are gonna be shot at or better yet die like the rest already have you don’t think we are scared some of us I am a girl and parkside people are have said something to me so what makes you think they won’t do noting to a boy from here if yo don’t no what is really going on please don’t say thing ask about it first thanks and have a good week

    • AnnoyedByIgnorance says:

      Oh ok, so I guess it’s only parkside with guns…and sweet old 42 just have never even seen a gun before! SMFH! Stop being biast!

  27. Terry says:

    @ confused. Until the law is amemended to include ‘gang association-gang member-profit from gang’ knowing is one thing.

    The Police know who are associates, members but not all. The law is clear as to what they can do and breaching that would jsut bring lawsuits. They are on top of it, don’t worry and I know they are doing a great job under the circumstances.

    Being a member of a Gang to date is not a crime as far as I am aware.

    As for smoking a spliff in your house? That’s your problem and why should they waste their time over something like that. I know they wouldn’t unless you were doing it with the Bro’s that just got another $2million in. Plus, 1/3rd hit everyday. Jingus….

    Guns and drugs……..rings a bell. And too frequently in Church Towers.

  28. Baffled says:

    These comments are halarious. A conviction, is a conviction, is a conviction. The police have to start somewhere. Everyone has an opinion, but in a community like ours, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, it amazes me that the evidence our jury has to go on is “gun residue and DNA samples”. Please. Everyone is a critic until it hits close to home. If that was your son laying on a cold slab, you would only hope & pray everyday for someone to come forward. Karma isn’t only about a prison sentence. It’s about knowing what is right and still doing the opposite. I only hope that in the future, the Bermudian mentality will disappear long enough for someone truly brave to offer solid information to our police service.

    Everyone is related/messed with/had a baby for a gang member. Everyone knows something. The times is now to speak up. No one will be satisfied until a truly innocent life is lost.

    • Bermudian says:

      Not true. I am Bermudian and i am not related to any ‘gang banger’, never have i ‘messed around’ with one nor had a baby with one. I am not naive and stupid.

    • Really? says:

      –Yeah, that’s not completely true. NOT “everyone is related/messed with/had a baby for a gang member.” & not everyone knows something! I think your generalizing your statements too much! I have not known not one of these gang members charged/convited/accused or the victims! Yea, i know everybody thinks “its 21 square miles (small) bermuda, and everybody is in every ones business”, wateva. There are some people that actually MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS! Part of the problem is that, its not that bermuda is small, its that SOME Bermudians are small minded!

      -but i will agree that the people who are related/messed with/had a baby for a gang member or knows something shoutld speak up! It’s enough of the “innocent suffering for the guilty!” I’m sick and tired of it!

      -Only time will tell.

  29. Doinalltheycan says:

    I would like to thank the Bermuda Police Service- they are doing everything possible. They do stop and search they do execute search warrants when the information is received. I have been watching this from overseas for a while and this trial in particular and I shouted for joy. Good job BPS!!! As the mother of a young boy who has already left the island we must remember that we are losing our sons our brothers our fathers to gang violence!!! We are crying cause they are either dead and gone or locked up and dead to us. You cannot expect the police to do it all, What I respect the most is that when this began no one was getting caught now they are! Thank you Bernews for the coverage! RIP Aquil, Kumi, Shaundae, Wheels, Yankee, Kimwandee, Colford- I don’t care who you were- dying like this is no hollywood movie its real. I cry for Bermuda – and I love you all God Bless!

    • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:

      sooo true> God Bless You 2

  30. Over it says:

    @ bermudian “good for u” we can’t help at times where we grew up and who we went to school with most of these boys did not start off this way…”Bad from mi born” is def. Not their theme song. Most of these guys are/were cool guys. They just got caught up. None of us (who are not in it) know what this war is about. Everyone can speculate but we don’t know the answers which makes it difficult to stop something we don’t understand. Live by it Die by it isn’t that a rule of their “game”. I have friends and family on every side in “TOWN” it is what it is this is life. This “gang” mentality has just evolved. Why are you guys acting like its brand new. Do we not remember when it was “TOWN v COUNTRY” when guys were jumpin and tryin 2 chop each other. That should have been an idication that guns would soon follow. I mean its not like no one had never been shot in BDA before. These guys at one point were friends and partied and hung together. Does anyone ever bother 2 question what really happened? I don’t remember all these comments and frustration when shaq was murdered ( (other then his friends & fam) or for “fingas”. This is the path they have chosen you can sit here and talk all day but it isn’t going to change things. My generation is finished they are either dead, in jail or in too deep 2 be rescued. So focus on the youts in BDA the ones in school. I personally feel that a certain lawyer in BDA could be more useful then just defending these boys. You want them care and to be held accountable and be moral but what example do they have when the people who can possibly help things turn a blind eye. Nobody really cares until someone gets shot then that lasts about a week. Then is 4gotten. I feel like we should stop complaining about something we have no control over and be grateful most of them are getting caught.

  31. RiP KUmi says:

    @Bermudian well if what was going on in Bermuda 42nd boys would be able to go out and get jobs and no do what they do at time if they would not have to worry about if they are gonna be shot at or better yet die like the rest already have you don’t think we are scared some of us I am a girl and parkside people are have said something to me so what makes you think they won’t do noting to a boy from here if yo don’t no what is really going on please don’t say thing ask about it first thanks and have a good week

    • The mon says:

      People keep singing this song about these would have gotten jobs if they could what ever when jobs where out there they where doing what there doing now and girl are aiding them. The only time these Prankster get jobs is when they caught by the Police and they have to go to court. It funny how fast they find jobs then. And know not all guys that live in 42 area are part of it and not all girls up there are part of it same with both sides but if you lay with a dog who got fleas you going to get them to.

  32. If he got a Bible studied, confessed and repented…time is short, seriously! Anyhow Jesus died for him too.
    Bet you he has been contemplated MASTERMINDING ESCAPE! And guards do your flippin job