Tucker’s Point to Create Cedar Grove

March 16, 2011

800px-Bermuda_Cedar-02Tucker’s Point Hotel has announced that “A full 12-acre reforestation programme will be implemented should the SDO be passed.”

Last week Tucker’s Point spokesperson said if the SDO passes in the Senate, it will donate over 28 acres of land to Bermuda.

Tucker’s Point recently applied for a Special Development Order [SDO] for the property, which a number of local groups and residents have objected to; including the Bermuda National Trust, Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce [BEST], Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB], Greenrock, SOS, Tucker’s Town Historical Society, Dr David Wingate.

In addition, almost 2,000 people signed an online petition objecting to the SDO. The SDO has passed in the House of Assembly, and is due to be debated in the Senate this week.

The hotel statement said “The area, located just off Tucker’s Point Drive, will be planted with hundreds of endemic Cedar trees. An area will be kept for guests that get married or honeymoon at the resort to plant a small Cedar tree in memory of their celebration, a Bermudian tradition. The plot of land is currently covered with Casuarinas and other invasive species.”

Ed Trippe, president, Tucker’s Point, says: “The Bermuda Cedar has a lot of significance for Bermudians and we wanted to create a special grove on the island where Cedars can be propagated. We also wanted to create a special place at the resort where those that get married or honeymoon at Tucker’s Point can take part in a Bermudian tradition if they wish. We’re excited to be developing the grove later this year.”

A spokesperson said, “From its beginnings Tucker’s Point has been conscious of the importance of protecting its environment – 240 acres of profound natural beauty and ecological importance. Stewardship measures have been in place since before Tucker’s Point first broke ground, and new initiatives continue to evolve as the resort strives to become the first green certified hotel on Bermuda.”

“A full 12-acre reforestation programme will be implemented should the SDO be passed. The reforestation programme will include the planting and preservation of endemic, native and ornamental plants such as Cedars, Palmetto, Fiddlewood and Olivewood on the development sites, along Castle Harbour Drive, on the golf course and on White Crest Hill [formerly the old water catchment].”

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  1. Chart says:

    Nice idea – across the community more organisations should be encouraged to plant endemics.

  2. Chart says:

    That being said, they should do this even without the SDO. It’s a nice touch.

  3. My two cents says:

    See what happens when people complain, protest, and stand up!!
    Even if this passes, at least we gained something from it that would otherwise not have been. Others could learn from this. It PAYS to COMPLAIN instead of SITTING THERE AND DOING NOTHING!

  4. Andre says:

    Are we doing this just to appease the locals? TPC cannot be trusted!! If they are losing moeny on the property as it is why do they figure pumping more $$$ in will change matters?

  5. Onion says:

    I think they had that “28 acres” card ready to play when the people started to make a fuss. We should demand more.

  6. Hudson says:

    I’ll believe it when i see it…

  7. Terry says:

    Ah whoopdy do…..

    We will all be dead and gone and so will our grandchildren by the time these Cedar Trees are even ten feet tall. Now the other plants will grow like hell fire fire except for the Palms, which of course will be staked for at least 5 years.

    Hell….Next, once he gets his “SDO” and he and his ace boy, the Minister of Health get together they will forward for approval another 40 Acres for planting of Mary Jane so that the public can walk, talk, and feel the love.

    I need a rum. This guy really is a “Trippe”…………..

  8. Kim Smith says:

    Tucker’s Point have always been aware that portions of their land was protected and so I don’t know why they didn’t make their development plans with respect to that protection. Special Development Orders have been given on two occasions in the past (once because Marriott threatened to close the hotel unless they were granted it… and they left anyway!) This time the answer should be NO!

    Anyway, which master do you serve, Bermuda?

  9. crazytalk says:

    Talking of acres, I noticed Mr Trippe on TV saying that the amount of land to be developed is 1 acre, not the 60 acres in the SDO. He said this several times, and he was very clear about it.
    First, I don’t see how 68 houses can fit onto one acre.
    Second, I can’t understand why the SDO is for 60 acres if they just intend on building on 1 acre.

    Was Mr Trippe correct when he said they are only building on one acre? I guess he should know?

    • RobbieM says:

      On that one acre, he is not including any driveways, pools or other hard landscape such as porches. He is just taking the 78 houses and multiplying the square footage of each house and the result is supposedly less than an acre? The actual acreage subject to this SDO is, I believe, 60 acres in all. One has to remember that, in order to construct these private homes and residences, there will need to do A LOT of bulldozing, especially on the steep hillsides where quite a number of them are proposed to be located! For those who went on the walk through the property, they will know that entire swaths of mature trees and vegetation will be removed and destroyed. And we have not even discussed the fragile caves underneath!

  10. my two cents says:

    You know, one thing is for certain, in the last four years this government has and has tried doing some things that will forever divide our tiny island. There is always some kind of fight to be fought. For the pro-environment people it’s been The Botanical Gardens for the hospital, Southlands, WLB bar, The Grand Atlantic Hotel, and now TP. At the end of the day one really has to wonder WHY the PLP has wanted so much development on the little virgin land that is left. One has to wonder why developers and investors aren’t looking to sites where there would be no controversy.

    • RobbieM says:

      …like the former Sonesta, Lantana, Nine Beaches and Club Med sites as well as Morgan’s Point. All brownfield sites, whose developers have been given very generous terms and leases, yet NOT ONE has started!!! What is the status of these properties?

  11. Rockfish#2 says:

    The more Trippe talks, the more he sounds like a snake oil salesman! Hopefully our Senators will not be seduced by this and remember the other promises made by his ilk which have gained nothing for Bermuda.