Photos & Video: Demolition of Old Hospital

March 10, 2011

[Updated with photos] Demolition of the “old hospital” building on the King Edward Memorial [KEMH] site began earlier this week, and is expected to take less than six weeks, with a further two weeks to clear rubble from the site. Demolition started from the back area that connects the old hospital building to the existing building [separation of buildings, etc.] and will work toward the front facing Point Finger Road.

Demolition Old Hospital Building Paget Bermuda Mar 10th 2011-1-23

Artefacts from the facade, such as the column capitals, plaques and a central crest, have been carefully removed and are now in safe storage at KEMH.

A spokesperson said, “Demolition of the “old hospital” will be conducted slowly according to industry best practices to mediate dust and noise pollution and the building was stripped of any hazardous material before this demolition work could commence. In preparation for demolition, the windows and air conditioners in the hospital buildings immediately adjacent to the demolition site were secured and sealed.”

The video below is from this morning [Mar.10], and shows the demolition getting underway:

“A water misting machine will be in constant use during construction to keep dust down, and a covered walkway to the Continuing Care Unit entrance has been built to give extra protection to staff, patients and visitors.”

“Before any work began, BHB’s Infection Prevention and Control department identified any risks due to construction through ICRAs (Infection Control Risk Assessments) and worked with Paget Health Services (PHS) to mitigate any issues. PHS, BHB’s private partner, must comply with BHB’s infection control and prevention measures for the safety of patients, staff and the general public.”

“There is mandatory infection prevention training for all construction workers on the hospital site to ensure it is safe and all appropriate processes are being carried out to ensure patient safety. Our Infection Prevention department constantly monitors the environment and has the ability to stop construction through the project office if there was an issue.

On January 19th, the official groundbreaking ceremony for the King Edward Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Project took place on the old hospital site on Point Finger Road.

The building will include 90 single-occupancy en suite patient rooms; Bermuda’s first dedicated day surgery unit; ambulatory care services like oncology, dialysis, asthma and diabetes; diagnostic imaging services; a new emergency room, a new utility plant and much more.

Paget Health Services, a consortium of local and international firms, was selected for the project and maintain the building over the life of the project agreement, a period of 30 years. The construction period is projected to last about three years, with it anticipated patients will be cared for in the new facilities in 2014.

The project has an estimated cost of $247 million.

Building History, courtesy of KEMH

Plans were drawn up for the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital as early as 1910, but World War I caused shortages in labour and supplies which delayed the building’s construction. “Once the site was selected and an enabling motion for the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital passed the Legislature in 1913, the construction plans were quickly activated, but World War I soon slowed the importing of supplies and reduced available revenues.” 1

The roman numerals on the front facade suggest that the building dates from 1917. It was officially to open on July 1, 1920, although a letter to its first Matron, Miss Sarah Hayward, suggests it opened on July 5, 1920.

Once the existing KEMH acute care building opened in 1965, the “old hospital” was used as a government office building, housing a variety of Department of Health and Department of Education offices. Patient care services returned in 2009, when the Centre for Cancer Care opened. Oncology care has now relocated to the existing KEMH building.

Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

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