Colonel Burch Replaced By Smith & Perinchief

April 4, 2011

senator_the_hon__lt__col_david_a__burch__obe__jp__ed_1[Updated] It appears that Colonel David Burch has stepped down from his Government position.

Government issued a release yesterday evening saying there will be a swearing-in ceremony for Members of the Legislature at Government House this morning [Apr.4], however did not confirm which individual[s] would be stepping down.

Upon Bernews sending an email to Colonel Burch to seek confirmation to rumours that he would step down, we received an auto-response this morning saying, “Please be advised that my Government Service ended on April 2, 2011. Personal emails can be sent to my home address. Please check the Government website for information on the appointment of a new Minister.”

Colonel David Burch most recently held the position of Minister of National Security and Government Senate Leader. He previously held the portfolio of Labour, Immigration and Public Safety under former Premier Dr Ewart Brown, having been appointed after the 2007 election.

Colonel Burch attended West End Primary School, Southampton Glebe School and Sandy’s Secondary School. He is also a product of two of Britain’s best military schools: The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and The School of Infantry, Warminster.

Although widely called “Colonel Burch” or “The Colonel”, he is technically a Lieutenant Colonel, and is a retired Commanding Officer of The Bermuda Regiment after 20 years of military service.

He attended training and attachments to fellow military units in the United Kingdom, Canada, Belize, Jamaica and the United States and was awarded the Efficiency Decoration in 1990 for outstanding military service, and the First Clasp in 1996.

Colonel Burch was honoured for his military service by Her Majesty, The Queen in the 1998 Queen’s Birthday Honours, being awarded the Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Military Division.

He has an extensive background in underwriting property and casualty risks, with specific emphasis on computerized reporting having spent 20 years in the International Company sector as a Reinsurance Underwriting Manager with several Fortune 500 companies.

His first Cabinet appointment saw him serve as the Government Leader in the Senate and Minister Without Portfolio. Following a short stint as the Minister Without Portfolio, he was made Minister of Housing.

In August 2005, Colonel Burch was appointed as the Quango Consultant to the Ministry of Works and Engineering and Housing to spear-head the amalgamation of the West End Development Corporation, the Bermuda Land Development Corporation and the Bermuda Housing Corporation. In October 2005, Colonel Burch assumed the appointment as the Minister of Works and Engineering and Housing.

One of the most outspoken politicians, Colonel Burch was seen as a controversial figure in some circles, however he was also seen by many as a very effective politician.

This has not been confirmed by any official sources, however we expect the full details, as well as news of the replacement Minister, to be made public at the swearing in ceremony at Government House this morning, which begins at 9:30am. We will bring you live coverage as it happens.

Update 9:25am: We are at Government House now awaiting the ceremony. Looking around the room for possible replacements to speculate on, we have spotted Jonathan Smith, former Police Commissioner and a member of the PLP. Backbencher Wayne Perinchief, a former high ranking Police officer, is also present.

Update 9:35am: Standby for a live video stream of the Swearing in Ceremony from Government House, which should begin shortly. The audio may not be the best as the mobile connection we are on is dubious, but we are doing our best to bring you live video.

Update 9:37am: The statement from Government last night said that “members” will be sworn in – as in the plural term – and it is unclear how many changes will be made today.

Update 9:52am: Live video:

Update 9:56am: Former Assistant Police Commissioner Wayne Perinchief has been sworn in as the new Minister of National Security.

Update 10:00am: As predicted above, Jonathan Smith, former Police Commissioner, has been appointed to the Senate. Mr Smith joined the PLP in 2009.

Update 10:07am: Premier confirms Colonel Burch resigned, acknowledged it is not a resignation she wanted to receive. Both the new appointees are pictured below:

Wayne Perinchief Jonathan Smith  Bermuda April 4th 2011-1

Update 10:31am: Background on the new Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief. He is a former Assistant Police Commissioner who was elected to the House of Assembly in November 1998 in the Pembroke West Constituency and has served there ever since. Mr Perinchief completed his education at the Berkeley Institute and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Queens University in Ontario, Canada and a Master’s Degree in Management and Human Resources from Webster University. As a career Police Officer, he retired as head of the Criminal Investigations Department in 1995, after attaining the rank of Assistant Commissioner.

Update 10:32am: Background on the new Senator Jonathan Smith. He served in the Police Service for a number of years, and was Bermuda’s Police Commissioner from 2000-2005. He joined the PLP in 2009, saying “Bermuda is a better place when the status quo is challenged. Race has been Bermuda’s Berlin Wall. Some choose to sit on the wall; some cower behind it; some hold it up. I’m convinced that the majority of Bermudians have chosen to knock it down. In knocking it down, all must play a part in building the foundation for the future. We simply cannot keep doing things the way we have always done. Future generations of black Bermudians and white Bermudians, indeed all Bermudians, deserve so much more than the legacy of what we’ve been left. It’s up to all of us to play our part, to forge that way forward. When history looks back we’ll take great comfort if it describes that we paved the way, that we put Bermuda first.” Mr Smith’s brother Tim Smith is a former MP – for the UBP.

Update 10:47am: Newly appointed Senator Jonathan Smith says that he only learned of his selection and appointment yesterday afternoon [Apr.3]. Very shortly after his swearing-in this morning, he had to dash off to Senate where he will take his seat and, as far as he knows, he will speak in the Senate as Junior Minister for National Security, Transport, and Government Information.

Update 10:49am: The Premier is pictured below with new Senator Jonathan Smith and new Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief.

Wayne Perinchief Premier Paula Cox Jonathan Smith  Bermuda April 4th 2011-1

And the Premier, the two new appointees, along with members of their family:

Wayne Perinchief Premier Paula Cox Jonathan Smith  Bermuda April 4th 2011-1-2 (1)

Update 11:00am: Senator Jonathan Smith has just entered the Senate chambers, was quickly welcomed, and the Senate got back to business.

Update 11:19am: New Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief also said learned of his new appointment yesterday.

Update 12:04pm: Video of Wayne Perinchief being sworn in as Minister Of National Security:

Update 12:30pm: Video Senator Jonathan Smith being sworn in this morning:

Update 12:48pm: Statement from Government:

Swearing-in Ceremony at Government House today

Acting Governor David Arkley this morning swore in the Hon. Wayne Perinchief, JP, MP as Minister of National Security. The post was vacated at the weekend with the resignation of Senator the Hon. Lt. Col. David A. Burch, OBE, ED, (mil) JP.

The Government House ceremony this morning also saw former Police Commissioner, Mr. Jonathan Smith, OBE, CPM, JP sworn in as a new member of the Senate and as a Junior Minister. The Acting Governor congratulated both men on their new roles and wished them every success.

Minister Perinchief who is also the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly and a former Assistant Police Commissioner of the Bermuda Police Service, said he was pleased to note that his contemporary will become a Junior Minister and that he was pleased to support the Premier, the Hon. Paula A. Cox and the country at large.

Senator Smith said he would take his responsibility very seriously and that he looked forward to serving the Government and the country.

Commenting on the resignation of Senator Burch, the Premier, the Hon. Paula A. Cox, JP, MP said Senator Burch had represented duty, honour and country and while no one can replace him, she was pleased to make the two new appointments. “Government is a continuum,” the Premier said, “and this circumstance offers an opportunity for a senior Minister who has passion and commitment to the country as well as a new Junior Minister who can bring a new dimension in Government’s efforts to tackle crime.”

Update 4:29pm: Video of Premier Paula Cox speaking after the ceremony, saying, “We are acknowledging the departure of a Minister who certainly stood for duty, honour and country. That was Minister Colonel David Burch. He has resigned, I think the circumstances are such, it’s not a resignation I would have welcomed or wanted, however Government is a continuity of action and progress.”

Update April 5: While appearing on ZBM’s Let’s Talk program last night [Apr.4] the Premier said after the last shooting [on Thurs, March 31] she wanted to meet with the Commissioner of Police to get a  ”first hand” feel for what is happening.

She said that after she met with the Commissioner of Police, Colonel Burch sent her an email after “he was concerned that I met with the Commissioner, and I think he felt that I lack confidence in him.” She went on to say that he is a “loss and an asset,” but Government moves on.

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  1. Islander says:

    I for one am glad, was tired of his tirades….good riddance

    • Organic Bermudian says:

      Islander, I hope you have a better reception when a loss comes upon your life!!!!!!!!

      • Islander says:

        What’s that suppose to mean? No I don’t like him its my opinion not yours. FYI I have suffered many losses in my life….Whats your point?

      • chupa says:

        uh!uh! no way!

    • keepin it real says:

      You for one mean nothing as a whole..People like you fade away as quick as the smell of a fart

      • Islander says:

        If you are talking to me Keepin….I mean something to the people that count in my world, what others think of me I could care less…I’m not here to please you or anyone else for that matter. once again its my opinion don’t like it? Ignore me

        • OnTheSquare says:

          @Islander…You sounded just like Col. Burch.

          • Islander says:

            @ the Square and keepin’s comment about me being nothing doesn’t?…lol please

            • OnTheSquare says:

              @ Islander – You’re right. That does sound like Burch.

      • chupa says:

        Ha!ha!ha! That is something funny!

  2. Did we the... says:

    The world will be a better place…..

    • Organic Bermudian says:

      I hope yours will be Did we the… says!! To gloat on this shows how sick people in this country are!!

    • great minds says:

      Bermuda will be a definitely another WORLD now! At least we don’t have to listen to his verbal diarrhea…

  3. T says:

    How’d he get into Sandhurst?

  4. W.T.F.??? says:

    Get Crackin boyo!

  5. Ucantbeserious says:

    Dont get it twisted. Whether or not you liked his approach, Burch was an effective leader. Someone who can get things done. We already have to many leaders who are not solution oriented. Bermuda needs someone who will skip the politicing and focus on results. I just hope his replacement will have a positive impact. Otherwise, we are now in an even worse position….

    • sandgrownan says:

      Biggest myth in Bermuda politics is that Burch “gets things done”. Actually second biggest myth, right behind “Cog is an effective finance minister”.

    • Sherri says:

      I agree !!! and am sorry to see him depart- A man of principle is not a man respected in this Country :(

      • LOL (original) says:

        Guess thats all men in this country hahaha LOLOLOLOL


    • Pondering says:

      Leader? LMAO

    • Sunshine says:

      I totally agree with “ucantbeserious”, Burch may have had a style that didn’t go over well with many, but he was one of the most effective politicians ever. A straight shooter, humourous as hell, he had to be to put up with the people those ministerial positions dealth with. I am not saying I agreed with everyhing he said but I am truly sorry to see him go. I hope that Jonathan Smith whilst he may have been an effective police chief, can hit the ground running in this new post, particurlarly as it pertains to national security.

      Thank you Colonel Burch for all of your effects and hardwork that went into making Bermuda a better place.

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        I am glad you find xeonophobia, bigotry and outright racism (all traist which Burch displayed unapologetically) “humorous.” I would love to know if you would have found it humorous if it was your people that were the targets of his hate speech.


      • LOL (original) says:

        And you thought John Smith joined the PLP for something other than a political career this is funny. Principal my foot.


    • great minds says:

      The person who took his place is definitely a better person than him because on a scale from 1 to 10, he was a zero and the new person is at least a 1.

  6. Sarah says:

    A welcome surprise…

    • great minds says:

      Yeah, we need to celebrate!

      • BeeBee says:

        celebrate more incompetency!!!..are u dreamen or havin a nightmare of this nonproformance govt!!!

  7. Prayers answered! says:

    There is a God and he is good. Prayers do get answered. Amen! This is a good start…who is next?

  8. Local says:

    Do we get a public holiday of celebration?

    • Organic Bermudian says:

      Laugh! Celebrate! Do you know what your future holds for you?

      • Local says:

        No one knows what the future holds. But people certainly do their best to make it up! And the weak minded sheep usually follow the fortune teller. In reality though the future of Bermuda as I see it is crime ridden. But those wheels were set in motion a long time ago. The violent children of today are the product of the PLP’s supporters of yesterday. To not realise that there were social issues in the balance a long time ago were the mistakes of the likes of Col. Burch adn his cronies. Who called for harsher penalties on Marijuana users?, convicting the youth and sending them down the road of crime. Zero tolerance to narcotics creates organized crime, increases profit margins and gangs will thrive in these conditions. Lives will continue to be lost with or without this man, but the turmoil we are in escalated under his and the PLP’s watch. And that speaks volumes about how selfish and self-serving our Government is.

        • Grizz says:

          @Local PLEASE STOP TALKING OUT OF YOUR A$$. The violent children of today are the product of the PLP’s supporters of yesterday. Some people shouldn’t speak

          • Local says:

            Are they not? who’s kids are they then? What community and culture were they raised in and who do the people in those communities vote for, support and keep in power? Who’s son is Jahmel Glenn Blakeney!?

            • Grizz says:

              Blame the forget all of the GANGS started when middle schools came into play and you do know who initiated that right? CASE CLOSED!! and as much as I don’t want to talk about race you act like it’s only black kids that get into trouble….no they are only ones that make it in the paper…SMH

              • Local says:

                The ONLY ones who shoot people in Bermuda are who? How old are the majority of these guys and how does that correlate to when the PLP came to power and who are their parents? Do middle schools make people behave anit-socially or do the people who are in the schools cause the problems. Where do these children come from and how are they raised? The fact that you think that only black people in Bermuda are incarcerated proves your ignorance. The reason why so many young black people are in the paper, in court, in jail. Is because their own communities are disfunctional and cannot place blame on themselves and sort it out. They say things like; “you act like it’s only black kids that get into trouble”….No they are only ones that make it in the paper”. Yeah right, one big conspiracy against black kids. Have you lost your mind, stop blaming white people. Black people in Bermuda need to stop having so many illegitimate children they cannot pay for adn support and they need to start taking control of their communities. The answer is that the PLP have ignored their own people and are self serving. It actually takes some intelligence to run a country. If this crime situation does not get better soon, no one will want to live or visit this Island. You can thank the PLP then. The CASE is just opening!!

                • mixitup says:

                  Using the PLP is an easy cop-out Local, sorry to piss in your apple juice but this anti-social behaviour is in no way confined to Bermuda. This is a World-wide dilema, from the Street of White San Diego, to the suburbs of Chicago, to the hoods of Jamaica to the middle-class of the Cayman Islands. Read their daily papers and you would believe you’re reading the Gazette, its identical. Now you do have a point about dysfunctional communities, however, dysfunction has no colour.

                  • Local says:

                    In all of those countries you can buy firearms easily, in Bermuda you cannot. Bermuda per capita we now have a higher murder rate that NYC. So explain that to the Hotelier looking to build on this Island of the CEO looking to keep their business here. I hope your good at Onion farming, because unless this Island does progress then the whole place will be just like the hoods of Jamaica, there won’t be any apple juice to piss in. Btw, blaming our problems on the rest of the world is a cop out. I could blame any problem on the rest of the world, but when your 65,000 people, Isolated in the middle of the Atlanic, then you should be able to deal with your problems and a Government should answer when they are not dealt with. But the ignorance of the PLP supporter is to vote on racial lines no matter what. So guess what, if you voted PLP and loose your job, I dont care! You asked for it! But don’t drag the rest of the Island into the gutter with you and your party. It takes intelligent people to run a country. We have not had any for a long time, just theives and ignorant cogs.

                • Grizz says:


                  • Grizz says:


                    • Local says:

                      Nope not a racist at all, but I know that is the PLP’s favourite thing to say when they have no answers to their faults. The statement; “as much as I don’t want to talk about race you act like it’s only black kids that get into trouble….no they are only ones that make it in the paper” implies a racist white conspiracy, so yes you did blame white people. Anyone with half a brain knows that the white community and black communites in Bermuda are referred to seperately. We never refer to one community. All I am saying is the children who are shooting eachother are black, they come from a black community. The real problem is that there parents had kids and neglected them, the father figures were not in their lives. But the cycle repeats itself: where you have women with multiple children from multiple fathers, this seems to be the norm in a large portion of Bermuda’s black community . These people without a doubt vote PLP, and are dragging this Island down with them. The PLP in my eyes has reflected this kind of ignorance in the way they have governed this country, hence why social problems have got significantly worse in the last 10 years. If you cannot see that there is a disconect between the community and the Government, then you are just a blind as most of the voters who voted the PLP in. Can you honestly tell me that Bermuda is a better place for any Bermudian from any racial or economic back ground, this present day? No it is not. Again, I am not a racist, I can assure you that, but I do call it as it is. PS. the black community in Bermuda is the PLP’s voting base, especially the neigbourhoods these young men are shot in.

        • BdaOnion says:

          @Local, Are you serious right now? You sound extremely ignorant. Oh so we should all praise the UBP supporters of yesterday for creating this FAILED education system, or maybe the fact that they cared so much about the well being of Bermudians and the future of their economy that they let Tourism FAIL. How dare you make the comment they are the product of PLP’s supporters! Your comments are saddening and part of the reason why this country can’t move forward.

          • Local says:

            Last time I checked, Tourism, the Economy and the Education system were all working just fine before the PLP came to power. The Island was safe and the murder rate non-existent and there was no Government debt. Who’s son is Jahmel Glenn Blakeney!?? Who do you think these murderer’s parents vote for? PLP! How dare I state a simple fact! People who support the PLP (not all of them, but some of them) have kids that rob, shoot and assault people. I do not support the UBP, political parties in Bermuda are half the problem. But the PLP is by far the worst party to ever run this country.

    • great minds says:

      No should be a week holiday for the amount of stuff people endured. It’s called recovery…whew! Talk about term limits at least his term has now been limited to zero. He is out!

  9. Bermie Girl says:

    Thank the lord!!!

  10. Not Nice says:

    Col. Burch will be surely missed, he was one of the best in Government with his no nonsense style. i believe he was the best Man for the job of National Security. Big shoes to fill……

  11. Bermudian says:


  12. Mad Prophet says:

    Lieutenant Colonel Burch, Sir.

    The Mad Prophet wishes you the best in your future endeavors.

    Thank you for the time and commitment in serving your country.

    I wish you Health, happiness and God’s Blessings.

    The Mad General:)

  13. get rid of the negativity says:

    All the haters that are glad he is gone is probably the ones who either got paid to married to a Bermudian or keeps on getting married to foriegners to keep them here.

    It is a sad day, as now bermudians that do not have jobs may never get one as the new person being sworn in may not be for their own people

    • Hudson says:

      Give me a break. Bermudian’s don’t have jobs because of people like our dear Colonel Burch and his best mate Ewart. Ten years ago we were a debt free society with full employment. We were a somewhat unified country with our own issues, but life was ticking along in a managable way… we now live in a fractured society that is plagued by unemployment, debt, racism, hatred, intolerence,crime and social divide where the rich are richer and the poor are poorer. Burch was a very active participant in taking us down this road, and I’m glad to see the backside of him.

      • Sarah says:


      • great minds says:

        I agree with Hudson. Some Bermudians don’t have jobs because they refuse to do work. I give you an example, I know a man who needed a job to feed his family and was offered one by a restaurant as a pot washer and he said, not me! I won’t wash pot for anybody. Did he really need a job? Did he really want a job? Especially since washing pots is an honest job. Somebody has to wash a pot. Who does the dishes in people’s house?

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Ah your current premier did what to stop anything?

      • navin johnson says:

        and he would be happy to show you

      • Carl says:

        thanks to all of this courtesy brown. he destroyed a just FOUR YEARs.and the black ppl should take the sole blame for this…THEy promoted his the expense of destroying their only island home and all that ‘high clss destination BERMUDA ONCE HELD.SHAME SHAME AND MORE SHAME ON THEM..let the reap now discontent!!!

    • LOL (original) says:

      spoken like a true hater….


    • great minds says:

      The new person being sworn in is definitely a people person having held his last portfolio of family and seniors. His work was excellent. He is a caring person that listens to the team and makes decisions based on every one’s input. Unlike the outgoing person who micro managed. His philosophy was ” My Way or No Way!”.
      Bermuda is made up of people from all over the world and if one deserves to marry a foreigner believe it or not it is in most cases, for LOVE and not convenience. Look in your history book and you will find that most of us have foreign parents or grand parents, etc. that’s how we got here and I’m a Bermudian who supports Bermuda. Maybe you have foreign blood and you just don’t know. Or if you have a family member who marries a foreigner you will have a half foreign relative. Would you disown them? Check yourself. The world is a melting pot with all Nationalities travelling and making their homes in other jurisdictions. Would you like it if the rest of the world sent all the Bermudians back home? It is better for people to think your a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. In this case write something stupid.

  14. The 411 says:

    This is welcome news. Colonel Burch is a very divisive figure and brought too much drama to the administration. Premier Cox is quickly consolidating a team focused on collaboration and discouraging the showmanship and arrogance characteristic of the previous administration. The quiet dismantling or removal of responsibilities of her Deputy is also telling. Watch that space as I am sure he is not very happy to see the Public Works empire lose its power – much of it being absorbed by the Cabinet office…

    • great minds says:

      Premier Cox has truly shown testicular fortitude and I applaud her for her selection.

      • MM says:

        U fool did she had testicular fortitude when she was dispensing our money to brown for his lavish lifestyle?If the UBP had done this you would have hear your fat a$$ from here to China..U stupid ppl are so easily fooled by your own kind..

    • Of a truth says:

      @The 411: “The quiet dismantling or removal of responsibilities of her Deputy is also telling. Watch that space as I am sure he is not very happy to see the Public Works empire lose its power – much of it being absorbed by the Cabinet office…”

      …It is VERY telling…I hope people are seeing that. Can’t speak to all that I know concerning the issue but trust and believe it IS something WATCH VERY CAREFULLY!

      • The 411 says:

        Very interesting. And one of the last remaining vestiges of a Brown administration that we could do without. Only thing is that the voters of Hamilton Parish love him…

  15. 32n64w says:

    While I’m not concerned or upset with his departure, I hope Colonel Burch is healthy and ok.

    • TT says:

      I agree me too!

      • NUNYA says:

        I thought the same…I read the article and it never mentioned why he was departing (not that it necessarily anyones business. I wasn’t always a fan of his actions or words and was at times offended by what he said. However, I’ve always respected him and the fact that he spoke his mind and I never once got the impression that he did or said anything to self promote or for financial gain. He forced us to talk, vent and deal with the issues of the day. He made some unpopular decisions and although they didnt make him popular I always felt that he believed it was in the best interest of the country.

        I hope that he is well and in good health.

  16. keepin it real says:

    most of you people would rather a white face, no matter what he does, color means everything to you ignorant people

    • Organic Bermudian says:

      I concur or a black face which constantly replies, “Yes’am boss!!” truth is most people can not face change without pain let’s see how will you knuckleheads adapt when your homes are sold to non-Bermudians and your children have secured degrees only to be told they are under qualified!! Laugh! Rejoice for you know what you are getting in his place!!! Check your well – there may be only a little water left!!!

      • Scott says:

        “yes’am boss”???

        thats all the plp every does????? how many mp’s have we seen that wanted to vote no, but voted yes becasue they party wanted them too???? they’re all “yes’am” people because they all want the pay check, the cars, the trips, etc… and some have even admitted it.

        until you lot realize that the vast majority of whites dont give a shit about color, they only give a shit about attitude and mindset, you’ll always have this “dark ages” mentality.

        • Hudson says:

          I concur. I love Obama. I love John Swan. I think Paula is doing a great job with a crap hand she was dealt. I think Dame Jennifer is great and i’m glad she is in charge of education… I could go on. Do i care whether a white face is at the helm or a black face? Hell no!! I just want someone with a brain, understanding and and a willingness to look FORWARD and not backward. Yes! There are some great members of parliament on both sides and I just want them to work TOGETHER to make Bermuda better. Most of them are there because they want the same thing i believe. Burch was carcinogenic. He’s gone and that is a good thing.

          • Doin' the Dip says:

            I agree 100%. I just want someone in Gov that knows what they are talking about, works with the opposition, and has a willingness to make Bermuda a better place.

          • DAV. says:

            pls the only way for that to happen is to FIRE this inept and costly govt..Bermuda can’t afford them anylonger – they lack know how plain as day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark says:

      What? As far as anyone can tell there is no color in the comments section. Don’t be an idiot and keep fanning the flames of hate. Obviously the only one who color means everything to is YOU.

    • abc says:

      Oh he’s back!

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      And you lot are the first ones to bring up race in this topic. So look upon yourselves and your inherent hatred before making such a hypocritical statement:

      “color means everything to you ignorant people”

      That is too funny!

    • LOL (original) says:

      The race card at it best run that till it dead.


  17. Truth is the light says:

    Colonel Burch I am soooo sorry to see you go only GOD can help us now.

    • great minds says:

      Hey, God did help us! But we have to wait for Him and now He answered our prayers. All of us pray to see him go.

  18. Dee says:

    No ‘keepin it real’ it obviously means everything to you!! The rest of of us couldn’t care less what colour a politician is as long as they act in the best interests of Bermuda.

    • Islander says:

      TY Dee someone will always pull the race card..SMH

    • Mark says:

      Thankyou! That is what I said too.

    • just sayin2... says:

      I agree dee, it doesnt matter what colour they come in, as long as the come to do business with the people in their first interest. anyone who comes to do the job and get it done, is welcome in my book.

  19. Ucantbeserious says:

    For those people who love to complain about politicians….please list for me your desired group of leaders. Black, White,PLP,UBP,BDA, etc… It doesnt matter. Just give me 5 people. Since no one is power now seems to have a clue, maybe your choices will do better! Go on, name 5!

    • navin johnson says:

      Any 5 honest people who have Bermuda’s best interest at heart will do…not sure you could find 5 of the current crop who would qualify…good bye Colonel good luck…

      • Ucantbeserious says:

        I’ll look forward to your appointment to an office then. Or do you qualify? Everybody has something bad to say about somebody…

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      John Barritt
      Michael Scott
      Kim Wilson
      Michael Dunkley
      Terry Lister

      • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:


      • Ucantbeserious says:

        Thank you for your response. Now your next challenge is to get 5 people to agree with your selection! Good luck!

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          So who’s your picks?

        • Scott says:

          and then after people agree with it, then you’ll try to find some people who will push for it?? when does it end? I would be able to think of a few i’d like to be in charge, but it’s not as simple as that.

      • Snake Dunk says:

        Michael Dunkley is the biggest wolf in sheep clothing. Honest ask the ubp supporters how underhanded he is

      • Snake Dunk says:

        Lister and Barritt yes but Michael dee give me a break

      • Rodney says:

        take out Michael and put Bob Richards – he is the one been tellin us what will happen in last three yrs and it DID..So we need pundit…to predict accurate.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m happy to see Dame Jennifer among the leaders. I think Fahy could help us out in the financial department. Kim Swan has some good qualities. Ideally, and without naming names, I’d like to see some non-aligned but vocal members of the community who truly seem to love Bermuda join the ranks of the politicians.

    • great minds says:

      Paula Cox, Wayne Perinchief, Dame Jennifer Smith, Dereck Burgess, Daunte Hunt. Satisfied?

      • navin johnson says:


      • Ragoo says:

        why all black faces..don’t tell me y’r….
        what happen to Michael Dunkerly.Patrica Gordon- how cn y trust COx with the ppl money when she give the BROWN the greenlight to take all hence out finan.demise?u are still in your race mode???

  20. Sarah says:

    Even in departure, the divisive Colonel has us fighting over race and “foreigners”. Seems to be his legacy.

    • Ucantbeserious says:

      What a silly thing to say Sarah. The Colonel doesnt have us fighting over anything. WE are fighting over everything. And it is US who are the problem! Remember, the Colonel, like all other politicians are PUBLIC SERVANTS. Appointed by US, and hate it or love it, representative of US!!!! “A country gets the leader it deserves”… Are you part of the solution?

      • Sarah says:

        How silly of you to pretend not to know what I meant. We are fighting over his legacy, not him, if you’d rather I put it that way.
        Naturally, we are the problem, but a gentleman like the esteemed Colonel who seems to go out of his way to divide and conquer based on race, Bermudian status, etc certainly has a negative effect on uniting Bermuda when we should be doing just that during these trying times. I didn’t vote for this government, and it’s not right to say that he’s elected by US when he’s elected by a majority, not a unified whole.
        I don’t believe there is a solution, but I can at least say I’m not contributing to the problem. Can you?

        • Ucantbeserious says:

          Do you see how things get lost in translation? What you said and what you meant were not the same. That is true for politicians as well. We should look at the intended message and not always get bogged down in semantics.

          Funny, you can admit that WE are the problem, yet you still say that HE is divisive. Does he speak about issues that do not exist? Would you be willing to talk about the underlying reasons why we are not UNITED? That takes courage. And in the end you’d be hated for it. Much like he is.

          It doesnt matter if you voted for this government. It is still YOUR /OUR government. If more people shared your opinion then we would have a different administration.

          Ironically, you “dont believe there is a solution”, which invalidates your whole arguement! You dont like this government. You dont want to address the core issues. You dont have a solution…. I’d say you are definitely contributing to the problem.

          Think about it…

          • Rob says:

            Maybe she is afraid The Col. may get back. Sarah and I put things on bernews for other people to read, You can take it or leave it, that’s a solution, and yes we believe it is for the betterment of Bermuda.

        • Just Yell says:

          @ Sarah, you are contributing to the problem by spewing crap out your mouth… From what I’ve observed the Colonel was fighting for the rights of Bermudians. He who laughs first laughs last…

      • sandgrownan says:

        Er.. no…Burch was never appointed by us….never elected.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Actually the Col. was not appointed by US he was appointed by EB and Premier Cox. Unless there was a vote I do not know about.


    • Seriously?! says:

      agreed. I am glad to see him go.

      • chupa says:

        hurray! we’re so happy and have a party to see him go!

    • great minds says:

      I agree with Sarah.

  21. only 25 and I loved him says:


    • Pussy cat says:

      Only 25 and i love him, Straight up? Are you sure? With regards to going around the bush, I disagree. He beat the bush until there was no leaves on it. Did you really know him? You sound like you know him…LOL! I guess you miss the evening news when his speaking because he love to attack innocent people.

  22. itwasn'tme says:

    A good soldier, an intelligent insurance executive, an effective administrator. That’s the way I’ll prefer to remember this man. It was time for him to go, his personal hang-ups were too much for Cox to deal with. Parting shot was the verbal barrage of insults on that no name politician from the UK. Yep, that’s what did him in.

    • Seriously?! says:

      Agreed. He has a huge chip on his shoulder and it was not good for Bermuda.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Burch has been a player in the whole sordid mess that has been the PLP in Government since Jennifer Smith came to power. He has been part of the mismanagement team. He has never been elected to his positions of power and influence and what the misguided see as “straight talk” comes across to the more level headed as arrogant, foul tempered an embarrassing. To potential and existing investors in our country he has effectively said “you are not welcome”.

      He has, presumably to cater to his idiot constiuents, been directly involed in two of the most blatantly ill thought out pieces of legislation this country has seen – term limits for work permits and the anti-fronting legislation which effectively discriminates against Bermudians – without any consideration of hte consequences.

      Regardless of his reasons for departure, Bermuda does not need him. It never did.

  23. Dogberry says:

    Has the Col. resinged as he’s gone back to Gov’t asking for more money for the Police because they are having to loose officer and he’s been told no????

  24. Mad Prophet says:

    How many of you fools white, black or green with envy have ever spoken to the Colonel in person?

    By the way I’m not play any race card, just asking an honest question.

    Yesterday some of you went to Church, today you are berating a man that served is country without any understanding of the circumstances.

    With freedom of speech, comes responsibility to present the facts not your negative worthless opinions.

    • Seriously?! says:

      I tried to speak to him at an event we were both attending, but he blanked me… I can only surmise why.

      • Pussy cat says:

        It’s probably because you are pretty and white. Either that or you have a foreign handsome boyfriend.

        • Cleancut says:

          Col. Burch’s MOTTO was that of the army “WORK HARD” “PLAY HARD” He could have just about gotten away with murder in the PLP. Premier Cox finally stood up to him. Congratulations!

    • For Real says:

      This is a situation we would not be in if the Government had done just that! Present the facts and not some worthless opinions. Race has nothing to do with it. People play who play that card are just as ignorant as the one who believe it when its played. Most of us want what’s best fro bermuda not our individual needs.

    • Hudson says:

      I’ve spooken to him in person twice. He wouldn’t look at me in the eye on either occassion – I think because I’m white. He basically tried to end the conversation before it started on both occassions although in one instance he did go on for a few minutes with his usual “story telling” before stepping away. He hated me before I opened my mouth and made sure I knew it. If anybody presented negativity, it was him. Bye bye.

      • Pussy cat says:

        I am sorry for what you experience Hudson. That is such a sad thing for him to do that. Glad he is out now.

      • Grizz says:

        You seriously think he didn’t look at you because your white? LMFAWO! IDIOTS

        • LOL (original) says:

          Denial, the first stage……………


      • Anyone says:

        I’m as black as the ace of spades, and he didn’t even look me in the face, and I was facing him, about two inches away.

    • Observer says:

      He was a very good Man/Politican and I’m quite sure he would still hold his ground for PLP and our country. Most of all He’ll get over it!

    • onion says:

      You know what I’ve spoken to him twice. I will say this as effective as he is in getting things done he shoots himself in the foot. @it wasn’t me has already referred to his personal hang-ups. As you yourself stated “With freedom of speech, comes responsibility to present the facts not your negative worthless opinions.” I watched a member of OUR government who was awarded several honours by the British Government and the Queen tell a visiting MP if he wanted to see the British Flag fly he can do it at home. Sorry, but seeing as Bermuda is still a British Overseas Territory the whole country was done a disservice by that statement.

  25. Concerned Bermudian (original) says:

    How sad that some Bermudians bring race into absolutely everything. You are pathetic.

    Will Bda be better without him? Maybe, maybe not.

  26. Concerned Bermudian (original) says:

    Of course he will be remembered for “We don’t care what you think”. Let us not forget that he got things done while a lot of politicians just waffle along and do zero.

  27. Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

    Just a curious concern all. How many white and black people above are actually defending Burch? And how many black and white people are against Burch? Answering these questions will determine if the race card should be played or not. If the answers have a good split between the races, then leave the race card alone. If however it is the split we all know it should not be, then by all means play the race card. Makes one wonder now who on here is black and who on here is white????

    Some facts for you all. As the last few elections have pointed out, majority of the black people on this island voted PLP and the majority of white people voted UBP. I beleive you all can determine who is who on here by which party their comments lift up in the air. Just an observation all.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Would all you black Bermudians that support Burch so much be so sad to see a white politician leave office that constantly had digs at white people and had no problem telling the world how much he despises them as well as displaying unadutlerated xenophobic traits? Lets say if the white politician was effective as you claim Burch to be, would you overlook the numerous bigoted comments made by the indivisual?

      If not then why not? Why should people that he considered his enemies and the ones that he would constantly try to incite hatred and negative feelings against feel sorry to see him go?

      So would you support an effective white politician who made derogatory remarks towards his black counterparts and ex-pats and be sorry to see him vacate his position? I am going to lean towards a no vote on that one.

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        *Would all you black Bermudians that support Burch so much be so sad to see a white politician leave office that constantly had digs at BLACK people and had no problem telling the world how much he despises them as well as displaying unadutlerated xenophobic traits?

      • Just Yell says:

        @ Tired of nonsense: Blacks have been listening to white politician who made derogatory remarks towards their black counterparts for the last 400 yrs. Where do you think Col. Burch was taught? Have you seen his portfolio. I could imagine what it was like for him in school while in the motherland studying war….LMAO

        • LOL (original) says:

          2 Wrongs make a right then………..


        • Tired of nonsense says:

          Any examples of modern day white Bermudian politicians that “constantly have digs at black people?” And when I say “digs” I mean criticism based solely on the color of their skin? And it’s a little bit of an exaggeration to say that it has happened for 400 years in BDA as well. Know your history…

          Just because it happened in the PAST doesn’t justify its usage now in the future. That is of course if you do not believe in pay-back politics.

          On top of that you seemed to have purposefully ignored my question. So here we go again:

          Would you be supportive of a white Bermudian politician who was effective and “got things done” (as you say Burch has) that made bigoted and intolerant remarks of black Bermudians during all their hard work? If not, then why should we white Bermudians support an individual such as Burch who has done that throughout his political career? So would you?

    • onion says:

      Funny you should say that I went back to school right after the last election and all the Bermudians I went to school with at the time got into a political debate. Btw everyone involved in this happened to be black. During this discussion we realized that everyone with the exception of myself and one other person had voted PLP. My reasons for voting PLP were my frustration with the way I perceived Bermuda being run along with the fact the the PLP candidate was never around my neighborhood. I saw him the day i cast my vote, at least the UBP had come to the house and sat down to listen to any concerns or problems we had. By the end of that year most of the Bermudians had decided they were never voting PLP again; most of them had originally voted along the line of the PLP is a “black party”. My own mother who has been a PLP member for the last 25 years or so is fed up with the PLP. Stop attaching race to political parties it doesn’t really hold true and it furthers this stereotype.

  28. Reality says:

    I have known the Col for many years. Everyone is entitled their opinion about him and most of you are correct about him. He is/was and effective leader, he got things done, he was Ewart’s pit bull, he seemed to not like white people, he was aggressive to the point that made him unlikeable and likeable. He was also un-elected and had too much power. He was also a cog in the wheel and responsible for many of the social ills of today (along with his PLP counterparts).
    So, am I glad to see him go…..honestly, yes. Some others can go with him.
    And just so you race card players know, I am black, Bermudian, was a member of the BIU, voted PLP (not any more), have lived the struggle and I’m no house n%$ger. I just have been watching whats going on politically and I do not like what I see and the Col was part of the problem.

  29. Done Deal says:

    Burch was a mystery wrapped in an enigma. A well educated, disciplined “military” man who had no control over his tongue. A man of business with a “get it done “attitude who relished in “acting Bermudian” in a negative sense and telling his detractors where to go. A man who I believe had a disdain for non-Bermudians and also for white Bermudians who he perceived to be modern day “slave masters”.
    Was he effective at times? Yes he was when it came to building affordable housing. Was he ineffective at times? Yes he was very ineffective when it came to public safety. Is Bermuda better off as a result of his tenure? Depends on who you ask. A single Mom who now has a government built affordable apartment thinks Burch is awesome! A Bermudian married to a foreigner who has to buy a rediculous license for a house he and his spouse already own??? Not so much. History will tell the ultimate tale. I for one think that he damaged Bermuda’s reputation at home and abroad. On to the next one……..

    • Seriously?! says:

      very well said. agree completely. His views were way too personal and got in the way of progress. He was very divisive – as we can see from all this commentary. How can that be a good thing?

  30. Joe says:

    Well, I knew him mostly from the early years. He’s been to my house a few times and yes we had a number of laughs together. He was a hard worker but his views were not shared by everyone, black or white. It’s called politics. Some will believe that his combative style will be a good miss in a country struggling under racial ignorance, others will feel his style was and is necessary. Both are entitled to their opinions. He is above all dedicated to Bermuda and while not all of us would agree with everything he said or did, he certainly was a man who had firm beliefs and was unafraid to express -and defend- them. I for one wish we had more politicians from all sides who had his courage. Bermuda would be a more interesting, open, and honest place.

  31. Mad Prophet says:

    Assistant Police Commissioner Wayne Perinchief?

    Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief.

    Bernews please clarify why Wayne Perinchief was past over for commissioner and who pass him over and who was appointed over him?????

    The time line presented in this article by Bernews for Senator Jonathan Smith has dates and time lines.

    There seems to be a lack of dates and time lines for Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief.

    Bernews can you fill in the blanks???

    • bernews says:

      Later hopefully….we will do a proper article about both new appointees. We are off our feet this morning had this sprung on us and had to scramble to cover, its been under 2 hours and we also had to cover court…so just doing the best we can now. We have a video interview with Minister Perinchief coming up later today, and also his bio on the PLP site can be viewed here if thats of any help:

      • Mad Prophet says:

        Thank you!

        • bernews says:

          We are still working on the proper article amongst other things, but here a tad more about Minister Perinchief’s Policing background, courtesy of Government:

          Between 1964- 1995 he gained extensive professional experience in the Bermuda Police Service where he rose to the rank of Assistant Commissioner I/C Criminal Investigations

          In the Bermuda Police Service, he undertook several police courses including (1969-1974) Basic Police Training-Driving Marine Courses; (1974) West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police College (General Police Duties); (1977) Outward Bound Instructors Course; (31/08/1982) Police College Canada( Hostage Negotiators Course); (1984) FBI National Academy Quantico; (26/12/86) Fire Investigators Course- Canada; (1988) Command Course- Bramshill Police College (U.K.); and (1991) Ontario Police College (Advanced Homicide Investigation).

          In 1982 Mr. Perinchief received the Colonial Police medal for Long Service and Good Conduct. In 1991 he earned the Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service. He retired from Police Force in 1995.

          • Mad Prophet says:

            I remember him working as Director of Security at Fairmont Southampton.

            He left abruptly just after Fabian.

          • amused bermudian says:

            Sorry but he didn’t retire. He was fired by Coxall. Strictly speaking his position was eliminated which led to his suing for wrongful dismissal. He won only because the position he held was protected by an act of Parliament.

            • Mad Prophet says:

              Thanks amused bermudian!

              Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!

              His faithful love endures forever.

              The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear.

              What can mere people do to me?

              I will look in triumph at those who hate me.


  32. Cricket Bat (original) says:

    Let’s not forget what he said on the radio – the house ni***r comment. In any normal country he’d have had to resign immediately. At least be banned from the airways. Not in Bermuda. Clearly now was time for him to go. Perhaps his rough approach became less effective. His clear distain for whites lost its edge.

    Like a comedian who uses the F word every second word for its shock value. After a minute or so you’d better have something funny to say or you are outa here.

    And Burch is.

  33. On a Different note says:

    I’m pretty encouraged by the new appointments. Jonathan Smith seems to have his head on straight and Wayne Perinchief CERTAINLY has the experience and the respect amongst the folk who should be protecting our country. It’ll be good to see if the new Minister can deliver. Seems pretty no-nonsense and we definitely need that right about now.

    • PEPPER says:

      Wayne needs to listen to the people…not go with the race card…becauce white and black have a lot of respect for him.

  34. Nikki S says:

    If you ask me the only thing that man did was divide the people of Bermuda. Before he got this ministerial portfolio u didn’t here all this foreigner this and foreigner that talk. The man came in just messed up the whole mind-set of the Bermudian people and put hatred in their hearts for other human beings living on this island. THAT IS WRONG. That very same negative attitude he constantly spews are only looked at as “funny” to the un-educated. That same attitude he portrayed is the one that we see in too many adults and youngsters which is effectively mashing up our island in a variety of ways.

    Honestly I am glad he’s gone. The negative spirit/energy was like a dark cloud over us all.

    100% Bermudain

  35. Cricket Bat (original) says:

    However, I believe PLP used him – as they do everyone – and he outlived that. Now they got rid of him like an old pair of shoes. Such is politics. He’s not the first, won’t be the last.

    Enjoy your retirement Sir!

  36. Terry says:

    Irony of all this is the fact it takes two to replace. Think about that one. My view….two good appoinments one is deserved, the other..looking for votes.

    Anyway, enough of the back and forth about race. Bermuda is in a’race’ that she cannot afford to loose. Man the Decks, trim them sails and get the Crew on deck ( elected Members of Parliament) and yes, the deckhands, the people of Bermuda who keep her afloat from day to day.

    A great day to all………..”Spirit of Bermuda”……….irony………

  37. stern says:

    Sorry to see you go. You have done a great job and should be respected for it. Hard shoes to fill.

  38. just sayin2... says:

    c’mon lt. col. burch, write a tell all book and let it alllllll hang out.

    pretty please!!!!

  39. Terry says:

    You can tell an election is on the horizon. Paula is cleaning house. Getting rid of Ewart Browns lackys is the only way to go.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      And SHE wasn’t Ewart Brown’s the biggest “lacky”? C’mon Terry lil’ suprised at you.

    • PEPPER says:

      When will she get rid of Neletha Butterfield ? this lady is full of it.

  40. MCB says:

    Very well spoken Hudson and Local. A few more down to go and just maybe I’ll return to my Beautiful country to reside. And as for the mislead PLP supporters, you allowed the Brown administration to lead you like the rats lead by the pied piper by the tune of his racism melody. They didn’t give your brains much credit to pull that card which shows they never had much respect for their supporters in the first place. You were only as good as your vote and the buck stopped there! Look at the amount of locals who have left Bermuda to reside in the UK. Just asked them why and they’ll passionately tell you it’s because they can no longer afford to live in Bermuda, their country of birth. Bet those who have stepped down from the PLP left with their pockets heavier and are financially secure… Plain an simple, when will you admit Bermuda was in far better economic standing and safety for all prior to the PLP Government!!

    PS. I’m a BLACK Bermudian…

    • Just Yell says:

      @ MCB, You all left Bermuda for the Motherland because its easier to apply for social assistance and you all choose to be weak. If any of you where leaders you would have stayed and proved who you truly are…
      Weather your black or white, your still a weak link and you have proven that by your moving.
      They say when the grass is greener its harder to cut but not everyone is cut out for hard work…
      Come back home when the fruit ripens and hopefully the high branches might have fruit left for you, either was your still gonna have to work hard to get to the top.

  41. Citizen Banned says:

    Yes, he’s used to telling us like it is. Write a book and tell us how it REALLY is inside the PLP.

    Bet they’d pay him millions NOT to do this.

    • blind young person..... says:

      not just plp, but all the ins and outs of bermuda politrix, i can see him writing that book and still sleeping good at night.

  42. Mike says:

    Don;t have anything to say but, this is great reporting Bernews.

  43. S Brown says:

    I will always respect a man who says whats on his mind…. Although he was a politican and perhaps should said things in a ‘politcally correct’ tone at least you know what was exactly on his mind and his views. Unlike many other politicans who would say one thing to your face, and then say/do the opposite behind your back, Lt. Col Burch was a person of his word.

    An overwhelming majority of people who have had to deal with Lt. Col Burch have had good things to say about him.. especially young people who have had to deal with him and even those who served under him when he was a minister. He was a minister who used his officers technical expertise to make informed decisions. He was an efficent Minister.

    Many people may blast him for his stance on immigration but he truly stood up for Bermudians and was fair.

    All the best to your future endeavors Lt Col. Burch..

  44. Kim Smith says:

    Maybe he has resigned so that he is free to run in the upcoming General Election. Who knows, he may make a run for Premier!

  45. The truth shall set you free says:

    Threads like this clearly show how far divided we are as a community. We’re on the path to nowhere….fast.

    • Terry says:

      See you there truth. Should we turn right or left. Any advise?

  46. BermyLove says:

    The Colonel will definitely be missed by me. Many may not have agreed with allhis methods of getting things done but I have alot of respect for him. He always told us what he thought and stood by his beliefs. Good luck and best wishes to the Colonel.

  47. Spikes says:

    All the best to you Senator Burch. It is easy to be armchair critics, but you have put your money where your mouth is, by getting involve in the community. God bless you and all the best in your future endeavors.

  48. Im jus sayin'! says:

    In the great words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” Bermuda would be a much better place if we didn’t fuss over the colour of each others skin, but if we all united as one to take a stand against everything thats going on. Maybe our Government would be better if we united as one to hold them accountable for some social ills we’re experiencing. It probably won’t be long until we turn into the great riots of 1992 Los Angeles. But then again we’re way to relaxed and laid back for that.
    Im jus sayin!

  49. eyeinthesky says:

    Ok..what us Bermudian do well in some blogs (above) is speculate to the tenth degree… Did he resign, was he forced, or decided to part ways (didn’t like how things are being run)….hmmmmmmmm Just knowing both Cox and Burch past practices…. i’ll bet on the latter! See what strange here is some of you that wanted to kick out Cox for the famous “cog” is actually on her side now….hmmmm…it truly unfortunate that he said some things that hurt your feelings, however like they say if the shoe fits………….

  50. Terry says:

    Personaly, I think Premier Cox took the advice of opposition, government and ranking officials in Police, Customs, Immigration.

    Lets see what they call Mr. Perinchief and Mr. Smith in the comming months. You won’t hear nothing negative from me but all I ask is that they utilise their means and support the people that do their damdest to keep the streets safe even though you may get a ticket it’s all part of the cycle so slow down and smack a clown……………

  51. MCB says:

    Did it occur to anyone that the reason behind his resignation could perhaps be that he’s ill…

    Recall a few months ago he was hospitalized…

  52. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Regardless of all the personal opinions…I think that the failure to turn the security and crime problem around through two tenures of this Ministry is the most likely reason for the change. We are already up to three murders already this year with Police themselves being targeted and continued rampant gun play not abating to date. If the current trend continues at this pace 2011 will be noted for the year with the highest firearm incidents. Bermuda will be heading to the polls in the not to distant future and crime and internal security along with the economy are the two most important issues to Bermudian voters. The Government must show significant progress on these two significant challenges before the next election^^

  53. Terry says:

    Graeme…..You got the case of “Bermy-Juice” I sent you.You’ll get it, others..maybe not. Reminds me of a song…..’Sherry, Sherry Baby…..Sherry’.

  54. PLP Really Needs Help says:

    Dear Bernews,
    Thank you for taping those two acceptance speeches.
    People seem excited about Col. Burch’s departure, trust me he’s not gone so dont celebrate his demise. If you are still excited, please watch the two acceptance speeches, one observation. The new Minister of National Security did not know what Ministry he had been appointed to and looked to the Premier and Senator Smith for direction………..but luckily for us he then gave us confidence by saying that “um got a few idears”.

    My money is on Jonathan Smith having this Portfolio in about 8 months.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      You are so so right. Proof that our politics is in dire need of talent.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      @PLP Really Needs Help … Isn’t it possible that Premier Cox could have changed the name of the Ministry, and that’s why Mr. Perinchief was unsure? You didn’t think about that, did you? …Always looking for the negative. Smh..some people can never be pleased.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        And if she had, don’t you think she would’ve told the guy she’d just invited to lead it? Its not negative, its reality. The best and brightest are not at the Cabinet table. fact.

        • Wait a Minute says:

          I cant believe you’re making a big deal out of it….he made a mistake in his unexpected “all-of-a-sudden” speech, and we are gonna sit here and imply that he won’t be good for the job? Why? Because he made a little screw up? I really don’t get it. Maybe you should run next time since you remember everything and have never made a mistake when put on the spot.

          • PLP Really Needs Help says:

            Minister Perinchief’s gaff today of not knowing the name of the Ministry and his Interview tonight demonstrate that his appointment will not equate to turning water into wine. If the Premier wants a fighting chance she should immediately spend two weeks finding ethe most competent young talent out there and recruit them to run as candidates for the next general election, and negotiate severance (and pension) packages for the existing dead weight that she has around her neck, including our first PLP Premier. As I do not have their consent let me tell you where the most socially and community active and professionally competent Young Bermudians work, just as an indicator that they aint Bums waiting fort another election to sit on their rear to collect a paycheck, they work at:

            - Bermuda Gas
            - Belco
            - HSBC
            - KPMG
            - XL
            - Digicel!

            • PLP Really Needs Help says:

              - Bermuda Educators (yes Teachers)
              - Policy Analyst
              - Bermuda Monetary Authority
              - Attride Stirling Woleneki
              - Butterfield Bank
              - M3 Wireless
              …………to name a few, these are the people we need to run our Country, not bandwagon Crew we currently see following blindly overboard.

  55. eyeinthesky says:

    Graeme – isn’t it correct that the governor holds rough shot on this department (police). Burch has been wanting to do things however THE GOVERNOR IS THE FINAL SAY? THEIR APPOINTMENT OF Meeeeerrrfield is now a sticking point…… so lets see… “Clean sweep was the closest to sorting other problems we had” and it was US agents that put the clamps on things…. what we are going to infiltrate these bad groups with white british guys…… we need people of like minds, experience and in this case color…. i’ll forgo another election if someone can end these killings….politician!

  56. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Eye in the Sky…you are right Government House have been a BIG disappointment to date in their failing role in providing Bermuda internal Security. Maybe with a new team we can crack the short circuit of Leadership that has held us back from a safer Bermuda^^

  57. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Terry…thanks for the cases of Sherry Peppers^^

    • Terry says:

      Your welcome. May the God of South Shore enhance your camera and may the flash be quick. Peace and love ..ole hot-one………

  58. SMDH LOL says:




    • Wow says:

      First of all, take the caps lock off.

      Second, learn how to spell and speak english – “hatters” is “haters”, “was good at what he done” is “was good at what he did”… painful to read.

      I will give Burch for getting things done but he is just as divisive as Erat, Laverne and Rolf… for that, he truly won’t be missed.

  59. lifeblood says:

    I see that many are thankful for Burch’s departure…you have no idea what he was actually shielding you from…you will soon find out.

    • Terry says:

      The russians are coming……….the Chinese are comming……saving us from the Uighurs……..and KFC………

      Lifeblood, fill us in ( gang quotes/threats exempt).

      The British are Comming? Cool……………………can’t wait to find out where that $800,000,000 went………Feel the love……………………..

    • LOL (original) says:

      What he was shielding us from ???? Do tell, foreign prostitutes? International bank no we have them, foreign land developments no one just passed in the house so that’s not it. Guns, drugs, and violent crime nope. I know the British are coming the British are coming!!!!!!!!!! Please. I guess the world will never know.

      • Terry says:

        LOL, check he view from the South East. As for this “LOL” thing…whats that mean.

        Larry Over Laverne

        Lots Of Labor

        Los……Anyway, off to Government. Have to be there by 4:56…..gonna be sworn in as Minister of HEN…….detz rite…. Minister of Hows Everything Now………. Pat will post the video and there will be free BELCO cakes ( fish not included)…..

  60. Terry says:

    Eyeinthesky, Clean Sweep was a totally differant operation. In your view, it may seem relevent which it is but it’s formulation and execution was for the purpose of ridding the streets of drugs sales and so openly. People were confronted with daily sales, harrasment and GTFOOMY. It worked to a degree and people could transit where they were told they couldn’t.

    Then one day, the big bosses told their soldiers to use force on others that even tried to move in on their territory by any means neccessary and here we are at the culmination and death of so many young men trying to aspire and/or caught up in this cunnundrum. Yes it is involved with relatives, cousins, uncles aunts et al but upon reflection, these are the ones that allowed it and allow it. Moms and Dads play a big part also. Yes Moms and Dads. The 8-15 year olds are not funding this nor importing it. ‘IT” YOU SAY………………………….

    Surf and Turf bode well years ago. Well…the surf is still up and the turf is being ploughed even more. Behind those Bermuda stone walls the wall lizzard is lying in wait.

    I need a beer. Been a long day. A great day to all.

  61. itsme says:

    Col. You’ll will be surely missed by this Bermudian. I respected you when i was in the Regiment and again since you were asked to serve you Country and Party. After reading the support and hatred from all walks of life, most people havent a clue what its like to serve. To give of oneself to serve your Country, your People. Its too bad that the majority of the haters still have on their blinders, because its quite evident by their comments that they would love to return to the glory days under the watchful eye of the UBP. When the words gang violence and guns were hardly spoken. When the only people lined up at Dept of Immigration where Portuguese, Canadians and English to ensure that their work permits were ok.
    My my my how we have such short memories.
    People are so quick to judge, i just hope that all your haters give Mr. Perinchief and Mr Smith the same support they have given you all these years.
    I am still trying to remember what Mr. Smith accomplished during his tenure as COP.
    If my memory serves me, he was the COP when this current gang violence started to become a house hold name. He was COP for the early shootings and nothing happened under his watchful eye.
    and we know the story, he quickly handed the reins to someone who never had the country at heart.
    Well Col. May God Bless you in whatever you do and Thanks for being so dedicated to protect the interest of ALL BERMUDIANS ( Black n White )

  62. Terry says:

    Itsme…..bwahaaa. You drunk or on drugs. Read what you wrote. Your last senetnce sgould read ‘Dark & Stormy’………


  63. kai says:

    Call me crarzy, but I want Lt Col.Burch as PREMIER, didn’t the Col start out as
    PREMIER COX driver??? What difference it makes but I know but that tells me that
    something in the air, the crime is threw the roof yes been, but this is a great
    man for the job…that’s all I have to say, Black ppl wake up its time to come
    together its now or never…just read the front page of today’s RG, another 500
    plus condos being sold to foreigners. What gives BDA….

  64. Terry says:

    Kai……Money……..det vat hit means…………Yah mumma will be a maid once again…..Think about it. Really, think about what I just stated.

  65. VIP says:

    Maybe he has resigned so that he can take up the role as the Collector of Customs. Lord only knows that the current one is a Cow who can’t produce milk……… or maybe the Premier didn’t invite him to a meeting with the big boys.

    Whatever the reason he was a hard worker……..but on a real note I wouldn’t want some WHITE MP saying the stuff about we blacks like he said about the whites in my country. That’s were he loss my respect.

    Imagine a White MP saying you spades need to wake up the UBP is back in charge.

    Yes I am a black Bermudian that votes for the PLP.

  66. Marc Daniels says:

    Col. Burch was dedicated to his cause. His cause may not have fully embraced everyone within this society but truly, how many causes actually reach out to everyone, unless the speaker is talking fluff? The Col. was outspoken and spoke from his heart. Politics can be war and although he may not have employed every tactic from SunTzu, he was certainly a strong advocate for his people. Politics is a constant struggle of ideas; some will be accepted, others not. For those who oppose him, I say that your opinion has as much merit as those who support him. But for all of us who have sat on the sidelines and not chosen to sacrafice ourselves to serve the community we should not be too quick to throw stones and as I said in my last piece on the most recent murder, we should leave our hatred at our keyboards.

    I can’t believe that Local said the people pulling the trigger are the son’s of the PLP. I’m imaging your response if Col. Burch or any other politician said this. Yes, there are certain examples of individuals closely connected to the PLP having been charged with serious crime, but how many UBP supporters’ children are drug addicts, alcoholics, wife beaters, child molestors, et al. Just because no one witnessed a crime does not mean that crime has not been committed. I agree that it is truly sad that some of our our black youths are the one we see on street corners, but that does not mean that the Portuguese community do not hustle! And it certainly does not mean that the white elites do not “import” and play their part as the chess movers, rather than the chess pieces.

    But, going back to Col. Burch, imagine having everything you say recorded (like an edited Bernews report which uses your real name). Imagine if the authors of those publications intrinsically wanted to see your demise. How much of what the Col. said was taken out of context? Now I do not want to try and defend the Col. because the Col. believes in his own words and therefore he would not feel that his comments require defence. It is true, that some of what the Col. said was as blunt as a #2 pencil after a three hour exam but credit should be given to any politician who has fought from opposition to government (for many years) to asert his ideas in times when life for certain segments of our community was (and remains) just as scary and turbulent as the ‘gang violence” we hear so much of today. Most of us truly do not fear flying bullets in our day to day lives; just as much as many of us did not fear being black and a PLP supporter years ago. Life is all about perspective.

    The Col. has certainly invested blood, sweat and tears for the sake of Bermuda, which he loves. He did not appear to be in it for politics sake but for the purpose of calling out and addressing what he perceived as truth and to rectify what he felt was necessary, even if that meant ruffling a few feathers. Not that I support the manner in which he went about all of his commentary or all of the decisions which he took, it must be noted that the Col. was an effective warrior for the PLP cause and I wish the Col. much success in his future endeavors and I thank him for his service to our community. I also wish Mr. Perinchief and mr. Smtih all the best in their new posts and I look forward to their efforts in serving our community.

    • VIP says:

      Mark I’m not trying to put you down my brother, but Col Burch was an effective soldier up until he got too cocky. As a person in a position of power you can’t sway to one side of the fence. He started preaching and using the race card to much.

      My uncle is a taxi driver and he tells it to me straight “nephew the majority of visitors to this beautiful Island we all call home are white have you seen the prices of the hotels here”.
      Now imagine Col Burch making public statements about one of the sources of are revenue, which we know he has spoken about this group many times.

      Col Burch I wish you well my brother, but in the end you need to give that stuff a break. By know means am I saying to forget what happened to us many moons ago
      and is still happening to us to this day. We all need to work together as a team because in the end we are one Bermuda. We need to set the bar higher and be an example to the rest of the World.

      One Love, Bermuda

    • Feeling High says:

      Dear Marc,
      Pass the Koutchie to the left hand side!

    • Kim Smith says:

      Uh… Marc Daniels… I don’t think you will find any?many? children of the UBP who behave badly… certainly not where they hurt others anyway. I haven’t heard any stories… or even rumours anyway.

  67. itsme says:

    you leave some of the dumbest comments i have read to date. It is quite obvious to me and others you are a scorned, bitter individual. Its too bad you use outlets like these to spread your hate and scare tactics. The real sad thing is you actually believe some of the things you type. You and your kind days are over, so get used to it.
    If you truly had Bermuda’s interest at hand, you would spend time writing about being part of the solution and not the ARSE you are perceived to be.

  68. Terry says:

    And thak you John Swan for letting Col. Samders flourish…..

  69. Jim Garlic says:

    I love the COLONEL..he fries the best chicken ever at KFC …Or if you say ‘KERNAL’, than him and ORVILLE REDENBACER,obviously pop the best of corn this side of the cotton belt..He is definitly at the top of the class wherever or whatever he does,with or without the PLP he’ll soldier on

  70. bermudian says:

    Hey guy, a fella has to stand up and be counted sooner or later, sing the song fella and be proud. My Way

  71. jredmond says:

    The Colonel most likely resigned for health reasons. I could be wrong and don’t what to jump to conclusions, but he did admit to thinking he was knocking on deaths door a couple years back.

  72. kai says:

    I stand corrected, Lt Col.Burch was the driver for Dame Jennifer Smith,like I said what does it matter???
    All I know is that this man has came along way and has worked hard to get there, as long as PLP keep WINNING
    @ the Polls, then we need change and we need it NOW!!!! Something is in the air “ELECTION” maybe or not…
    That’s just my Opinion…
    To Terry, I want to speak to you with nothing but respect, I’m a young Black bermudian female, had some good
    times had some not so good, in my good times I had the privilege of meeting some really good ppl, they were in
    St.George’s while I was @ work, just hrs before their flight home to Boston, Jan 2009, we spoke for awhile, mostly about Bda
    we exchanged details, phone numbers etc, and kept in contact, I had the privilege of seen them again in NYC, Feb 2009, they
    to see me in Nyc from Boston,before I went on my vacation after business, we talked more mostly about Bermuda again, to make
    a long story short they told me that they won’t be back, after 27yrs of coming here, want to know the reason go figure the crime,
    Surprise to you??? After the fracas @ Wellington Oval, they couldn’t understand what was going on to Bermuda and they follow Bda
    online just like everyone else….Terry they won’t be back!!!

    Another good time, last August while @ the Emirates Stadium in London, I met a man that sat next to me alone and asked were I was
    from I told him Bda, guess what Terry he told me he will never come here and that the crime and gang violence is threw the roof
    he said that he’ll go to the Bahamas first were they take crime serious, he talked to me about the latest murder which was a Mr.Rawlings
    and get this went on to say that his friends all talk about never coming here as well…smh Terry

    So what you think about change and NOW…27yrs, that’s almost my life, and get this they were telling me this about Bda my home, respond if you wanna…

    • jredmond says:

      the guy you spoke to has no clue what he’s talking about. The murder and crime rate in the Bahamas is much higher than Bermuda. Not to mention the rapes. I hope you had the nerve to tell him so, or did you let him go on believing this false information?

  73. True Bermudian says:

    And don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

  74. liars says:

    Hail Hail the witch is dead

  75. Triangle Drifter says:

    Love him or hate him it was way past time for Burch to go. Like Brown he cultivated a ‘get things done’ belief in himself without really getting a whole lot done. He just looked good next to his PLP peers who got even less done.

    Listening to him, sometimes you would have thought he was part of the UBP with some of his right, be responsible for yourself, views. Other times he was so far out in left field nobody knew where he was with his habit of engaging mouth before putting the brain into gear.

    The speculation is…why the sudden retirement from the position. Oh sure, the usual ‘personal reasons’ will be trotted out. The gulible will swallow it & go on. So…really…why? Health? Death threat from the drug dealers?

    As usual from the PLP all is cloaked in secrecy for now.

    Who is next??? Derek Burgess? Moving him to the back bench would certainly be an improvement.

    • sandgrownan says:


      Biggest myth in Bermuda politics is that “he gets things done”. Sure, compared to the rest of the muppets he does. It seems though, he just had another hissy fit.

      Burgess getting sidelined is a good step forward.

    • life and death is in the power of the tongue says:

      I concur!!!

    • life and death is in the power of the tongue says:

      Totally Concur!!!

  76. d reader says:

    maybe he will take over thaoo spot.

  77. eyes open wide says:

    to bad he quit … he should have fired himself !!
    another black man with a position behaving like a little girl…
    cause the premier wanted too know first hand what was going on …she has the right!!
    if he was doing his job properly there would be no need for that
    Cameras put up at SOMERSET BRIDGE <<<any shootings there?
    Cameras put up BARNES CORNER <<< any shootings there?
    Cameras put up EAST BROADWAY <<< any shootings there?
    and NOW ya just putting cameras up there and you want people to be understanding ..
    you do the math!!
    he should have left a long time ago before he filled his pockets along with DR Brown and rubbed shoulders with those they cut back door deals with
    so Burch you can take ya toys n go home we dont wana play with you anyloner anyway ,,sell out!!

  78. next? says:

    It’s a real shame that Bermuda’s most driven official also had free range to make incredible public errors such as-

    - the Uighur fiasco
    - the labelling of Filipino women as prostitutes
    - passing the long term work permit legislation then publicly saying ‘I won’t be giving any of these long permits out.’

    And many more.

    It’s such a shame that the divisive, damaging stuff couldn’t be reigned in.
    Bermuda needs committed individuals like him to work hard to improve things before this becomes a 3rd world country.

    • Cleancut says:

      I have good news! My opinion is that Burch is now in plan B mode. As soon as an election is called he will be jumping over the fence like a Jack rabbit to run in Southampton. I hope the premier sticks by her guns and is not fooled twice.

  79. Rockfish#2 says:

    Clearly Cox has every right to meet with the Commissioner. Why didn’t she simply arrange a meeting between The Commissioner,Burch and herself? The reasons for doing it this way should be obvious!
    To leave him out is disrespectful and contradicts her statements on the news last night when she went on about letting Ministers do their jobs etc.

  80. Dr Gombey66 says:

    black ppl cant keep making those babies and dropping wherever they can and expect these children not to have BIG TIME SERIOUS MENTAL AND SOCIAL issues…as we are seeing it now..The PLP govt of course gets to exploit this grave problem to their this is their main base to keep them in power.So what u are seeing a small group of black ppl(PLP=fatcats) have it made at the the expense of majority black ppl..Would somebody out there tell that they are BEING USED BY THE PLP?..

  81. WHYmourn? says:

    The black people deserves all this –they continually keep electing a govt based solely on RACE where the rest of the caribbean is moving forwared with new hotels and other progresss.Bermuda is the only one that is left behind with theis backward,ignorant,and bunch of gangland govt..THE PLP who cares only for their own welfare and have the ilsand in devastating desolation..

  82. BeeBee says:

    They ALL should go…eliminating one doesnt fix this mess which is going on the last 13yrs…INCOMPETENT, AND ROTTEN GOVERANCE

  83. john says:

    well said whymourn, old way thinking idiots, get over the past,instead of being stuck on stupid, u plp voters, serves you right now your brothers are tailing you,

  84. john says:

    doc brown got his ,, big up, i an”t mad at you