Details Of Princess Royal’s Visit Announced

May 29, 2011

anneprincessroyalGovernment House today [May 29] announced further details of the forthcoming visit to Bermuda of Anne, Princess Royal in early June.

The Princess Royal [pictured] will visit on the evening of Saturday, June 4 and the morning of Sunday, June 5 as President of the Caribbean-Canada Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue, a two-week programme for Caribbean, Canadian and Bermudian leaders of tomorrow, drawn from the public and private sectors and trade unions.

Following a meeting of all 120 Fellows of the Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue in Canada in late May including five Fellows from Bermuda. The Fellows will be split up into study groups to tour Canada and then the Caribbean or Bermuda to learn more about the local social and economic issues.  They all meet again in Barbados in early June with their President, The Princess Royal, to discuss their findings.

A study group of 12 Fellows will be in Bermuda from June 4 to 7.  On the morning of  June 5, in the presence of The Princess Royal, the Fellows will be given a Financial Services briefing, held at the offices of one of Bermuda’s largest re/insurers, XL, followed by a briefing on Community Issues, at the Chewstick Foundation.

The Financial Services briefing will draw together key speakers from the island’s international business community and regulators.  The Community Issues briefing will focus on the behaviour of Bermuda’s youths with a panel of a few of those with in-depth knowledge.

Other briefings for the Study Group will follow on Monday, June 6.

The Princess Royal will attend a reception at Government House in honour of the visiting Study Group of Fellows and HRH The Princess Royal will also meet the Premier, the Hon Paula Cox, JP, MP.  From Bermuda,The Princess Royal will travel on to meet other Study Groups of the Caribbean Canada Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue, before attending the final meeting in Barbados.

The five Bermuda participants in Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue are:

Jason Hayward, who works as an Assistant Statistician within the Bermuda Government Department of Statistics. He manages the production of economic outputs such as the Gross Domestic Product, the Retails Sales Index, and the Balance of Payments. He is a member of a CARICOM Technical Working Group responsible for assisting in the harmonization of Economic statistics throughout the Caribbean region. Jason is currently the 1st Vice President of the Bermuda Public Services Union (BPSU) and serves as the Chairman of the BPSU Future Leaders Committee. He also serves as the Secretary of the Caribbean Public Service Association Young Workers’ Secretariat. In addition, Jason is an Executive of the North Village Community Club, which offers recreational programs for members in his community.

Nikkita Scott, who currently serves as Director of Counselling & Career Services for the Bermuda College having served as a Counsellor with the institution since 2000. Prior to working with the College she worked with Bermuda Youth Counselling Services to provide addiction counseling services to youth up to the age of 19. She has also served as a commissioner for the Commission for Unity & Racial Equality (CURE) for several years before serving as chair in 2007. In that time the Commission proposed workforce equality legislation and hosted the Workforce Development conference to encourage dialogue regarding the proposed legislation. She served on the Name and Recognition Committee designed to facilitate the naming of structures to highlight the contributions of Bermudians in a variety of sectors. As an alumna of the United World College, she served the local National Committee for approximately 8 years, chairing the Selection committee for 7 of those years. She is currently liaising with The Diversity Institute to host several seminars on campus each semester as a part of the Strategies for Success curriculum. She has worked with a variety of Salsa organisations to host workshops in support of the development of the art form on the island.

Kristin White, whose career in the charitable sector started in 2001, at the age of 20, where she served as Marketing and Programme coordinator for Bermuda International Business Association.  This role saw Kristin provide career and scholarship information to schools and community groups.  It was here that she realized her passion for working with youth and began developing her nonprofit career. In 2006, Kristin began looking for new challenges in the sector, and took on two part-time roles.  She became the part-time Communications Manager for the Centre on Philanthropy. And when local charity Raleigh Bermuda began a search for a part-time Executive Director, Kristin eagerly jumped at the opportunity. Raleigh is a youth development charity, providing once-in-a-lifetime expedition experiences to young Bermudians that are at risk of not reaching their full potential.  She became the full-time Executive Director in September 2010, and is now leading the organization through an exciting new era of development and expansion.

Collin J. Anderson, who is currently Director of the Health Insurance Department of the Government of Bermuda and is responsible for the management of the Government’s Health Insurance Plan (HIP), Mutual Reinsurance Fund and Government Subsidy Program.  He provides strategic and operational leadership to the Department and acts as Accounting Officer for the purpose of setting financial controls. He oversees claims and premium activity in excess of $125 million per annum and manages over 20 staff members. He is also responsible for the introduction of FutureCare, the Government’s health plan for seniors, and for the Department’s modernization initiatives.

Ronaldine Davis, who formerly oversaw a busy medical practice which offers MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound and Mammography services. She was involved in processing all medical claims. interacting with Bermuda’s insurance companies, keeping current with ICD-9 codes and CPT codes for insurance purposes, and keeping accounts receivables current. She was also the Assistant Manager/Accounts Receivable in the Medical Practice. Before moving to the Medical Practice she spent 18 years in the Hotel Industry. Ronaldine is now employed as a full time organizer for the Bermuda Industrial Union.

Denise Daley, who is currently employed by the Government of Bermuda in the Ministry of Finance Headquarters as the Principal Budget Officer, with responsibility for advising and recommending procedures for Government wide budget preparation. She supervises the collection, collation and examination of budget estimates and coordinates the production and publication of budget documents. She trains, monitors and advises Government departments on budgetary matters and directly manages the Budget Officer and the Budget Assistant. She trained in accountancy with KPMG Peat Marwick before moving to the Bermuda Government-Department of Statistics as a Statistical Officer.  She joined the Budget Office in the Ministry of Finance Headquarters in 2004.

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