Police Shoot And Kill Dog On Angle Street

May 27, 2011

[Updated] A short while ago today [May 27] there was an incident in the Angle Street area that resulted in a dog being shot. Police and dog wardens attended an address on Angle Street at 12:38pm in connection with an animal cruelty investigation.

We have limited information at this time, but will update as able.

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[Update 3: 14 pm] Bernews understands members of the public were attacked by dog in the Angle Street area and had to receive medical treatment at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Police officers who arrived on the scene shot and killed the dog, believed to be a pit bull.

A 19-year-old man is now in police custody as regards this incident.

Bystanders said they heard someone shouting something along the lines of “my dog’s licensed”, and then a short while later heard shots go off. It unofficially appears the dog’s body is still on the premises.

Police stated that the rumours of a person being shot are untrue.

Update:: Short video of scene:

Update 4:43pm: Police statement

Around 12.30pm today, Friday May 27, 2011 police officers and Government Animal Wardens attended a report of dog cruelty in the area of Court and Elliot Streets, Pembroke.

The owner of the dog was located but a confrontation and a foot chase quickly ensued.

The dog was set upon the warden who was attacked violently and a passerby was also attacked in the process.

The police officer in attendance was carrying a firearm. He determined that the nature of the attack required the use of lethal force and he discharged his firearm. Two shots were fired at the dog and the dog died from its injuries.

Both the warden and the other person received bite wounds that required hospital treatment.

A 19 year old man has been arrested in connection with this incident and is currently in police custody.

In keeping with our policy on the use of police firearms an enquiry has commenced immediately to ensure that all protocols were followed, but at this early stage it appears that the firearm was discharged in accordance with and under the authority of our policies.

Update May 30: 19-year-old Jahmeiko Perkins was charged with wounding someone with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and being in charge of a dog and not exercising proper care and control.

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  1. Changing Status says:

    now they’re shooting dogs? common bermuda we need to find these punks, clearly they have enough ammo to shot at whom and what they please without consequence. next they’ll be waltzing into our houses shooting our pets and family members and helping themselves to what they please…

    • SlowlybutSurely says:

      The POLICE shot the dog… read properly before you comment

      • itwasn'tme says:

        If I had my way I’ll KILL all the pit bulls on the island. The breed was genetically crossed for one reason…..TO BE AGRESSIVE and the people that own these dogs are irresponsible and reckless. KILL ALL PITBULLS WE DON’T NEED THEM HERE

        • wakeup says:

          @itwasntme. wow. i would really like to know where you get your information. did you know that pit bulls used to be referred to as ‘the granny dog’ because of their habbit of adopting other animals as their own and caring for them? did you know that more people are bitten, every year, by golden retrievers than pit bulls? the dogs are NOT naturally aggressive. it is 100% the owner’s fault. i could train a poodle to attack someone, then you want to kill all the poodles? pit bulls are naturally great with kids. in fact, a pit bull will put up with more abuse (i.e. poking in the eye, pulling of tail, stepping on foot) from a child than any other breed.
          you are obviously an ignorant person. get your facts straight.

          • wakeup says:

            and, just to clarify, it is a tragedy that the dog had to be shot, but if the circumstances called for it then it may have been the right action to take. it is unfortunate how many idiots on this island illegally breed pitbulls and fight them and make them aggressive because they saw it in a rap video so they think its cool. pure ignorance has tarnished this once well loved breed’s reputation.

        • Shell says:

          @ itwasn’t me. Very sad you feel that way. Wow, such harsh words. I guess you have been bitten by one or know someone that has. I’ve been attacked by 2 white labs. Maybe they need to be killed too! NOT!!!!

          @ Wake up, i agree with your comments wholeheartedly.

        • Concerned says:

          OMG!!! You’re an effin idiot!!! I’ve owned 3 pit bulls and NONE of them were aggressive! We raised the second 2 from puppies but the first one we rescued after her owner bred her, kept the puppies, and left her at a dock to die!! She not once showed any signs of aggression despite not knowing us or the ordeal she had been through. You are a real ASS!! We don’t need people like you here…

          FYI … http://www.facebook.com/notes/yonah-ward-grossman/for-over-one-hundred-years-americans-knew-pit-bulls-for-what-they-did-best-babys/213698638654712

        • Kiell says:

          I have a 1yr old red nose Pitand he is the cutest and sweetest dog EVER. He is so sweet that my 7yr old(who is timid around other dogs) loves this dog.

          I agree with the other comments that it is the way a dog is raised. So sad that this breed has gotten such a bad rep.

          @wakeup and @concerned I agree with both of you

      • Bubba says:

        It was alleged that the dog was to be a witness in an upcoming case and had asked for police protection. When the police indicated they could not do this the dog got angry and attacked the police who shot it.

  2. M says:

    Perhaps you could write the headline a little differently… e.g. Dog shot by authortities.With all the gun violence it was automatically assumed that now it was spreading to animals. God forbid! I am sorry the dog had to be killed there must be some humans to be responsible for this too!!

    • bernews says:

      We are waiting on official confirmation, then will change it…

    • White Christ says:

      The saddest thing is that it seems people care more about a dog than humans getting shot and killed. If only we made this much racket for the gang crisis this would be better

  3. Jonas says:

    Now we wait to see if the dogs will retaliate…

  4. Terry says:

    Define “Dog”…

  5. Au Contraire says:

    Now this is getting serious. I hope the poor dog makes it OK

    • SlowlybutSurely says:


  6. Scruffy says:

    Equipment confiscated? What’s up with that?

    • bernews says:

      Same thing we would like to know, and are trying to find out now. We are not the slightest bit happy over it.

  7. Preto Plato says:

    The police have BMWs?

    • Scott says:

      ?? and let me guess..an audi too??

      do you not keep up on news?

  8. Bermudian says:

    Bernews. Why was some of your equipment confiscated and by who?

  9. Hmm says:

    I’m assuming that not only was the dog shot but it died as a result. If that’s the case, surely there were other options besides lethal force here, such as stunning the dog with a taser or something?

    • n says:

      even if it got stunned they would have put it down anyway.why put it through stunning and then injection?

      • Think about it says:

        Not only that, but the voltage on those tasers are set for tasing humans. It might have been too high for a dog and killed it also.

        So either way.

  10. Done Deal says:

    An angry, three legged pit bull walks into a bar and says “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.”

    • Terry says:

      Yeah…….Well it’s not a done deal until the two legged Pit Bull walks into a bar and says “Where is he, I lost my Papaya’s”.

    • Shorta ranks says:

      I love that

  11. Target Pracice says:

    Sooo?? Officers go to an address on Angel Street in ref to an animal cruelty incident/report, and when they arrive they shoot the damn dog?? Is this the same dog they came to proect?? This sounds like target practice. Now police will start shooting first and thinking later….Serious power TRIP with a loaded clip… Just like the rest of them!! #Times are getting harder!!!

    • n says:

      lol maybe you should wait for the rest of the news report.

    • Dog Lover says:

      Do you honestly think police can just go around shooting anything they want? Did you not read the rpt? 2 people were attacked by the dog? how many people must get attacked before a dog can be shot and you not have a problem with it??

  12. Done Deal says:

    Guy asks his mate “Does your dog bite?” His mate replies “Nope.” So the guy reaches down to pet the dog and the dog bites him. As he jumps back, grabbing his bleeding hand he yells “I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite!”. His mate calmly replies “That ain’t my dog.”

  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    Two legged or four legged dog?

  14. sense says:

    “Police forced to shoot dog” I tell you anyone with a gun thinks they HAVE to use it. Ironic they were there to answer an animal cruelty complaint and killed the dog themselves. It was doing what was only in it’s nature. Of all people the dog warden should have known that. DISGUSTING

    • SL says:

      I agree with you Sense!
      It is disgusting and very sad.
      Shoot the owner and at least tazer the dog!
      What next!

      • Think about it says:

        Why taser the dog?? When a dog bites someone, let alone two people, it gets put down PERIOD. Either way, the dog would have been killed.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Do you know that happened? No..didn’t think so. Shut up.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Either way they could have called someone to tranquilize it why kill the dog.


        • itwasn'tme says:


    • Dog Lover says:

      If you dont know what happened then dont comment!!! You people are so quick to assume what happened and you really dont know!!

      • T Walker says:

        That’s the Bermy way…smh Always got something to say and don’t know the half!

  15. Done Deal says:

    @ Hmm..Or as someone on another site posted…maybe they should have tasered the dog and shot the owner………

  16. COMMON SENCE says:

    looks like no one has whatched cops in bermuda. if the officer is attacked they shoot to would you rather the dog bit you.

    • Reality Check says:

      what’s the difference when a cop is being assaulted by a human!!!!???they get tased or sprayed right????Look at the bigger pic babes!

      • JT says:

        the bigger pic is that the Pitbull has BIGGER teeth than the human who’s attacking or about to attack the police.

      • Pastor Syl says:

        That dog had already attacked two other people, one of whom was there to subdue the dog (don’t remember if they were from the SPCA or Ag & Fish) and was unable to do so. That person was unable to go to work the next day (and I don’t know how many days after) from their injuries. I’ll bet he was grateful the dog was shot

        In addition, pit bulls are single minded when attacking and are genetically unable to unlock their jaws once they bite down. Tazing a dog like that would probably cause it to do more damage.

  17. Just Me says:

    Ooooo THE IRONY!!!

  18. Done Deal says:

    I know what happened.. two cops were called to the house because there was a cat in a tree.

    “Now listen carefully,” the first cop told the 2nd cop. “I’m going to climb the tree and poke the cat with a stick until it falls to the ground and then the pitbull will instinctly go for the cat.”

    “Got it”, the other cop replied. “But what’s the gun for?”

    “If I fall out of the tree before the cat”, the first cop said, “shoot the pitbull.”

  19. learn the facts before you say anything says:

    Just to shut everyone up! here’s what happened…

    The dog attacked an elderly man and bit him… The Police came to his aid and the dog owner told the dog to get them… The dog atacked the police biting them… So they in turn shot the dog…

    Bermudians need to stop assuming the police are cruel for no reason…

    • SL says:

      Well then that should have been written for the public to see and then no one would have assumed right? Normally they would have stated it bit someone. Thanks for clearing the unfortunate situation up!

    • JUST SAYN!!! says:


    • ??? says:

      since when were bda police allowed to carry and use guns???

      • possibly.. says:

        Just maybe when everyone else started carrying and using them ..

  20. Interesting says:

    Sad event. So the armed police was called to this incident. Can some one clear this up for me maybe Bernews. Was the officer attending this incident just out on patraol and responded to the issue from the dog wardens. What made them carry their gun to this incident and not just show up with normal grear? Thought only the Speacial Task force only carried the guns.

    • In General says:

      I agree! Our officers are not armed normally. In addition, normally in animal cruelty cases the Dog Warden is called. I think there is more here than we know. There had to be a reason that the police responded, and responded armed.

    • ARE YOU SURE!!! says:


      • T Walker says:

        Excuse me sir…there’s a pitbull mauling people…may I please discharge my weapon…Oh never mind sir, the dog ran off with the man’s arm already…OVER AND OUT! SMH

        • It is what it is says:

          Actually “T Walker” there is protocal that they have to follow and as silly as you might think ‘ARE YOU SURE’s comment is..he is absolutely correct

    • March Hare says:

      Armed police are on patrol 24/7, and may be sent to any incident.

    • Anonymiss says:

      Good question, @Interesting. I was wondering the same thing.

    • HELLO BERMY!!! says:

      another question to bernews arent the police supossed to get permission before using thier fire arm from the police chief or sombody in a higher rank??? and if so was the permission givin?????

      • Itcouldhappen says:

        OMG! A thug has pulled a gun on the police officer with the intent of shooting to kill, but the police officer has to get permission to respond? I would think that there are already certain rules of engagement in place for situations like this.

  21. COMMON SENCE says:

    i think the cop should be suspended,dog warden shoulda does his job unless his life was in danger

    • learn the facts before you say anything says:

      spelling error in ur name… its SENSE!

    • think before u speak says:

      The warden was in a life threating situation. Would u rather a human’s life taken or an attack dog! U all need to find out facts before posting stupid comments!!!

    • @Common sence – in your case, not too common inna?? lol Let’s see if a dog is set on you – what would you do?? A split second decision was made with a sad ending – but what you have said if the dog killed the officer?? Better the dog then someone’s father, husband, son etc.!

    • not so common says:

      i’m guessing the common sense (cents) to use spell check was a penny short in your reply…

    • UD says:

      I have to agree…..If anything the Police officer should have just retreated, and called for a dog warden!!! The dog would not have killed him…may have bit him but that is NOT life threatening!!!

      The Bermuda Police Service should be ashamed of themselves and CRIMINAL CHARGES should be bought against them!!!!! now PLEASE don’t get it twisted…..I AM IN NO WAY SAYING the owner of the dog should get off free!!!!!!WHAT I AM SAYING is that the BPS should be held accountable for their reckless actions

      • Itcouldhappen says:

        That’s easy to say when it’s not your neck, back or legs the dog is chewing on.

      • Terry says:

        @ UD…..you left off ‘ DER’……………………………………

      • OU812 says:

        UD – written from the comfort and safety of your chair!

      • Let_Us_Pray says:

        You obviously have NEVER seen what a pissed off attack dog can do to a human. Yes a dog can kill an adult man without any issue if that is what the dog is trained to do (Google ‘killed by dog’ for examples of dogs killing humans if you don’t want to take my word for it).
        The dog warden was there.. read the article again if you have to. The dog warden is ONE of the people who are down at the hospital being treated for the attack that they had to endure today. If it was a baby who was attacked they probably would be dead right now.

        I’m an animal lover and specifically a pit bull lover and even I am not so ignorant as to blame the police for something the OWNER of the dog is responsible for.

        • wakeup says:

          @ letuspray

          thank you! finally someone who understands. yes, the officer had to make a quick decision. yes it turned out bad. i love all animals, specifically dogs, and pit bulls are amoung my favourite breed. let me put it to you this way, i could train a poodle to attack you and it would easily take out a full grown man. pit bulls are not the issue. its the owners. the breed has been given a bad name by ignorant people. pit bulls are NOT naturally aggressive.

      • Dog Lover says:

        So if the dog would have grabbed a child then it would have been ok to shoot the dog? So if its the dog warden who is actually the one getting attacked then who do you think they call?? What these kids going around shooting people are doing is reckless. The police are held WAYYYYY more accountable than these guys

      • Pastor Syl says:

        Actually, I believe another news report stated that the dog warden was one of those attacked by the dog and bitten so badly he was off work for a few days following a visit to ER

  22. tired says:

    I’m so tired of people talking and commenting on issues they know nothing about, only in bermy ppl assume and run with it.
    Here’s a thought wait to here the full true story than comment…how bout that!!!

  23. Bruce says:

    I actually met the dog in question last week over pina coladas in the Hamilton Princess – he said he knew something was going to happen this week and if it did I should get the story out there.

    It was actually the dog himself who complained to the authorities after his owner cut his allowance for $60 to $50 per week – as we all know this would only allow him to buy 2 pina coladas in the HP as oppose to 3. Bless him, he just couldn’t live in a world of only 2 pina coladas a week. I tried to talk him down, convince just to get 2 pina coladas and just buy some fancy dog bisuits with the extra $10 – I explained pedigree chum do an excellent range of ‘meaty treats’ – but alass I kinda knew his mind was made up. He said he was gonna attack anyone who came to get him till he was put down – or as fate would have it – gunned down.

    R.I.P. Poochy

    • Bubba says:

      Not that dog. This dog was going to be a witness in an upcoming case. He saw everything and was asking for police protection and to be placed in the police protection programme. When the police barked at his request and said no way, the dog got angry and attacked the policeman who then had no choice but to shoot him.
      The whole case relied on the evidence of the dog.
      Looks like the case may have to be pooped.


    FOR THE RECORD:::: The dog was attacking the dog warden who is now in the Hospital!!This wasn’t your fun little fluffy dog! It was a dog TRAINED to fight! Oh and also illegal in Bermuda>> I think Bernews should stop allowing people to comment until ALL the facts are in!


      and the dog was shot 2 times as that is what it took for it to let go of the dog warden….. Also the reason the warden was called is that the owner of the dog was seen BEATING the dog on court street!

      • Not Suprised says:

        Oh and that makes it all better! So The owner was beating the dog?! REALLY and people are wondering why a dog would do this and why is was a Bad dog!?!

        I’m sorry and feel sorry for the dog warden no one should be attacked and least of all him, who was there to help the poor animal. But lets face the facts here. The dog was doing what it had been trained to do. Attack. The OWNER SHOULD ROT! The dog was bad because of this man and did it because of him. There is nothing wrong with that bread! They are wonderful loyal dogs. If the dog was legal then the law knew the dog existed and should have known the condition of the dog! But The law also prohibited any Proper action from taking place. I’m sorry the dog warden got hurt and I hope the dog warden remains active in putting the man behind bars. This type of behaviour will continue unless the laws in Bermuda are changed to protect the animals not the poor excuse for human beings that own them!!! The dog and dog Warden are the innocent victims in this case, the dog doing only what he was brainwashed to do by the decrepid piece of sh** that owned him.

        • Shell says:

          @ Not surprised. I totally agree with your points on this sad matter.
          The news never mentioned anyone being attacked. I only heard that the police and dog wardens were there for reports of animal cruelty, never mentioning that the dog attacked anyone.
          They are wonderful and loyal dogs if raised properly. I owned one for 10 years and miss him dearly.

  25. JUST SAYN!!! says:


    • JUST SAYN!!! says:

      “BECAUSE HE WAS REACHING FOR HIS I.D.” for all you bernews critics that try and diss becuase of someones bad gramar!!!

  26. DLB says:

    The ignorance of such a large proportion of our population is revolting. Clearly not many of you have ever found yourselves in a situation in which your well-being was in immediate danger, nor do you have the mental capacity to, for a moment, place yourselves in a situation such as this. The authorities invovled in this incident set out to do their jobs, but were met by a belligerent and clearly crude individual who had no hesitation in placing their lives in danger – and for what purpose you must ask! When placed in a dangerous situation, it is common to act instinctively; there is no time to reason and consider all of the possible options when you must act in a split second. Should the authorities have sat by and allowed themselves to be mauled? Should they have attempted to reason…WITH AN ANIMAL? I am an animal-lover; however, if placed in a position in which a vicious animal has been set upon me, I am willing to do anything within my means to protect myself and others. There is a general lack of respect for the police service which needs to go! Yes, there are those who are on a power-trip; but put my life in immediate danger, and I promise you that my survival instincts will take effect at an unbelievable magnitude! These authorities have every right to protect themselves! The police are chastised for ‘not doing their jobs’ in the people’s eyes, but also for doing their jobs. There must be middle ground.

    • 813grad says:

      i COMPLETELY agree!! there has to be a middle ground or the police will always be wrong in the eyes of the citizens… the real victim of this is the poor dog. think of his day… got beaten, then got to bite a human, and then got shot dead. RIP to the animal, and i hope that the owner is repremanded appropriately. as for the BPS, i do not condone killing of animals in such a manner, but you guys needed to do your jobs, and you did it. Well Done BPS, Dog Warden, and the citizens who reported this incident.

      • 813grad says:

        i also would like to add that i wish a very speedy recovery for the dog warden and members of the public that were in fact bit, and i hope that they can recover from this incident.

    • OU812 says:

      Thank you LB – and I’m sure those who do put themselves in harms way to protect us thank you for your words of common sense!

    • Pastor Syl says:

      Thank you for those words. I agree wholeheartedly. I believe I would have done the same as that police officer, much as I love animals.

      Despite the rats that infest any large force, our BPS does a pretty good job, considering. Many Bermudians have become scofflaws and are negative over everything the police do, good or bad. Its a thankless job, policing, but I’m glad and grateful they do it.

  27. crazytalk says:

    Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous and they should be banned.

    • Not Suprised says:

      No they are NOT! The stupid owners are the dangerous ones.

      • crazytalk says:

        They are dangerous dogs, often owned solely for that one feature. Their owners want to be able to use them as a dangerous weapon, as happened in this case.

        • wakeup says:

          another ignorant person! pit bulls are not born aggressive. they are raised to be aggressive. i could raise a poodle to attack and bit you, then you would want a ban on poodles? then i would train a jack russel to bite your ankle, then you would want them banned? FACT: more golden retrievers bite people every year than pit bulls do. FACT: Pit bulls (when raised properly just as any other family dog) are probably the best dogs to have with kids. all you ever hear about on this island is “pit bulls this, and pit bulls that” thats because all these ignorant so and sos think its cool to have am angry pit bull that they slap up and make mean. then want to be cool like they saw in a rap video, or emmulate Jamaica. pit bulls are not naturally dangerous animals. its the owners who are dangerous.

          • crazytalk says:

            Wakeup, you’re talking nonsense. A CDC study reported that during the period 1978-98 238 people were killed by dogs in the USA. The highest number of fatalities, 32% of all fatalities recorded, was caused by – you guessed it – Pit Bulls. In 2nd place it was the Rottweiler. In total, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers accounted for over 50% of the deaths. Given that those breeds are relatoively uncommon, and do not account for 50% of the dogs owned, that means they are statistically much more likely to be involved in deaths.

            In addition to their inherent agression is the fact you mention: that people who own Pit Bulls are likely to be people who like aggressive dogs, and who train them to be as aggressive as possible. If you want the most aggressive dog, you get a Pit Bull.

            They’re dangerous and should be banned.

            Preto Preto, if they are banned, why do I see them all the time being walked by their owners along South Shore? Can you refer me to the legislation please.

            • David says:

              This isn’t correct I’m afraid – the figures you are quoting were in relation to “pit bull types” i.e. cross breeds not pure pitbulls. There is a huge difference as most of the dogs in any SPCA in the world have some “pit bull” in them and almost evey mongrol you come across could be labelled as being a “pit bull” type.

              The most dog bites I see (I’m an ex bermudian live in the UK now and have my own vet practice) are from family pets who get snappy around food, toys, new children – whatever. The breeds are irrelvant in terms of the potential to bite – the real issue is the potential for damage. I.e rottweilers, pitbulls dobermans ridgebacks etc have more power hence when they bite there is more damage.

              If we take the core facts however PB’s were bred to fight other dogs, but in fact NOT bite people. Shame really as be good if they would bite the hands that shove them in the pits in the first place. What this means is that they have strong prey and fight drives and that can be abused by people, but if anything they are less likely to bite people.

              I always use the analagy of a kitchen knife. These are legal but can kill in the wrong hands but are part of life. There are big knives that can cause more damage but even smaller ones can kill. When looking at dogs the most tragic case I ever heard was a Jack russell that killed his owners new baby. any sized dog can do damage. Banning is not the answer – just sends the breeds underground and into the wrong people hands – as this case shows.

    • Preto Plato says:

      They are banned!

  28. Terry says:

    The dog is dead. And justifiable so. Move on.

    When the next Human is shot lets see the response. Or when a child or innocent is shot ( oh thats right, they all are) lets see. Same shit differant day. Yah damned if you do and if you don’t.

    Catching up Bermuda? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  29. Imagine That!!!! says:

    @ learn the facts before you say anything….even if you do know all the facts this definitely falls under the category of “Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm….we have been told that only trained personnel from the Special Task Force are allowed to carry weapons…so am I to believe that the Special Task Force were sent out to a “dog biting” incident??? WOW must be a slow day at the office……SMDH……

  30. FUDGE/BERMUDA says:


    • Bermudian says:

      Thank YOU!!! Finally someone who as thinks the same thing as me.

    • 813grad says:


    • wakeup says:

      EXACTLY!!!! **APPLAUSE***

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      When will You stop the BS? BPS is a JOKE. Look my caps lock works too. Shooting a dog today, tomorrow a human. And TRUST ME results will vary. All officers should be Mentally Evaluted. FYI “dogs” is a code name for Black Males used by other officers. Defend your people in Blue, but who protects us from YOU?

      • Regimental says:

        Jus asking sounds the pit bull owner, ignorant and uneducated, get your GED idiot!

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          No, I do not own a pit bull. And are you saying pit bull owners are ignorant and uneducated and need to get their GED? Guaranteed I have a higher level of education than YOU. And your name says it all “Regimental”, You lack tertiary education. Name calling and insults also proove you are of inferior intellect. You really should have “left your dog, out of this one”.

          • Regimental says:

            Dogs is a code name used for black males?!?! Really?!?!! That’s were u want to take this conversation and you proclaim you are educated lol smh race card played over a dog being shot, my point stands

            • Regimental says:

              Proove,!?!? Nice education, ged’s take a few months to get, you should look into it

              • Jus' Askin' says:

                You should know, as your GED certificate is all you have, sad. And how was the race card used? You ‘prove’ you have no point.

        • what says:

          Education is good, but it doesnt build character,

      • DLB says:

        How can you equate shooting a crazed dog to shooting a human being?! Get it through your thick skull – THE AUTHORITIES INVOLVED WERE DOING THEIR JOBS!!! Furthermore, had it been a human being – and individual who let’s say had a gun pointed toward law officials – I for one would fully condone the police shooting of that individual! As that individual clearly is someone who has no regard for human life or the laws of the land! Police officers are people too – they are people with families…families who want to see them come home at the end of each day! Unfortunately, the moronic, closed-minded members of society like yourself only agree with the police doing their jobs when it’s YOU who is in need of their assistance! As Regimental stated, read the story IN FULL and educate yourself! I have a strong feeling that had it been YOUR pathetic self strolling along the roadside in the vicinity of this incident and been attacked by this animal, you’d be praising the authorities for making the split-second decision to spare your life rather than this animal’s!! “All officers should be mentally evaluated”?? Let me you what ALL officers are TRAINED and then EVALUATED on – THEIR ABILITY TO EFFECTIVELY PERFORM THE DUTIES OUTLINED IN THEIR JOB DESCRIPTION. Whether the general population like it or not, WE NEED THE POLICE. Every country NEEDS a body to ensure order and that the laws of the land are abided by! It is YOU Jus’ Askin’ who is a JOKE. God forbid YOU should ever be placed in a life or death situation and require the assistance of the police service – with your attitude and that of far too many people on this island, THEY SHOULD STAND BY AND WATCH YOUR DEMISE!

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          You are so well programmed, sad.

          • DLB says:

            Programmed – no. Educated – yes. Again, as Regimental stated – you should give it a go.

  31. Jonas says:

    A dog attacks humans and there is more sympathy expressed for the dead dog than the traumatised humans. No wonder Bermuda is in the state it’s in.

  32. No Respect says:

    For all of you IDIOTS out there who are saying poor dog that is not the case here!!!!! I KNOW the warden that was attacked and his injuries are VERY SERIOUS as I was with him at the hospital while he was being taken care of! If it was someone who you loved and cared about it would be a COMPLETELY different story. I KNOW the WHOLE STORY YOU FOLKS DO NOT so stop assuming until the facts come out and then you judge.

    • Interesting says:

      Hope everyone involved are doing ok. gosh could not imagine.

    • T Walker says:

      The sad part about it, is that they will still run their mouths about the dang dog, because they’re not the ones lying up in the hospital. smh

    • Agreed says:

      Thank you so much No Respect..Someone who finally knows what i agree with!!!!!

  33. Itcouldhappen says:

    All this negative commentary about a dog? A dog I may add that was in the process of attacking another human at the behest of its owner. If you are going to be this way over an animal (and Yes I love dogs, but if one is attacking me It going to be the dog and not me by any means necessary), I wonder what the commentary will be when the police have to deal with the unfortunate task of ‘shooting-to-kill’ one of our sons/daughters who are trying to kill them? We say we want change but are not open to what it may take to acheive it. Lord help us all!

  34. KMFL says:

    I suppose the officers should have politely asked the dog to stop biting them?

    • Regimental says:

      Probably was a bermudian dog and officer didn’t say good afternoon so dog wouldn’t have listened

  35. Interesting says:

    Bernews & The Bermuda Police Dept Thank-You for the update. Glad now we know the whole story. Thank-you

  36. OMG says:

    Will we EVER be satisfied? There are armed police on patrol, and yes the police dept does have a BMW and an Audi – 2nd hand from England I beleive.

    • Preto Plato says:

      2nd hand is cool i guess. I was just shocked to see they get luxury automobiles. No wonder we’re broke

      • wakeup says:

        2ND HAND IDGIT!

      • KMFL says:

        They purchased four (4) armed response vehicles from a UK Police force for a total of $31,000 BMD. I don’t know if you own a car or have ever priced a car but four (4) cars for #31,000 sounds like a deal to me.

      • Pastor Syl says:

        There was a report on the cars a few months back and they got them at an excellent price, by report. As one who has been severly exercised by our current financial position, I was glad to learn the BPS had gotten a deal.

  37. Dogberry says:

    People seriously get a life the dog was set on the wardens and the popo then it attacked 2 warden and took a chunk out of them as well as a member of the public, what were the police to do give it a biscuit??

    The owner should face charges of attempt murder!

  38. 80's Role Model says:

    dem kill mi dog :( r.i.p to all mi dogs who passed and gone! its a dogggy dog world #ruff

  39. Not Dopey says:

    It is difficult to read many of the above-mentioned posts, the reason: there are so many foolish/ignorant people with access to computers who write errant nonesense with no logic or scholarship in which to reference their comments.

    A dog (pitbull) attacks members of the public (at the dog owners behest) the dog then attacks the dog wardens (again at the behest of the owner) the armed police officer shoots the angry, agressive, out of control dog and there are some suggesting that the officer and animal warden should be disciplined ?

    Foolish indeed !

    This is a precise problem in Bermuda. Very few people want or see the need for drastic consequences when this situation warrants it. A person is using an animal for nfarious purposes and when the police are forced to carry out drastic action, the arm chair critics dog (pun intended) the police ! I was saddened to read that the dog was shot. The dogs death could have been avoided, the owner is to blame for the animals death. The Police officers made the right decision. IT is shameful that his owner did not have the sense to socialize and train this dog in a manner as such not to attack people on command.

    • Preto Plato says:

      Preach On! A little dumb aren’t they so ready to rush to conclusions. I can only imagine the response when they shoot a criminal (please do it already spare us the expense of trial and jail)….

      Its OK for criminals to shoot our brothers and sisters, but lets get angry and the police officer for killing a likely illegal pit-bull. I hope they shoot a few more to be honest. We want the police to stop crime but get mad at them for dumbness.


      • Down 'n' Dirty says:

        Hey I like hot dogs as much as the next guy . Could I have mayo and relish on mine …

  40. Nikki S says:

    I can’t believe the crap I am reading! Learn to read for understanding people..u make me sick! The dog was ATTACKING PEOPLE VICIOUSLY…A PIT BULL AT THAT!! Police had every right to do what ever they could to get the mutt from attacking…i am almost sure the last resort was to shoot.

    Human Life mi seh!!

  41. Eron says:

    lol they shot a dog… now lets see if they have the testicular fortitude to shoot people when it warrants it..

    p.s i hope this dog didnt belong to a gang member.. l0l

  42. No Respect says:

    For the record the warden that was being attacked he LOVES ALL animals even pit bulls. He has seen some very sick things that the OWNERS have inflicted on the animals so DO NOT judge him or the police that were doing their job. Judge the BOY who told the dog TWICE to attack.

    • Not Suprised says:

      absolutley! it’s not the dogs fault and it’s a horrible shame the one that saves them got hurt. the owners should be locked up and have the key thrown away. If you can treat innocent animals badly then this is what you would do to humans….you don’t deserve the life you have.

      Hopes going out to those that we’re caught in the cross hairs.

    • PEPPER says:

      it all comes down to responsibilty…and this poor dog had to pay the price because his master is a @#$%^&* idiot, to bad the owner was not shot… I feel so bad for the poor dog.. he did not deserve this.

  43. C says:

    I dont agree with this situation in the least. I am sad that this dog had to suffer because of the way it was raised. That said, I do not put down the officers because they did what they believed was in their best interest. But next time maybe try the tazer?

    Every dog has aggressive tendencies, but pitbulls are frowned so hard upon people only so much as hear the breed’s name and they put it down and say ‘ban it’ all because of these asshole’s who use the breed ONLY for guard dogs and show them no affection. I owned a pitbull that we saved years ago from abuse, and you know what… she was the most gentle and affectionate dog I have ever seen, never attacked anybody. And I’ve seen so many more just like her. But again because of their reputation, if they are rescued now even as puppies, they dont get a chance. They get put down…

    Hope those who were harmed recover well.

    “By no means are these dogs people-haters or people-eaters. Their natural aggressive tendencies are toward other dogs and animals, not people. However if they are properly socialized with a firm, but calm, confident, consistent pack leader, they will not even be aggressive with them. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and affectionate family pet, which is good with children and adults. Almost always obedient, it is always eager to please its master.”


    • wakeup says:

      THANK YOU C!!

      • Regimental says:

        Tasers have no effect on dogs do your research

        • DLB says:

          Thank you Regimental! That was one of the first things that I Googled upon reading some of the senseless comments which so many imbeciles were making. It’s enlightening to see that there are others like myself who do indeed have a brain! Take this recommendation along with the another suggestion which was made which was to fire a warning shot in the air. I could barely contain myself – and what then when the bullet comes back down and hits someone in the head, killing them?!

          • Regimental says:

            Lol or worse bullet hits a long tail, and it falls to the ground dead then they would be complaining about that

  44. HELLO BERMY!!! says:

    So if a human bit a cop they are going to put two bullets in them and thats justice!!!!! you people arent going to be happy to one of your family members gets shot from a cop and everybody is going to say yess its ok he was defending hiself!!! SAY WAT YOU LIKE BUT I DONT THINK THIS IS HOW THINGS SHOULD BE HANDLED>>>> obviously the police did not approach this situation correctly thats why things got out of hand and the dog had to get shot!!!!

    • Dwain Smith says:

      Hello Bermy, I have never in my years read such foolishness from an air breathing adult. I pray that your don’t have children. You have a dog warden recovering in the hospital recovering from very serious injuries that were sustained during this vicous attack, in addition to a member of the public that went to his aid. Please allow those of us who excerise logic and common sense to post comments, and you just sit in the stands and try to open your small mind.

      • Regimental says:

        Hello bermy should have been the pit bull!

  45. No Respect says:

    @C they did try everything but nothing worked tell me if it had been one of your loved ones would you feel differently? I saw his wounds while I was holding his hand due to the pain that the owner and dog caused. It was the right call PERIOD. I am not saying that all pit bulls are like this one but it was trained for protection purposes. I know folks that have them and I have no issues with them – aside from when they attack someone in my family. Imagine if it was a child that was in this dogs mouth I can say for certain he or she would have been killed. The man who was affacked is a very tall and strong man and he did EVERYTHING
    In his power to get it off of him there are NO other choices in a case like this one.

    • C says:

      As I said ” That said, I do not put down the officers because they did what they believed was in their best interest” I did not know they tried everything possible to control this dog, if it was mentioned then I must’ve overlooked it.

      All I was saying is I hate that a dog was shot, and I’m tired of people looking down on pitbulls just because of the people who dont know how to handle or train them.

      AGAIN: “Hope those who were harmed recover well” – I was not in anyway disrespecting the man or condemning the actions taken.

  46. YAH KNOW!!! says:

    ALL we do is give Police and government the right to do this and that and yet they still cant stop the crime……… i guess they wont be happy to were all on chains and they can keep track of everything we do, I bet even then they wouldnt be able to stop the crime !!!! THINK ABOUT IT BERMUDA THEY ARE OUT THERE GIVING ME AND YOU “THE WORKING MEN AND WOMEN OF BERMUDA” TICKETS ALL F& DAY

    • Dwain Smith says:

      I really do not have a problem with either the police or our government. Maybe if you changed your perception on life and realize that it’s not the goverments responsiblity for your happiness then you can unshackle your mind and keep track or your own life. I’ve never been stopped by the police so is it something that you are doing which that draws attention. Let the anger go!

      • Regimental says:

        Can bernews ban donkeys like ” yah know!!!” from posting. It would be beneficial to all mankind. He probably is the owner of the dead dog

    • DLB says:

      YAH KNOW – there are various units within the police service which each serve a different purpose. The police service as a whole has a great job to do in an effort to maintain order and ensure that ALL laws of the land are obeyed! And yes, speeding, driving without due care and attention, along with others, ARE CRIMES! Don’t like being ticketed? SLOW DOWN! RIDE OR DRIVE WITH MORE COURTESY! “still can’t stop the crime”?? IF the police service had more support from the general public and the idiots who are sitting on information relating to major crimes being committed around CAME FORWARD, MORE SERIOUS CRIMES COULD BE SOLVED! Get back under your rock you babbling blockhead.

  47. No Respect says:

    @Nikki S AMEN SISTAH!!!!!!!!

  48. Aquarius says:

    geez i hope the dog warden makes a speedy recovery. so sad that this had to come to this. I know he knows that pit bulls aren’t all bad just as all labradors aren’t all good. He truly loves all animals and I’m sure this was not the result he was expecting either!!! Sadly he must put down even tiny puppies if they are “illegal” to enforce the law. truly hard job.
    People need to realise that these thugs use these dogs as “protection” from everyone whether they be other bad guys, police or anyone else. These guys dont care about the animals at all but are merely a piece of property. Next week this dog could have been killed in an illegal dog fight and I doubt his “owner” would have blinked an eye.
    OH and I believe the warden has to contact the police if a conflict is likcly and this may have very well have been a joint effort.

  49. No Respect says:

    @ hello bermy go get a job and stop sitting on walls. Seriously that was just a ridiculous thing to say.

  50. Pitbull victim says:

    After 89 posts I am not sure anyone will read this, but I will have a go.

    I read with annoyance all the postings decrying the shooting of the pit bull today.
    As a recent victim of a pitbull attack myself, I can say the oficials were JUSTIFIED in shooting dead the Pitbull in question.
    I and my dogs were attacked by a pitbull in the early morning hours. Some moronic owner allowed his pitpull and terrier mix to roam freely in the area I walk my dogs in. It ran us down, faced off the smallest of my two dogs, and attcked- no warning- no provocation. PITBULLS have been BRED to be killers- yes proponents of the breed will say you can control them- but they are bred to kill- it is their design.
    To keep this brief, I wrestled it to the ground to keep it from tearing my dog apart- its instinct is to shake and tear tissue while bearing down with their jaws. I am 185 pounds and lean- I am not a weakling-and even though I was on its back holding it down on the road, it held on to my dog, even though I punched its spine repeatedly. I held back, not wanting to harm a dog- but then I had to do something SO I BIT it. Yes I bit hard, the first time, but harder the second, and it finally let go. I must have disoriented it a bit- I wished I had drawn blood, but as it was I picked hair out of my teeth afterwards.
    With my dogs in hand (yes they are small) I then had to kick this demon spawn in the ribs repeatedly- all my concern for it was now gone- it didn’t even flinch-if not for my extreme overt agression, I think it would have turned on me to- it finally sauntered off. The attack was reported, but I have no tag number to offer, I was too busy saving my dog- yes it was REGISTERED-or made to look so, as there was a tag on its collar.

    I hope if anyone else is ready to berate the police for taking action and killing a killing machine- they need to consider what is more important, to take out the dog, or let it kill a person or child (we had a child attacked recently too).
    I would not hesitate to shoot a pitbull in such a situation- now that I have experience with one. God Bless the police for taking quick responsible action- the RIGHT action.

    • Pitbull victim says:

      I am sorry for my poor proofreading of my comment above- please be aware there was a pitbull, and a second dog, a terrier type mix that were together when the attack I mentioned happened. My dog was attacked by a pure Pitbull.

      • Shell says:

        Dear Pitbull victim, I’m glad your small dogs survived the attack of that pitbull. I would like to mention that me and my dog was set upon by 2 white lab dogs, no pitbull mix, and I had to basically do the same thing. I beg to differ that all pit bulls are killers. I owned one for 10 years and he did not have an aggressive bone in his body. I would like to say some are raised to be dangerous for dog fighting and some are raised to be ‘pets’. Mine was raised as a pet.

    • wakeup says:

      i am sorry that that happened to you, but ignorant owners raise ignorant dogs. if you raise a pit bull with loving firmness and socialise it with other dogs they are one of the best pets to own. i got bit by a jack russell, so should i think all jack russels are demon spawn? no. its the owners who train them to be mean and attack people and other dogs that are the demon spawn. i would be willing to say that you got attacked by two dogs, owned by a demon spawn.

  51. Not Dopey says:

    Don’t be silly, this is not about the police or the Government, this is about a dog that was attacking people an as a result the police had to use lethal means to sudue the animal.

    Are they — the police and Goverment — the reason our sons are killing each other?What about our responsibilty as a the people of Bermuda.. I bet you think that we should just sit back and allow the police and Goverment to stop crime…

    They are the reason our sons are killing each other !

    Giving you and i tickets all day ? you are really a foolish person

    • Preto Plato says:

      According to most people it is the police and the government. Nothing to do with anything else. Not the parents who know their kids don’t work but take the money, not the brother who brings his younger brother into a life of crime, not the employer who won’t hire Bermudians because he can get a foreigner to work cheaper. None of their faults… Just the gov and the police.

      We’ve still got a long way to go.

  52. VTMRaynor says:

    Too bad for the whole situation, but, how many of you remember the incident in Gibb’s Hill Rd.area years ago, where the ‘family pet’ which happened to be a well trained and loved dog,(and possibly a champion Rottweiler showdog, i stand to be corrected), attacked the small child of the family because the owner reached out to greet the child first and not the dog. This was the first time the dog ever displayed aggressive behavior towards any of the family members. A bad case of jealousy on the dog’s behalf. The owner straight away put the dog sleep. So not not just ill-treated dogs attack. Your lil “pooch will too given a situation in its ‘doggie mind’ that may warrant it. And add to the fact that the first taste of blood to any is a ‘rush’. It will seek it again if its not properly taken care off.

    • VTMRaynor says:

      Also, let me add to this, again years ago, how many of you remember the two black labradors that were terrorising the Astwood Park area, and were supposedly “family pets”. Well let me tell you, these two dogs showed aggression to every and any one in the immediate area. They even attacked a neighbors elderly pitpull(emphasis on elderly and before the pitbull craze took off) where the pitbull through its injuries had to be put to sleep. Again well looked after dogs, never mistreated a day in their life.

  53. Terry says:

    Hello Bermy……how ironic………..

    Have another spliff.

  54. Terry says:

    Before I go and feed my cat. wonder what you all will say when a young man or a police officer is shot during a confrontation.

    Then again, I can read it all now.

    Safe weekend and remember only you can prevent bull……………………..

  55. Get Real says:

    I can’t believe some of the stupid comments I have read in this thread. Call for permission to shoot??? Shoot in the air??? Taze the dog???
    Whatever happened to right thinking people?
    I just can’t wait until some thug with a gun is shot by Police after threatening or actually shooting at them. It will be very interesting to read how critical of the police some people will be, mainly from not knowing the facts, or in the case here, not even reading the story properly before commenting.
    I have been in threatening situations in a previous life and believe me, your training takes over and you do what you have to do. Bullets travel faster than our brains work. And if I was the police officer faced with a dangerous dog attacking someone, then yes, the dog has to go.
    As mentioned above, no one dispatched an armed police officer specifically to this incident, some months ago it was announced that armed police will always be on patrol, with new officers being trained on an ongoing basis. Therefore it is logical that the officer that responded to this incident was already armed … and fortunately for the public in this case that was appropriate otherwise we may be lamenting the death of the dog warden and possibly members of the public as pit bulls do not let go until their prey is dead … trust me on that

  56. Terry says:

    911…how can I help you…….

    Derz a Policeman down and two chidlren here on Front Street……

    911….Is this an emergency?

    DE dog is biting and attacking another person………

    911…hang on I will give you the number to Endsmeet Animal Hospital and the SPCA. Sorry the Dog Warden is in hospital getting teeth extracted…..


    911….I can transefer you to PETA in Virginia……….

  57. SMH a million times says:

    After reading the above comments, I am hoping and praying that most of you didn’t have children!

    Are most of you not reading the fact that members of the public, the police, & dog warden were attacked by this dog at the request of it’s owner?

    I’m afraid to see the day when a gang member has a gun aimed at the police and they shoot the suspect first!

    Bermuda this is why we have found ourselves in this crisis.

    It seems as if there should be no punishment for acting the a**!!!

  58. Terry says:

    George Jones was shot and killed on Reid Street today……….No big deal……..Now a dog is shot………

    Where the hell is my needles and spliffs…………Please close comments…….

  59. Missy says:

    OK, everybody on here seems to be worried and concerned about the dog. But how is the person who was attacked by the dog?

    • VTMRaynor says:

      Missy, that’s exactly why I stated the above dog attacks, because some people put their animals(not just dogs), before human life.

  60. Test!! says:

    My Bermuda, this was unfortunately a test….and my god, you expect the police to act aggressively against these idiots and risk having to make such a split second decision. They would know exactly what to do, but already know the consequences, so instead, they will avoid it.

    You all have just showed the police what they have been wondering all along. You have also showed the criminal what side you all are on. You won’t name them because you all are afraid, but would quickly condemn the police for a similar action.

    Maybe the police should put the fear of god in everyone then we will be too scared to complain and then maybe they can deal evenly with the criminals.

    Make up your minds bermuda, and i am sure the police are reading all these blogs.

  61. sick n tired!!!!! says:

    OMG!!!!!! I can’t believe what I am reading!!!! Ok the owner of the dog has the dog attack the warden and in the process he and another innoent person are injured, and people are actually talking about did the officer have permission. Sooo when an officer comes on a scene of one of these thugs getting ready to shoot a colleague should he call and ask “Sir, the assailant has his gun drawn and at the person’s head with his finger on the trigger, can i shoot him?” Be for real people.

    I love dogs but DAMN, a dog is a dog and a human life is a human life!!!!!! Hint hint . . . pitbulls lock and kill!!!!! I hate to see what the reaction is going to be when an officer has to shoot one of the gangsters!!!!!!! GEESH!!!!!!!!!!

  62. smoke n mirrors says:

    I can’t believe that some ppl are trying to blame the police and dog warden for this! I hate to say it but, if the cops find themselves in a shoot out with a gang member and have to shoot to kill I hope we don’t get the same back lash against the police. If we do then we may as well hand over the country to the gangs because we will have finally made it clear what side of the law we are truly on!

  63. Bulldog says:

    The unfortunate thing is that many of you commenting don’t care what the facts are. You have your own axes to grind and this is your forum. At the end of the day the circumstances presented themselves where a policeman was FORCED to use a lethal option. Some of you think that the fact that he had to use that option won’t affect him. The officer would understand that the dog was only acting for the love, affection and approval of it’s owner. Be that as it may he couldn’t allow that dog to KILL someone. Under certain circumstances dogs are LETHAL WEAPONS and I think that this circumstance fits the bill and I hope that the charges that are laid on the owner reflect that.

  64. Regimental says:

    First several comments made me ashamed to be a bermudian, then finally the bermudians who had sense came forwards and showed just how STUPID the few first comments were. The dog bit and elderly male initial call, police and wardens attend and owner/ drug dealer praise dog each time it attempts to bite, owner runs off and releases dog on wardens and police and viciously attacks warden with intent to kill. After requests from police to owner to call off dog fail, police kill dog. WTF is the problem bda, get a fn life. Maybe next headline be better , dog kills warden as police stand there, really and we wonder why we can’t control violence here

  65. Real Talk says:

    139 comments about a dog being shot? Wow. Must be a slow day to the office (and all the bars are closed) I hope the people complaining about the dog getting shot aren’t the same folks calling for the cops to get tough on crime… Heaven forbid when they kick down the first door.

    Toughen up, Bermuda.

  66. NO RESPECT says:

    @ Missy

    The man in question is in quite alot of pain. The wounds he received are quite bad especially one on his arm, which is STILL bleeding as they cannot stitch it due to possibly causing infection. He also received wounds on his chest and knee as well. He is at home with his wife resting.

    He is a GOOD man and a part of my family so I would like to thank the folks on here who wish him well. I will surely tell him.

    • PEPPER says:

      I wish him well also..but can you go along with the banning of pit bulls ?

  67. Genghis Khan says:

    Who’s gonna save the world tonight?

    • Regimental says:

      It won’t be a bermudian because people complain when OTHER bermudians take any action. I pray for the victim and wish him well in his recovery. I also pray for the officers who had the balls to be the first officer to discharge a firearm as his actions are surely being scritinized by higher powers. I hope that officer is around when a 70 lb pitbull is ripping the flesh off my arm. And no I do not hate dogs or pitbulls as I am a dog owner and believe pit bulls do have a bad reputation due to idiot owners. I really can’t wait till the day that an officer HAS to end the life of another in self defense and yes Bermuda that day is soon approaching, then we will see this country’s true mindset

  68. Concerned says:


    For those that think pit bulls are aggressive by nature.

    And just to be clear, I don’t blame the cop for shooting the dog, whatever the breed. He did what he had to do!

    • crazytalk says:

      Well, Concerned, here is a report by the CDC for anyone who wants to read some facts for once. It’s entitled “Breeds of Dogs Involved in fatal Human Attacks”.
      I’ll save you the time it take to read it. Pit Bulls were way ahead of any other dog-type in the killing of humans during the 20-years study period. They accounted for 32% of all dog-attack deaths.





    Listen none of you where there and dont the circumstances….. People that make negative comments disgust me. KNOW THE FACTS BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING…

  71. It is what it is says:

    At the end of the day we all have different opinions and whether we agree with another individuals comment or not we should learn to RESPECT what they have to say…everybody has a voice and everybody has a right to say how they feel..we are never ever going to all agree on a certain subject but we should learn to “agree to disagree”…so much negative energy being poured out…name calling…WOW! it’s no wonder the island is in the state that it is in…….SMDH!!!!

    • Regimental says:

      Having an opinion and ridiculing the bps for saving a human life are two different thing, have an educated opinion don’t crIticize people that saved a life only because u got a ticket and all of a sudden hate all police officers. That’s the dopey bermudians we are dealing with

      • it is what it is says:

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion..educated or not…we are all unique individuals and our thought processes are different…I handle a lot of debates and mediations and the number one rule is RESPECT..no matter how ignorant or foolish that YOU think someones statement is you need to RESPECT what they have to say because EVERYONE is entitled to have a voice..you don’t necessarily have to accept what they have to say…my point was quite simply that all of the bashing and name calling is what I am finding ridiculous..what might ‘tickle your fancy’ may not have the same effect on another person…..

  72. Eyes wide open says:

    I see there is a comment posted that states the reason the warden and/or police were called was because the owner was seen BEATING the dog. If this is the case it’s too bad that the dog didn’t attack that low life vermin. Instead, the irony of it all is that once chase began that loyal animal was probably biting people because it perceived them to be of a threat to the owner, the same dirtbag that had just beaten it earlier. A dog is the most loyal animal in the animal kingdom and deserves more respect, clearly than most people! People like him don’t deserve the privilege of owning a dog and I hope he gets what’s coming to him and more!

  73. Rockfish#2 says:

    Two things trouble me:
    1. What is likely to be the public response if/when the police shoot/kill a human? Too many of these posts suggest a serious anti police backlash.

    2. Is it wise for the police to continue their “knock on every door” initative?

    If some of these posters imagined a family member, especially a toddler, being mauled by ANY dog, perhaps they may revise their opinions.
    The police were correct in shooting the dog!!

    • Regimental says:

      1. Response will be police should have pepper sprayed the person who shot at them nine times, even that will be seen as police brutality
      2. Yes and no, doesn’t seem to be working so far

  74. Catherine DL says:

    After so many posts – unlikely to be read – but for the record
    1. The dog warden is trained to control dangerous animals – and thank God he was – otherwise he would now have no arm. He knew how to pin the dog into a safe(r) position for himself.
    2. The dog was attached to his arm. If you tazer the dog, you tazer the dog warden as well.
    3. A dog bite of this nature is “Life threatening and limb threatening” – can result in overwhelming blood infection, can result in no blood supply to the arm.

    The police came and did their job. They certainly saved the arm, they possibly saved his life.

  75. Listen to me says:


    DOnt even get me started on what we could ban based on what people do. Some certain people seem to be the MAIN OFFENDERS in the crime in our country. Lets ban THEM.
    See what I mean? Its stupid to think like that.

    What needs to be done is hang the bastards who abuse dogs. People like Michael Vick are all over this island, illegally breeding pitbulls, bulldogs, alsatians and more, all to fight for sick pleasure. HANG THESE BASTARDS.

    Or let hungry starved dogs eat them alive.

    That would be lovely.


    Hmmm people die in cars. Lets ban cars. Hmmmm heart attacks kill , lets ban them.


    what pisses me off is that there are thousands of bastards who abuse dogs on this island, killing puppies, kidnapping kittens and cats and feeding them to aggressive dogs or using them as playtoys in the fighting pens. I hate these bastards with every fibre in my being. And if I ever see anyone abuse a dog, I will ensure that the WRATH OF GOD FLOWS THROUGH MY HANDS as I deal with them as JUSTICE COMMENDS.

    These bastards are everywhere. They are young, to old. They populate our schools, these stupid apes think its cool or tough to abuse dogs like that. These people should be hung with no compassion.

    WHat also pisses me off is that SO MANY FAMILIES AND PEOPLE KNOW who these culprits are, but so many of you freaks are related to one another that you are so pu$$ that you wont report your bredrins.

    Two things I hate. Cockaroaches and monsters. Cockaroaches must be crushed and monsters must be exterminated.

    I know a person who BRAGGED that their pitbull escaped and bit the testicles off an innocent horse. They laughed about it. It is sad I had to work with that person. It is scary that so many people hide a monster within themselves.

    ANyone who abuses a puppy and teaches it to kill kittens and puppies, is a sick sick bastard and I pray to God that they rot alive.

  76. YES MATE! says:

    Pitbulls are bred to be powerful and brave. They have to be trained by a human to kill.

  77. Terry says:

    Was gonna just walk away from this but I must admit I have never read so much negativity on one topic in a long time. Yes there are supporters of the Police action and there are those who have no clue what it is like wearing that uniform and being responsible for the Protection of Life and Property and all the end results as we have seen here.

    If the animal was attacking a child, opinions would be differant. Every situation is differant and text book theory’s go out the window. The officer made the right call. It’s a first and I think thats why so many feel the negativity of it. But thats part of the social problems in Bermuda today. Too much negativity and frustration having never been subjected to it in such fashion in our history.

    Yes other incidents of gunfire and death have occured over the years but not as blatant as have we seen in the past few years. The cycle has taken hold and we know whom and why it is occurring.

    ‘An individual is standing somewhere in Bermuda with an 18 month old child after a dispute. Officers arrive and they lash out at them. Words are exchanged. Dialogue begins. The individual slashes the childs stomach with the knife.’

    What would you do if you had a Tazer and a 9mm.

    You Tazer the individual..(say below the waist)….you Tazer the child. It in all likelyhood would die.

    Me? Well you think about it and how they may be standing, where, obstructions.

    Hard to think about and vision. All scenarios are differant and maybe a ‘pop’ to the back of the head or blow away their knees.

    And remember…it’s the slash to the stomach that causes a response.

    Safe weekend to all and hug your children and pets.

  78. Disgusted says:

    To all the ignorant comments please cease from doing so and get back to work!

  79. next? says:

    There may be a minority of true Pit Bull owners who are just dog lovers raising their pets well but unfortunately- the truth is 90% are scumbags who want the dog to raise their street cred- to make them a bigger man than they are.
    It’s such a shame because all dogs are intelligent, loyal creatures who will do as they are bid- even by complete idiots.
    My best wishes go to the injured dog warden. Jail time for the idiot owner please.

  80. ignorance is bliss says:

    I love it how all these people are saying they should have just tased the dog. End of the day the dogs being put down regaurdless. And to the idiot who said the police should have retreated I hope you get attacked by a pitbull n somebody just watches it. Hope you’ve had your tetinus shot

  81. KMHBermuda says:

    I’ve read a lot of negativity regarding the Police action in this case.OK…so they taser the dog…then what? Take it to the SPCA so that it can be adopted out as someone’s housepet? This dog, because of the way it was treated and trained, would eventually end up dead anyway. It would have either been killed in a dog fight or put down after attacking people. These dogs cannot be rehabilitated. Any loss of an animal’s life saddens me, but in this case the dog had no chance…even before this incident.

  82. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    I’m really tired of hearing nature vs nurture regarding pit bulls. Here’s something a lot of folk ignore: aggression CAN be a bred-in trait. Frequently, in the ‘fighting’ type breeds, it is. A friend of mine got a pit bull from a shelter because it wouldn’t fight and was abandoned (after having been extremely abused) as a pup. If it doesn’t fight, these thugs, who are breeding their dogs irresponsibly, don’t keep it around for long. They use the non-aggressive puppy as ‘practice’ for their other dogs, it’s true. So the dogs remaining in the gene pool will have aggressive tendencies. True, that training can dampen those, but frequently not even that takes it out of them completely. Incidentally, that puppy grew up in a nurturing and loving environment, and STILL wound up being put down for having bitten a child, without apparent provocation. So tell me, pundits- what happened there? The dog was well-behaved, well-socialized, well-trained, treated as a member of the family. This sort of thing CAN happen with any breed, true, but it happened in this story, and I like to think I learn from things. I’d never own one, not one whose bloodlines I didn’t know.

    Take for instance Springer spaniels. Lovely family pets, right? Well, usually. Many suffer from something called ‘springer rage’. They can unpredictably turn on their owner and/or human family. There is no ‘cure’, there is no training that will get them out of that mindset. There’s also no ’cause’- these springers are often raised in idyllic environments. This characteristic IS an inherited trait, and responsible breeders are doing their homework to ensure it’s bred out of the blood line. Now why would they take such pains to do that if aggression is entirely a ‘nature vs. nurture’ issue?

    I would no more own a springer than I would a pit bull, unless the breeder was certain there was no aggression in its line. Putting them ALL to death? No, too harsh and unthinking. But enough of the ‘bull’ about aggressive breeds, it’s not as simple as that which many of you have said. And right on, KMHBermuda, I totally agree. But let’s focus on the human damage and human issues at hand here too. This young thug didn’t use a gun, so he used his dog, in the same cowardly manner with which other guys use guns- so it made him no better. That dog was irredeemable, unfortunately- and would have lived to likely pass those traits to another generation. Frankly, I think the police did the right thing. And like it or not, they sent a powerful message of not accepting threats, be it a dog or a gun being aimed in their direction. Well done.

  83. Bermudian in Mexico says:

    Wow. Now he’s gone. Such a shame.