Officer Injured, Suspect Arrested, Dog Has Died

July 27, 2022

Police said that after they “attended a report of threatening behaviour outside of a popular Front Street Restaurant” the “suspect became aggressive and set his Pitbull Terrier on one of the officers” and “whilst being restrained the animal subsequently died” and the “officer has been transported to KEMH via ambulance” while the “suspect has been arrested and detained.”

A police spokesperson said, “Around 12:44pm on Wednesday 27th July, 2022, Police attended a report of threatening behaviour outside of a popular Front Street Restaurant.

Bermuda Police July 2022

“The suspect was approached by attending officers. Whilst talking to police, the suspect became aggressive and set his Pitbull Terrier on one of the officers. The dog grabbed a hold of the officer’s arm and did not let go.

“The officer eventually got free of the dog and restrained it, to avoid having the dog attack anyone else. Whilst being restrained, the animal, subsequently died.

“The officer has been transported to KEMH via ambulance, where he is receiving treatment for his injuries. The suspect has been arrested and detained.

“Police are asking anyone who may have been in the area and witnessed the incident to call 211.”

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  1. Aggrevated says:

    A dog today your sons tomorrow.

    • Irritated @ Aggrevated says:

      And Aggrevated the day after tomorrow

    • Will says:

      I wonder what you would do if a dog attacked and latched on to you or someone you love?

      • sage says:

        The officer should have released the chokehold pressure when the dog lost consciousness not maintain it until the dog died, loss of consciousness happens in 10-20 seconds death takes longer a properly executed choke hold restricts blood flow to the brain which on release returns and consciousness returns slowly, if air flow is choked the trachea can be damaged and prevent recovery. Judging by the wording of the headline no lessons will be learned.

    • Payattention says:

      So what do you suggest the officer do while the dog is tearing a hole in his arm?…rock him to sleep??

    • saud says:

      If your sons behave like dogs…what do you expect?
      Be a parent.

      • sage says:

        So if people behave “like dogs” police should choke them to death?

        • Cricket match says:

          I would ignore that blogger. Racism is alive and strong in them. Happy Emancipation Day Bermuda.

          • saud says:

            Racism is alive…and perpetuated by the PLP government, and the majority of Bermudians.
            You’re also homophobic and xenophobic.
            This has all been documented in news media all over this planet.

        • saud says:

          If you raised someone who acts like a rabid dog, you should both be put down.
          You’re ridiculous, racist and homophobioc…as usual.

  2. BIGGA says:

    Come on dude! If indeed this is what happened, you’re making good dog owners look bad. the dog has paid for the sins of its owner.

    • Tmj says:

      Exactly! I’m a dog lover and this is so sad

    • Errin says:

      I agree

    • trufth says:

      This guy was NOT A GOOD DOG OWNER! Not all people should own dogs!

      I am an animal lover and my heart goes out for this dog who was bred to be this way. This was the action of the $hitty owner of the dog, not the dog.

      But fear not, this guy will be out walking free in no time, no animal abuse charges. Bermuda ALLOWS animal abuse.

  3. Deborah says:

    This is sad! Very sad…curious though to know how dog restrained.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Ask any of the local vets how they’re trained to ‘restrain’ an out of control pit bull if one goes berserk in their clinic.
      Sounds like this guy knew the technique but it’s a very fine line to walk if you have to employ it. Bad things can happen .

      • sage says:

        In all the years of jujitsu competition from the late 1800′s, no one has died from a chokehold after being put to sleep. When the subject loses consciousness you release pressure restoring bloodflow to the brain.

    • Goose says:

      In a headlock

    • sage says:

      Choked to death I am guessing.

  4. maddog says:

    See, this is why these dogs have a bad reputation…..IDIOT IGNORANT human owners. Poor dog….is likely better off now. RIP fella. And don’t be blaming the Police either….it’s not their fault. Fault lies directly at the feet of the IDIOT IGNORANT HUMAN OWNER. Sorry to say it…but please put the ban back on the breed….clearly our people are not responsible enough, and the animals end up suffering.

    • trufth says:

      I’d rather we ban horrible people. That would put an end to animal abuse and probably a lot of other bad things too.

      Totally agree, this dog suffered BECAUSE of his IDIOT IGNORANT ‘HUMAN’ OWNER!

  5. Observer says:

    Great! Here we are trying to promote tourism and business in Bermuda. Our island needs a serious psychological examination.

  6. maddog says:

    “aggrevated” you are exactly the problem – No accountability on the dog owner right? it’s all the police’s fault for trying to protect themselves from a dog breed known to kill people – what you want them to do, use a fly swatter? The owner is a MORON and so are you. Poor dog….it’s not the dog’s fault – these people do not deserve to have a dog, or frankly…. children!

    • Gg says:

      That’s the problem in Bermuda people are racist even against a dog so what if its breed that’s like saying because your a white man your a slave owner the cooler of his skin has nothing to do with The choice of his ancestors there is no excuse for killing the dog because of its breed you see someone with a dog call spca and let damn bring proper equipment so that they can restrain the dog instead of playing judge and executioner you not a dogcatcher your police you’re not qualified to handle any dog they where dead wrong

  7. JM says:

    The dog didn’t have to die. This is so sad. The person that became belligerent was wrong for setting the dog loose on the officer. People use dogs for the wrong reasons. I’m a dog lover and this makes me so sad. I also pray that the officer is doing ok.

  8. Lisa says:

    I saw him today with the dog and if it’s the same person he was walking it with no leash in the hot sun. Shame on him to do that to a dog.

  9. sage says:

    Why not just say the officer killed the dog by choking it out, or did the dog have heart failure on biting the officer. Hope he is ok and the owner is held to account.

  10. Total bs says:

    What most likely happened was that the dog came to the owner’s defense because of how he was being treated by the police and that’s why the officer was attacked by the dog. And as Bermuda police are the worst at de-escalating tense situations they ended up causing the death of an animal. Total bs!

    • Ben says:

      Total bs… Your comment is indeed…total BS

      • Total bs says:

        The dog essentially died while in police custody. They are supposed to trained to deal with this kind of thing except they made matters worse by having attended the call as per usual.

  11. Just Saying says:

    So they are supposed to let the dog chew on the Police officers arm. “A dog today your sons tomorrow”. What an ignorant statement to make. The dog was dangerous and out of control, do to an irresponsible owner. SMH!

  12. Maddog says:

    Total bs you are talking bs…ask yourself why any sane person or responsible dog owner would have a pit in Hamilton at this hour…that’s what’s wrong with you lot…no accountability for anything it’s always some one else’s fault…the poor dog pays the price for its owners bs…now that is BS

    • Total bs says:

      People travel with their dogs walking through airports etc and this guy is to blame because he was out walking his dog freely? One must question the true extent of his offense which led to calling the police in the first place and was it really warranted or were people just overreacting because he had a “pit bull”?

  13. fidel says:


  14. Lilly says:

    He was a good dog

    • Lisa says:

      Very sad. Hurts my heart that I saw the dog walking so obediently with the guy no leash but calm as ever. Really pisses me off. Hope it didn’t suffer.

  15. Jeanann says:

    The rules are no dogs in the city of Hamilton. People walk their dogs in Hamilton all the time AND some dogs poop in the City of Hamilton AND some owners do not clean it up. Dogs at Harbour Nights all the time. Pit bulls have had bad owners. The dogs are good dogs turned bad. Like children good and turned bad. If pit bulls are walked all the time in the City, the owner would get a funny look, not the same look as an owner walking a poodle. Sort out NO DOGS in HAMILTON. Just needs to be posted and enforced.

  16. Lady says:

    This guy need to be dealt with to the full extent of the law. Lock his backside up and make an example of him to other idiots who think its COOL to walk an unleashed Pitt Bull through the streets of Hamilton at High NOON no less, acts like an a..hole with his threatning behaviour, then set the dog on the police causing serious injury to his arm, it takes 6 other officers to subdue this pr..k all while traffic is stopped while tourists watch in horror. Yeah that how it happened! Lock this dumb donkey up. Sorry for the animal and the injured cop. Dont blame the dog breed, a German Shepard would have done the same thing.

  17. Gerald says:

    Woof woof

  18. Davie Kerr says:

    As the old saying goes, “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.”
    As I see it, the blame here lies solely with the dog’s owner. Dogs do not naturally attack humans: they have to be trained so to do. There is no suggestion that the officer was in any way threatening the dog owner: the dog owner took it upon himself to set his dog on the officer, and the innocent dog unfortunately paid for it with its life.