John Barritt Announces OBA Shadow Cabinet

May 19, 2011

Today [May 19] One Bermuda Alliance Leader John Barritt announced a new Shadow Cabinet  featuring a broad mix of former United Bermuda Party and Bermuda Democratic Alliance Parliamentarians.

Former BDA leaders and newly appointed Senators Craig Cannonier and Dr. Kathy Michelmore both found themselves taking on key Shadow portfolios — Sen. Cannonier is Shadow Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry while Sen. Michelmore has been appointed Shadow Health Minister.

A statement issued by the party said it would also be pursuing the BDA concept of creating “shadow boards” made up of members of the Bermuda public to advise its Parliamentary spokesmen.

“The One Bermuda Alliance is committed to involving as many people as possible who have the desire to put Bermuda first,” said the communique. “As a way of accomplishing this, each Shadow Minister will be responsible for developing shadow boards.

“OBA Leader John Barritt will, in the coming weeks, be announcing the chairpersons of those boards who will act as spokespersons outside Parliament on issues that fall within the remit of the Shadow Ministry.”

The appointments are as follows:

  • Deputy Leader Senator Craig Cannonier: Shadow Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Senator Michael Dunkley: Shadow Minister for National Security
  • Senator Dr. Kathy Michelmore: Shadow Minister for Health
  • Trevor Moniz: Shadow Attorney General and Minister of Justice
  • Bob Richards: Shadow Minister for Finance
  • Dr. Grant Gibbons: Shadow Minister for Education
  • Patricia Gordon-Pamplin: Shadow Minister for Business Development, Tourism and Transport
  • Mark Pettingill: Shadow Minister for Public Works and Housing
  • Cole Simons: Shadow Minister for Environment, Planning & Infrastructure
  • Donte Hunt: Shadow Minister for Youth Sports & Community Development
  • Shawn Crockwell: Whip, and spokesman for Public Administration and Reform
  • Louise Jackson: Spokesperson for Seniors and Social Services/Financial Assistance

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  1. ElectionTime says:

    … Now all we need is an election.

    • Black Soil says:

      The PLP will loose. They have just been the out of touch elitist like the UBP.

  2. Brian says:

    The UBP would never admit to the damage that they did to the education system by implementing the Middle school/high school system. Will the former UBP ministers admit the mistakes now? Will the OBA come up with a better plan? Like a school system that works and has shown results. Like the Netherlands school system (primary, middle and highschool together on one property with no interference from the Ministry of education, much like the private school system). Yes it will take money to make the change but I think education is worth it. The PLP seem to think education needs less money instead of more but education is our first line of defence against ignorance.
    I have my doubts with Grant Gibbons as the Education Shadow minister.

    • #confused says:

      UBP implemented the current system but the PLP have been enforcing it. PLP have been in power long enough to correct it.

      I am not a suporter the UBP

    • Michael D says:

      The UBP education minister at the time your are refering to I believe Brian, was the hon. Gerald Simons, and is currently President of Argus Insurance. That horrible mess had nothing to do with Dr. Gibbons. That lot went out a long time ago. What you should ask yourself, is why the PLP hass promised to change the system since 1998, and done nothing.

      • Brian says:

        Sorry Michael,
        I acctually spoke to Grant Gibbons about the education system a few years ago (one on one) and he refused to admit it was a mistake and went so far as to say that it was the right thing to do.

    • Dog Lover says:

      I think the school system in itself is not the problem. Middle school has it’s place and could work here. What is clearly not working in Bermuda and in my opinion it part and parcel of the gang phenomenon in which we have found ourselves in is Zoning of schools. Zoning our kids is indirectly creating gangs. ie. If a child is from Somerset, he goes to nursery, preschool, primary, middle school all in Somerset. If they are not involved in any activities which will cause them to interact with others their age throughout the island, they stay within their clicks “gangs”. So then after you tell them to spend the firt 1/4 of their lives hanging around the same people, you then say, “hey everyone now go up to Cedar Bridge or Berkley and get along” It doesnt work.
      When we were going to school you had kids from all over the island going to school together. Kids from St. Davids went Sandys and vice versa. That’s what needs to change. Get rid of zoning

  3. #confused says:

    I’m confused.

    If this is a new party, where are the NEW shadow ministers, these are all former UBP members, except one.

    I want NEW, FRESH ideas, not that of the UBP or PLP.

    • Mike says:

      On a practical note, there just aren’t enough people around to provide a fresh faced set of politicians. Sad I know, but fact.

      They are only ex-UBP if you think of them in that way. Who knows how many of them were locked into UBP thinking and unhappy with it?

      Who knows what they are capable of?

      Give them a chance.

      • #confused says:

        Are you serious? The population of Bermuda must be 90% stupid if you want me to believe that.

        There are many sucessuful business men and woman who can and should form a party. Please dont insult my intelligence.

        What do you mean, They are only ex-UBP if you think of them in that way? Either they are or they aren’t!

        Their membership cards states that they are!

  4. Flikel says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the looks like a UBP shadow cabinet to me.

    Where is the change? We have two new senators in Cannonier and Michelmore, but the rest of the folks are simply carry overs of the ‘pre split’ UBP.

    I dont see much change here.

    • Brian says:

      There are former UBP shadow ministers because the majority of the shadow ministry must come from elected members of Parlament.

      • #confused says:

        Then have a Bi Election, if they are gaining votes like the Royal gazette implies, there would be no problem

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      They can’t actually pick a shadow cabinet that does not consist of elected MPs. And there hasn’t been an election since all this reconfiguration. So of course they are the same faces.

      Sorta like how Premier Cox says she is “resetting the dial” and “recalibrating government” but all I see is the same faces that upheld the previous shady administration…

      Same sh*t…different Pawteeeee

      • Flikel says:


        This is not true. Cannonier and Michelmore are not elected MPs, yet they are in the shadow cabinet.

        • Scott says:

          they are allowed to pick 1 or 2.. hence we had col burch

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          Very true.
          On the other hand if the OBA put a bunch of neophytes in the shadow cabinet at this point in time some will be saying how can we trust a bunch of no-experienced beginners.

          Instead we have people complaining about basically the same set-up.

          Just state your true opposition to the party.


          • LOL (original) says:

            It’s the stigma that the PLP put on all opposition you nailed it Tired.


          • #confused says:

            I am a 30 year old black successful woman, I do not own my own home, I work hard for my money and I support my child with out the assisstance of the government.

            I was one of the young individuals who 12 years ago voted the PLP into power under the premise that they was the black party. This was instilled in me by black parents. At the last election I did not vote for the PLP, for that very reason. Being black doesnt make you right.

            For the past 12years I have seen the UBP go from a solid party to dissolved party. Why? Not because they are white, there are many black members.

            The problem with both parties is that they forgot who voted then into their positions! The working class.

            My problem with this new party, OBA, they are all UBP members, white and black, yet they failed to listen again, we didnt ask for old members, we demanded new ones!!

            FYI, my best friend is white.

            • Brian says:

              Hi #confused,
              One of the OBA’s mandates is to listen to “the people” and allow for referendums to be held over important issues. This should mean that they are will to listen.

              I am not a part of the party by the way. Just telling you what I’ve read.

            • Rich says:

              Some legitimate points but I think the best response is that this is an interim shadow Cabinet. Clearly, whoever becomes the permanent leader in 4 months’ time will reconfigure the shadow cabinet as he or she sees fit. John Barritt has made it clear that he will step down if need be to get the new leader in the House.

              Furthermore, the OBA’s constitution uses a very robust candidate selection process which ensures that all MPs have to fight to stay in. It was drafted entirely to prevent the kind of stasis that has traditionally plagued both main parties. This means that the OBA caucus may actually turn out to be significantly less UBPish come election time.

              Also, you’re probably correct re: both parties becoming less working class, but in defence of the PLP over the last 10 years, I think the same can be said about the community in general. Bermuda is becoming far less working class and far more bourgeois. There are far less tradesmen and labourers and far more bankers and risk managers. However lamentable it may be, those historic voting trends simply will not continue into the future.

            • LOL (original) says:

              FYI, my best friend is white.

              Oh this is the type of line people love to run into the ground it’s happened to me because I said I was married to a black lady and also note that a cretin Senator says this type of stuff all the time. Oh well it must have some relevance…..
              “we didn’t ask for old members, we demanded new ones!!” we also demanded experience sort of difficult to have all new people although I would like to get ride of the old grudges but it seem as these people go out they create new ones all the time.

              “I was one of the young individuals who 12 years ago voted the PLP into power under the premise that they were the black party. This was instilled in me by black parents. At the last election I did not vote for the PLP, for that very reason. Being black doesn’t make you right.”

              As a white person I was told that the PLP did not like white people since all my friends were black I just did not vote till 1998 and voted at the time was right I felt the UBP was to complacent. Just the PLP reached that point almost as soon as they were elected and the racial insults have been too much for me to consider voting for them for now. OBA I hope goes after policy and practices inclusiveness in all things with equality as the base of its decisions this is something I would vote for. The PLP have not shown me that even though I know not all of the members dislike white the fact that they did not publicly say that is the problem for me. For example LV, Rolf, Derrick, Hott 107.5 and company, Doc Brown have said some nasty things over the years and I have yet to hear anyone say hey you know what enough is enough with that type of talk. Don’t get me wrong talking about race is ok shoving it at others with ill intent is another. For years I did not even think the Government of Bermuda was even talking to me (whites) when they addressed the country with the “Real Bermudians” talk. Just so every one know being white doesn’t make you right either.


  5. Terry says:

    #confused says…..It’s a new party. They are new ‘shadow ministers’.

    Guess what!!! I am sure you enjoy a Dark & Stormy but soon you’ll enjoy blackrum and coke.

    Let it go dood.

    If your Mother marries another man….she’s still your Mother…….jingus……..

  6. joe says:

    @Brian: Don’t forget that the one high school policy of the UBP was arrived at after a couple of years and what was Bermuda’s most in depth and community wide consultation to date at that time, the EPT (Education Planning Team). It went on to recommend the single school concept and much of the island was in favour. Like all things, however, its implementation was not according to plan. We went on and built another Berkeley thereby segregating the black community and allowing many who would otherwise have had a stake in the one school system, to turn their backs on it. However, that is the past.
    Rather than the new cabinet I think what is more important here is the use of shadow boards; bringing in a broader range of talent (and stakeholders) to help drive our increasingly moribund island forward.
    Look beyond the people: I am seeing a glimmer of a ‘Bermuda Spring’ -people power and openness which we have never had from our paternalistic and patronizing political system.

    • Rockfish says:

      I don’t recall much of the Island being in favor of the single school concept – I for one participated in the march on Parliment back in 1995 through the streets on town.

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        But it was the PLP who demanded change in the ’90s to the “white supremacist” education system and if I recall correctly they also supported this change at the time from the english dominated curriculum to the BSSC..

        • Brian says:

          Tired of nonsense, you are 100% corret.
          I’m glad someone remebers :)

          • Brian says:

            It’s a pity I never learned how to spell in school lol

        • Bermyman says:

          Changing the curiculum was a very dumb idea. Why would you not want to keep something that is internationally recognised and already has a high standard? Oh, I forgot because England repesents some sort of repression and white supremacy? But both black and white people in the UK learn the same curriculum. Blaming everything on Race, really is the sole reason why we have soooooo many problems in Bermuda right now. It really is, from peoples attitudes to the decisions that are made. I think the PLP government honestly is probably the most damaging thing to ever happen in this tiny Island’s History. In terms of socio economic backward movement, we are almost at the brink of our own demise, with most people too ignorant to understand it. Sometimes I actually wish the UK did run this country becaus we sure as hell struggle to run it on our own!

          • Tired of nonsense says:

            It always amuses me about the desire to rid Bermuda of any English based culture/heritage and cut any and all ties with the great oppressor.

            But yet most of these same individuals are die hard fans/supporters of the “evil empire’s” sports (i.e. football and cricket).

            They just can’t make up their minds…

  7. Scott says:

    a business owner for economy/trade/industry?
    a DR for health?
    economist for finance?
    a lawyer for minstry of justice?

    people with experience in the respective ministries being picked??? say it isnt so? this will confuse the PLP and their ouija board picks…

    • Saddened ... says:

      Laugh Out Freakin Loud Scott!!!! HAAAAA!!!!

  8. Jim Bean says:

    Well said Scott – I am looking forward to seeing the new faces on the shadow boards. also i suspect there may be some resignations in due course to make way

  9. WOW a new shadow cabinet….2 new members of the UBP ….Craig and Kathy… Change….really???? does not seem to be much differences…..Where is the real Change ??

    • Scott says:

      lol did you not read prior comments? or just in general know how the govt works? You have to be an MP to be a minister (excluding 1or 2). Therefore the OBA has to have a mix of those with seats…

      think before you speak stupidness

    • Mike says:

      The real change is yet to come, i.e. voting out the PLP.

      Thirteen years and achieved what? College tuition you still have to pay for? This lot couldn’t do any worse than the PLP.

  10. TJ says:

    This cabinet looks exactly the same as it was before. Someone please tell me what’s the diffrence. A broad mix? Are they serious?!

    • Scott says:

      do people read comments before posting???

  11. Tired of nonsense says:


    Yes Brian I agree that how some “conveniently” forgot that little snippet of BDA’s history. I remember, and I was young back then, about how the education system (Cambridge curriculum I believe, but definitely English) was just another facet of UBP white supremacist and colonialism polluting the minds of young black Bermudians. They shouted from the roof tops that this system must be changed…

    The UBP listened and it was changed as the PLP and parts of the public demanded. The BSSC was introduced and the threat of white supremacist education was “eliminated.”

    Fast forward 15 years or so later, guess what the PLP just did to improve the edumacation system?

    Answer: Re-implemented/re-introduced an English based/developed/formulated Curriculum (i.e. Cambridge)…BWAHAHAHAHHAAH

    How funny that some zealots seem to forget or willfully ignore this piece of history…funny and telling…

  12. Hmmmmm says:

    No matter how you spin this, it is not change. Until this Shadow Cabinet and this Party publicly say that they killed the UBP for more than its damaged name brand this is not real change. If they want the votes of a supposedly disillusioned electorate then they need to admit some things. They need to say that their focus on travel, trappings and tailored suits and not issues was wrong. They need to say that their creation of middle schools and the two senior secondary school system was wrong and has gutted neighbourhood feeling in this country. They need to say that they were the Party of business only, content that the majority settle for economic crumbs but they now know that there are groups in this country that need to be empowered economically. They need to say that using black men and then discarding them is no more in their Party. They need to say that they were the weakest Opposition in living memory and that the Royal Gazette filled that void but that they will now fight right; prepare for debates and not leave the heavy lifting to a newspaper. Real change means having the courage to change more than the logo.

  13. Terry says:

    @ Tj….your confused.

    You sound like Old Mother Hubarcox. Similar Cabinet but this one is full of protein, fibre,and Coke.

    The other Cabinet across the Isle is full of empty cartons, expired consumption dates and the writing on the packages is fading through lack of transparency.

    Now who’s gonna sing along with me ‘Pati cake Pati cake’..come on…you can do it…

  14. Honestly says:


    • Dog Lover says:

      SO let me get this straight, you are admitting the PLP are crap but because its “only” been 13years of it we can afford to have more of the same crap for atleast another 17years to match UBP’s crap?? Im just trying to understand.

    • Rich says:

      I agree. The UBP with their stupid balanced budgets and lower taxes and sustainable debt levels …

    • Bermudian@heart.. says:

      maybe so but the point would be to vote the p.l.p. out so that they get the same message that was s ent to the u.b.p. back then . u.b.p got deaf and ignored the peoples concerns so they got voted out, now the p.l.p. is doing the exect same thing over and over and we need to get the message across we the people put them there we the people vot them out it just canot get any worse believe me..

  15. Jim Bean says:


    “For example, it is natural to feel some sense of loss at giving up a lifelong association or a more recent commitment that held such promise. Past members of the UBP can reflect on that party’s long list of achievements – from desegregation of schools, the creation of Bermuda College, CURE legislation, health care and pension legislation, sound economic management and full employment to name but a few. On the other hand, I recognize that other people will continue to see the UBP associated with a historical legacy of white privilege, and the failure to do enough to benefit the black Bermudian and Portuguese community.

    Even today, the legacy of slavery, segregation and institutionalized racism persists. As a former member of the UBP and as a member of the wider Bermuda community, I recognize and acknowledge this and carry into the OBA the commitment to work for an equitable and fair community.

    Hopefully, our actions today and going forward will resonate and find echo with the many who have been turned off by the same old, same old UBP/PLP dynamic that has dominated our politics. It is from this that we turn away today.

    The OBA welcomes people who have been discouraged and disillusioned by the old, tired ways of doing politics and who are looking for a new home to chart a new course for change.

    We invite them to come forward now at the beginning to help shape the OBA and the direction it takes.”

  16. smoke n mirrors says:

    WOW! The OBA looks like a who’s who of the UBP! Is anyone really buying this game of musical chairs!? Enough of the shell games! I don’t trust any of these parties but are u really trying to convince us that a party name change has transformed your core heart and mind set?! The OBA, liked the UBP and PLP only seem to have as their primary motive, winning and keeping the seat of power and I’m disgusted by ALL of u! Just because u have a feel good slogan “put Bermuda first” means nothing when all any of u ever do is attempt to undermine your opposing parties, no matter how valid their ideas may be for the good of the country! Don’t any of u geniouses know that when u choose to sabotage each other for your own political gain, u actually hamper and restrict the growth and prosperity of Bermuda as a whole! You think its more important to attack the other side in order to make yourselves appear more viable and appealing instead of working together on things in unity to truely “put Bermuda first”. U politicians aren’t genuinely concerned about Bermuda first….all u want is the best marketing campaign to get and or keep power! An alarming percentage of white people do nothing but demonise the PLP and an alarming percentage of black people do nothing but demonise the UBP/OBA. U all care about preserving your own positions as opposed to preserving Bermuda as a whole! I vote hell no to all of u smoke n mirror, slight of hand, shell game, barnum n bailey circus act, rain dancing frauds! Do us all a favor and go back to whatever jobs/careers u had before political life and stop trying to get your hooks in the prestige, power, position and financial perks of being apart of the Bermuda government!

  17. Face the Nation says:

    These folks are Scared of their own Shadow , Boo … PLP will keep them Scared , for a shadow has no backbone , no substance , no anything …

  18. Keeping it Real!! says:

    Most of blacks that have access, wealth, and “positions” are like manikins in the shopping mall of so called democracy. These manikins cannot talk without deviating from party line, these manikins cannot walk without being tied to party affiliation. We have black people in positions of power that don’t have power. We have blacks in positions that we think are giants in our community but in the company of their rich white counterparts they are midgets. We can’t have the same white people that have rejected us in the past under one umbrella will reject us again under a different umbrella. We have former UBP members that are now a part of OBA that have become very wealthy and politically powerful off the backs of injustice. Injustice in the 1980s and 1990s under a UBP government that pushed a white, rich, and privilege people’s agenda. They pushed the development of Front Street and not all streets in the city. These people are still involved in the new party. The problem is not necessarily the UBP joining up with the BDA and calling the merger a new party. The problem is having the same group of men that were involved in the UBP system when they did not hide their racist agenda now involved in this “new” party. These same men knew that if they stayed under the UBP umbrella that their chances of being reelected were nearly impossible. So these smart group of men convinced BDA to merge. It was never about doing what is right for Bermuda. It’s about doing whatever it takes to get back in power.

    I don’t mean for this to sound racial but take it however you want to. This move is similar to the Tea Party racist motives against the US President. What are the true motives why the UBP joined with the BDA to create a new party? It’s to return power back to the rich and white agenda while sprinkling some blacks in the mix.

    Also, I don’t care if there were blacks in the UBP or blacks in the OBA. As long as these blacks are in the company of the rich and privileged white men that were once involved in racist agenda of the UBP these blacks will always be midgets in the company of their counterparts.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      So you are advocating segregation then?

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Just out of curiosity, can you list the “racist policies” that these individuals legislated/pursued in the ’80s and ’90s that caused what you perceive to be “injustices?”

      And also what similarities does this group portray that reflects the USA’s Tea Party movement? Is it just a color correlation thing only? If not how are they Tea Partyesque?

      Personally you seek like the type of person that will call any political party with more than one or two whites involved as racist. So it is no wonder that you seem to call for the segregation of political parties.

      • Keeping it Real says:

        No one said anything about segregation. I’m specifically calling out a group, a small group, of men that happen to be white and were directly involved in the UBPs agenda when they were in power of pushing a privileged white men’s only boys club agenda. That’s all. These elements caused three former members of the UBP to leave including the chairman and I am not talking about the members that started BDA.

        All I’m saying is that as long as these members are running the show in the public eyes or behind the scene their black counterparts will not be as important as they think they are. I never, not even ONCE, in my post showed my support for the PLP because they are not without fault either. My support was for the BDA that moved away from having anything to do with these group of men only to reunite with them again. I never, not even ONCE said anything about whites as a whole or anything racist. I did not say white women or whites outside the group in which I’m talking about. As soon as a black person calls a spade a spade talks about an injustice brought on by whites they are labeled racist. I’m calling out a few men that most in the black community would love to see leave politics so we can vote for an opposition that has no members that have been tainted by racial politics. Do you know who that party was? It was the BDA. It was the three people that started the BDA. They could have built on what they started and not reunite with the UBP. How could you possibly understand where I’m coming from?

        About the Tea Party comment. I did not say the members of this group potray that of the Tea Party. I’m saying a good number of their supporters are like the Tea Party supporters. There have been racial undertone comments made by lots of supporters in previous post. Some of the things that were said about the former premier was racist. At the same time there are supporters of the the PLP that are just like the supporters of the UBP/OBA with their racist fear tactics also. I also said the problem is not having the UBP merge with the BDA. I said the problem was having the same GROUP OF MEN that were involved in the UBPs agenda of pushing the privileged boy club involved in the new party. What is racist about that? I did’t even say the problem was UBP or other whites in the UBP.

        Come on, read what I said. The post was about a certain group and I never said anything racist.

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          Fair enough.

          But what about the policy question. What policies of the 1980s and 1990s were part of a racist agenda that you perceive to have committed injustices against you and yours? This is an honest question. Because I hear this all the time but cannot seem to connect the dots.

          And as far your statement, “How could you possibly understand where I’m coming from?” I can ask you the same question. I understand that many in this island have been taight/brainwashed to believe that all whites do not and have never struggled in life. Well, as I have said, many times on this site before, my family and myself are the anithesis to such stereotyping.

          So how could you possibly understand where I’m coming from?

          • Keeping it Real!! says:

            First, I don’t understand where you were coming from when you were attacking me basically calling me racist talking about segregation. That comment took what I said to an entire new level.

            Also I do understand where you’re coming from when you make the comment that some people believe whites have never had to struggle in life. I understand because that is a very unfair comment or assumption to make. I understand because you and others took that same assumption about my post that it was racist when it was not.

            Second, I never mentioned racist policy’s I said racial injustice. The injustice was clear that the agenda or ‘policy’ as you want to call it was to promote a rich, privileged, white men’s agenda only. That is a racial injustice and the fact that they did address other racial issues particually institutionalized racism that is an injustice. But PLP are not without their injustices also. I mentioned UBP because this article is related to their merger with the BDA. When time comes I will address the injustice of the PLP.

            I hope you can see that in no way my intentions were racist. I’m going to change my question and say I hope you can understand where I’m coming from. Because I’m all about One Love for all Bermuda and I am not afraid to address racial injustices.

            • Keeping it Real!! says:

              I meant to say that they did not address other racial issues in the above post. The second paragraph

            • Tired of nonsense says:

              In your original post it almost sounds as you are stating that blacks should not work with whites because they will be considered “midgets” and sell-outs. As you can see by another reply (brian’s below) that I am not the only one that has interpreted in that manner. That was what the segregation quip was related.

              But if it was construed incorrectly I take your word for it. It seems that most posts on blogs etc can easily be misinterpreted, accidentally or purposefully, to fit into another’s argument/rebuttal/agenda.

              Anyways, I am glad we came to an understanding from our misinterpretations. Because I get severely irritated when people look at my skin color and automatically assume my family is an IB executive with multiple homes in the most affluent areas of the island.

              When the truth of the matter is my mother and I have rented for over 15 years because we can’t afford a piece of our own home country. I am the first one in my family to ever attend a post-secondary educational institution and had to work 80+hours a week during the summer months in order to attend. So I apologize if I get defensive, but it is tiring to be constantly stereotyped by individuals that have never even said boo to me before in their lives. I imagine it is the same way the blacks feel when the same happens to them.

              Enjoy your weekend and look forward to holding further discussions with yourself.

              • Keeping it Real!! says:

                See we do understand each other. I totally get where you’re coming from.

                When I say they are migets in the company of their counterparts is because the group of men I am talking about are giants. These men I am talking about are economically, socially and politically giants in the community. So when black people who think highly of themselves (not humble) in the company of these men they are actually less important then they think they are. I say midgets to bring them back to down to earth.

    • Brian says:

      So Black and White people working together for a commmon cause is a bad thing.
      Thats “Prgressive “thinking for you.

    • Scott says:

      LOL this is NOTHING like the tea party because they openly make racist statements and attack issues that dont affect governing.. ie birth certificates, religious background, parental nationality..etc…

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        My point exactly. The Tea Party uses nothing but false fear mongering in order to drum up support by instilling fear of what “will” happen if there opponent attain power.

        Kinda like the above posters and others who state that if any white people gain any sort of position of power in Bermuda that the black population will be doomed and they they will somehow be oppressed, repressed and enslaved.

        Lets not forget the 2007 election where how many stupid and downright racist comments were made by the PLP against the UBP and whites in general:

        “They (whites) want to lock us all up. It’s True”
        “A vote for them is a vote to put shackles back around our feet”
        “A vote for them is a vote back onto the plantation”

        The PLP and its supporters who campaign in such a manner are the epitomy of Tea Party thinking and rhetoric. But because in the US they are primarily white they can just correlate them to white Bermudians. You better check yourself and your actions first before making such accusations.

        So just accept that is is people that act and think like that that are Bermuda’s very own Tea Party. It must suck for you that you and certain elements of your party are no different than the worst elements of the USA’s white dominated Tea Party. You are no different than those racist whites. And you are so blinded by your hatred that you can’t even see it. Sad

        • LOL (original) says:

          1+ Been saying that for a while but I’m getting “Tirer of the nonsense” ……………………….


    • PlayingPossum says:

      It doesn’t matter which color green or blue the real power is still the same, thats why the problems of the poor community (blacks) are still the same now as they were in the 80′s and 90′s.

  19. Hudson says:

    Change does not mean talk… Change happens with time… it’s been less than a week. Give the party some time. We’ve given the PLP 13 years for the change they’ve promised. To be fair, there has been a lot of change – crime has increased, the economy has shrunk, empoyment has gone up, the quality of education has fallen, our debt has increased exponentially, and i could go on. If you want change, then get involved with one of teh parties and help it happen. Otherwise, keep whining from the sidelines and accept more of the ineffective leadership we see today from our Government. The UBP members of old were not all bad – they left the Island in an enviable position when they were booted out in the 90′s amd people forget that. We had full employment then. We had a growing economy. We had opportunity. Sure, the Island wasn’t without its faults, and to be fair, the party needed a shake up to face some realities, but the day has come when the opposition is gaining strength and that will only force the current government to pull up its socks or face losing the next election. A win win the way I see it…

  20. Preach it says:

    True!! It’s sad that blacks in the UBP/OBA that are involved don’t recognize that are being used for the purpose of this group of men to run the affairs of this country again. However we need to let PLP know that even though we support them we will hold them accountable for continuing the ways of the UBP. Also we will criticize them for turning their backs against the injustices they and their relatives fought for. Stand up for your people PLP and don’t be ashamed but at the same time don’t leave behind our white, Portuguese and other brothers and sisters. Show these haters that you’re an all inclusive government. Show these people that hate seeing blacks in charge that you know how to run a country. And call an election already we want to put the OBA to bed.

    • B, a Lady says:

      When will some people in Bermuda stop categorizing Portuguese as a race? It is a nationality. They are
      white. For a country so obsessed with race, we sure are ignorant about it.

      • smoke n mirrors says:

        @ B a lady….thk u for stating this. I thought I was the only one who pointed out the fact that Portuguese ppl are caucasian. They were only considered a “minority” because of the positions they held in the workforce when they first arrived in Bermuda.

      • Wow says:

        And, somehow, that’s all you got out of that fruitful post? LOL…talk about ignorance.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      How do you know that are being used by the white men?

      Have you ever spoken to any black members or white members of this political organization? Or in your hatred do you only view whites as evil individuals that inherently seek to use and abuse their black counterparts?

      And the PLP being an inclusive party is a joke. Not too long ago a certain Senator had no problem stating that the PLP does not seek, need or want the white vote to succeed. So stop pretending that your beloved Party is one of some greater morality and one that seeks unity within this island. If anything they have sought to increase the divide for their own selfish benefits.

      People like yourselves and the individual above spout such racist bullsh*t in an attempt to justify the fact that you vote solely based on race and hatred for the other race. Because you couldn’t sit here straight faced and say you would vote for the PLP based on their stellar performance now could you.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        “sought to increase the divide” ? Are you serious? The divide has always been wide; having the courage to mention it is what bothers people like you. Take a close look at any holiday in this country and see who is doing what and where and you will see the divide compliments of something and someone but most certainly not the PLP. 24th of May, Queen’s Birthday (or whatever it is now), Cup Match, Labour Day…take your pick…..blacks and whites do different things. The divide is just real.And if you think that zealots like Moniz, Barritt and Dunkley have had some great ideological epiphany and that’s why they’re in the OBA then I have a bridge over Hamilton Harbour to sell you.They’re following the example of their hero Sir Henry Tucker who put a smile on the racism of his politics to lure in blacks in the name of keeping political power.Make no mistake, that is all this is about. Craig Cannonier is in the mold of John Swan, Jim Woolridge, Irving Pearman and so many more. Fit for purpose and blessed with the gift of the gab…welcome to the front row; oh, but the power remains where it always has been for that Party. Thankfully this will all play out on the Opposition benches.

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          I never said the divide didn;t exist. I stated that some in the PLP have discovered that is advantageous for themselves and the Party as a whole to widen it even further. Hell even the individual who was commissioned with organizing the visit by Minister Louis Farrakhan by Dr. Brown wrote a letter to the editor stating how he was excused from his role after the fact because Dr. Brown and his cohorts were upset that it wasn’t divisive enough. That was straight from Mr. Simmons’ mouth.

          It doesn’t make a difference who is in what party when it comes to you mate. Because as soon as you see a white person you see evil. So what is the point in even trying to convince you that white people/politicians maitain the Bermuda and her people’s best interests at heart.

          You are convinced of this fact just as some ignorant whites strongly believed that blacks were inferior.

          It is unbridled hatred with no limits and no rational thought.

    • Brian says:

      That’s right,
      Vote them back in because of the colour of their skin.
      There will be no accountability until people vote on policy instead of the pigment of a person’s skin.

    • LOL (original) says:

      “Show these haters that you’re an all inclusive government”

      This is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Next to this one.

      “Show these people that hate seeing blacks in charge that you know how to run a country.”

      Personally I could care less about the colour of the Governments skin but the PLP have had 13 years what you want Bermuda to wait 30 – 40 – 300 years before you will admit the Bermuda is not doing as well as it could be. Please note I’m not endorsing the OBA with this statement but I think Bermuda could do better and if not the PLP could do better then they have. I’ve been in the PLP and they are not that inclusive even to their own. I’m talking about some not all here just that the some are the one running it right now and have been for a while.




  21. haha says:

    This Cabinet is hilarious. This is the UBP all over again. Bermudians are not stupid. The average Bermudian will realise that the wool is being pulled over their eyes for political expediency.

    Kim Swan and Charlie Swan have put out a statement, that basically says that MPs Pettingill, Hunt and Crockwell were UBP in 2007, then became independent, then became BDA members and now are OBA members. All within a span of 40 months. This is making a mockery of the political process and is disrespectful to the voters that elected them.

    It is also interesting how UBP members lambasted Crockwell, Hunt and Pettingill when they left the fold. They called them rebels etc. Now because Kim Swan and Charlie Swan won’t follow along, they are being blasted for being uncooperative etc.

  22. Family:

    The point is simple and quite clear – - The OBA has been created to “win” the next election – - that is what politics is all about – they (the former UBP members as well as those members of the BDA) WANT TO BE GOVERNMENT – in order for that to happen, they need to be a “formal, working” opposition first – - and as well all know that the PLP must call an election this year or early next (can’t remember right now), the OBA needed to be ready and drum up support – - NOTHING MORE.

    I have already explained in previous posts as to why I can not supoprt the OBA or the PLP in the next general election (right now, that’s how I feel) – - I am considering running as an independent – I have a passion and a willingness to work for the people of Bermuda, so why not? We can not longer just sit and discuss our problems on blogs, message boards or the radio – - it is time to act, Bermuda!

    I believe everything should be done in order – thus a manadate from the people should include the people – I have created a blog to engage the people of Bermuda – please share your thoughts, ideas or comments – I will be more than happy to listen to the voice of the people

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)