Police Car Crashes In St David’s

May 28, 2011

[Updated] At approximately 9:00am this morning [May 28] a Police car crashed while traveling along St David’s main road. The car was traveling in a westerly direction out of St David’s, and ended up crashed a few feet away from the water.

police car crash may 2011

We unofficially understand that the occupant[s] were not injured, and will update with official information as able.

Update 5:11pm: Police confirm that no one was injured and said the officer was attempting to respond to the attempted sexual assault in the Smith’s area. They confirmed the accident involved only the Police car, which was “extensively damaged.”

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  1. wondering says:

    hope they are all ok

    • itwasn'tme says:

      No I’m not alright…..I hate to see my tax dollars written off soooooo effortlessly by these idiots. You think the government is bad? Police have been doing this sh*& for decades, just never reported on that much when the main media outlet was RG and HWP owners made $$$$$$$ in repair and replacement

      • White Christ says:

        Yeah because police officers are not human, they don’t fart or pee and never crash their cars. We should fire all them idiots and hire robocop

  2. True Bermudian says:

    Hope everyone is okay!

    Didn’t another police car crash around the same area, less than a year ago, on September 28, 2010?!

    Source: http://bernews.com/2010/09/police-in-pursuit-car-overturns-crashes/

    • longtail says:

      Would not have happened if the officer was riding on the police Sedgeway!!!!

  3. Nikki S says:

    WTH! Unless this cop was in a high speed chase in pursuit of another vehicle…or just having a high speed chase with himself (ha!) I don’t see how this accident would have occurred…i mean look at that damage! I think this cop should be breath-analyzed. SMH

    • Dog Lover says:

      Nikki when you have a chance look at the report of the guy going around trying to rape women!! That car was racing to go to that!!! Ok??? So keep those STUPID comments to yourself!!!

      • Can you handle this says:

        In all fairness the “raping” article did not appear until much later….

      • sick of stupid comments says:

        *applauding loudly**

    • DLB says:

      “He should be breath-analyzed”? Really?! Do you believe that any police officer who wants to keep his or her job would become intoxicated while on the job?? I suppose you’ve never been involved in a road accident in your lifetime, correct? It’s not surprising that you don’t see how this accident could have possibly occurred – the typical closed-minded Bermudian is unable to think outside of the box, nor are they interested in doing so. The fact is that it happened! SOMETHING happened which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. And considering that police officers receive specialized training upon recruitment, including driving instructions, I would say that this is for a reason. If you may..for a moment..(though you’ve already stated that you don’t see how this could have occurred)..imagine yourself driving at a high speed on Bermuda’s roads..with a clear goal – to reach a woman in distress..are you telling me that you could manage this??..that you, having to do this potentially ANY day that you go to work, would NEVER have an accident?! Look at the number of accidents throughout the island weekly..involving members of the public who generally travel no more than 55kph. People need to stop criticizing the police as though they’re not human!!!

      • LOL (original) says:

        People need to stop criticizing the police as though they’re not human!!!

        That will happen when they treat common people with respect when dealing with trival matters like traffic violations…..Until then respect is a two way street.


  4. St. Davids Islander says:

    Only one person was in the car and he was not hurt

  5. YAH KNOW!!! says:

    Thats were our tax dollars go !!!!

  6. Terry says:

    Lord….I hope we don’t get ’177 posts’ of assumptions again.

  7. Act Like You Know says:

    He must be getting ready for the INDY 500 Start Time Is On Sunday Doe!!!!!!

  8. Food 4 Thought says:

    Or were they on their phone? i have seen a lot of police on there phones while driving. SMH. If us citizens was able to give tickets to police for the things we get ticketed for, i wonder how much money the government would make back?

    • Can you handle this says:

      @ food 4 thought..things that make you say hmmmmmmmm! I’ve seen them on their phones too….I just shake my head..I’ve also seen a “top cop” with his helmet unfastened, and his cell phone tucked in between his helmet talking whilst riding…but let it be you or me…..

      • Dog Lover says:

        Stop fnnn assuming ok!!! That officer was on the way to assist a woman who was assaulted!!! Stop thinking all officers are out there doing wrong!!! He was on his way to assist a woman in distress.. but ofcourse you wouldnt know that. you have to assume he was just on his phone!! Ive seen a s#!t load of others on their phone too!!!

  9. mixitup says:

    Glad it wasn’t the BMW…oh and there ok? Great!

  10. wow says:

    Probably on his way to set up a speed trap!!

  11. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    …As a result of a vigorous b&@*j() at topspeed ..

  12. White Christ says:

    Judging by the stupid cop-hater comments on this post I can see now why Bermuda has the problems she has now. Can’t expect these morons to support law and order.

    • It is what it is says:

      And there’s always one loser in their corner……

      • Dog Lover says:

        actually there are 2 losers because if you actually knew that the officer was going to help a woman who was assaulted hopefully and I do say hopefully you wouldnt say such stupid a$$ comments!! If youre a woman i hope you never get raped and police takes forever cause they are driving the speed limit just so that A$$e$ like you dont think the worse of them!!

        • Can you handle this says:

          LOL!!!! my dear you sound pissed…have you taken your meds today?? The articel of the assault, as you are well aware because you read it, appeared much later..I based MY comment which I am entitled to do just as you to post yours are on the above mentioned article…You’ve called me an A$$, Oh whoops, a Stupid but A$$, but if I were to turn around and say, ‘Like your momma!” you would get offended..take two valium and call your Doctor in the morning!!!

          • Can you handle this says:

            I am also “It is what it is” on my computer at work…need to change it to “can you handle this”…

            • White Christ says:

              I am 100% certain that you smoke crack!

      • Playinggames says:


      • DLB says:

        Dog Lover sounds pissed? As they should be reading the many ignorant comments here! Hell, I’M pissed – I’m pissed that there are such STUPID A$$E$ like yourself walking amongst us. After all, it is due to the ignorance and lack of respect that ANY society has even half of the problems which exist! “There’s always one loser in their corner”?? You do realize that you are speaking of a body (which exists in all countries world-wide) which is designed to ensure safety for all, correct? I think that YOU should take your meds – a dose of reality and a double-dose of sense! Everyone blasts the police service for “not doing their job”, yet are insistent on turning the blind eye at their attempts to do their job! Question – when someone breaks into your home; who are you going to call?? When someone assaults you; who are you going to call?? When someone commits any unlawful act against YOU; who are you going to call?? Oh right – THE POLICE! You’re absolutely right – you are entitled to an opinion; each of us are actually! It’s just a shame when people like yourself who don’t have even half a brain voice their senseless thoughts!

        • White Christ says:

          @DLB you made the fatal mistake of assuming that everyone online abides by the law. Nope! It is highly likely that these are people who you are most likely to find yourself calling the police ON! Crackheads have internet these days! It’s just too easy.

        • it is what it is says:

          @ DLB you sound so well educated and grounded with all your name calling and insults maybe you need to stop and think that it’s people Like you that have half a brain with your senseless thoughts..and look your walking amongst us…so sorry that our thoughts are not the same and we are not like two peas in a pod…I know why I said that and there was a reason behind it..oh and by the way before you went on in your senseless tirade you should have read further down…I don’t have to run out and call THE POLICE because I sleep next to ONE each night..yes DLB my husband is a policeman….so get over yourself…Hugs and kisses….

          • DLB says:

            All the more reason that you should be ashamed of yourself and your senseless comments regarding the police service. Keep your hugs and kisses; they mean nothing to me…it sounds like you should be giving more to your husband in an effort to show more appreciation for the work that he and his colleagues are at least ‘trying’ to do.

          • White Christ says:

            Your husband is a policeman yet you contribute to the negativity and foolish attacks by ignorant members of the public? Trust me there ‘aint’ no other peas in your pod. You are one special number. Bless your cotton socks filled with crackrocks dear.

    • Nicole says:

      I didn’t know Bermuda was a she. She got ovaries?

      • Logic76 says:

        All countries are traditional referred to as female. Dumbass.

        • Notorious says:

          It was a joke try taking the stick out your ass, dumbass.

  13. Dianne says:

    Cars that are driven 3x more than the average car.. Drivers on shifts…. Bad roads and weather conditions… and a little human error.. Ya’ll complaining about a hand full of police accidents a year??? It the rate of speed these cars travel sometimes, it a wonder they don’t crash more!!! Don’t complain about your tax dollars going to waste on a 7yr old car with the milage of a 15yr old car, when there are idiots out their every day writing of there private cars driving up the insurance premiums.
    If these guys do something right, they are wrong, if they do something wrong their wrong.. WTF??? This is why BDA is the way it is.. Ignorant thinking people who aint got nothing to do than to bad mouth the police…
    Try getting off ya ass and showing them how its done if you think they are doing it wrong. Just so you know.
    Police officers pay taxes too.. prob more than the person that made the comment. They are also one of the few Gov’t agency’s that actually bring in revenue. That Opal has well exceeded its street life.. And by the way The BMW along with 3 other second hand cars came to a whooping grand total of 20K. 5K a piece.
    I hope the officer is alright. And if he/she did wrong. trust they will be severely penalized within the service and more than likely before the court.

    • Food 4 Thought says:

      @Dianne. Looks like you making excuses. Well let me help you out a bit. If you look at the picture and video the weather was absolutely lovely, and so the road was completely dry. Or the car might have had worn tires? If the car had tires it should have changed. Someone correct me if i’m wrong but when you get into a accident the police do check your car to see if its road worthy, and you can get a ticket for that, the same way you get a ticket for your lights not working. There is a sharp corner on that road. How fast was they trying to go around that corner? If you look at the road it looks like they didn’t even attempt to apply brakes.

      • Dianne says:

        Wow you got all that from watching a video?? You should go work for CSI! I guess when you aint got a clue you aint got a clue. And no police don’t check your vehicle every time for road worthiness unless you make a claim that the vehicle had a fault which caused the accident or it’s a serious accident. I wasn’t making excuses. Just giving the benefit of doubt. For the record at 8am yesterday morning it was pissing down rain. Look at the pic of the car… The road is wet. Stop being a Cop Hater… I am quite sure the women who were sexually assaulted yesterday would be upset to know that the officers in pursuit were traveling at 35k to avoid smashing up the car.

        • wow says:

          There is no excuse for such a crash! If a police officer kills someone “racing” to a crime scene what good will that do?

          • Dianne says:

            Please look at stats on police killing people in high speed pursuits. I think the last one was well over 25yrs ago. where a guy ran across the path of a police car with emergency equipment activated.
            I really wish people will speak on facts and not hypothetical situations.
            Please do the police a favor the next time you call 911 because someone is pointing a gun at you and tell them to drive the speed limit.
            In case you didn’t read the whole story, the assault was actually taking place and they caught the guy minutes later. Imagine if they took their time. The asshole would probably be out there doing it again today. SMH

            • wow says:

              As someone else pointed out, an officer isn’t any good unless they get to an emergency! I’d be surprised if the officer who crashed the car was first on the scene! Chances are they ended up using additional valuable resources to deal with his situation.

    • ppl of bermuda says:

      Sounds like you are a cop and that car is a new car and now the people of bermuda will have to pay for it. If the cop can’t control what he is driving then stay out of the driving seat

      • Dianne says:

        Former Police Officer. 27yrs of service. Sounds like you’re a cop hater. And the car is far from new. The blue and yellow maybe new but that looks like an opal. The last opal was purchased about 6 or 7yrs ago. And even if it was a subaru, its at least 4yrs old. times that by 3 and it’s about 12yrs old with maybe just under 100,000 miles on it. And as far as your comment about staying out of the drivers seat. I take it that you yourself, have either never been in an accident or even driven a vehicle. Did you know that there are around 15 to 20 civilian accidents a day and maybe 7 to 10 police accidents a year. Rest assured that car has probably already seen a few.
        With all that said, I am glad that the other cars made it in time to catch the guy that had just sexually assaulted 2 women. Why isn’t anybody vexed at him?

        • Can you handle this says:

          Dianne while your points may be valid the car article appeared BEFORE the assault article so at the time of the comments posed the two stories were not linked..now they are.. some thoughts may change and others may not..it’s called “OPINIONS” and everyone is entitled to HAVE ONE. whether we agree with them or not.. and no (this goes for “Dog Lover” as well) I DON’T HATE COPS AS MY HUSBAND IS A COP!

          • Dianne says:

            Many of the above comments were ASSUMPTIONS based of very little information and hardly any facts. Hardly opinions. I don’t want to make assumptions, but are you Ppl of Bermuda or Can you handle this? Because the comment was directed to the person that said
            “Sounds like you are a cop and that car is a new car and now the people of bermuda will have to pay for it. If the cop can’t control what he is driving then stay out of the driving seat”
            It is of my ‘OPINION’ that this person assumed that I was a cop, assumed that the car was new and assumed that the driver could not handle the car”
            If one chooses to voice there OPINION, it might be worth getting the facts.. Maybe someone should be pointing fingers at BERNEWS for not reporting the story right to begin with. As for your assumption that the two stories had not been linked, I do believe that someone mentioned the two were linked long before I posted my original comment.

            • bernews says:

              There are no errors above, and the story was reported correctly. The official information confirmed our initial ‘unofficial’ report. Most accidents the overview is posted with footage, and official information provided when the officials provide it.

              • Dianne says:

                Bernews. If you go back and read what you posted, Nowhere other than your update at 5:11pm with a little link attached to it does it actually say on this was as a result of police attending a serious crime. It is very misleading.

                • bernews says:

                  Yes, we updated it that time, as that is when the Police released the info and it was impossible for us to have added it earlier. That’s what we do with almost all accident posts; vehicle/location/footage then update with Police statement when able. Fortunately, the Police Media section tends to be highly efficient so updates are generally the same day.

          • Dog Lover says:

            @Canyouhandlethis- Yes people do have the right to their Opinions, but making cruel comments and assuming the worse ALL the time, is partially why we as a community are where we are. The same way they were saying, “he must have been on his phone” they could have said, “He was probably attending something serious” Making negative comments just because you dont know the full story is not an excuse. If that was just any old regular member of the public people would be on here saying, ” oh I hope they are ok” but it a police officer so the comments are oh he cant drive.. You as a wife to a cop should know better because im sure he tells you the stories and the bs he has to put up with.. Cops have computers too they are reading the comments you people are writing. I hope you never need them to come racing to your aid cause they just might drive slow.

            • it is what it is says:

              I didn’t say that they were on their phone..I said I have seen them on their phones as well..get it right..and yes I am aware that policeman have computers because a lot of them comment on here under “pen names” like everyone else and you can tell who they are..Comments are comments..we can’t tell anyone how to think and what to write..people are going to write what they want and they are entitled to it…If yoy don’t like what they have to say you have two choices; 1.) Read it, don’t like it, move on or 2.) read it, don’t like it, respond to it….it’s that simple….the biggest problem I find is that we “Cannot agree to disagree” ..everyone’s opinons and the like are not going to be the same..it’s called life…..

    • Dog Lover says:

      Welldone Dianne finally someone that has some common sense! I agree 100%

    • Playinggames says:

      The Bermuda police force is worthless thats why their getting badmouthed, this is not a third world country so why do we have a weak third world police SERVICE.

      • Dianne says:

        Can’t be that worthless. Even with the crash they still got the would be rapist. 18 people are in prison on gun charges. 3 this year have been convicted of murder. If it’s that weak, JOIN.. Make a difference instead of running your mouth.

  14. Nikki S says:

    So it has come to light that this driver was responding to a report of a sexual assault in Smith’s which would be the reason why it was traveling at high speed… they had a quiet a ways to go :|

    • Terry says:

      @Nikki…post mortems……….

      Wait till we see the next photo of a bike in a tree……..

    • OU812 says:

      Yeah Nikki – they had quite a way to go, but they were probably racing their asses off to get to the aid of a woman who was experiencing one of the most horrible things imaginable. You should be ashamed about your premature senseless comments about breathalizers! Typical Bermuda – dont let the facts get in the way of a good story!


    • OU812 says:

      Honestly, why do you even contribute to this site? Of course the taxpayer buys their cars – they work for the taxpayer! Do you think they will buy their own? Do you think the driver said ‘I need a new car, let me crash this one’? So they had an accident. They spend MUCH more time on the roads than the average person and they respond to incidents at higher speeds. Bitching isnt activism, it is ignorance!

  16. Winnie says:

    To be fair to the officer there was oil on the road just before you get to where the model boats are raced.We must remember the Subarus are full time all wheel drive, so they don’t slide out easily. A young lady riding on a auxillary cycle went down soon after (minor injuries) and another young lady on a motorcycle almost decked out. W&E came and placed sand on the area soon after. Thank God no one was seriously hurt.


    FOR YOUR INFORMATION THE OFFICERS WAS RESPONDING TO A URGENT 911 CALL.. You people and your nasty comments need to get a grip. Poor Police are damned if they do and damned if they dont. ALL YOU CAN SAY IS TAY PAYER THIS AND THAT, DID YOU ASK IF THE OFFICER WAS OK?

  18. itwasn'tme says:

    no no no …..these guys take high speed training and shyte….no reason to crash on a quiet road other than….YOUR DUMB AZZ CAN’T DRIVE

    • Dog Lover says:

      @ itwasntme the most perfessional drivers have crashes you a$$!!! The officer was responding to a serious sexual assault!!! that means their intentions were in the right place!!! I hate reading the s#$t people like YOU put on here and you dont know the facts!!!

    • Nicole says:

      ah itwasn’tme is the expert on everything, including driving. Never had an accident in his life!

      • itwasn'tme says:

        I suspected Nicole was lurking in the background just waiting for the right opportunity to jump me!

        • Notorious says:

          Of course since you mention me in articles that I haven’t even commented on I’ll take any opportunity to “jump you”. I don’t know you so I don’t know why you have a problem with me. Scroll past my name and keep it out of your comments. Thanks. Oh and I even left you a comment in the article you mentioned me on, go take a peak my #1 fan. You’ve surpassed my other fan for that prestigious title. Enjoy.

  19. whistling Frog says:

    It’s just plain reckless driving on the officers part! His vision should have been peeled on the road while scanning the area approaching the corner. Weren’t they trained for those types of maneuvers?

  20. next? says:

    I looked out the window at that time and it was peeing it down. Slick roads= ice rink. Would not like to be in the position of responding to a serious crime on that St David’s road- it needs re-surfacing NOW.

  21. next? says:

    Glad they got the b’stard despite this crash. Put it this way- if it was my wife getting assaulted while jogging he’d be praying for de cops instead.

  22. Arthur - Atlanta says:

    Not casting any judgement on this accident, but one thing I was taught and always remembered after 30 yrs of high speed emergency driving on Bermuda’s roads, “You are no good helping at an emergency UNLESS you GET there!”
    Because the ambulance, car or fire truck I drove was capable of doing 88 mph, did not mean I had to drive at 88 mph every time. Road conditions, traffic and even your mental & physical conditions on that day/night shift all play a part in what speed you drive at during an emergency. Again I repeat “You are no good to anyone unless you get there”

    • White Christ says:

      No s$#t sherlock! I’ll bet the driver was thinking “hmmmn, i’ll crash my car and be an enormous help to the citizen awaiting my arrival”
      You can crash an ambulance doing the speed limit.
      Why is there such a variety of crackheads online?

  23. Simons says:

    To all the negative folks. Get a life and stop spending your time trying to find fault with the folks out there trying to help someone in need. Regardless of how the accident happened it happened. If the officer were killed would your stupid comments be the same? Small minded simple people like you all who have left such shallow comments shows us all just how immature your minds really are. @Arthur i agree with your comments and experience is key to the level of driving to which you speak. The folks who are speaking about their tax dollars for this wrecked vehicle are probably the same folks who supported all the wasted tax dollars over the past years. You want to complain about something complain about the $70m in interest we are paying for debt the country is in or the $64m short fall budget that our illustrious Premier/Finance Minister has managed to get us into being a “cog in the wheel”. One $50k car is not going to break the bank it’s already broke. To the officer in the accident i wish you well and hope there were no serious issues with your health. You may get a ribbing from your co-workers, but keep your head up.

    To the W&E Department Get a road surface engineer that knows what he is doing and let him/her come and fix the camber of our roads. Bermuda has to have the worse road camber in the world. Most corners where serious accidents occur could be eliminated if the camber were fixed. Our corners throw any vehicle out of the corner into the other lane. Resurfacing the road with that stupid grip stuff does not fix the issue.

    In the line of Duty when Duty calls……

    • itwasn'tme says:

      spoken like a true ex-……how many police cars you and your mates wrote off Simons?

      • White Christ says:

        How many teeth missing from your head you crackhead?

      • simons says:

        Funny how you can’t even leave your last name coward. If you must know I’ve never been a police officer or any emergency vehicle operator. See what happens when you assume. Just shows the level of your ability to be objective about a situation. If you had a better level of maturity you’d not have written your comment. Look at it for what it is folks are complaining and making stupid statements about an accident and none of them were there. Yet you all have seen the country go down the tubes morally, financially, etc and the best you can do is pick on an officer trying to help another citizen in trouble. Let’s hope if you ever need help from ANYONE it arrives on time. By the way your ridiculous comments are not just seen by Bermudians, the rest of the world can see just how foolish you sound as well. To Speak your mind and the rest try thinking first and if it sounds stupid it probably is.

      • Simons says:

        No, itwasnt’me, I am not nor have I ever been a police officer. See what happens when you assume? Just like you and others have assumed the cause of the accident. Isn’t it funny how members of the Bermuda public are so ready to assume yet when given facts you turn a blind eye? One suggestion would be to speak out loud what you are thinking about writing in the public domain. If it sounds dumb to you then it probably is so don’t write it! Remember your foolish writing can be seen by the rest of the world or did you know that? Probably better that you do hide your name. That way your friends don’t laugh at your dumb comments.

  24. Disgusted says:

    Ignorance once again from our community…. complete embarrassment and wish we could see who you are!

  25. who cares says:

    I hope no one got hurt, but Bernews, did you get picture or videos of the Portuguese procession that took place today? it was for the Portuguese festival of Senhor Santo Cristo.

  26. Just sayin says:

    guys are non-drivers, takes a cop

  27. I can’t believe some of these comments!! It was an ACCIDENT!! People get over it!!