Lt. Col David Burch Selected In C#27

October 13, 2011

senator_the_hon__lt__col_david_a__burch__obe__jp__ed_1Last night [Oct.12] the PLP candidate selection meeting for Constituency #27 Warwick North Central was held, which saw Lt. Col David Burch selected over George Scott, Senator Cromwell Shakir and Ianthia Wade.

Lt. Col. Burch is unofficially said to have received 24 votes, to Mr Scott’s 9, Ianthia Wade’s 4 and Senator Cromwell Shakir’s 2.

This is the second time Lt. Col. Burch has put his name forward in a candidate selection meeting, after losing to Minister Zane DeSilva in Constituency #29 Southampton East last month.

He has previously stood for the PLP, losing to the UBP in Smiths on two occasions. He was later appointed to the Senate and Cabinet, which he resigned from earlier this year.

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  1. navin johnson says:

    incredible…..Rolfe,The Colonel and Walton…..who is next Jinx?

    • Black Soil says:

      Col. Burch is a nationalist that will bring this island down. Paula Cox knows he is no good, including Rolfe. Paula Cox needs to decide what is best for Bermuda. She needs to put Bermuda first and cut these goof-ball loose!!!

      • Rob says:

        A very sad day for Bermuda, let’s hope the IB community will wait until the election is over, Burch is not in yet. He will be in Warwick now begging the people to vote for him, and if he gets in the house, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet, you will hear and see the real Burch that will shock you!

      • star man says:

        How would you like to see Burch as Premier?!

        Rumours are that the PLP core group of haters is gonna shaft Paula in favour of Burch… or Burgess for Premier. Do it! That’ll definitely help the OBA.

        We has to deceive you.

    • MinorMatters says:

      …more tyranny from somebody who never had anything, including a mortgage and therefore has nothing to lose. That’s who you want talking to IB on behalf of Bermuda?????<<

      • Black Soil says:

        No mortgage, no kids, no wife, no responsibility. So he can f&ck with Bermuda!!!!!

        • Triple 73Er says:

          And what ever he dosen’t have,is clearly none of your business !! Stop hating a person for whatever he may or maynot have,and be more mature in your thinking …

          • Rob says:

            It’s not about “whatever he may or maynot have” it’s about his behavior while he was in public office.

  2. Jus' Askin' says:

    Col. for Premiere ;-)

  3. smh says:

    lookout folks; the Ewart crew is back- and stronger than ever.

    ..They should have stopped at Rolfe.

    • Maddog says:

      Put him back in immigration so he can send all the foreigners back home.

      • What ! says:

        Then there will be 75percent unemployment. It is not that difficult to figure out why.

  4. Kim Smith says:

    Isn’t it a funny time that we are living in that would see such a man, who is so obviously divisive to this community, be elected to run for a place in the government of the country? Really odd.

    • Divisive indeed says:

      Divisive indeed because he gets things done! Continue to chew on your sour grapes because he is staying on the scene!

      • sandgrownan says:

        Biggest myth in Bermuda politics.

        The only thing he did was kill the real estate market forcing many Bermudians into negative equity and tell the central pillar of our economy to piss off.

        He might win a seat in Parliament but he’s a loser.

        • Rob says:

          The only loser will be Paula Cox, Burch always wins. He will be speaking with a silver spoon in his mouth right up to the General Election, and then if he gets into the house his games will start all over again.

        • What ! says:

          Yes exactly. Killed it dead.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Oh please….WHAT has he done that is positive? The only thing he does is inflate his own ego which has almost reached the proportions of The Great One.

  5. soon leavin' says:

    There goes the rest of IB he hasn’t already forced out.

    • Please says:

      Stop bitching and leave!

      • Heading Home says:

        Oh,don’t worry.We’ll already packed and just waiting for the bank to transfer the funds.
        But we’ll be back in 10 years to play in the casino at 141 Front Street and stay over in the gated Morgan’s Point resort.Might even play a round at he cow pasture that used to be Port Royal,
        See ‘ya

      • Death to party politics says:

        Yes that’s it. Let’s alienate the only pillar holding up the local economy at this stage (what’s left of it).

        • educator says:

          i agree, let’s not alienate, but also let’s not let the bermudian people be held hostage by threats of people leaving who only spew negativity.

          • sandgrownan says:

            The bermudian peopel are already held hostage – by PLP created debt.

            • star man says:

              Remember, a vote for the PLP is a vote for financial slavery.

              The PLP are unhealthy for your grandchildren.

              (To steal two of my favourite phrases.)

    • RN says:

      soon leaving why are you still here….do you need me to give you the money to relocate….after all there is nothing positive here for you.
      I have enough for your friends too. Do Bermuda the favor and hurry up and leave so the rest of us can get on with something positive.

      • star man says:

        You must be Ewart’s ‘Friends and Family’ if you have so much money to give away to folks leaving the Island. Thank you for your generosity, I may take you up on your offer.

        If the PLP get in again there will be a mass exodus, especially if Burch is Premier. So you’ll be able to help a lot of Bermudians, both black and white. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and give you a big hug. You obviously need one.

  6. Terry says:

    Looks like they really want to keep the draft.

    Platinum days are here again, those happy Platinum days are here again….come on, join in the song………
    Too early for rum for me…….

  7. Aruna says:

    How unfortunate

  8. k says:

    We used to have the oligarchy of the UBP running the country for twenty years, now we have the old boys of the PLP to continue the legacy of rotated ideas; no worries jus mock up a contract for him.

  9. Candidates says:

    haha…the OBA army is out in full force posting on here…

    • n/a says:

      Were you as defensive when the ‘venerable’ Julian Hall called Burch ‘a train wreck in slow motion ‘ ? Was he an ‘OBA Hater’ too .. ?

  10. Terry says:

    Irony…..He is a Case…..

    Case #27…..

  11. MinorMatters says:

    Paula, you lost my vote by not beint the competent Finance Minister that you are paid to be and now you have lost my respect by allowing misfits and miscreants a place at the table to spew more of their divisive rhetoric. (Meanwhile, the Premier is gazing out of the window…)

    • Noel Ashford says:

      Paula never had my vote :0 How can you respect her when she had the power to stop the financial wrong doing and BLINDLY signed the checks under previous administration… She took too long to take power when her island needed her to be strong and look what its cost us as an island economy wise now… she is a weak choice for Premier. It’s apparent more and more by the continued poor decisions such as letting in Rolfe and the Col. These two will do SO much damage it isnt even funny. They will be the nail in the coffin of Bermuda. Is this really the only trick plp has?!? Bang the race drums and hope for a win again? I can’t say im an OBA fan either but honestly, a change is needed. PLP has to go if only for perception internationally.


      • Candidates says:

        Oh Please.

        • Noel Ashford says:

          You seem to have a different opinion of where we are as an island? Please. educate us on how well we are doing right now ;0 Tell me how the PLP has aided us in ANY way of recent ? Also feel free to speak to Paula’s strength as a leader? Since she took office, her promises of increases transparency… wheres that.. her promise of investigating TCD.. what happened? Oh wait that would lead back to her signing the checks?

          “Oh Please” .. ^ bump…


  12. Red Flag says:

    Wow always the same hateful losers complaining about the PLP candidate selection. Your words are an example of the true divided on this island. Con. Burch may offend some with his words but it is truth that he keeps it real and does not sugar coat things just because some people have soft feelings, and he gets things done. This man is one of the hardest working politicians of our time and I am happy he now has a chance to obtain a seat in the house, because if he gets in then he is sure to work.

    OBA if you are so certain of your party then why worry about who the PLP selects you have a candidate for everyone of ours right? Well focus on that and let’s take it to the polls and let the people decide. Spewing hate on line only serves to show how insecure you ate about being elected. If our candidates are so bad then I would think you would be happy as you would think it would increase your chances of wining.
    I know what it is though you know that you have no chance because regardless of your hateful post people know the truth and candidates like Con. Burch will be elected and your candidates rejected because people want the work done.

    • sandgrownan says:

      hmm…get the work done? What does that mean?

      How will he get foreign investment in Bermuda? How does that tally with his xenophobic outlook? how will he address the gap between tax revenue and the budget deficit?

      Problem is, we need thinkers now not mouthbreathers. He’s a relic and adds nothing to the debate. We are now seeing the direct consequences of his actions in our economy.

      • YES MATE! says:

        Red Flag has gotten something right. He refers to The Gribble One as “CON. Burch” because he has effectively CONNED all the kool-aid drinking PLP/UBP/EBP faithful into thinking he “got things done” while not one PLP/UBP/EBP supporter can actually identify anything positive that he has done and post it here! Typical response is “OBA are haters” when anyone asks what the Pee el Pee has done for anyone lately.

        • star man says:

          The ‘Hustle Truck’ is Burch’s main claim to fame.

  13. Bda Live says:

    agree with ‘k’. and feel like the new UBP aka the OBA are hateful over PLP being in leadership position, albeit they have disappointed and themselves need a facelift to undertake to redeem themselves n their original voice of empowering the people not being like the former oligarchy head, UBP. And as OBA spout out their insecurities of being opposition, they still grease their hands in hopeful anticipation of being the newest oligarchy…divide and rule…yes, 40 Thieves in millennium form: the few prominent/old money-wealthy families who pass their influence from one generation to the next= OBA-UBP. If PLP can’t do better by us – and they’d better, then off with party politics…a council body of 9 for each parish should be established to better run the country in fairness and balance in all aspects…but then again politics IS politics..

    • What ! says:

      The people of Bermuda are sick of the PLP, not just the OBA or UBP supporters. The few that are left supporting the constantly failing PLP out of some blind ignorance are haters and they HATE BERMUDA, because they want this abject failing to continue.

  14. navin johnson says:

    We want Jinx we want Jinx we want Jinx……Jinx for Premier….Jinx all de way all de way Jinx…ok if you think the Colonel works hard but his net results put Bermuda back and have put more people out of work….put you will never change your view and I will never change mine its the people in between us who will decide….he has never been elected to anything before so here is hoping that trend continues for a better Bermuda IMHO…come back Terry and run on a ticket with Jinx you would be invincible….

    • Terry says:

      Un tinkin habowt hit Navin. Once my leese his up at Golden Eye, um outta here.

      But like Red Flag says…..the man is a “Con.”

      Never been elected, never rejected.

      Con. Burch……has a ‘Earring” too it……….

    • k says:

      least we see jinx more than our politicians, and he politely asks us for our money, not the government does by raising taxes and giving it away to consultants.

      First thing when Mr Jinx is voted in is to lower the customs duty, keep the shops open to 9pm ,not 5pm when people knock off. Jinx also wants you to know that he accepts cash in hand or will solve crime for a sandwhich or a cup of coffee. not 140,000. Jinx wants you to know that he doesnt discriminate, he will be found in all districts from parsons road right up to front street.

      Jinx for premier.

      • navin johnson says:

        Write in candidate for Jinx…he will cut down on crime…if you give him money he won’t commit one.

      • PEPPER says:

        Jinks has my come he is called Jinks?

        • navin johnson says:

          He did not care for Eugene….could call him Stinks too

  15. Jus' Askin' says:

    Does anyone know, what it would take to get rid of ‘party poltics’? Change is needed and OBA is not the answer. We need a whole new structure and leaders who put ‘Bermudians’ not just Bermuda first. With Tourism and IB fading away the future is looking very interesting.

    • HIM says:


    • sandgrownan says:

      No, the future is looking bleak.

    • LOL (original) says:

      If you think that reelecting the PLP will create any change at all then I don’t know what to say to you. Again in other countries people practice a term by term rule (being based on performance). Look at Canada they vote for the other party ever so often and keep their politicians working. The PLP are complacent and have note presented workable ideas to stabilize the economy it’s time for a change. Doing the same thing over and over again is a sign of what again?

      LOL if after the election is won by who ever this time please remember as a voter the only power you have is to send a message of approval or of disapproval.

    • Terry says:


      The PLP will never have a referendum on this.

      Either that, or just keep burning bridges. Won’t be anything left.

      As for OBA that a strange comment. They want to move on, make progress, help relieve the debpt focus on the future and not clowns running around selling God at $400,000 a pop………………………………….

      • navin johnson says:

        I find myself agreeing with you Terry…..speaking of God holy moly.

    • Kim Smith says:

      I am making enquiries.

  16. Warrior Queen says:

    But yet one of the good ole OBA boys Mark Pettingill represented the so-called christian Andre Curtis who is a PLP supporter and got him off. The question is did the lawyer do this just to stick it to the PLP Government? If the OBA are in charge they will manipulate, sorry, use the law to their advantage. So who really cares about Bermuda and the Bermudian people?

    • YES MATE! says:

      Mark did his job. Shame he might be getting paid with misappropriated FBT funds but that’s another matter. However he did expose the fact that Pee el Pee are utter shite at writing contracts, or maybe they purposefully wrote it that way just in case something like this happened?

  17. navin johnson says:

    hold on a minute now…lawyers and political parties? there will never be a shortage of lawyers ….Yes they will did you notice that Andre picked an OBA lawyer instead of a PLP lawyer…..he would have been serving more jail time with a PLP lawyer…….good lawyers and good politicians ? can the word good be used twice…?

    • MinorMatters says:

      the word ‘good’ can never be used with lawyers or politicians – because it is an oxymoron.

  18. Tired of nonsense says:

    Lets do a hypothetical situation/scenario/role-reversal for a minute.

    Lets substitute Lt Col Burch with a white politician, lets say Michael Dunkley.

    Now lets substitute Mr. Dunkley for Col. Burch and play out a few
    incidents,decisions and actions which actually have been spewed and enacted by Col. Burch. Below is the following:

     On a televised talk show Mr. Dunkley is stating his position on a certain subject. A viewer calls in to propose a different view and challenges Mr. Dunkley on his perspective. After getting irritated with the caller’s audacity to object Mr. Dunkley requests that the caller reveal his skin color. The caller seems bemused by such a question but answers it anyways and states that he is a black Bermudian. Upon hearing this response Mr. Dunkley simply hangs up on the caller as if the skin color of the caller completely nullified his views on the subject at hand.

     On another talk show Mr. Dunkley is reiterating his support for a particular stance that he unreservedly believes in being the best approach. A white viewer calls in and disagrees with Mr. Dunkley’s position and states the reasons why. Mr. Dunkley can deduce from the caller’s voice that he is white to his dismay. He is dismayed because it is of his belief that all people of the same color should automatically think and act in a monolithic fashion. So as a response to this white caller Mr. Dunkley simply states that he is nothing but a ni&&er lover (house ni&&er in the case of Col. Burch’s incident) due to the caller’s differing views and promptly cuts the caller off.

     Now say Mr. Dunkley is discussing foreign workers in Bermuda. Within one of his press conferences Mr. Dunkley states, with absolutely no qualms, that he has heard that all Caribbean guest workers are nothing but drug dealers (Filipinas as prostitutes in Col Burch’s incident). As a result of this blatant nonsensical remark some of his brain dead followers start harassing Caribbean workers and spraying graffiti around the island encouraging locals to attack them and for them ultimately to leave Bermuda.

     What if Mr. Dunkley in his role stated that it made him smile and get all warm and gooey inside because of all the for sale signs he sees around Bermuda and the falling prices. Despite Mr. Dunkley’s happiness the people that are being forced to sell their home due to the state of the economy and the others who even if they sell their home will be in the hole because the falling prices have resulted in negative equity for these mortgage holders.

     Mr. Dunkley now in all his wisdom decides that foreigners are the main part of our problem and thus any born and bred Bermudian that falls in love with a foreigner must pay the price for doing so via a licensing requirement similar to SPCA dog an d cat licensing.

    Now I ask Bernews posters, and in particular to Col. Burch supporters, suppose Mr. Dunkley has acquired a reputation as a government minister that “gets things done” and that he is the most effective politician in power.

    Given that fact I ask black Bermudians, who support Col. Burch and recommend him for Premier, would you also be so supportive of Mr. Dunkley if he carried on and stated the above? Would you want him to represent you and Bermuda?

    If you answer no and the reason is because his views and actions can easily be seen as being racist and hateful then you are absolutely correct and no right minded person could fault you for taking such a view. You are right he would be considered a racist, white supremacist, ignorant et al. But why is it when Col Burch, or any other PLP representative, talk in the manner as above they are simply labeled as “straight talkers” who are just setting the “record straight?”

    My next question is why does Col . Burch, and others who retain that such divisive thought processes, receive such support from you guys to the point of you wanting him for Premier? Why wouldn’t Mr. Dunkley receive the same support despite the fact that he is known as the man that “gets things done in politics”?

    In closing anyone that believes that Col. Burch, and others who think like him, should be granted political power you lose the right to claim and throw around racist accusation at any one person and/or organization. Next time you are about to do so, stop and reflect on your own inner feelings and who you support and take note that by throwing around such accusations you are nothing but a hypocrite.

    Thanks for reading and am hoping for a intellectual response.

    PS: If the extent of your response is, “oh please” or some sort of OBA label or my favorite the racist label then save your breath and energy typing it.

    • Terry says:


      Yah tired of nonsense?

      Constituancy # 18

      Can’t ewan make up yah mines…………

      Get back when the people can speak…


    • MinorMatters says:

      Surely, Mr. Burch’s 15 minutes of fame are up and anybody promoting the idea that he should have another soapbox on which to stand and spew even more hatred is a masochist who would enjoy the pain of seeing Bermuda as a whole suffer the consequences.

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Tired of nonsense – unfortunately most will not read all of your post since we seem intent on posting negative opinions without thought, rather than being constructive.

      To your post, there remain 2 facts. Col Burch is widely known as an effective politician who gets things done. Col Burch is also known to be very frank in his statements on various matters (and often provocative). The beauty of our electoral system is that the voters will ultimately decide his fate as he offers himself for election. When he was appointed as a Senator, he effectively served at the pleasure of the Premier. Thus in a strange twist of fate, the voting public now have more authority and influence over Col. Burch than previously.

      One other interesting fact is that whilst Burch may be vocal with his comments, his abiltiy to affect our individual circumstances is limited. For many others, this is not the case due their more extensive social and business influence.

      • MinorMatters says:

        @Vote for me, please identify which of the above 5 incidents attributed to Mr. Burch (in Tired’s post) was not true. Just like you say Col Burch is known to speak his mind, please know that I had no qualms of telling him to his face that I would never vote for him or his running partner (Roban)at the time.

      • Terry says:

        Jusss Vance ann det lutt ann dee vat yoo kaull ums….postin….

        Vat yoo call um…FBT peeple….Consulltentz………

        EFBT……….summtin two do wiff Brahnz…nut shoor…….chack howt dee lattarz………

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Sorry, just have to ask again, what has Burch DONE????? The Koolaid drinkers repeat over & over the he gets things done but are very hard pressed to actually name anything positive that he has done.

        It is sort of the same thing as pre 98 when the Koolaid drinker constantly complained about the MESS that the UBP had made of Government but could never actually name something of real signifigance.

        They just squak the same noise over & over like trained parrots.

        • Red Flag says:

          I am so tired of you guys calling any PLP supporter/member a kool-aid drinker just because we do not agree with you. If we are drinking kool-aid what the heck are you all drinking? You also say the same things over and over again without any proof to back it up. What proof do you have that any IB left because of Col. Burch? Please post statements from CEO’s who have stated that they left because of him.

          Why do we have to post what Col. Burch has done? If you are so informed of what’s going on in the island then you should know.

          But I will enlighten you;

          Oversaw the implementation of geared to income housing were tenets of BHC pay 25% of their income for rent which allows them to save funds in order to move on from government housing and also allow them to have more funds for other expenses.

          Oversaw the development of many new housing units from Dockyard to St. Gouges which allowed more Bermudians to own a piece of the rock.

          Also oversaw the development of more rental property’s to house Bermudians. (The UBP did not develop any housing for the last 15 years they were in power)

          Worked with the Bermuda police service to develop the C.A.T Community Action Team to work within community’s to develop relationships to work together to combat crime.

          Offered services for struggling family’s to receive counseling and personal development as it pertains to cleanliness and upkeep of their household.

          These are but a few things that the Col. has done there are many more but I will just leave it there for now as I only posted them to prove the point that the only blind kool-aid drinkers are the likes of you.

          • Tired of nonsense says:

            So if Mr. Dunkley had achieved all those things that you stated above, but acted in the manner which Col. Burch has (see my post) would you support Mr. Dunkley?

            If not, why not?

            • Red Flag says:

              @ Tired that is apples and oranges as my post is not about Sen. Dunkley it is directed at the statements made that we are blind kool-aid drinkers and can’t name any thing Col. Burch has done which is positive. But true to your style you want to flip my post and make it all about your post (which I read by the way but didn’t feel the need to comment on)

              But to feed your ego a bit I will enlighten you as well;

              If Sen. Dunkley had done anything of significance while a MP or Senator then I would give him his credit as it is due him. As to the statements you posted attributed to Col. Burch, had those statements come from Sen. Dunkely some of them would be racist comments by the way you presented it, the N-**2r lover? Come on man totally different. To call somebody a house ni***r is wrong on many levels but when its a member of your race and pertains to your race it can’t be considered racist like the N lover comment would be as you would be calling the other race a hateful word so you failed on that point as you changed the whole issue. I took issue with his words on this but did understand what he was saying.

              If Sen. Dunkley had cut of a black caller because he did not agree with him then I would take it as that. Your perception forms your reality but does not make what you think about it fact.

              If Sen. Dunkley had received the any complaints that Col. Burch had as it relates to his comments on guest workers being drug dealers and prostitute the he would be well within his right to speak on those accusations and promise that his Ministry would investigate it.

              Once again your perception played a part in your comment on the selling of houses as my perception is that he was happy for the opportunity for others whom had been at a disadvantage for so long now had the opportunity to buy a piece of land in their home.

              The licensing for marring none Bermudians is mostly due to the processing of the whole ordeal. Back ground checks investigations to insure its legit etc but nice spin.

              So yeah he would get credit for his work and criticism when he says something I feel out of line. But as they say actions speak louder then words and I support Col. Burch based on his work and real approach when speaking.

              • Tired of nonsense says:

                @red flag,

                Thanks for the response.

                It is a shame that you apparently support racism if it comes from your team.

                But unfortunately it is par from the course these days for supporters such as yourself.

                Stating someone is a house ni$$er is no different then a white person calling a white person a ni$$er lover. It is basically an accusation that one is a traitor to their race. No different.

                So apparently racism is alright and justifiable if it comes from the PLP for some.

                In regards to your last sentence I see where you give him overwhelming praise and credit for his accomplishments, but nowhere do I see criticisms when he says something “out of line” (nice spin on racist rhetoric by the way). So I assume you believe that not one of those things which he has said is remotely divisive or racist?

                Scary stuff. Truly scary stuff.

                The fact that you said you understood his approach nullifies any racist claim and accusation that you have ever made or will ever make in the future. For in doing so makes you nothing but a hypocrite. And I know you know it.

                • Red Flag says:

                  @ tired read what I posted carefully. I am giving my perception as you gave yours. As I said I simply don’t agree with you and I am struggling to figure out why you fell that everyone has to agree with you and if they don’t you feel that you can label them.

                  Let me make that one point clear for you. A black man calling another black man a house N is a insult and I do not condone it. It is implying that the black man is so stuck on being accepted by white supremacist that he would blindly follow their lead and take everything they tell him as truth and disregard anything a black person tells him because he feels that by being accepted by the white supremacist, that he is better then other blacks and validated as a man. Yes its wrong to go around calling people house N’s and I agree that Col. Burch should have chosen another way of getting his point across but that doesn’t mean he should be cast of as the evil divider.

                  Now for a white man to call someone a N lover opens up a whole new can of worms. What that is implying is that ,that white man loves N’s which would be blacks by the context in which it is said. Firstly the N word should not come from a white persons mouth when referring to blacks that alone is racist. Second to imply that a white person who loves black people is somehow wrong takes it to another level of racism. What’s wrong with loving black people? The only reason a white person should be offended by that statement is because it is wrong to refer to black people as N’s. Do you think it is trading against your race if you love the other race? I don’t.

                  Lastly both terms historically have been used to undermine black people and never as a means to offend the white race. There’s no reason a white person should be offended by someone saying they love blacks unless they are white supremacist. Like I said the only thing that should offend them is the use of the N word when referring to blacks however the whole statement is offensive to blacks. But I’m sure you know this.

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        @vote for me,

        Thanks for the response.

        So if Mr. Dunkley had was known as the effective politician, that you view Col. Burch as being, would you support Mr. Dunkley despite the actions noted above in my post?

        If not, why not?

      • LOL (original) says:

        I note you did not answer his question if Mr. Dunkley acted in that manner would you vote for him yes or no if no why?


        • Red Flag says:

          That was not his question Lol (original) Keep up with the discussion if your going to comment. He asked if we would support him. I for one don’t support Sen. Dunkley now as he stands and I don’t really play the what ifs as they are of no significance. Its is only what is.

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          In all honesty I knew when posting that question that none of these Col. Burch/PLP supporters that none would actually answer.

          In doing so they would have to confront reality.

          And the reality is that their outlooks and views are no different then the racist accusations they level at any sort of opposition and critics.

          The fact that they cannot view these incidents as what they really are, racism and hatred, and actually support the individuals that spew them, says alot more about them then anyone they have label and will label as being racist.

          Truth hurts sometimes.

          • Red Flag says:

            @ Tired I answered your question and gave my opinion on everything you stated. What is the problem? Is it that you didn’t get the answer you wanted? Are you upset that I don’t see things the way you do? Get way out of here with that trash. I answered you based on how I see things and that is that. You tried to make things seem as if the facts were reflective of your views but I should you how it is viewed by another person me. I don’t fault you for your perception so why fault me for mine? That’s the problem we have people like you feel if people don’t agree with you that they are scum and do not form a valid opinion. You asked a question and got a answer deal with it. I do not agree with you and I have every right not to your words are not facts.

          • Vote for Me says:

            @ Tired of nonsense.

            If I had to choose between Cannonier and Dunkley, I would choose Dunkley. We have to accept that none of our politicians are perfect.

            One of Dunkley’s repeat failures for example is his claim that the OBA would stop the shootings if they were in power.

            That is obviously a ridiculous statement. If he has some magic antidote and he is not prepared to share it, he would be as guilty as anyone for not stopping the shootings.

            Even with this obviously incorrect statement, I think he would be a better leader for the OBA

  19. sandgrownan says:

    Interesting reading the ad. in today’s Gazette – Lancashire Re selling office furniture…now why would they do that?

    I mean, Burch told us himself that IB would never leave.

    • RN says:

      because they are losing money in the global market, should the Government sure up their books so they can stay.

      • n/a says:

        So if their loosing money in the global market , which your implying is beyond anything our brilliant government has done , they would loose money anywhere else as well .. Why would anyone leave Bermuda then ? Surely it would be cheaper to remain here and ride it out ?

        • RN says:

          @ n/a no not really, the cost of living in Bermuda…..Rent food transport. CEO pays, what 20K to rent, what does that buy you else where.

        • RN says:

          @ n/a XL moved it’s CEO to the US, he can do the same job there for less expenses..

    • MinorMatters says:

      Lancashire is leaving because the Inland Rev cottoned on that while they were physically in Bermuda, the underwriting decisions were being made in the UK. Lancashire had some choices – the lesser of two evils was to return to the UK.

  20. specialgirl4 says:

    Well done Col Burch !! Continue to work hard and serve your wonderful country Bermuda. You are one of the most hardest working man in politics. You get it done !! keep pushing on !!

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      So would you support Mr. Dunkley in role-reversal scenario above?

      If not, why not?

    • PEPPER says:

      Burch has done nothing for Bermuda…he is a joke,…and when the sh!t hits the fan…he calls Everest to get (who loves him) to bail him out….

  21. Mkuu wa wezi says:

    We wonder why some of our young people are so confused? My 10 year old asked, isn’t this the same man who insulted the Union Jack? But he still uses a title given to him by the British.

  22. Spikes says:

    I have never come across a nasty bunch of bloggers as I have experienced on Bernews. They have the nerve to say that other people are dividing the country.Things they say about other people, gives me the impression that they have gutter minds. If they say that Mr. Burch and others that they have named are terrible people, than let the people decide. Personally I think there are probably 3 or less people posting multiple times. Are you that desperate. Lol

    • star man says:

      “Personally I think there are probably 3 or less people posting multiple times. Are you that desperate.”

      No. I think dissatisfaction with the PLP’s performance, and an aversion to many of their candidates & key players, is much more widespread that you think.

      In fact, hatred of the PLP is so widespread nowadays (thanks to the PLP) that they will have a hell of a time holding onto the seat of government. I believe the PLP will be soundly DEFEATED!

    • Rob says:

      Sorry but you are very, very, wrong, just talk to the average person on the street about Burch, i have, to many, both black and white, i could go around the island right now and get a negative response every time i bring his name up to a person, and nine times out of ten people state many incidents that they disapprove of. The only reason why he is where he is today is because he begs for compassion, the few people, and he knows the right people, got him through. Do i think he will win a seat in the house? well, not a chance, Bermudians are too smart for that, But i don’t think the Premier will want to take that gamble.