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October 29, 2010

Last night [Oct 28] Bermuda experienced a shift in leadership, with former Premier Dr Ewart Brown stepping down, and an internal PLP vote resulting in former Deputy Paula Cox taking the top spot, with Derrick Burgess being selected as the Deputy Leader. The conference was held at the Devonshire Recreation Club, with delegates starting to file in at around 4pm, with the first vote count concluding around five hours later – at around 8:45pm.

The video below shows both Minister Zane DeSilva and now-Deputy Premier Derrick Burgess arriving. Minister DeSilva and his wife were greeted by PLP member Roddy Burchall. Minister DeSilva had declared his support for then-Minister Paula Cox early on. Mr Burgess entered the conference as the Minister of Works & Engineering, and left having been elected as Deputy Leader – besting MP Terry Lister, MP Randy Horton, Minister Walter Roban and MP Michael Weeks.

Below – MP Wayne Furbert, a recent cross over from the UBP, is shown entering his first PLP delegates conference. Also shown is MP and Leadership candidate Dale Butler entering. Mr Butler, while seen as widely popular amongst a cross-section of the community, did not fare well with the delegates, receiving only 2 votes.

MP Terry Lister, Minister Glenn Blakeney and MP Dale Butler are shown arriving, with them all exchanging very friendly greetings. Mr Lister and Mr Butler both sought the top position, however were beaten by now-Premier Paula Cox.

The event was closed to the media, which saw media persons from all outlets gathering outside in a ‘media tent’. The video below shows a brief ‘spy’ view of the conference and members through the upper windows:

Following the opening, and reports from both the PLP Chairman and Treasurer, the PLP members and delegates took a refreshment break outside, prior to the votes being cast to determine the leader. Below is a quick clip of people milling about outside:

New Premier Paula Cox and Deputy Derrick Burgess addressed the media, both clearly in very good spirits. Premier Cox was asked would be keep the Minister of Finance portfolio, and the Deputy Premier was asked what he brings to the table.

[All footage by Only the Best]

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  1. Bermybri says:

    derrick : once head of the BIU and the “voice” of the working man and now the Deputy Premiere dictating the rules to the BIU. What hypocrisy…..