Video: Paula Cox Addresses PLP Supporters

December 17, 2012

After 14 years as the ruling party, the Progressive Labour Party was swept out of power, with the One Bermuda Alliance winning a 19-17 majority at the polls.

Paula Cox lost her Devonshire North West seat to Glen Smith, becoming the first sitting Premier to lose her seat since the introduction of the Westminster-style political system to Bermuda more than 40 years ago.

Other key PLP figures also lost their seats, with Dame Jennifer Smith ousted by Kenneth Bascome in C#1 St. George’s North, Patrice Minors defeated by Michael Dunkley in C#10 Smiths North, while Dale Butler lost to Marc Pettingill in C#25 Warwick North East.

A large stage had been set up outside Alaska Hall on Court Street during the afternoon, with the party faithful hoping to celebrate a victory. When it became clear that would not be the case, some attendees trickled out while many stayed to hear from the party leadership.

The PLP candidates took to the stage, where they were well received by those in attendance. “The people you see on the stage are men and women of commitment, conviction and courage” said Ms Cox. “They have earned their seats, and they will continue to be your voice.”

The winning PLP candidates and constituencies were: #3 Lovitta Foggo, #5 Derrick Burgess, #6 Wayne Furbert, #13 Glenn Blakeney, #15 Walter Roban, #16 Michael Weeks, #17 Walton Brown, #18 David Burt, #21 Rolfe Commissiong, #24 Lawrence Scott, #26 Marc Bean, #29 Zane DeSilva, #32 Randy Horton, #33 Terry Lister, #34 Kim Wilson, #35 Dennis Lister and #36 Michael Scott.

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  1. Big Dog says:

    Frankly, notwithstanding being upset, it was a gracious speech in defeat.

    • Cleancut says:

      That’s right, deceiving the general public right to the end.

  2. Time Passages says:

    This win, no matter how slim, will be quite devastating for the PLP. Imagine the BIU for example. Do you honestly think the OBA will bail them out? The BIU is finished now. Furbert & Furbert will be both unemployed and unemployable very soon.

    In addition, when the forensic analysis gets going, imagine the liars and cheats who stand to get caught. Hey, maybe even Dr Evil will get caught in it and the truth regarding the Uighurs will come out.

    Heads will role and its about time. All I cab say is: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Lastly: Will Dame J buy her car back for $1??

  3. argosy says:

    Wonder who will be their new leader?

    • Autumn Fire says:

      Leader: Glenn Blakeney
      Deputy: Lawrence Scott

      • Just Curious says:

        You have got to be kidding…family man of the year, Glen Blakeney?

      • Cleancut says:

        I agree, Glen Blakeney worked hard on his PLP radio talk show 102.7 with the aid of his stalwarts Sherri and Jamal.

  4. St. D says:

    Time Passages – the unions were born from inequalities and are the watchdogs for the workers so they are not going anywhere. I would hope that the new OBA government will do a better job managing government and dealing with issues when they arise. The dockworkers issue has come up again and again over the past year but never went to arbitration because of government delay tactics. The next couple months will be very difficult but it will be difficult because the Island is working towards win-win solutions while not allowing a few hold the rest to ransom.

  5. Really? says:

    SILENCED… Good luck finding new jobs after all the storm you caused.

  6. No Government is Perfect says:

    @ Time Passages – you should be very careful about the words you choose, because they might just come back to bite you, and very hard!

    Thank you PLP for the many years of hard work, commitment, and services that you have provided to this country. Many working class persons realize we might have been in a much worse position had you not taken the steps you did.

    To the UBP – you will need much prayer and guidance from One who is far wiser than you are. Don’t think that you got to this point on your own strength and wisdom, because you are sadly mistaken. You do not have the panacea for all of our ailments as you claim.

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      What??? Do you really mean it when you said “Many working class persons realize we might have been in a much worse position had you not taken the steps you did”. Ask the NON working cless how we feel about the PLP and its decisions? We are in a worse position. Perhaps it may not get better soon. But at least there is hope for some of us that were not on the F&F list.

      Still think the people of Bermuda (that have spoken) will fall for that UBP tagging. IT DIDN”T WORK. We all know it was a distraction to keep people from asking the questions that the PLP coould not , or would not answer. . Those are pre-school advertising 101 tricks. We are smarter than that.

      I don’t think anyone claims to have ALL the answers but at least we feel comfortable they will try and turn things around without insulting and dividing the people of this country.

      On a positive note: Well done Ms. Cox. You are a lady of class and I hope to see you come back to help the PLP change and become an effctive and positive opposition.

  7. Just Curious says:

    was never a plp fan but it was a sad day for Ms. Paula Cox. For her to go down like that is something i would have wished on dr. evil instead of her.

  8. Bermuda needs to WAKE UP! says:

    I’m very proud of the PLP in not only the positive strides they have made over the years but the respect they gave the OBA for not calling an election durning the time of their turmoil. This shows the true character of Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, true leaders and sportsmanship. I can bet you if the shoe was on the other foot, the OBA would have took full advantage of that and called an election. I also want to command Paula Cox on her exceptional talent for words and how she bowed out with class and style. I am sad the PLP may have lost but still proud of ALL those who made it through, continue to work hard for us…..
    I can tell you one thing, the OBA(UBP)have never been as good of an opposition as the PLP have been over the years and I guarantee you all, with the tables being 19/17 you bet ya boots your going to have one of the best oppositions to either make a weak Government good or better. You have a balance of seasoned and young progressives.
    Well done PLP and I hope you pay attention to the statement the people have just made……NO one is safe anymore, so you better work to keep or get your spot!

    Bermuda please stay positive! United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

    • Hey says:

      @Bermuda needs to wake up

      You ended you statement with the time honoured united we stand divided we fall.

      That is why PLP and OBA must work together to get us out of this mess.

      As Cox said, the people have spoken, the people were hurting and she should have listened to the people.

      The people have spoken and they want a nation that works together for the benefit of all Bermudians and Bermuda….read your last line of your statement again

    • Cross+Roads says:

      BS Thats called another bad call by the plp !! The norm for you lot !

  9. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Hey Madam *Cog*… Could you hand-over your keys to the “HOUSE” – both Parliament and the fancy one you use for entertaining + your FREE car keys + your Gov’t credit cards + your FREE “first-class” travel pass (that you used every other week) + everything else that belongs to the people of Bermuda (we don’t want the silly hats)!!!

    Don’t forget that you and your band left this once prosperous Island with a monumental DEBT of $1.6+ BILLION and it all happened on your watch while you were the *Finance Minister*!!
    I dare say that there will be many questions coming your way in the near future and quite rightly so – after Bob Richards and “his team” has a very good look at ALL the accounting books from the last decade – that were your responsibility!!

    I trust that you can account with a very “solid paperwork trail” for all the $$$ of EVERY cheque that you approved and signed, during your tenure as the finance person-in-control, along with *Godfather Brown*, overseeing everything!!

    I think we are going to be privy to some “jaw-dropping” information in the future!! Let’s see if anyone from the PLP follows in the footsteps of Michael Misick (Ex Premier of the T & C Islands)!!

    • No Government is Perfect says:

      Give it a break, will you! We’re really sick and tired of this backlashing as though you have squeaky clean persons in the new UBP. Just get the job done, that’s what you claim you will do and we are waiting to see that you do it.

      • Moojun says:

        I agree with you. The vindictiveness and divisiveness now has to stop. The election is over. We have bigger issues facing us as an Island in crisis than settling scores from the past. ‘MAKE MY DAY’ needs to look where that approach got the PLP and learn from it. We as a people are tired of all the bickering, we want solutions from our new Government (both sitting and the opposition).

  10. SoMuchMore says:

    Apparently Flip Flop’s PRAYER did not work on his behalf, he asked for a good governance party and guess what? One was voted in, the OBA!

    Flip Flop, be careful what you wish for now go Flip yourself to Paradiso – O that closed under the PLP too smdh lol sol mate

  11. rolfy says:

    This woman was a disgrace and a detriment to the island of Bemuda ..she perpetrated our econ.downfall…and she be held accountable for this..along with brown…these ppl ruin us…

  12. sunnyB says:

    We waited too long to come to our senses about the destruction caused by the plp govt..There should be an inquiry of our MONIES MISSING…

  13. Pat says:

    We as a country need to come together and heal before we can move forward. This little island out here in the middle of the Atlantic is like a lifeboat. We each have an oar and must learn to row in the same direction to get the life boat headed toward safety. If some row against the tide and some row with the tide we will continue going in circles. We need to stand up and accept and respect the decision that Bermuda made to change the government. Change is good but sometimes painful. Many of the businesses on the island have been through painful changes in the last few years. These changes were necessary to ensure survival. Lets give the OBA a chance to gather their thoughts, review the material and then chart a course forward. They don’t have a magic wand or can they snap their fingers to get four thousand plus Bermudian reemployed. This will be a slow but steady process. We are still feeling and will continue to feel the lashing of the global economy. That won’t change too soon. We must put our shoulders to the wheel and push forward together.