Photo Slideshow: 2011 Skateboarding Event

November 6, 2011

The inclement weather did not stop young skateboarders from coming out this afternoon [Nov.6] and showing off their skills on Front Street, with the area across from the HSBC Harbourview building filled with various ramps and rails for skateboard and stunt bike enthusiasts. View over 200 photos in the slideshow below, courtesy of John Manderson:

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  1. SpeakReal says:

    i love things like this. keeping the people in positive things and away from violence. they should do this more often! keep it up

  2. BermyGuy says:

    Great For The Event but Please lets avoid injury. Helmets Please .

    • darren booth says:

      hi helmets where available free of charge but only a few where is not really viable to force skate boarders to use helmets.i just wanted to let you know that we did provide them.thanks darren booth (organizer )

  3. John M says:

    Hi, I agree with Darren, helmets were there provided by the Booth, I pointed them out to the kids that were there. I make my little guy wear one. (white helmet) It is very hard to force someone else’s kids to wear them although we’ll continue to try.

  4. Bermy Juice says:

    Great event!

    Although the Booth would do well to encourage longboarding as well. It has a decent selection and longboarding is relativly safer, boasting a community where helmets are the norm and ‘are a lot cooler than brain surgery’.

    I look forward to more events like this and hope I hear a bit more about them next time!

  5. Sundee Faulkner says:

    Longboarding is ideal for travelling not this kind of activity. The temporary skatepark at Sandys 360 had a longboard team that participated in the end to end. They did a great job. This event was small ramps and rails for a day of jumps, tricks and just basic fun to raise awareness for the need for fundraising to help build an urban park at Bull’s Head. As always Darren did an awesome job – obtained a venue, set up the ramps and rails, had helmets, first aid kit and promoted a free fun day for the boarders – all on his own time. These kids have been doing their tricks for a long time. They take a lot more lands on their rear ends and they know how to roll out of poor land. I think the emphasis should be on the positive aspects of the day. Thank you Darren! Thank you John for some amazing photos! We linked it on our new facebook page Bermuda Sk8ers .. but would love if you wouldn’t mind adding some of the pics or giving permission to use some on the fb page. Cheers