Photos/Videos: Swinging Doors Fire

November 7, 2011

At approximately 12.30am this morning [Nov.7] Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service and Police responded to a report of a structural fire inside the Swinging Doors Nightclub at #29 Court Street in Hamilton. Swinging Doors is sandwiched between C&R Discount and the Fish Hut on Court Street.

Fire personnel arrived at the scene to find moderate smoke emitting from the structure and used forced entry to gain access to the building.

Firemen could be seen wearing breathing apparatus as they entered and exited the building from which smoke and smells of burning were coming. Three fire trucks, about a dozen firemen, and six police cars could be seen in attendance.

There were several bystanders on the street, on the corners, and watching from balconies and porches of nearby residences. When asked, some of these bystanders said that the Fish Hut had been closed and that as far as they knew, no one had been injured. There were no ambulances on the scene nor, according to bystanders, had any ambulances been seen or heard leaving the fire scene.

Video Of Fire Department Statement

Acting Division Officer Colin Swan said the fire was contained to the south east corner of the building and the remaining interior suffered smoke and heat damage. There were no reported injuries and the fire is under investigation at this time.

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