Video & Photos: Car Plunges Over Wall

November 16, 2011

[Updated] Earlier today [Nov.16] a car accident occurred which saw the car plunge head-first down into a residential property in the Tribe Road #6, Horseshoe Road, Southampton area.

The accident occurred sometime before or around noon, and this afternoon construction workers removed the car using an extendable forklift. The procedure took quite some time, with the machine operator having to take care not to hit the surrounding property walls and cause further damage.


Area residents told Bernews the female driver appeared to come from another residential property, and smashed through a residential wall before the car plunged approximately 15/20 feet into the neighbouring property.

Residents said emergency personnel extracted the driver from the car before an ambulance transported her to hospital, and that the driver was talking to the emergency personnel at the scene. We will update with official information as able.

Update 5.18pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 12 noon on Wednesday November 16th, Police responded to a report of a single vehicle collision on Tribe Road #6, Southampton near Horseshoe Road. It appears that a car was outside a Tribe Road #6 home when the vehicle collided with a wall and drove over an embankment.”

“The driver, a 78 year old Southampton woman was temporarily trapped in the vehicle and rescued by Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service personnel. She was conveyed to KEMH via ambulance for medical assessment. The car was extensively damaged.”

Update Nov 17, 7.40am: As of this morning, the driver is listed in stable condition on a general ward.

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  1. Terry says:

    Hope she’s ok. I can see the comments now. From the views I can’t tell what happened. Can you?

  2. Can You See Me Now says:

    Female driver…

    • B, a Lady says:

      Your response highlights everything that is wrong in Bermuda right now – crassness, sexism, offensiveness and insensitivity. You may have thought it was funny, but it was not.

      Instead, focus on extending well-wishes to the injured driver, and say a prayerful “thank you” that no-one else was injured.

      • Can You See Me Now says:

        If this was America…I’d say the same thing…

        • B, a Lady says:

          The difference is, in America, you would be booed and sued for being stupid. We are just too accepting here of your form of CRASS.

      • Waiting Patiently.... says:

        with all due respect, studies have shown women to be more accident prone drives. The evolutionary fact is, women are not as good with quick movement eyesight, being as men are evolutionarily the hunters and women are gathers…..

        using this in driving (quick movement relative to normal human motion) actualy means that “female drivers” as a supposed joke, really does have scientific backing.


        on the otherhand thouhg, it also describes why women have a far keener sense of color and smell… based on them needed these senses in picking fruit/veg and deciphering harmful from edible.

        • Down de Road says:

          YOU ARE A DUMB ASS

        • I don't think so... says:

          When quoting studies, it’s usually best to reference them, otherwise people will assume that they are made up, or that they are pseudo scientific “urban myths”, as I assume yours are here.

          There are may surveys that comprehensively show that in fact MEN are the more accident prone drivers, particularly when it comes to fatal accidents. Here are just a few:

          I couldn’t find any RTA stats about Bermuda, but anecdotal evidence would seem to suggest that the majority of the road fatalities that are reported here involve young men.

          So while we men might like to think we have an evolutionary advantage in driving, the statistics show that we should probably just put a sock in it and sit in the passenger seat… Difficult as that may be to do. I don’t think there would be any dispute that men are the worst passengers…

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Crawl back into your cave & stay there. Better still, see if you can find yourself a time machine & go back to the stone age to stay.

  3. True Bermudian says:

    Jah is my co-pilot.

  4. Real Talk (original) says:

    Wow. Prayers and well wishes go out to the lady.

  5. wow says:

    Oh dear. hope she is ok. Cars and wall we can fix. Prayers for her right now.

    • BTW says:

      Indeed. She must have been terribly frightened. My prayers go out to her and her family.

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ahhhhh….the skill of Bermuda drivers never cease to amaze.

    Check the drivers cellphone records.

  7. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    That’s enough to put her knickers in a twist .

  8. Legal Reasons? says:

    while critics are focusing on the sex of the driver, nobody is commenting on her age. i think that it is an important fact here. 78 year old, should she even be driving?

  9. SO SAD says:

    Just another example of geriatrics being on the road when they shouldnt. Times have changed, and driving on these roads is becoming increasingly dangerous.
    When seniors reach 70 they need to be retested to see if they are not a danger to the themselves or others on the road. How many seniors are out there with dementia, or partially deaf or blind, on medications that decrease their cognitive skills etc. and still driving on these crazy roads? Too many. Road safety is for everyone not just young people. She could have killed herself or someone else. Lets wait and see what comes out of it. smh

    • BermyGurl says:

      Drivers are re-tested once they reach 65 and in the years following. In order to re-test they need medical certification that they are fit, medically, to drive and then if TCD chooses to pass them then they are obviously seen fit to be behind the wheel. Accidents happen…..this could have been you.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        No question, there are senior drivers on the roads who should not be there. However, there are many more drivers who are far younger that have no business sitting behind the wheel or riding two wheels.

  10. freddyg says:

    God bless the driver !!!

  11. Think about it says:

    Female * old age + a car= an accident waiting to happen.

    You can tell who the men and women are commenting. All the women start screaming about sexism. All I can say is, every time I see a car on the road that’s all banged and scraped up, it’s 8 times out of 10 a female driver. Every time I’m behind a female driver, as soon as a bus, truck or mid size suv approaches in the other lane, they slam on brakes and star moving over towards the sidewalk. Every time I have personally driven past or witnessed an accident where the car has flipped or went through gaurd rails, it has been a female driver.

    Women just aren’t good drivers. That’s why Danica Patrick is such a big deal, she’s one in a billion Lol

  12. Hmmmm... says:

    I’m glad she’s ok. She must’ve been very shook up!

  13. drunkenUrsula says:

    I hope and pray she will be alright….she needs now to be like me drink her rum amd catch the bus….cheers

  14. Bermudian says:

    Bermuda drivers are the worst drivers in the world. The fact of the matter is, driving at 50 kph seems to be too complicated for most to drive at. You would never be able to handle driving in America. I’d say lower the speed limit to 20kph and have police pull everyone over and hand out $1000 fines for anyone that goes over it.

    • Think about it says:

      You sound like a complete moron and you are clearly NOT Bermudian. I for one drive at least 70-80kmh (40-50mph) on a regular basis, unless the area won’t permit it, and I drive perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, my car handles better and uses less gas going at those speeds.

      Also, I think even the average Bermudian drives better than any American. Why do you think they always get in accidents when thy come here? Because they’re used to only driving in a straight line, they can’t handle winding , narrow roads.

      So don’t go lumping every Bermudian in the same category, cause you sound like an idiot.

      • honesty says:

        GTFOH. don’t get ahead of yourself with that “drives better than any American”. When was the last time you saw a 50cc scooter on a highway anywhere in the states? what can you expect to happen.

  15. united says:

    Female drivers. Man, they need special training and special license. Maybe someone should check to see if she was on the phone or texting.

    I know, I know, sounds harsh but…..

  16. Tuba says:

    Wow, she must be related to C-Rod or Beezy!!