Photos: Car Crashed on Warwick Sidewalk

January 3, 2011

This morning [Jan 3] a car is visible crashed up on the sidewalk on Middle Road in Warwick by the Esso Gas Station. It appears from the position of the barriers and the damage to the sidewalk that the car hit the sidewalk and ended up in the position shown.

war jan 1 accident (1)

It is unclear at this time whether anyone was injured in this accident or not, however we will update with official Police information as able. For previous posts with photos of unusual accident scenes click here.

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  1. D. Evans says:

    Hopefully no one was hurt, lucky thing a few more steps and they would have ended up in that hole

    • Harmony says:

      @D. Evans…they went past the hole. If you look at the pics carefully they went through all the barriers and cones that were around it and the rubble from the sidewalk. They had to have come from westward and the car eventually spun and ended up facing westward.

  2. Call as it is says:

    Cars just DONT lose control..
    people lose control!

  3. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW says:

    @ Call you said it right…..Act Like You Know

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Just like accidents are rare. Crashes are common. Accidents because of events beyond human control. Crashes are caused by humans.

      The car sure did not end up next to the tree all by itself. Now…why might a human, on a relatively straight piece of road, apparently cross the road, hit the curb & spin around into a tree? I’ll bet he/she has a real good excuse.

  4. Terry says:

    AH! We have a number of “CSI” people aboard. Great.

    Quite obvious to the ‘trained mind’ that the vehicle was heading east.
    But as they say, what goes up ( within atmosphere) must come down. SO…….what goes east usually goes west at a latter time.

    Maybe they forgot to get gas. Oh well.

  5. Road sense says:

    It is obvious to me that speed was a factor in this collision. People need to understand that just because they have a car and believe they CAN drive that does not mean they actually CAN!

    I reserve judgement as we all do not know all the particulars of this collision – however, the motoring public needs to come to terms with their own level of responsibility when it comes to their own safety on the roads – plain and simple.

  6. Speedracer says:

    What is the mother of your children supposed to do now that you have smashed the family car up? How is she supposed to transport her your two boys around. You are ruining that beautiful young ladies LIFE K_ _g K_ _y!! Little boy, you need GROW THE HELL UP; AND FAST!! You dont even have a job to help her out. Ladies let this be a lesson to you, Leave Dead Beat Men Alone. No job, no transportation, and ond insurance. All that adds up to is no future!

    • Harmony says:

      I’m guessing this mean you know who the person was and what happened!

  7. kingsize says:

    Lmfawo! Dats funny how opinions r like *#sholes everybody got one especially if they don’t kno d half of things thank you n have. A nice day