Car Crashed Over Railings on North Shore

January 8, 2011

This morning [Jan 8] there is a car visible crashed over the railings on North Shore, Devonshire in the area just west of Loyal Hill. The car appears to have been traveling towards Hamilton when it crashed through the railings, sustaining damage to the front of the car.

jan 8 2011 acci (6)

At this time we are not aware if the passenger[s] sustained injuries or when the accident occurred, however we will update with official information as able. For previous posts with photos of unusual accident scenes click here.

Click to enlarge images:

Update Jan 9: We are still awaiting official information, which we expect later today or tomorrow. The car has been removed from the area.

Update Jan 23: We never obtained official information, as it appears this accident may not have been reported to the Police.

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  1. Are you serious? says:

    Oh dear! Trying to take a short cut to Dockyard! Nooooo wrong way mate

  2. Call as it is says:

    One less vehicle on Bermuda roads to worry about…
    well done…keep it up…

  3. Terry says:

    It’s all the UBP’s fault. Then again, the BDA played a part…..(Ban Drunk A……..)

  4. Sara says:

    Is it just me, or have we read about a lot cars plowing into walls lately?
    People please SLOW DOWN out there, the island is only 22 square miles, where are you in such a hurry to? Remember when the roads get wet, they can get slick, so SLOW DOWN even more.

  5. k says:

    Bus travel only for 3years should be the sentence !!

  6. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW says:

    No Sara it’s just you!!!

  7. TCD says:

    I would like to assume since I have not seen any recent updates on this accident that the driver and any possible passengers were not seriously injured.

    Judging by theses pictures this accident could have been fatal…

    • bernews says:

      Your assumption is probably right. We haven’t been able to confirm anything yet, which is a good sign as if someone is seriously hurt, we can normally get that quick.

  8. Terry says:

    Well TCD, you’ll have your hands full when you examine this vehicle for test.

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Amazing! Such low driving speeds. Such small cars. Such nimble small cars & Bermudians still can’t DRIVE!

    As always, check the cellphone records first. Bet it was a yap yap yap yap….kerrrash! The cars fault. The roads fault Anything but the drivers fault. The car just WENT out of control.

  10. Tryangle says:

    Best job security in Bermuda = auto mechanic.


  12. Carlton Smith says:

    All of you including TCD are way off the mark. This may not be an accident.Observe the lack of license plates….
    It’s a shame the officials in this country are more interested in speculating events to support their platforms and make it appear that they are doin’ somethin’. More observance and dillignce is required. I am also suggesting that we put people in position that actually have related knowledge and skills, as opposed to favourites or awarding positions for deeds done.It is definately time to implement a proper driving skills test.Too long we have been behind the saying that a driver’s licence is a privillege ( and not a right ) when actually it is neither. A driver’s licence is supposed to be a certificate that says you are competent to handle the vehicle you are allowed to drive. This sort of thing happens when you issue licences as a privillege.

    • bernews says:

      Sorry, our fault. We always block plate numbers, and in this case as its a white car the photo looks like it had no plates – it did though.

      Still no news, which indicates no one was likely seriously injured. Still cannot confirm, but hopefully that is the case…

    • Casi says:

      Carlton I agree, the driving exam in Bermuda is outdated and has to be brought into this century.

      In other countries this is what you have to do BEFORE taking the driving exam:
      – obtain FIRST AID certification (i.e. 3 day course at the Red Cross)
      – take an eye exam
      – participate in a minimum of 12 hours theoretical lessons at the driving school
      – study for the theoretical driving exam (catalogue of 920+ questions).
      (You will be tested on a selection of 30 random questions)
      – Know all 150+ traffic and road signs (before you take your first official driving lesson.
      – Take a minimum of 12 driving hours by a registered driving school.

      AND when you drive under the influence of alcohol (between 0.5 – 0.79 promille) in Europe, the fine is euro 300 – 3,700 for first time offenders… thereafter the fines are higher and you face possible imprisonment and the loss of your drivers license depending on the severity.

      • 0nion says:

        Casi i have to agree with you fully. I came back from being away in school a year ago and needed to get a license for a motorcycle (100cc +) i went to take my exam and had a funny incident happen. I had previously gotten a motorcycle license in the states for a 450cc so i know how to ride. I took the riding test was told to go down make a left turn indicate and extend my arm, no problems. I was told to do the same thing making a right turn, so i went town put on my indicator and extended my left arm over my head pointing towards the right. I get back and the instructor told me it’s not that you did it wrong but no one in Bermuda will understand what you just did so you have to go down and extend your right arm. I learned riding that you NEVER take your hand off the throttle because that is giving you control of the bike. If you need to get out of the way of something there is no way you can accelerate to move with your hand off of the throttle. Funny how bad driving practices are accepted here.