World Rugby Classic Venue Battered By Winds

November 6, 2011

Bermuda’s World Rugby Classic organisers postponed today’s [Nov.6] scheduled first round matches as they contend with wind-damage to their National Sports Centre facilities caused by the gale-force gusts battering the island.

The annual event was due to get underway this afternoon but a statement posted at their the website said: “High winds have caused considerable damage to the tents and infrastructure at the ground.

“As a result, today’s games have been postponed.

“A revised schedule will be posted shortly.”

Bernews visited the National Sports Centre on Frog Lane this morning and took these photographs of the damage to hospitality tents and other World Rugby Classic facilities.

New Zealand had been scheduled to play the United States this afternoon to begin the first round of the 24th annual World Rugby Classic with the Classic Lions taking on Italy later in the day.

The Bermuda Weather Service issued a gale force warning for the weekend, predicting winds might not fully subside until Monday.

Gale force warnings are issued when winds of mean speed 34 to 47 knots are forecast to affect the marine area.

The BWS said: “Low pressure to our southwest will be quasi-stationary today, then begin to slowly drift westward.


“The associated warm front will remain near to our south producing strong to occasionally gale force winds, occasional rain and showers, and a risk of thunder through Tuesday.

“The low should distance itself enough to allow conditions to begin to ease for Wednesday.”

Today is expected to remain overcast with occasional rain or showers. Northeasterly winds will remain strong throughout the day with gale-force gusts and occasional gusts to storm force.

There have been reports of isolated power outages caused by the strong winds.

Belco crews are understood to have been out restoring service.


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  1. HEY BILL!!! says:


  2. Family Man says:

    Looks like the morning after one of their parties.

  3. alicia says:

    well… it wouldn’t be world cup rugby week if the weather was nice. Historically it has been a rainy, cold and windy week.

  4. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    So which bar do we need to avoid this afternoon?


  6. WTF says:

    Just our luck. The event i have been looking forward to for a while goes and gets cancelled. I got hospitality tickets too. Stupid weather!!!!!!

  7. Sad Really says:

    Wow, after all these years we are still putting up tents. For sporting event at the National Stadium??? Is that pool finished yet??

    Sad, really sad!

    • Really?? says:

      For you people that obviously don’t know. The cricket field is converted into a rugby field for this one event. The tents are put up for the benefit of corporate sponsors and members of the WRC to watch the games while enjoying a fully catered meal. This is a luxury not a necessity for the games. Once the classic is finished the tents are removed off the field. What is your brilliant suggestion? Build permanent structures on the field for an event that lasts 1 week out of an entire year? I can tell not much thought was given when this post was written.

  8. k says:

    With proper sheltered stands,tents wouldn’t be needed !!!!

    • moojun says:

      But tents are moveable and allow you to convert from a cricket ground to a rugby ground really easily. On a small island you need to be flexible with the space available. And anyway, the tents aren’t there to cover the stands.

  9. cottage says:

    My ticket is not going to be honored for the GAMES that I want to see. I wanted to see the opening games on Sunday, and giving me entrance on Friday instead is not acceptable. I wanted specifically to see certain teams play… not just to be in a tent etc. Now, by giving me entrance on Friday you are making me pay for games that I did not want to see. This sucks. This is what happens when $$$$$ are more on the brain than the reason the Classic is here in the first place… RUGBY! Think back to when it was held at what is now Somersfield. It was about the GAMES and the party/socializing was an add-on now it is about CORPRATE SPONSORS, TENTS, BLAH…. and the games are a sideline. If you are going to get all fancy with many tents etc, then there should be back up plans for those people who just want to party/network/corporate perk so that the games are not affected. The tents are what held up play for Monday. Weather may have been to fault for Sun, but historically it had been played in conditions that were windy and wet. I guess I will now have to pay the general admission to see the game that I had already paid tent price to see. Not Happy.