Cervio Cox Charged With Attempted Murder

June 11, 2012

28-year-old Cervio Cox appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [June 11] charged with the attempted murder of Lavon Thomas and Darren Thomas in March 2012.

Mr Cox also faces firearm charges in connection with the incident.

The shooting occurred around 3:45am on Saturday, March 24th on Reid Street Extension in the City of Hamilton and resulted in shots being fired into the windows of Sir John Swan’s Seon Place office building.

Mr Cox is the second person to be charged in connection with the shooting, as in April of this year 23-year-old Devon Hewey was charged in relation to the incident.

As the charges can only be heard in Supreme Court, Mr Cox was not required to enter a plea. He was remanded in custody to re-appear at a later date.

- File photo. For legal reasons, comments on all court stories must be tightly moderated until the trial is completed. This applies to all cases before Magistrates and Supreme Court.

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  1. Family Man says:

    No worries. If he is convicted, with good behaviour and a little luck he’ll be out on parole in no time.

    • Observer says:

      If convicted, send him to Mexico to serve his time, then he would have worries!

  2. BERMUDIAN says:


  3. word says:

    take the “oco” out of his name and you get Cervix.
    glad they caught him

    • Politely Pompous says:

      Yeah-I noticed that before as well…

    • dangerousMinds.. says:

      Ooooo You ALL are SO Lucky Family can’t see who you are writing a bunch of negative sh*t on here!!! Karma see.. He aint done NOTHING to none of you and NO ONE ever STOP judging people cause soon as the police come Harass someone in ya family you aint gon be so Boasty talking sh*t!!!! Get a life, You ALL know how the police operate down here, they can pick you up and say ANYTHING! Bermudians are a bunch of f#c#ing Idiots.. You guys thrive off the next man’s downfall not even knowing the situation or just ACCUSATIONS!

      • Mystique says:

        “he ain’t done nothing to no one”. I’m sure he’s just a swell guy being targeted by police! Get real!

  4. Wait says:

    As long as we don’t send a message to the country in regards to these murders, it is a waste of time even commenting because this is what the like when their families come visit they tell them everything on this site and they think they are important or some celebrity. but if you tell them they are looking into bringing back the death penalty they will be looking like zummbies. This is a joke and remember what is going to happen in the next generation if we don’t set examples now…. Tired of the Bulls……..

  5. thy dont learn says:

    Dude you must really like being up their..

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Yes he is a freedom fighter , he hates being free .


    Cervio you know that you are my bredren for life no matter what, but you are too cool for this man.People that don’t know you personally are probably reading my comment right now thinking to themselves “this guy is crazy” or “is this guy must be high right now? “he really don’t know Cervio if he could say that he is cool.You know how people judge people especially in Bermy! Only in Bermuda you are guilty b4 the trial even happens so don’t even waste your energy getting vex! Hey man real talk you need to change your life around dog.Like i said ya my boy and I’m one of your REAL friends and I am disappointed in you because you are too good for that.I don’t condone none of what you are accused of doing let me get that straight! You and i both have good families that love us and support us no matter what so we definitely can’t use that as an excuse like other guys can! You know my mamma and daddy and i know yours and neither take no BS from we guys you know that! When i saw you a couple of months ago it seemed as if you were genuinely trying to stay out of trouble and i rated you for that.You need to pull yourself together mon!It’s not too late regardless of what people say! People talked about JESUS CHRIST so you stand NO chance in the world!What don’t kill you will only make you stronger and hopefully wiser! When you get out the first thing you need to do is CHANGE your company because to me that was your biggest downfall!None of those guys you were hanging with on the outside up the 2nd are no where around now and i hope you can see that! I already know that your smart you went Saltus so now start using ya head! Turn this mess around!Prove the world wrong about you!

    • Disappointed says:

      Amen to your true friend in writing the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So disappointing to see you in the papers for negative behavior. Is Westgate that great? Your family gave you everything (love, support, great education) and you would do this to them ?!


  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    Another alleged 42 person getting charged? Man, when will a PS person get charged, as there have been more murders up 42 then anywhere! Again BPS, can you do something to show that you are trying to capture ALL the shooters involved in this mayhem, instead of just an apparent focus on mob and 42? It’s getting kind of obvious now……

    • Silly Minds says:

      I Agree!!

    • SMH says:

      who cares if its 42 or PS or MOB or where ever they come from you sound so dopey grow up because at the end of the day it still BERMUDA ya dumb a** you need to worry about you island and not what gang has more convicted killers you sound so stupid n im embarrassed to even see that ull put this up here smfh n look at your dumb a** I AGREE like a real fool GROW UP

  8. Gotcha says:

    Hope they got the right guys and put them away for a very long time!

  9. Their all Jokes says:

    I’m so tired of reading about these low life Cox boys. The electric chair really needs to be reinstated because what these boys are charged with doing is unreal and they need to be punished severely if convicted.

    • devonte says:

      Aye 2 de person name “Their all jokes” f%$# yu serz. Who are you to say low life Cox boys. How can you judge some1 yu dnt kno. that’s my family n I don’t care what they did but I don’t lyk how u said low life cox boys. Lyk deht guy said Cervio went Saltus n he is a gud guy. So f%$# yu n all de otha people that just say anythin. N ya dehtz my real name I put up so uno who is sayin di cause I dnt care. Innocent until proven guilty

      • Will says:

        You clearly did not go to Saltus otherwise what you posted would have made sense. ‘Like’ is the correct way, not ‘lyk’ and why would you write ‘deht’ instead of ‘that’, its the same amount of letters!! so clearly its not shortening words to make it quicker to type, i’ve been trying to figure this out for years, and now I have realised its because of poor education and grammatical skills that you think those words are spelled and pronounced that way..smh

        lemme correct you on every word shall i
        -some1: someone
        yu: you
        dnt: don’t
        kno: know
        lyk: like
        deht: that
        n : and
        de : the
        otha: other
        uno: you know

        you might as well try and act smart otherwise people will just think you as ignorant..and cheers for posting your name Devonte, i will not be hiring you or considering you for any position in any job in the future if you cant speak, spell or read properly.

        • dangerousMinds.. says:

          Shut da f*%k up A@S?! Who says anyone has to ‘Talk or Type Correctly’ on here? You all jus comment just u have no life, you all are the same people that comment on everyone’s case! Bunch of F##K Nuts you are!! N to the comment ‘Low Life Cox Boys’ Who are you referring to… David?! Cause I don’t hear nothing bout any other Cox boys! I Pray all your negative words turn from Cervio and hit you three times worse, maybe you’ll shut up then when your family member is harassed by the police!! God gon be the ONLY one to help you. No weapon formed against him shall prosper! Since you ALL wanna talk go talk to Jesus and ask him to Forgive you because WE are all the Same and are ALL created Equal, NO Sin is greater than the Next man or woman’s sin!!! Remember GOD is the Judge of us people, we do not have Rights to Judge. So how you look at him, Others look At you Worse!!! Its one thing to ‘talk’ and have evidence but it is Another to ‘talk’ and assume or believe the press Everytime people go court, some are tru n others NOT!! And I’m MOST certain NONE of you will say these things to Cervio so that says A LOT about you ALL…

        • JoJo says:

          Shouldn’t your name be ‘They’re all Jokes’

          on this topic anyway, just sayin.

  10. Judgement says:

    Here we go with some of the public convicting someone before they get their day in court. In Bermuda it is clearly guilty until proven innocent part of the Bermuda culture: gossip ,past judgement before any facts are known or given SMH

  11. dangerousMinds.. says:

    I should HOPE ya’ll know some1 is innocent before proven guilty & even if he is found guilty doesn’t mean what u think of him is who he is.. I’m sure NONE of you have ‘Clean backyards’ so before ya’ll start saying random comments just ‘Shut Up’ and worry bout ya family that’s out there doing Lord knows what.. Be careful what you say about Others, Especially if you DON’T know them or their story. You’ll be the NEXT one sobbing cause ya Mouth is bigger than ya head and ya brain is smaller than your tongue.. Remember it can happen to You!! Keep ya head up, Jah DON’T sleep. Xx (Family)

  12. cant believe it says:

    If you shoot at John Swan buildings you will get caught,…lol .. hey the law is the law and if he is guilty then he is guilty if not then good

  13. Their all Jokes says:

    Like I said, low life Cox boys…If you condone Murder then something is wrong with you. You’ve got to be kidding me! If you ask me the term “Low Lives” is even too modest. You’re nuts, family member or not.

    • dangerousMinds.. says:

      I’m nuts? You should say that to me.. To my face! No one condoned Murder a^s! N no1 was murdered in this case so wtf u talking bout?! We aint talking bout f(*&ing David, this where you as%es get it twisted! N I made reference to David cus he has been CHARGED with murder! No other Cox boy has, I asked you ya calling a low life, definitely not Cervio cause I’m pretty sure you pay rent, if u catch my drift you aint got no reason or evidence to call some1 else a low life das who YOU are.

  14. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    I went to Saltus with this guy. It is unbelievable that he could be charged with doing something like this… He comes from a good family.

  15. jus how it go,s says:

    When your in rome u live like the roman,s!!! The streets are the wild wild west so if u ank a rroman or a cowboy stay ya *ss on the straight and narrow cuz it ank back in the day,s!!! Cuz if not your gonna b shot,robbed locked up,dead or blah blah blah and they,ll be talkin bout your *ss on bernews comments !!! Straight