Videos: Anglers Reel In 556lb & 768lb Blue Marlins

July 5, 2012

The Bermuda Billfish Blast kicked off earlier this week, and yesterday [July 4] two massive blue marlins were reeled in. The Queen of Hearts 768lb blue marlin was the biggest catch of the day, with caught Paradise One bringing in the second largest at 556lbs – which is pictured below.

The captain and crew of the Queen of Hearts currently leads both the Bermuda Billfish Blast’s Blue Marlin Division and the Top Angler Division. The Queen of Hearts is captained by Peter Olander, with Keven Walsh as first mate. Paradise One is captained by Allan Bean, with his brother Delvin Bean as the ship’s first mate. Ex-professional wrestler John “JBL” Layfield was also on board Paradise One.

Paradise One:

The Queen of Hearts:

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  1. wondering says:

    Well Done Bermuda

    Continuing to keep us on the positive world map…….BDOT should capitalize on this

  2. Tired Mum says:

    I know these tournaments bring in a lot of money for Bermuda, and I know that we need everything we can get on this island right now. So why does looking at these photos make me so sad? Probably because if it was a competition to catch the biggest whale just for sport, there would be huge uproar. My understanding is that these are not fish that are eaten, but they die in the battle. Seems like a terrible waste to me. I so want to support anything that boosts our poor economy, but isn’t there a better option?

    • sharkbreath says:

      Like a casino!

    • Walla Walla says:

      Im thinking you , like me, might be sad because we didnt get a chance to share in the massive prize money.

  3. Concerned says:

    Did you note the name on the crane or hoist use to haul the fish up – ICS – take a guess.

    • QStreet says:

      What does that have to do with anything? Its not a government event or one put on specifically by the department of tourism so its not labelled a political even. I’m not even a fan of the PLP and I cant figure out what the problem is that you have with ICS crane being used. How many crane operaters do you know that have cranes available that are small enough to move easily, not in use and easily portable?

      Am I missing something here?

  4. Vexed onion says:

    Of course you can eat Blue Marlin! Just Google for recipes 100,000 plus returns.

    • Yup says:

      I doubt they will eat those fish. Fishermen generally use marlin as chum after all the fan fare. Marlin is nick named “tuna revenge” as the chum is often eaten by tuna which is the main meal for the wild marlin.

  5. Andrew says:

    Is there no way to catch and release?

    • QStreet says:

      Yes the do tag and realse most but not these larger ones caught on the July 4th World Cup Blue Marlin Marlin Tournament a sthe winner can land prize money of 500,000 + . Im not sure what this years prize money was but Im sure someone can answer. I love animals and prefer tag and release methods for game fishing it hard to catch and release a $500,000 potential winning fish.

  6. terry says:

    Very true you can eat it.
    Ever bought a piece in a store?
    Let them be.
    No marlin will be the same as other species that have gone.
    Save it and …never mind.
    Beaches are gone, tourism is gone and the rich get richer and that drives up the cost of fuel.
    Visiting boats don’t put that much into the ecconomy. Maybe some rum and a 20 dollar burger.

    • JB says:

      Are you kidding me? Read up on what these boats do for our economy. How much fuel do you think they buy during the 2/3 months they fish here? Dock fees go to local clubs and marinas. Do you think the owners sleep on the boats? No they sleep in hotels and eat in restaurants. They fly in family and friends who stay at hotels, use cabs and eat in our restaurants. Let’s not forget that if a Bermudian boat wins (which is common) the prize money(from entry fees) stays here too. Did you see the Newport race brought $10 million to the island… same principal owners/families stay in hotels and eat and drink lots while here.
      I too could do without seeing the dead fish because it really did not give them that many extra points. But tight lines to those Bermuda boats in the tournament!

      • Betty Swallocks says:

        Newport-Bermuda may have brought revenue to the island BUT THEY WERE NOT KILLING FOR SPORT!
        Listen to yourself!
        Desperately trying to justify the unjustifiable whilst scrounging after the almighty (and elusive) dollar!

        • JB says:

          Well actually there were only two fish landed/killed and both were by Bermuda boats. Read today’s article that says most fish are released and these boats bring $3 million to Bermudas economy. So let’s not point the finger at the foreign boats!

  7. Liz says:

    I’m not sure which emotion is strongest right now—sadness, anger, revulsion….but I know seeing this sickens me. This is just a penis extension, and serves no other purpose than stroking the male ego. Pathetic.

  8. James Goodfellow says:

    Isn’t that the Hulk Hogan dude on the boat that was climbing the highest mountain in Europe only last week?

  9. Bill says:

    Marlin are “game fish”. The fisherman spend vast amounts of money for the thrill of the fight and hunt. Of the 30 that were hooked up on Wednesday (when those photos were taken) 2 fish were brought to shore as they were deemed to be large enough to be weighed. The rest were tagged and released to fight another day – how all those rich fisherman prefer it.

  10. Tired Mum says:

    It is good to hear that the majority were released. I am not anti-fishing – just trying to see if there is a better way without killing these wonderful creatures. I’m sure I read the large fish are the most important in the preservation of the species as they are the ones that spawn in vast numbers. Could Bermuda not make it a policy that all Marlin caught in these tournaments are caught and released live? I agree that these tournaments, like the Newport race, add more to the economy than we realise, and should be encouraged if they can be done in an environmentally sustainable way.

  11. Kim Smith says:

    Yes, definitely a shame that the fish has to die to gratify the ego of man!

  12. Truth is killin' me... says:

    There’s a lot of egos walking around on this island. How about sorting them out FIRST!!!