Prison Inmate Remains ‘Unlawfully At Large’

July 5, 2012

[Updated] The police are continuing to try and locate 36-year-old Shane Todd who recently failed to return to the Prison Farm while out on work release and remains “unlawfully at large.” The police have received calls with people reporting have Mr Todd, however have not been able to apprehend him as of yet.

Acting Chief Inspector Andy Morgan said: “We are grateful to the public for the number of calls with sightings of Mr Todd within the last 24 hours. Unfortunately on each occasion the information has been received too late and Mr Todd has moved on prior to Police arrival.

“If Mr Todd is seen, the public are urged to call the main police number of 295-0011 without delay, so he can be brought into custody and this matter brought to a conclusion at the earliest opportunity. I would like to thank the public for their on-going assistance in this matter”.

Mr Todd is described as brown skinned, approximately 5’8” tall weighing around 150 pounds. He was last seen wearing a blue T-shirt, blue pants and white high-top sneakers.

“The Bermuda Police Service would again like to remind the public that assisting or harbouring a fugitive is an arrestable offence, punishable under law,” a police spokesperson said.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Mr Todd is asked to contact police directly on 295-0011.

Update: Mr Todd was coming to the end of an prison sentence for a sexual assault crime committed in 2004, according to reports at that time by The Royal Gazette. In 2005, Mr Todd was sentenced to fifteen years, with the newspaper reporting that the Court heard he was mentally ill and addicted to drugs.

He was convicted of attacking a 17 year-old girl and her two adult companions, one of whom was disabled, in Paget on June 10th 2004. Later that same day, Mr Todd is reported to have attacked and robbed three women at Morgan’s Rd in Warwick.

On sentencing Mr Todd, then-Chief Justice Richard Ground ordered that he should undergo psychiatric treatment whilst incarcerated, newspaper reports said.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Stake out the homestead. He’ll show up there!

  2. g-gurl says:


  3. Rard says:

    What a dumbarse. He thinks he won’t be found? It’s not like he can get off the island!

  4. T. Simmons says:

    Next he’ll be posting on facebook…

  5. QStreet says:

    Announce that he will get 30 days for every day he remains on the loose! He will come back soon. He must pay for all the wasted money and resources that are being used to find him.

    We laso must finally start punishing individuals that harbour criminals and runaways. We always hear in the press releases that individuals found to be hiding and assisting escaped criminals or runaway youths will be prosecuted. But they NEVER are! Which is why nobody listens, nobody is fearful or the consequences, and why it keeps happening. I hope nothing has happened to him and if we find that nothing has, then we MUST ARREST AND PUNISH those helping him. We are wasting money that we cant afford to waste right now on this selfish individual and those that are helping him. If the police visit his family, known friends and family a few times a day, eventually someone (even a loved one) will break down a speak up. Someone knows or has the means to know.

  6. To any prisoner, isn’t the Farm better than Westgate? Think about it!! So Mr. Todd, don’t know you, but my advise is to return now because the longer you are on the run Im sure each day is additional time added and more than like at Westgate.
    That is so silly to be given a little freedom of day release and act like a foolish child running wild. Your too old for this nonsense. Give yourself up and return, the police can be out there looking for murderers and not wasting time on you! Anyone who is harboring him think!!!!!

  7. Lmao!!!! says:

    while out on work release you run, that is stupid!!! He’s almost free he must have a boyfriend at westgate, what a dumb A$$!!!!!!!

  8. Captain Confused says:

    Y is this man out any way? I’m just a bit confused. This man was convicted of sexual crimes to women and deemed to be coo-coo in the head? But he was stable enough to be trusted to go work release?
    I give up Bermuda… I really do….

  9. Clown says:

    He’s out looking for the rest of his right eyebrow…

    • 75 and sunny says:

      THAT is funny…… i was wondering about the significance of that…..

  10. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    It takes them a week to let us know he’s a convicted multiple rapist. Didn’t they think that little detail was important for the public to know?

    And what the hell are they doing. He’s obviously dangerous. Yet they let him out and hope he comes back every day? Is this what we expect when the court locks up a multiple rapist for 15 years? That he’s let out every day to go to work? Where’s the punishment in that? Where’s the protection that society was supposed to get by locking this creep up?

    And if he was jailed for 15 years in 2005, why is he apparently ‘coming to the end of his sentence’? Another criminal being given automatic parole again? I thought new measures were going to be put in place to stop automatic parole for serious crimes. Isn’t serious sexual assault on women considered serious any more?

  11. Brosive says:

    Wait a minute…. Didn’t they say this guy is not dangerous, hence why he was eligible for work release? Sexual assault, mentally ill, addicted to drugs… I would say that’s a very dangerous combination.

  12. true real says:

    The sad part is he obviously likes jail & we as tax payers will be paying for his dumb @ss for a couple of more years. Now that’s the irony of all of this. They need to ship his dumb @ss to a real prison instead of the hotel we have here called west gate, the only thing you learn up there is lights out smdh.

  13. Observer says:

    I could have sworn that I read in an earlier report that the police said he isn’t a threat to the public. Now it seems he has a violent past. Please make up your minds!!!

    • Daisy says:

      Agreed! This idiot should have never been on work release with such a violent past. He’s a convicted sex offender and was also diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Nice job Corrections! Bermuda’s system…..I tell you.

    • Real says:

      People always looking to blame the Police. Those words came directly from Eddie Lamb who is the Commissioner of Prisons

  14. RME says:

    In 2005 he was sentenced to 15 years. So now after only 7 years he was reaching the end of his prison sentence. Seriously??? Give me a break!! Lock him up for the other 8 years for pulling this stunt. He obviously doesn’t deserve to get out any time soon!

  15. REALISM says:

    women need to be careful after hearing this nonsense..keeping an eye out myself..and watching my back

    • Tommy Chong says:

      He’s not only a danger to women.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        He has also assaulted males but since they were not what the police deem upstanding citizens they made it difficult for them to press charges against him.

  16. elgreen says:

    How much damage will this ‘low-risk’ individual do before he is returned to custody? He didn’t fake ‘good behaviour’, he was subdued into it by medication and a controlling environment_thus gaining an early release date. I question the collective judgement of the Parol Board and fear for my safety.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ elgreen: From the story, this wasn’t a Parole board release, he was just another prisoner who had served half his time, which made him eligible for release. That is the bit I don’t understand. If one is sentenced for 10 years, then one should serve 10 years. otherwise, sentence should read 5 years, if you are going to be released at half-time. Or better yet, sentence for 15 years, with an option of release at 10 years for good behaviour, so you actually serve the 10 years ,

      The upside is that we now know this fellow, so even if the Sexual Predators Register isn’t functioning, we can watch out for him

  17. Tommy Chong says:

    I’ve always been concerned about what would affect shane’s release would be on gangs in Bermuda & our morally deteriorating society. He has been considered an icon for years by wannabe thugs. Now he’s escaped & pandora’s box is open. He needs to be caught ASAP!