2012 Around The Island Powerboat Race Route

August 10, 2012

Close to 20 boats in nine separate classes will take to the waters for the Bermuda Powerboat Association’s Around the Island Race on Sunday [Aug 12], with the first class due to start at 2pm.

The current course for the race was established in 1976. The race starts at Ferry Reach and proceeds through the pylons at Coney Island, along North Shore and around a buoy off Gibbets Island. Boats continue along North Shore and around Hog Fish Beacon, through Two Rocks Passage and around Whites Island.

From there, boats continue along the Harbour Road shoreline, around buoys at Five-Star Island, along to Commissioner’s Point, around Daniels Head and on to South Shore. Boats continue along South Shore to St. David’s Head, then around St. Catherine’s Point, down North Shore and back into Ferry Reach for the finish.

David Selley and Andrew Osborne’s D33 during last year’s race:

During the race, the following sea passages will see closures to normal marine traffic:

  • The passage between the pylons at the entrance to Ferry Reach
  • The passage between Hinson’s Island and the Paget shoreline
  • The passage between Five-Star Island and the Southampton shoreline
  • Ferry Reach swing bridge will be closed to all marine traffic between 1:30pm and 3:30pm

Spectator boat operators are being asked to stay clear of the race course and to cooperate with race marshals, crash boats, regiment patrols and marine police who will be along the route.

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  1. Spider says:

    Havea speedy race and a safe return to the start/finish line1

  2. Spectators Corner says:


    • What Next says:

      #1 SUSPECT all the way in that Bat23 you can do it you have a real boat and S & S Racing behind you.

      And one thing the Media NEEDS TO KNOW its not the FIRST ACROSS the Line it is FIRST in class. I don’t know why the BDA power boat Assoc does not drill it to the Media.

  3. jovon says:

    hi. do u know if its going to be any live feed for the race?

  4. David says:

    Live on FM 89 with the “Silver Fox” DaCosta and 9 others around the island to give the call.
    Thanks ZBM and the sponsors, starts at 1.30 on air for a 2.00 pm race start.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Gimme the round D Island Seagull race. Nothing else like it in the world. Now there is a race with style & character & you can DRINK & fish as you race!!!!! What can be better than that?

  6. What Next says:

    Oh i guess you was not around when they went through Flatts bridge and around Harrington Sound. Also it use to be around Five Star Island now they can’t go around there some Fool has to take the fun out of it. WHY??????. They don’t know it just hey i own this island and i say no racing around it. Not even 1 hour and it’s all over.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Yup, I was around when they went into Harrington Sound. Happened to be there the day one of the racers went OVER 2 spectator boats in front of the bridge. That incident put an end to that route. Oh yeah, & how about the racing on bikes from one viewing point to another? It is a miracle nobody was killed on the roads.

  7. jovon says:

    thanks david. i should of mentioned web live feed.

  8. polly says:

    Go S22!!!!

  9. polly says:

    SSHH! Do ya thang!!

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ever thought of an around the Island jetski race, with a pit stop at Somerset Long Bay?

  11. What Next says:

    Yup that was Joe Alves and it was a scary one saw that also. Don’t talk about
    The bike racing part that’s a quick rush for the day.

  12. betty Rech says: