Webcast Replay: Eastern County Cricket Game

August 18, 2012

[Updated] The Eastern County Cup competition at the Sea Breeze Oval is scheduled to get underway at 9:30am this morning [Aug 18], and you can follow the action on the live webcast below courtesy of Islandstats.

Bailey’s Bay Eastern County 2nd Round Team: Stephen Outerbridge, Terryn Fray, Rodney Trott , Kyle Hodsoll, Sinclair Smith, Tre Manders, Cal Dill, Tre Govia, Burton Outerbridge, Dennico Hollis, Lateef Trott

St. David’s Cricket Club Eastern County Team: Fiqre Crockwell, OJ Pitcher, Justin Pitcher, Chris Foggo, Delyone Borden, Del Hollis, Loren Marshall, Rudell Pitcher, Sammy Robinson, George O’Brien, Chris Douglas.

Update: The full replay of the webcast is below:

Update: Baileys Bay won by 7 wickets, final score St. David’s 164 Bailey’s Bay 166/3

Champions Bailey’s Bay’s won the toss and elected to field, St. David’s Cricket Club were bowled all out for 164 in 49 overs, Rudell Pitcher and Loren Marshall had a ninth wicket partnership of 58, with Pitcher the top scorer with 49, while Chris Douglas added 34 and Marshall scored 31. Burton Outerbridge was the pick of the Bailey’s bay bowlers with figures of 18-3-62-4, while Rodney Trott bowled 3-1-8-2.

In reply Bailey’s Bay scored 166/3, with Tre Manders the top scorer with 56 not out, while Stephen Outerbridge added 49 not out.

St. David’s Cricket Club Innings

..34 Chris Douglas b Kyle Hodsoll
..00 Delyone Borden Run Out
..14 Fiqre Crockwell c Sinclair Smith b Kyle Hodsoll
..15 OJ Pitcher c Sinclair Smith b Burton Outerbridge
..00 Justin Pitcher c Terryn Fray b Rodney Trott
..02 Chris Foggo c Cal Dill b Burton Outerbridge
..00 Sammy Robinson LBW Burton Outerbridge
..31 Loren Marshall c Lateef Trott b Rodney Trott
..09 George O’Brien Jr. b Burton Outerbridge
..49 Rudell Pitcher b Lateef Trott
..02 Del Hollis Not Out
..08 Extras (4lb-2w-2b)
164 Total All Out after 48 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-9 (Borden), 2-46 (Douglas), 3-51 (Crockwell), 4-65 (Justin Pitcher), 5-65 (OJ Pitcher), 6-65 (Robinson), 7-74 (Foggo), 8-86 (O’Brien Jr.), 9-160 (Rudell Pitcher), 10-164 (Marshall)

Bailey’s Bay Innings

..11 Cal Dill Jr. b Justin Pitcher
..02 Sinclair Smith c Chris Foggo b George O’Brien Jr.
..35 Terryn Fray c and b Del Hollis
..49 Stephen Outerbridge Not Out
..54 Tre Manders Not Out
..13 Extras (1b-8nb-3lb-1w)
166 Total for 3 Wickets after 30 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-11 (Dill), 2-31 (Smith), 3-69 (Fray)

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