Video: Wayne Wonder Performs At BeachFest

August 2, 2012

Chewstick is hosting the two-day BeachFest Emancipation Celebration at Horseshoe Bay Beach over Cup Match, which kicked which last night with a concert featuring Jamaican reggae singer Wayne Wonder, Trevor Hall and Dead Prez.

Legendary singer Barrington Levy was originally scheduled to perform at BeachFest, however withdrew a couple of days ago and was replaced by Wayne Wonder. Also included in the Beach Fest entertainment lineup was Canjelae, Joy T Barnum, Jelani, Haz, I-Vibes, Imari and Hannah Eggen.

Due to all the activities today we will be delayed with uploading the remaining footage of the other artists. We apologize for this, and please check back.   The night started off very well, however did not end in the best fashion with the crowd booing their disapproval of Wayne Wonder performance being too short in their view. View all our Cup Match coverage here and all our BeachFest coverage here.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    He didn’t get paid enuff to perform all night! Collie’s concert was da bomb!!!

    • FACTS says:

      SMH @ the promoters…He only performed for 9min and 30secs. #Sad

  2. Eyes Wide Open says:

    It was quite a disgrace! Wayne Wonder wanted to perform some more, but a lady with a park ranger type of outfit got on stage in the middle of his performance and tapped him on the shoulder to tell him to get off! Shame on the organizers. We listened to some fools called “Dead Prez”, who dissed the Great Brits and Portuguese, for about an hour and I couldn’t even get 15 minutes of the person who I really paid my $50 for. Never again Chewstick!!! Spread Love not Hate!!!

    • Disappointed Bermudian says:

      I totally agree. The flyer says the concert is supposed to end at 2:30. We wait all night for the main performer to perform and within 10 mins they are taking him off? I was back to my car by 2:15 even though the flyer said until 2:30. I listened to every Bermudian artist under the sun but the main international performer I get less than 10 mins?! The saddest part is that when the audience began to boo the promoter yells on the mic that “We don’t know what it’s like to hold a performance like that.” I would have more respect for him if he had just apologized for this injustice.
      Also I agree with your comments on “Dead Prez” I was appalled that they would come to an island that is held by Great Britain and made up of blacks, whites and Portuguese and proceed to be racist!
      Never again will I give a dime to Chewstick. Poor management of time. Poor attitude toward the audience. Pathetic amount of time for the “main” perform.

  3. PMP says:

    Absolutely Horrible!I will never ever again attend another Chewstick concert ever again! Shame On You! I cant even begin to say how dissapointed i was! I wont even ask for my money back! Use the $50 to promise me that you will use it to learn how to put on a reputable concert and not rip people of Bermuda Off!

  4. BABS says:

    Mr. Chewstick himself even came on the stage to an audience booing him and he had the nerve to say to us. YOU BE BACK and laughed. that I felt was very un Chewstick like. You acted like the the people we were celebrating to be free from. Even said we don’t know what it takes to put on a show like that.Well it’s quite obvius Gavin you don’t either because if you did you would know what time you have to be off the BEACH and you would have taken those rap idiots off early and had them on the stage for the 12 mins and NOT the MAIN ATTRACTION!!!! You mean well but like I said YOU obviously don’t know how to put on a show of that magnitude. Stick to the little Beachfest on the first day of CupMatch and leave the Concerts to Concert Promoters