Three Men Plead Guilty to Armed Burglary

September 21, 2012

Raymond Kidd, Tristan Burgess and Olicie Morgan pleaded guilty in Supreme Court earlier today [Sept 21] to a series of offences, including aggravated burglary while armed with a firearm, assault with intent to commit robbery and the taking of two motor cycles without consent of the owners.

Raymond Kidd plead guilty to a series of charges including sexual assault, with previous statements made in Court saying he forced a female to commit a sex act at gunpoint during an armed home invasion.

A police spokesperson said: “The Bermuda Police Service acknowledges the guilty pleas of Raymond Kidd, Tristan Burgess and Olicie Morgan in Supreme Court earlier today.

“Puisne Carlisle Greaves accepted the trio’s guilty pleas regarding the men being responsible for committing a series of offences, including aggravated burglary while armed with a firearm, serious sexual assault, assault with intent to commit robbery and the taking of two motor cycles without consent of the owners. These offences all occurred during the month of March this year.

“Kidd pled guilty to Aggravated Burglary, Serious Sexual Assault, Assault with Intent to Rob and using a Firearm to Commit an Indictable Offence.

“Burgess pled guilty to Possession of a Prohibited Weapon [Firearm], the theft of two motorcycles and Aggravated Burglary. Morgan pled guilty to Handling a Firearm and Handling Stolen Goods.

“As a result, all three men have been remanded in custody until the November 2012, Supreme Court arraignments session, where they are scheduled to reappear for sentencing.

“The Bermuda Police Service take this opportunity to thank all members of the community who provided assistance in this matter and look forward to your continued support in the future as we strive in realizing our mission of “Making Bermuda Safer.”

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  1. Mad Dawg says:

    35 years each.

  2. expats pay the bills. says:

    Throw the book at these natives…

    • Alll Day says:

      ^^^ Your not expat talent, your replaceable world class people don’t express themselves that ignorantly.

    • Tolerate says:

      Book? Try stove, fridge and kitchen sink. Judge Greaves, you have a responsibility to the people of Bermuda to send a serious message here. Don’t screw up; and I don’t wanna hear leniency for pleading guilty. From what I’m getting, even their lawyers were smart enough to convince them to plea guilty and throw themselves on the mercy of the courts.
      Oblige them.

    • Free says:

      You are a very bitter and angry expat, posting all over Bermuda news articles with your constant “natives” rambling. What’s your problem? What “native” pissed you off or sent you packing out of here? Why so angry?

  3. swing voter says:

    sick bastids….3 reasons why tax dollars should be used to transfer these dirts to a Jamaican Prison

  4. Family Man says:

    Bullet in the back of the head X 3.

    • Opressed says:

      Love it!!! I’ll pull the trigger if they’re afraid to do it.

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      How about Mafia style, two bullets each. Or better, like China after the executions send the family the bill for the bullets and labor costs.

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        give them 1 bullet each… put in room… only one can walk out lucky enough to spend his life in prison …

  5. TEE says:

    Please, please, please courts system. Nothing less than 15 years please. Because they’ll only end up serving 3…. Damn I hate this system, It sucks

  6. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Make them look forward to 2025 .

  7. g-gurl says:


  8. WELL WELL says:

    @ Tolerate I dont think any jail time given will be a lesson for anyone besides these 3 individuals,have there not been worst cases where the jail time dont fit the crime?And regaurdless there will be 6 more younger kids to tkae these 3 places…Everybody is saying throw the book at them,nobody is asking about how these guys will be rehabilitated for societey upon release,for all we know they could come out even worse in 15 or 20 years.As a community we should make sure these guys not onl learn a lesson while in jail but that there is also so much more to life then this.One of these gentlemen happen to be my cousin,should he be let off lightly no i dont think so i say 10-15 without parole,but wile there lets make sure they do not come out the same or worse.Its not about how much time a judge gives you in jail its about how that time in jail is spent..

    • Mad Dawg says:

      10-15 is too light. 35 years.

    • Don't get it says:

      Then let the families pay for their rehabilitation, why is the working taxpayer supposed to pay for every bodies problems?

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        @Don’t get it….here is a lil something that you won’t get either…in Britain a man killed his wife in 1990…serving life…now he says he has been living as a woman trapped in a mans body…so a judge just gave permission for the PRISON to provide him with a sex change operation at the cost to taxpayers under some act of cruel and undo punishment….its online BBC if you dont believe me…
        So really doesnt surprise me of the sentences handed out.

  9. Arthur says:

    Execute them! Especially the one who sexually assaulted the woman! I make no apologies for my belief that rape is an automatic death sentence by all standards of morality. Anyone who disagrees apparently needs it to happen to their own wife, daughter, mother or son before they join the ranks of human beings who intuitively understand the laws of nature and human dignity. Bullet in the back of the head for these monkeys! I want to vomit.

    • Come Correct says:

      Death will teach them nothing, they’re just dead, they should be made to suffer…horribly. As I said in a recent post, crimes like these, the perps should automatically forfeit their human rights to make room for some animal treatment. He should be given the same sentece he imposed on his victim, how else do you really make him sorry? Or insane…I think I should start a private correctional facility with a maximum security looney bin attatched for the leftovers, business is booming these days. Bring in a few Koreans as superior officers. $80,000 to house an inmate? Hahahaha 65cent raman noodles? Hahhaha f@ckers would be eating pig slop off the ground. My biggest cost would be the electric fence that cooks on contact. I’d make Auschwitz look like a daycare (appologies to any Jews, touchy I know).

      • tourist says:

        kill em! who cares if they learn, as long as we dont see them again

    • 9PK says:

      Dislike that monkey line, but I agree

      • Arthur says:

        I know racists have often chosen to project their own ape-nature onto minorities but these guys are definitely monkeys by all standards, and as a black man I resent the assumption that a reference to ape behaviour is a reference to my race.
        But I suddenly realise what an insult I have made to monkeys, poor animals have done nothing similar to what these filthy b@$+@Rd$ have. So yeah, I take it back.

  10. Come Correct says:

    Too bad the judges can’t use their own dicretion and make up sentences to suit the crimes. Sounds like one of them deserves c*** meat sandwich at taserpoint every day for 25 years. He needs a nice empty cell with just a toilet (too bad this isn’t Korea because I think he deserves to live the rest of his life in his own excrement) no cloths, no sheets, nothing but breakfast, dinner and d*** for lunch every day. You’ll probably need him on suicide watch because I’d give it about 3 days before he tries to kill himself. You may need to outfit his empty cell with padded walls and a straight jacket because a week straight of happy ending yogurt for lunch would drive any straight guy insane… 25 years later and justice would be almost served, he has no idea the emotional torture that he put this woman through, she will never forget it and neither should he, she will never get a break from it and neither should he. If that was my wife or daughter, and he got out before serving a life sentence, hunting season would begin, I would rain hell on everything he loved until he begged for a death that wouldn’t come. Its about the justice system sent a message, loud and clear or vigilante justice will become a norm as seen in a recent case.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      i like the part of putting them in isolation with out anything…be like putting them in a tank, only daylight would be through a vent in the ceiling where he only gets to drink if it rains dont even give him c*@kmeat sandwiches….WAIT til he starts crying and begging for A c*@kmeat sandwich so that he can come out to the general population …do you think he would re-offend and risk going back in ..? NO Breakfast and NO Dinner….yeah he can have LUNCH 2 peanut butter sandwiches, that will keep him alive.

      • Come Correct says:

        Peanut butter contains a lot of protien (apparently so does what I thought he should get for lunch), you need to get creative lol starve his body of vital nutrients (give him a diet of cheetos or something), take him to rock bottom, you want to be able to scrape him off the floor after, then they won’t want to re-offend or have the energy to act up inside. On top of that I said known gang members forfeit their rights, imagine the effects when your average thief or pothead is getting regular westgate treatment. That’s how you curb a gang mentality.

  11. kelzstar says:

    Pleae…………. this island is coming to an end and sad to say I hope it comes to an end very soon everything that is happening is sad and so heart breaking. Help these guys out? please there has been enough help then again with the parents on this island raising these kids there isnt any hope and I hope no one says well single parents this single parents that! Cant raise a kid right make sure you do what you have to so you dont get knocked up.
    long story short these guys need 15 years and nothing less

  12. Withheld says:

    It’s one thing to break in someone’s house and steal things, it’s another to do it while they are home. It is on a whole another level to terrorize them and sexually assault them while their children are listening in the next room. It’s a behaviour that goes way beyond taking things it’s a person who has no conscience and never will. No reason to let them out of jail and expect any different. Regardless the island is not safe Ever. So send that one up as long as legally possible to maximize the publics safety. As for the other two, depends if they tried to stop the guy or encouraged him. Maybe a longer sentence will make them hate jail so much they won’t want to go back. I know an ex-con who spent 12 yrs locked up and he said he won’t go back for anyone or anything. It surely deterred him.

  13. 45 minute drive to west gate followed by 45 minutes on the hanging tree(not by thir necks). Should be reformed after that

  14. Snow White says:

    Oh f$%k hear me.. If that Raymond Kidd piece of sh#t did something like that to my woman, he wouldn’t have been at court to receive his sentence.. I don’t know what I wouldve done to him, or how.. but he would not have been in court.

  15. um just saying says:

    yo ray wtf is up wif that sh#t man? so disappointed in u n%^$a. y the sudden urge 2 force women 2 do sexual favors 2 u? idk about the other 2 but kidd is a jamaican and he knows these type of things down yard get ppl killed so y try that s$#t here?

  16. Arthur says:

    Raymond Kidd ooooooooh. No jail, just starve a couple of rats, put them in a small bucket and seal his buttocks over the bucket. You’re smart enough to figure out how the rats are going to get out…..and find food!