Video: Alia Hamza Wins BDOT Video Competition

December 6, 2012

Local videographer Alia Hamza won $5,000 when her video ‘Island Home’ was declared the second winner of the Bermuda Department of Tourism’s [BDOT] Video Competition, Minister Wayne Furbert announced today [Dec 6].

Minister Furbert said, “Alia’s video showed the beauty of Bermuda alongside one of our best known singers, Joy Barnum. The music is Joy’s song ‘Island home’ and viewers are treated to the beauty that makes Bermuda such an appealing holiday destination with our beaches, lush greenery and friendly people.”

The BDOT is seeking creative, innovative fun and exciting footage of Bermuda to promote the island on the Department’s social media sites, and the quarterly competition is open to all Bermuda residents.

Video content should target potential visitors to Bermuda and address the question why should you visit Bermuda. The content must inspire visitors to want to come with positive images and scenes. Additional criteria for production are all videos must be of HD quality; proof of ownership or copyright release for music is required in writing; videos should not exceed two-minutes; and must not include any obscene content or language and nudity and product marketing is prohibited.

The next deadline for third quarter submissions is February 13, 2013 and the same rules and criteria will apply. A committee will select the best video with the winner receiving $5,000. The second quarter deadline is February 13, 2013. Entries must be emailed to Tina Evans Caines, Manager, On-island Communications, Bermuda Department of Tourism at

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  1. Will says:

    didnt the falling of de rock guys already make Bermuda an online sensation with their videos… Did they make the PLP look so bad that they wont use their videos?

    • JD says:

      What does this have to do with the PLP you idiot.

      Congrats ALIA!!!

      • Will says:

        um lets see..Bermuda Department of Tourism..sounds enough to me like PLP
        and the comment is in reference to the falling off the rock video which came out after the governments ads about visiting Bermuda; and the response from around the world and the island was enormous compared to the PLPs waste of money. So it made the PLP look bad thus not considering the use of such videos.

  2. Stratton Hatfield says:

    Congratulations Alia! This is some great positive news to read abroad!

  3. J Starling says:

    Well done Alia!

  4. me says:

    Fallin off the rock is the most amazing video of Bermuda! That wins hands down!

  5. Union Member says:

    This is awesome!

  6. DND says:

    Yah the Fallin off the Rocks was a great video and it does promote the island in a beautiful light (Clear blue water, nice cliffs etc…) BUT we can’t base our tourist industry on the demographic that that video appeals to, which is teenagers, college kids and early 20 somethings.

    Great idea BDOT, great song and great job on the video!! Congrats!

  7. Terry says:

    Back of a green truck.
    Island home?
    At the end it shows ‘Cowboy/Girl’ boots.
    Great work young lady but please.
    Wayne…you and your lot just proved again that division is constant with the PLP.

    • the god says:

      You sound like an idiot

    • DND says:

      Division? How?

      The “competition is open to all Bermuda residents.” This concept provides a space for those with video talents to showcase their skills, get some exposure and earn some cash. PLUS its a way to promote the island using our own homegrown talent. Would you prefer the $5000 go to an advert company. Whats wrong with the Boots? Sheesh…

    • Carly says:

      Perhaps the island home that Joy obviously relishes and wanted to promote isn’t the same as your vision- there is nothing wrong with that. It is a beautiful country song, and a gorgeous video with some of the best Bermuda footage I’ve seen by very talented young Bermudians. Take your negativity elsewhere, you’re the one being divisive.

      A well deserved win by two of the most beautiful and inspiring souls I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Well done Alia & Joy.

  8. bump says:

    Awesome vid, love the singing and song by Joy!

  9. l j says:

    Well done Alia.

  10. Interesting says:

    My Island Home? How is that appealing to anyone but Bermudians? Hmmm I really think something a little more AMBIENT/CHILL OUT would have targeted a larger audience. But, this is Bermuda, and we’re not trying to attract that larger audience anyway, are we?

    • rubber bong says:

      Its not just appealing to locals in bringing out a sense of pride but entices tourists to come see whats so lovely about our island home…its a pretty sound concept if you ask normal people

    • Clive Spate says:

      Quite a lot of the tourism campaigns are about what the Govt. wants to see and not what the tourists want.

      Also, tired accomodations for $400 and up just aren’t good value.

  11. Mel says:

    Once again Bermudians prove how negative they can be about any and everything in the world. You wanna debate politics…go do it on your on pathetic fb page or discuss it over tea. Alia won…you don’t agree? Who gives a damn?? Keep working your butt off Alia. Those of us who know you know that you deserve every award and accolade sent your way. As for the rest of y’all…shut the hell up. Negative whankers!

  12. Erica RM says:

    To all you people with negativity there is still time to enter your own video it’s not too late…..Spring Flower and Alia well done! Two of the things that make Bermuda attractive is her people and our nature both were present in this video. Congratulations ladies.

  13. Artsy says:

    Really?? Bermuda,this is so sad. Here are two young talented Bermudian women coming together to produce their vision, their song! We should be proud of the effort and their courage. And YES…to the cowboy boots! I am a born and raised Bermudian, I had my first pair of cowboy boots at age 3 and a saddle before I could walk. Love the mix of all the whimsically beautiful things in this video that make Bermuda, my island home.

    Congratulations Ladies!

  14. Absolutely love the final result, Alia! It was so wonderful working with you and Joy and the rest of the crew! You rock! Congrats, love. You deserve it all.

  15. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    @ Terry
    I think you complain just because you have a mouth and a keyboard

  16. ok says:

    This was a very good “music video” however, the shots where too tight,not enough of BERMUDA and there needed to be more iconic Bermuda scenery to connect people to Bermuda. It look like any town in “Islands” we need “bird cage, light house, school kids, dockyard, a cove, tourist on bikes.

    Remember we are trying to attact people to Bermuda it is not for Bermudians…….

    You want someone to look at the ad and say, I wanna there it lookslike fun or it is sexy. Also, you want those people who have already been there to say, I remember that.

    It was very professional, good concept and story board, but, Community and Cultural Affairs (yes) tourism No!

    Alia, it was a awesome concept. keep working, you are awesome you are on to something special. Joy as usual beautiful.

    • Nsgirl says:

      Good work Alia! Best video by far of Bermuda. Almost felt like I didn’t live here already, that’s how great the quality was. If I was a tourist it would make me want to visit to find out what else is in store. Thats why there was a website link at the end of the video where I assume is more photos and info. The video doesn’t give too much away, we are small as it is and you want the customer to come for the experience rather than view it all online. As far as people criticizing her boots, we all have our personal style and it was a creative twist. Different from the normal Bermuda ad. The falling off the rocks video is definitely for a younger crowd. Yet this video targets all audiences if you listen to the lyrics and tie it in with the scenery. Job very well done Im a fan of this video and the song!

  17. Honestly says:

    Great work ladies! The combination of the both of you complimented each other nicely. Again…WELL DONE!

  18. John Doe says:

    Lol caught me jumping off the bridge, i rate it

  19. LaVerne Furbert says:

    “Ok” says “This was a very good “music video” however, the shots where too tight,not enough of BERMUDA and there needed to be more iconic Bermuda scenery to connect people to Bermuda. It look like any town in “Islands” we need “bird cage, light house, school kids, dockyard, a cove, tourist on bikes.

    “Ok” were you one of the judges? Did you enter the competition? Is that a “professional opinion”?

    I think it’s a wonderful piece of work by Alia.

    Congratulations Alia, you’re obviously a very talented young woman.

    The rest of you who have commented are some sick people.

    • Interesting says:

      It’s called constructive criticism Lavern.

      “Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. In collaborative work, this kind of criticism is often a valuable tool in raising and maintaining performance standards.” – Wikipedia

      Does offering valid and well-reasoned opinions make someone sick?

      Blind leading the blind.

  20. Marc G Daniels says:

    Alia, you are extremely talented! Joy, you are simply amazing. Thank you for promoting our “Island Home” ~ Bermuda is grateful for such efforts and pride

  21. bermy$hotta says:

    Alia ya to sexy girl…holla at me!

  22. Private Pyle says:

    Was definitely a Joy Barnum music video versus a Bermuda music video. Joy is awesome and Alia is talented at more things that putting together videos.

  23. Donna Daniels says:

    Alia, I am very proud of you. Appreciation to you and Joy for sharing your gifts and talents in promotion of our beloved island home. Women of substance united in mind and spirit is an awesome site to behold.

  24. Bullseye says:

    It’s tight and well shot. I like the song. I wish it had had a little more Bermuda than the singer, but that is only because that was the main goal of the competition.

    As far as creating a dynamite video in Bermuda using your talents you get five stars and I am greatly impressed and thought it was awesome! Congrats on the win! Well deserved!

  25. Malcolm martin says:

    Don’t listen to all the rubbish.This is a great video and it is refreshing to see some good news for a change. We have some really talented people on this island.

    Gongrats Alia.

  26. thinkfirst says:

    congrats nice a fellow artist I just feel that there could have been more Bermuda scenery shown for this particular competition. But nice video for the song

  27. status! says:

    Congratulations Alia! Well done, I love the sea, sand scenery, hibiscus(which we have various colors) the smallest drawbridge in the world that is one of the most photographed places in Bermuda visited by our tourists, Johnny Barnes who they are bound to see when they travel here !Joy is a beautiful representation and it was very colourful inviting and showed a lovely, relaxed lifestyle…You go girl!

  28. Jameka S says:

    This was a great video and well deserving of an award. Good work, Alia and Joy.

  29. Ronnie Viera says:

    Congrats Alia!

  30. Private Pyle says:

    Definitely entering this event next year, if it’s on!

    This video was not shot specifically for this contest, and there is a reason why Joy is in almost every frame. Alia simply took a music video she was working on for Joy, a fantastic video I might add, created a short verison of it and submitted it. The timing was perfect, what she ended up with was better than the rest, and she won.

    Either way, great work! But that is why it appears to be a music video for Joy – because it is! Support local talent.

  31. Y-Gurl says:

    Great job Alla and Joy

  32. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    My cat sings better than her.

  33. I agree says:


  34. BdaLuvin says:

    Agreed, looks like an Indie music video that is just shot in Bermuda. But still nicer than the other ones which they have come out with. Especially that messy Collie buddz and whats her names song.

  35. Beam Me Up Scotty says:

    ^ Agreed. Far from featuring Bermuda enough.