OBA: ‘PLP Platform Has No Plan To Grow Jobs’

December 13, 2012

[Updated w/PLP response] “The PLP platform released last week, has “no plan to grow jobs” and promising that the Government will “grow thousands of jobs as the Premier said is not a plan, “ Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards said.

“The bitter reality in Bermuda today is that people are living the Government plan – with more than 10,000 Bermudians either unemployed or under-employed and nearly 40% of our young people (16-24) without a job,” said Mr Richards.

“By contrast, the One Bermuda Alliance has released a comprehensive Jobs and Economic Turnaround Plan to create 2,000 jobs and restore confidence and opportunity to our troubled economy.

“The Plan was introduced to answer the number one concern of Bermudians today, which is an economy that is no longer working for them, and to underline our commitment to ending the hardships so many are experiencing. The OBA decided to issue this statement because the Government needs to be challenged on the gap between their rhetoric and reality.

“For example, in her platform roll-out statement, the Premier said her Government had ‘already demonstrated sound fiscal management and that ‘we know how to manage budgets in a prudent pre-growth manner.’ But is that true?

“The Government’s record over the last seven years says it has not managed budgets prudently. Government is now in its fifth straight year of deficit spending, meaning it spends more than it takes in and has borrowed more than a billion dollars to fill the gaps.

“That’s not prudent management in my books. What’s more, until the Premier took the reins as Finance Minister there had been no such deficits in Bermuda’s modern history,” continued Mr Richards.

“The Premier also promised ‘sweeping economic development’ to restore jobs, without providing any details of what she means. Bermudians want to know what their government is actually going to do to turn around the economy.

“Ending unemployment and under-employment is the biggest challenge in Bermuda today. The OBA has a plan to create 2000 jobs do just that. The current Government does not,” concluded Mr Richards.

Update 6.37pm: In response, a PLP spokesperson said: “Given the fairy tale promises about jobs that the OBA has made, it’s laughable that Mr. Richards would attack the PLP on the issue.”

“Once again, Bob Richards and the OBA aren’t answering the tough questions about their real plans for Bermuda. They aren’t telling us what their Cuts & Pain Commission has planned. What will their unelected Cuts & Pain Commission cut?

“Is your FutureCare safe? Is your DayCare safe? Is the EEZ safe? Are job training programmes safe? Are our public schools safe? Do you really trust Bob Richards, the OBA and their Cuts & Pain Commission to protect the jobs, schools, programmes, benefits and opportunities that you and your family rely on?

“It’s shocking that Mr. Richards refuses to acknowledge the fact that the PLP offered plenty of specifics to help get Bermudians to work. We offered specifics like Job Corps Bermuda, a multi million dollar investment in job creation, training and mentoring targeted at Bermudians 18-24.

“We offer the One Stop Career Centre which will be the place that all Bermudians can go to get the job training and placement services they need. We offer the development of a new bond market and a regulatory environment for Islamic Finance to bring new investors and international business dollars into our economy.

“The choice that Bermudians face on Monday is clear – a PLP that has surely and steadily moved Bermuda forward during the greatest global economic crisis since the Great Depression and an OBA that makes fairy tale promises and won’t tell you what their Cuts & Pain Commission is really all about.”

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  1. Victor says:

    Neither Craig Cannonier nor Bob Richards strike me as anybody’s surrogates – they got my vote.

    • Norm says:

      Mr. PLP Spokesperson; Aint nobody safe with the PLP runnin tings! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

      • Blurt says:

        Hopefully people who are thinking of voting PLP will think about the below…

        If you VOTE OBA you’ll get a great 5 years of work for the benefit of you and this country AND a reinvigorated and newly motivated PLP ready to pick up the reigns in 5 years if the OBA slip up.

        The PLP have been there for 14 years and are certain to win this election. What will change if they win? Nothing, they will continue us down this path of no accountability, overspending, and ignoring the Bermudian population. Why ? Because they can, because it is what they have done (eg Grand Atlantic, overspends, travel junkets, wharf disaster, no hotels, gang crime increasing , unemployment and so on) and they know that even if they do nothing when in power except gesture they still get voted in.

        When they came in in 1998, they did a decent job in their first term, but in the last 2 terms it has not gone so well. Complacency, tired politicians shuffling the same deck and producing poorly have been the order of the day. So let’s think about this….

        What if you VOTE for the OBA?
        You have a great team of talented people who are hungry and dedicated to prove their worth to you with results . Why? If they don’t, they will be gone within 5 years. So, the OBA are going work incredibly hard for you. That is a good thing.

        If the OBA don’t succeed in doing a good job, it’ll be over for them and we will then get a reworked and newly motivated PLP in the next election. That is a good thing too. They do need it.

        So you can vote PLP and get much of the same tired, shuffle the deck promises and no delivery, but with even more added complacency (as they don’t feel they can lose power…they have little to no motivation to have to do anything, but take the increased pay ).


        You can VOTE and get 5 years minimum hard graft and work for this country and a newly motivated, desperate to prove themselves PLP at the end of it . SO, a VOTE for the OBA is a WIN FOR YOU, a WIN for Bermuda and a WIN for the PLP.

        Think about it !

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:


      • OBAisUBP says:

        Mrs. Swan stated the OBA is advertising 2000 jobs. she also said the PLP fired her husband and the ubp/oba colleagues could not help Mr. Swan find a job in 10 years, how would they find 2000 jobs in 5 years.

        • swing voter says:

          Don’t be willfully blind to the facts. Cindy won’t admit it but her husband has been black balled over the last 8 yrs. The public courses went with at least one imported golf pro. Who runs the public courses. The private courses didn’t want Kim either. Who runs the private courses? Maybe, just maybe the OBA will continue to be fair and objective and allow Swan to manage the St. George course. As things currently stand, he’ll remain unemployed and un-use-able (no pun)

    • OBAisUBP says:

      very true victor, one’s a snob and the other a colt.

      • Victor says:

        And as for those apparently hereditary PLP safe seats… Staying on point, I really do not care what they are as long as the job gets done and the public purse does not get looted (again).

  2. Terry says:

    So what is it Bob the Builder.
    10,000 what.
    Show the stats.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Show the Auditor Generals Report! Show the mid term financial reports!
      Wheres your stats? Your Government is hiding them…hhmmmm

      • swing voter says:

        the only way the books will be opened is if there is a change in government….vote OBA for transparency.

  3. Like It Is says:

    Mr Richards.


    Where is Mr Cannonier??

    • Loquatz says:

      Out canvassing. Unlike most of the PLP candidates.

      • Like It Is says:

        You are so wrong, after that BIG mistake of letting everyone see his temper that has been there for years he is now in the background, he is a leader who lacks self composure so put Mr Richards out front, If he was out front from the beginning the OBA would be more reputable to some degree.


        • And of course you have never lost your temper. Get real! For someone to lose their temper is not necessarily a bad thing as sometimes it reveals a passion that is badly needed in this country.

          Also I’d prefer a leader who loses his temper rather than one who “had to deceive us.” Who when he returned to Bermuda stated publicly,” I’ve got some scores to settle, some accounts to pull even.”

          Then of course there is the current Premier who stated in a televised interview that the one thing she learned from her late father was,”Trust no man.” Yet we are supposed to trust her.

          • Like It Is says:

            yeah me and you can afford to lose our temper, WE ARE NOT RUNNING FOR GOVERNMENT, so as soon as he hears something that displeases him HE GETS ANGRY, there will be many things GOVERNMENT officials will have to deal with, The right attitude is needed, and SORRY MR Cannonier does not have the temperment.

            You know this as well, you are just not admitting it,Peace.

            • media says:

              As long as he is at the helm of a competent team, we will be fine. He runs a successful business and has to deal with many people on all levels everyday. You are over reacting and no doubt fear mongering at the same time. To be a businessman is who we need leading Bermuda right now. The PLP hasn’t got a clue about how to relate to, or run a successful business, which is the achilles heal of the PLP. The fact he is not a career politician is a plus for me. Paula Cox speaks eloquently and says nothing in the process. Empty words. Look at how awful they have been, seemingly unable to stop the steady decline of business and justifying their over the top spending even now. Let’s get real please.

            • Bullseye says:

              We all know who can stand strong on rubbish results and act like everything is rosy. I sthat what you want? Foolishness?

              Cannonier was pestered over a fake plan produced to evoke a denial of the real plan which was then shown and revealed to have been revealed long ago. They posted on ubpleaks a fake copy so that it would be denied! How underhanded is that?

              Anyway. He wanted to talk about the issues of his party. That man is the leader.

              Paula Cox is the one under fire in her own party that will be replaced by Minors or Burch is they get in again and that isnt mentioned at all.

          • swing voter says:

            she ain’t learned nothin from Cox Snr. as far as managing money….our money. Cox Snr. told Brown No, No, No…..Paula told Brown ‘I’m just a cog, at your service Brown’…..now is that the plantation mentality Brown was referring to?

            She can never compare herself to Cox Snr……. Never.

        • Balanced Facts says:

          I think we have gone all the way down with the PLP for 14 years…time for a different way….before we hit rock bottom!

          • mixitup says:

            Anyone who mentions the past “14 years” is someone who holds zero credibility to most, why? because you are being disingenuous when you say that. If I recall, the PLP oversaw the biggest growth in this countries economy. They were handed a GDP of 3 Billion and sent it up to a high of 6 Billion in less than 10 years. Sure the latter years, 2008 onward, things started falling apart. So the fact that you mention 14yrs simply tell me that you were NEVER for their taking the Gov’t in 98 nor were you ever for their success.

        • Cross+Roads says:

          Like it is, you fool nobody but yourselves in the PLP. Your PLP is so dried up your useing school boy rants to get to your following. How so very sad and childish !!


  4. media says:

    Bob is the man Bermuda needs as Finance Minister. He will help grow confidence in Bermuda which will in turn attract new business and JOBS. We need JOBS JOBS JOBS. The OBA is our only hope for this to happen anytime soon. Some people don’t like him and maybe he lacks charisma. Forget that and remember he knows what he is talking about. His words have come back to haunt the PLP, which is one of the reasons they have tried to crucify him. They know full well he was right and hate to hear him rub it in their faces.

    • SoMuchMore says:

      You have hit the nail on the head. As my mother would say, ‘like me or not, i will still get the job done!’ and this is what the OBA is doing – pushing to get the job done!

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Here recently Bob has hell to grow his hair . He needs to grow a pair and let Gibbons know whose the damn boss in that party .

  5. kevin says:

    Mr. Richards is only highlighting a statement made by our Premier and Finance minister and prior to this she was the Finance minister under Dr Brown,she hasn’t seen a balanced budget in so long someone may need to explain what it actually is …

  6. Ringmaster says:

    I love reading the nameless “PLP spokesperson” responses. They are a true indicator of panic and fear. The PLP have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to unelected consultants over the years. Is FutureCare safe? It’s not safe under the PLP as confirmed by the Minister of Health who has repeatedly said it is not affordable. The Jobs Corp does not create jobs. At best it might train a number of people for jobs – if the jobs are there. Rather like drywall. Plenty of trained Bermudians, but if no construction, no jobs.

    The PLP’s claim to fame in “job creation” is to have trained nail technicians and pot washers. What an indictment of the Bermudian worker. This is the best the PLP can offer. Bermudians deserve much better than this.

    • OBA = NOT says:

      Are you drunk?????? The oba is not winning on Monday.

      • Ringmaster says:

        You must be one of the pot washers.

      • Balanced Facts says:

        No one will be able to afford a drink if they don’t win!

      • Blurt says:

        It is not about the OBA wonning. It is about Bermuda and Bermudians winning. For that to happen, the current PLP must reap thrir reward for failure and lose the election. If the PLP had done a good job, they would have run on their performance and not just by using the Markham strategies.

  7. Filta JP,MP says:

    Bob just showed he is an @$$hole. I wouldn’t want him represent me in any form. He preaches doom and gloom but gut really mad when asked. I would take Michael first.

  8. Mr. Richards is absolutely right. The PLP has ruined one of the best economies in the world resulting in the lost of over three thousand jobs. This is the same party which gave themselves an exorbitant raise in 2006 while holding other government workers to a ridiculously low pay raise.

    Hypocrites and parasites!

  9. DND says:

    Trying to understand…40% of 16-24 year olds are out of a job, so 60% have a job. Ok…given that Bermudian kids graduate from high school at 18, is the OBA including them in this 40%? What about overseas and local college kids? They finish at 22…are they also in Bob’s 40%? If so that’s a very misleading stat.

    Oh, and i didn’t even add in those getting masters degrees.

    • Rick Rock says:

      This is the problem. There’s 40% unemployment, and idiots like you spend your time making excuses and trying to rationalize it. You really have no effing clue do you. By the way, it isn’t “Bob’s 40%”. The statistic was produced by your PLP dumbass government.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Wow DND…those are Government Statistics (read the small print!) The Government supporters don’t know their own stats, their own facts or recognize the mess we are in! But PLP ALL THE WAY? Really? Don’t you feel just a little embarrassed at times by this Government…seriously…just a little?

    • DND says:

      @Rick Rock and @Balanced. Take a couple deep breaths, you mon rattle to easy. Why don’t you show me where my logic is off? I’m just trying to find the story behind the numbers. Do we expect 16 year old high school students to have full time jobs? And we know that a large proportion of 18-24 year olds are off island? Right or wrong?

      I’m not doubting the source, I don’t care who pulled it together. If the stat is comprehensive, meaning ALL16-24 year olds regardless of where they are in there education then the 40% almost makes sense. Not sure if you are aware but Bermuda’s overall unemployment is much lower at 8% (http://bernews.com/2012/10/unemployment-rate-increased-from-6-to-8/).

      • Rick Rock says:

        “Take a deep breath”? You’re the one the called it “Bob’s 40%” and a misleading stat.

        The answer to your question is No. They do not count students as unemployed. They never have. They have not suddenly started doing it. They count people who live here and are looking for jobs, available for work.

  10. Pitts Bay says:

    The PLP’s job creation programe is entirely about finding jobs for people; or basic training for jobs; or placement services. The problem is, if there are no jobs available, all the placements services, training, Job’s Corp won’t mean anything. In order for programs like that to work, there need to be jobs that can be filled. The OBA has rightly focused on finding ways to ensure that jobs are created, which can then be filled by those qualified.

    The PLP is all hot air and promises with no substance. They really don’t get it in the slightest way.

  11. Independent says:

    Is it true that OBA are having a RALLY, on Saturday at Bda College – after all the criticism of PLP rallies… say it isn’t so!!

    • media says:

      It was not the rallies that they were criticizing, it was the continuous vile attacks of the OBA at the rallies. I hope that clarifies your misinterpretation of what was said. Haven’t heard anything about a rally though at Bda College.

    • Like It Is says:

      They kill me lol lol lol

    • Balanced Facts says:

      It aint so! Next?

    • Bullseye says:

      Are they? I don’t know.

      Do you think they will have race-baiting and face-painting, or just inclusiveness and togetherness?

      If they did I think they might actually talk to people about issues. Maybe they will reassure people of their future that there is a long term plan.

      Or maybe they could deride other Bermudians and scare them that their rivals will take food off their table and take their medical care away and deny their kids a fair shot.

      I don’t know.

  12. jt says:

    The PLP is bordering on infantile with its statements.

  13. C S says:

    The Job Corps program is, according to the director himself, not really a jobs program at all but helping those unskilled or challenged people to get skills and help in areas such as anger management. Mr Thomas told me that directly during a meeting with me as an employer and thus a prospective supporter of the initiative.
    So I agree that job corps in of itself will not create jobs and the PLP has failed to tell the Bermudian public exactly how they will create job growth and investent. I’m not going to back a party whose policies created our worst job losses since the Great Depression. It’s time for change – it will bring renewed hope and confidence.

  14. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    The PLP is designed to withstand the test of times . The PLP stands for the same thing back to front , The progressive Labour Party . The OBA means two things . One Bermuda Alliance and Ask Blacks Over … Hmmmm interesting

    • jt says:

      Hamish don’t think so.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Hamish wants to know what’s up with the red ! Hamish likes the PLP but LOVES the UBP . He will vote for the OBA , but that’s not my business . We have been and will be friends for life . We’ve lived our whole lives agreeing to disagree . GO PLP…!!!!!

    • media says:

      You showed promise earlier, you have since lost your way. You have let down your side. Post with sincerity it will make you a better poster. Baby steps…

    • The Truthsayer says:

      That would then be ABO moron. Hamish is calling you…

    • Victor says:

      M.P.M JP, if we are not in this together, then what are we? It is to our shame and detriment that the OBA is the only multi-racial, non-sectarian party in Bermuda. The only white guys seriously in the PLP are the two who joined because of the enormous profits it enabled them to secure (through the sale of the family commercial property portfolio to Government for one and through Govt construction projects for the other). I would have much more time for the PLP if they bothered to reach out to minorities rather than baiting and blaming them every time something goes not according to plan.

    • swing voter says:

      This ‘new’ PLP….is not the PLP….the ‘new’ PLP can never withstand what the hero’s had to take to get us to 1998…Even Laverne has to agree, the ‘new’ PLP does not represent the fundamental beliefs, values, and yes, pure motives of the original PLP….I can’t vote for this ‘new’ PLP. Send them a message, ‘you don’t deserve the keys to our future, go back to opposition status and recover your original PLP roots’

  15. diva says:

    So, the PLP have no platform to “grow” jobs, huh? Well, how about the OBA show us the magic wand that they will use to make them appear? HOW will they do it? WHERE will the jobs be created? THOSE questions still remain to be answered! And the Bermuda public needs more than a glossy red brochure full of colorful graphs to see the proof and promise of what they offer!

    • Read the words says:


      You can’t just look at the pictures to understand the plan. You actually have to read the words. To answer your question of how, was state3d in the brochure.

      • diva says:

        Read the words along with the pictures. Details were still sketchy. I read yours too. Keep the letters and numbers for algebra.

  16. God says:

    December 14, 2012 at 9:08 am
    The PLP can only win using RACE because they have nothing else to stand on!

    yeah and for 12 cursed years the racist PLP has shoved RACE down our throats to the point it makes us want to vomit.
    remember that quote from the PLP?

    How they took jobs from qualified whites and gave them to underqualified blacks, simply based on their skin colour?

    Meanwhile the PLP has plundered Bermuda financially, and left us so far in debt that it exceeds America’s debt proportionally by far.

    The PLP can only win using RACE because they have nothing else to stand on!

    Get those racist people out of government once and for all!!!


    Vote in OBA!!!!!!!

    The PLP has its roots in Black Supremacy, Black Panthers, Brown Berets…. is this really a good thing? NO!!!!!!

    That is why they are always pumping their fists in the air, it is their power symbol.

  17. We care says:

    To ‘God’ says:

    That is the most racist and disappointing statement I have read for a long time! Can you be specific as to how, when and what jobs they took from qualified whites and gave them to ‘under qualified ‘ blacks?

    It’s people like you who would question the real success stories of our Darren Johnson’s and Patrick Tannock’s simply because there is no way in your world that Bermudians of color could ever rise to those levels of leadership and there must be some conspiracy or PLP influence!

    Utter Nonsense and then you say end the black and white talk!

    Your comment would have had much more validity had you not made that innuendo about unqualified blacks displacing qualified whites…..as there is still a perception and a belief out there that there have been non qualified whites who have denied qualified blacks and your failure or unwillingness to acknowledge this as you can only see things from your perspective underlies the relevance of race as a real issue in this country. Notwithstanding that there are several issues of national importance that require urgent attention… But your statement is exactly the reason why it won’t and cannot go away until it is acknowledged and dealt with so that we can finally grow as a country!!

    It’s comments like yours that undermine the real success of some of our outstanding citizens who have smashed thru barriers thru their intellect, work ethic, educational pedigree, drive and business acumen.

    I don’t support either party and so what if they pump their fist in the air. Members of the OBA do as well and who can forget President Obama and Michelle giving each other the first at his acceptance during the democratic party convention 4 years ago!

    Get over it!!

  18. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    People are not stupid and all these OBA/UBP supporters on these blogs really think that they are swaying peoples thinking with their constant low blows at PLP and their constant high praise for ANY OBA MEMBER…hahahahhaha, at least plp supporters can be honest and say when a potential PLP rep is not doing what he or she is supposed to do.
    But you guys speak as if OBA/UBP is God in the flesh and every OBA memeber has been ordained by God to bring change to Bermuda…..Please…gimmie a break……And if OBA/UBP has jobs for Bermudians why have they not revealed that ….your going to make bermuda suffer if they dont vote you in????? But then give jobs once you in Government??? What kind of crap is that??…you would sit in your owned houses and have a plan for Bermudas unemployed but not share..and we are supposed to trust you???(╯°□°)╯ (throws hands in the air) (◔!◔) cheekums bie yall some weird people

  19. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ (FLIPS COMPUTER) HAHAHAHHAHA…..RAS MYKAL ..reeeeeeeeeeeeallllllllllly????